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Rune Draws - Regular

Rune of the Day -Tuesday 24th May 2022


A rune of gift or exchange, it is one of the three divine runes in the Elder Futhark. It can be written two ways. The first one is two chevrons joining in the middle, denoting a gift or exchange on the material level. The second way, two lines joining into the cross above denotes gifts or exchange with the divine. In this case, it is a focused or specific gift or exchange between the person and the divine. In a reading, it can mean either depending on the question and the surrounding runes, look to them for context. As a symmetrical rune, it cannot go Merkstave.

Today, it is about the energy exchanges which are happening to get us to this point. There is still higher energy coming to this planet and the higher energy going back down through the planets chakras, being released to be cleansed and cleared as it is no longer needed. Like a personal process, this is a two way street. Look for the things that are dropping off, letting go, and becoming a burden. Release them now for maximum benefit as the process hilighted today continues in the coming weeks.

Monday 13rd May 2022

Elhaz (Reversed)

A rune of active defense and one of two defense runes. Elhaz is the rune of the Elk's mighty antlers and the sedge plant. It can also mean a time of decisions, or crossroads. This is the time we need most defending from lies and misinformation - And to trust our own intuition. Upright in a reading (Shown above) it has these themes with the question and other runes around it showing you what and why. Merkstave, or reversed,  it shows a warning for us to protect ourselves when we are not. As always, the surrounding runes show us what and where.

Today, it is about something else I have noted in the past year or so - Grounding down of new paths and choices. This is a time where we have to make choices with the right information and trusting our intuition and guides that we are on the right path. Trust this intuition, trust that inner voice and the signs you are being given. This is the guidance onto your right path for the long term. But be aware of the internet in spiritual matters - That is where  negative spirits and tricksters can easily manifest. Double check all information on the internet, especially if it is too good to be true.

Sunday 22nd May 2022


Perdhro is the rune of the dice cup and the game of life. Like chess, we come into life playing the game of life by a set of rules - The rules of life. It is the skill that we play the game with that determines where and how we get to in it. Like chess, within the rules the choices are infinite within the rules of the game. Merkstave or reversed (Shown upright above) this is showing us that we may not be playing the game of life to the best of our ability - Look at where you want to tweak the way you play.

Drawn Thursday Merkstave, this is a repeating rune once again asking us to review how we play the game of life. Look at what's working and amplify that. Coupled with the rune of the day, this rune is showing us what we are and where we are in life. This leads us to what we can do to improve it. What we leave behind to be more effective, what we bring in to shape the future. Look at the doors that need to close and thank them, manifesting what is there to replace it in the future as you move along. it will pay you dividends.

Rune of the Week - Sunday 22nd May 2022 to Saturday 28thmay 2022


This rune, drawn for the Lunar eclipse is a rune of the sun and victory. It is a favorable rune to draw in any reading or question. It is a rune of illumination on a subject or question, bringing in fresh ideas, energy and innovations. It cannot go reversed, or Merkstave due to it's symmetrical shape and is always at the very least a glimmer of hope. Even if all seems lost there is a solution there for you - You just have to look for it.

As the rune of the week and a repeating rune this is highlighting the process of change that was bought in by the eclipses this month. This process of change is a time and place that we need to take in the light, re-evaluate where we are going. Over the last week the runes of the day have supported this process - Which is continuing. As the processes come into play  from the eclipse more and more in our lives we will see more change - If you work with this energy it will be for the better.

In order to harness this energy for the week see this rune in the pink/lavender light of renewal at your feet or on your heart and throat chakra, bringing in this light of renewal. You may find things fall away, things change. You may find that doors close to open others. You may find things you don't want to let go of going. Trust this as part of the process as you work with this rune and the eclipse energies today - Knowing something betters coming.

Saturday 21st May 2022


A rune of process and travel along a road, this rune can mean any signposted process that travels along a defined path. It could well mean road or rail travel as much as a bureaucratic process, or a process of education. This means that when you see this rune in a reading you have to look at the question and surrounding runes for context. Upright (shown above) it shows that the process is flowing well and you are working with it. Keep going. Merkstave, or Reversed, it shows that you are not working well with the processes and you need to look at how you can work better with them. Look to the question and surrounding runes as to how and why.

Today this is about the process of change and growth, the process of the demolition of the old, the world changing and growing around us. This process was being highlighted yesterday. Look at what changed, what didn't. What resonated with you yesterday, and what no longer did? What did you look at yesterday, and say, no, this doesn't work for me anymore at all? What calls you now as things change for the better, slowly but surely. Look back on what resonated and didn't with you on this day to create a new path ahead, with only what serves you into the future.

Friday 20th March 2022

Teiwaz (Merkstave)

Teiwaz, the rune of the sky good Tyr, is a rune of reward for effort. The rune of the just judge and warrior who sacrificed his hands to bind Fenris wolf, this rune bodes well in legal cases if you are in the right. Under this rune there are no miscarriages of justice or unjustified reversals of fortune. It rewards the effort you put into something in the results - There are no miracles here, under this rune.

Looking back on the day, how did your day work? How did you go today as a person, as a part of this life? Like yesterday, this is a time to re-evaluate how and why, and reassess. Readjust your efforts and work towards the goals in your life - Towards the things you need and want. In doing this you can take a fresh new direction that will work for you as you go forward.

Thursday 19th May 2022

Perdhro (Merkstave)

Perdhro is the rune of the dice cup and the game of life. Like chess, we come into life playing the game of life by a set of rules - The rules of life. It is the skill that we play the game with that determines where and how we get to in it. Like chess, within the rules the choices are infinite within the rules of the game. Merkstave or reversed (Shown upright above) this is showing us that we may not be playing the game of life to the best of our ability - Look at where you want to tweak the way you play.

Thursday was such a chance to see what was not working. Look back on that day, and see what was working and what wasn't. re-evaluate your life and how you play it according to what you could see of this day. It will help you move forward knowing what is working for you and what isn't. This can and will set you up to change your life for the better.

Wednesday 18th May 2022


This rune, drawn for the Lunar eclipse is a rune of the sun and victory. It is a favorable rune to draw in any reading or question. It is a rune of illumination on a subject or question, bringing in fresh ideas, energy and innovations. It cannot go reversed, or Merkstave due to it's symmetrical shape and is always at the very least a glimmer of hope. Even if all seems lost there is a solution there for you - You just have to look for it.

As we look around at this day it was a day of light coming through to bring in the change you want to be, Look at the energy of that day, looking back, and think of how it affected you. What went right, what could you manifest that day?  Look around you, think back, carrying forward what felt right about this day into the next month and week.

Tuesday 17th May 2022


This is the rune of ice and restriction, Isa is also a rune of breaking these restrictions in the thaw. To the ancients ice was pretty but useless and a part of the restrictive winter. But also a time that wisdom could be distilled, which links us to the quartz crystal - Wisdom and energy frosen in time. This dual meaning, along with the meaning of the spring thaw make this a rune to interpret with the reading. Look to the question and other runes in the reading for more information.

Today, it is breaking the restrictions that comes in. On the after day of the Full Moon Eclipse the energy is there. If you are tied up, trapped or have restrictions, now is the time to find the crack in the ice for the thaw. Now is the time to stick the ice pick into the restriction and say enough, I am moving forward. Valid for the next week in it's strongest terms, up to the next month, then in some form for many years, this is powerful energy. Use it in the next week and see real results in manifestations in getting rid of blocks in your life.

Rune Draws - Seasons  and Lunations

Rune of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - 16th May 2020


A rune of ancestry, falling on a powerful lunar eclipse, Othala is about inheritances that cannot be bought or sold - They are inviolate. This indicated clan land that could not be bought or sold - Which is not the case today. In today's terms this could mean genetic inheritance to family heirlooms which cannot be sold by family tradition. To a family property handed down instead of sold by family tradition in a reading. Othala Merkstave (Upright shown above) is the rune of a cursed inheritance - Be that a family fighting over an inheritance, or genetic illnesses in a family among other examples - This could just be toxic family patterns. For more information look at the question and the other runes in the reading.

The same rune as the New Moon Solar Eclipse becoming upright this rune is showing us the way. The stories, the songlines, the totems, the deep earth coming up to be healed. A lot has harmed the earth in these centuries, a lot in so many ways. This is the well ancestors bringing in regeneration. This eclipse, The Light Gate, is a gate of lavender/pink light bringing in change and renewal, growth and change. Use this in the next six to twelve months and beyond (It is likely to be reactivated for the next three to four years) to bring in what you need and want for yourself, the regeneration in your own life, as well as for the earth.

Visualise this rune, seeing your ancestors. Your links, your ties to the earth for seven generations before. There is cleansing still to do, but there are those with with wisdom to impart to help heal and cleanse the earth as well as your group, individual as well as planetary karma. Use the Othala rune as pictured upright to call them in, listen to their wisdom and heed their stories. Do this and you will get results for yourself and the planet. Also channel this rune in the lavender/Pink light bring in this light, this regenerative light in your world today.

Rune of the New Moon Solar Eclipse - Saturday 30th April 2022

Othala (Merkstave)

A rune of ancestry, falling on a powerful lunar eclipse, Othala is about inheritances that cannot be bought or sold - They are inviolate. This indicated clan land that could not be bought or sold - Which is not the case today. In today's terms this could mean genetic inheritance to family heirlooms which cannot be sold by family tradition. To a family property handed down instead of sold by family tradition in a reading. Othala Merkstave (Upright shown above) is the rune of a cursed inheritance - Be that a family fighting over an inheritance, or genetic illnesses in a family among other examples - This could just be toxic family patterns. For more information look at the question and the other runes in the reading.

Today, as the rune of the New Moon Solar Eclipse, it is bringing in the themes of cursed inheritance - What have our forebears done that still affects the world today is coming out for reckoning. Be that the impacts of colonialism, slavery, dispossession of native people, it needs to be resolved to move forward. On this Samahain/Beltane Axis, this seems to be stronger in the Southern Hemisphere than the Northern Hemisphere - But this is likely to be flipped in October/November this year. Look at what comes up in the next six months on issues ranging from Native Title and land rights, to Black lives matter. To revelations about the treatment if indigenous peoples in the past. This is a real time of reckoning. Carrying forward themes of Justice from the Libra Full moon, this is going to be a powerful one. We are reckoning with the deeds of our ancestors at this time to put the past to rest.

This Eclipse is also the third gate opening, the third in a very powerful cycle changing the world for good. The 3D timeline/Energy Level has been switched off a few days ago and we are now moving into the final phase of dramatic change. What changes from this gates energy will never go back. This gate, which is starting to soften as of yesterday, is going to open tonight/Early tomorrow morning depending on your time zone. This is a crescendo of massive change that cannot be denies or ignored. Perhaps here is why the Cursed Inheritances we all have as a  global collective are being dealt with now - To bring us all forward, together as a planetary whole.

As an Eclipse, this will affect us for the next six months at least, with some aspects lasting longer.  Visualise this rune Merkstave, or upside down, and look into your past as a person or collective group - E. g Your nation state or ethnic group - and ask what your ancestors seven generations before have done to be healed. This is still affecting you today - You are getting a chance to clear it. Feel it in yourself through the Deep Base Chakra - An anchoring Chakra six inches below your feet - And feel this come up. Use this rune in clear black light to understand and work with these past actions and bring them to a reconciliation. You can also take any practical steps such as supporting public Indigenous groups or looking at your own behavior and changing it. Look at how you can do that in the next six months, you will be able to move forward as a part of the world as it changes into a greater sense of unity.

Rune Draws - Solstices and Eclipses

Rune of the March Solstice - Sunday20th March 2022


The rune of the male consort of the Earth Goddess, this is the rune of the hearth, household protection and the male procreative principle. It denotes inexorable change towards completion in it's own time. You may not see or understand the progress that is happening, but it is there with the processes moving in the right direction. As a symmetrical rune, it does not go Merkstave, or reversed. In a reading it indicates the above - That things are changing, the processes moving along. Let them and await the results.

This rune has been in a repeating pattern for the past week to week and a half as processes under our feet culminate. These processes of demolition from below as the new tries to break through will continue powerfully into April 2022 from here, especially with the 30th April 2022 Samahain/Beltane Eclipse. In this time gather your harvest of growth, ideas and goals and look towards what you can do towards them. This is a chaotic time, but it is also a time of change and opportunity. Also, look at what you should leave behind in this process, as the light burns away what is no longer needed or wanted. Honor this process as well for it makes way for the new to grow. This Equinox is a powerful balancing out, a stepping stone towards the greater goals. There is a lot of unbalanced energy in the world that needs re-balancing, with today heralding the acceleration of this process as more light energy gets bought in to power it.

In a way, this is working of the December 2021 Eclipse, where the male, Anima principle partnered with the dark goddess to bring in a new cycle of change, growth and reckoning. Look to how you can work with this process both in the earth and your own life as it is renewed and accelerates towards it's completion - Which will happen at the time of it's choosing, when it's ready, not at our schedule.

Use this rune in bright white light to evoke this light energy coming into your life, into your world taking out what you no longer need and bringing the new in. This will empower your own processes, but you must let it go at it's own time - Things under the influence of this rune will not be forced. In connecting with the earth and bringing in more light you can also add to the growing number who are empowering this process in the earth. The next three months will be a time of harvesting change and results - It is your choice whether the harvest will be bitter, or if it will be sweet. Working with this energy consciously in the next three months will greatly improve your chances of a sweet harvest.

Rune of the New Moon Solar Eclipse

Sagittarius 12 Degrees - 4th December 2021


The rune of the New Moon Solar Eclipse is Eihwaz. It is a rune of many connotations. Be they thunder, the bow, the bleeding and regenerating yew, they are all a part of the whole of nature and how death and rebirth is one great cycle. It was considered the best wood to make bows out of, which along with it's reputation for being toxic made it a tree of death. But it is also the tree of regeneration from the way that the tree 'Regenerates' from within through daughter trees. Along with the  way that yews could carry wounds that 'Bled' without killing them and their evergreen qualities this tree was known as a magick tree.

This is a rune that has come up a lot in the past week as a rune of change. It is a rune that has been extrapolated to perhaps mean the original Shamanic world tree (The toxin that the tree exudes being hallucinogenic) instead of the ash. This is conjecture by rune authors, but at this point in time at this eclipse seems very true to to me. This image is one I was getting, in terms of the death of the old skin of the earth and regeneration of the new. This is happening because of a change in cycles, the complete rebuilding of the earths energies that over the next six months will manifest in our world. This time is one of renewal. Just as a daughter tree renews a yew, we are going to see a renewal from the husks of the old in the next few months. This is is a time of change that is being ushered in.

However, times of change do not come without their disruptions. These times of change often cause a lot of disruption. This is something that we must ride through in the next few months as we head into the calmer waters after the major wave of change has spread through. Look for the green shoots and work with the energies as they arise in the meantime, working towards a brighter future.

Rune of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Taurus /Scorpio 27 Degrees - 19th November 2021


This rune, drawn for the Lunar eclipse is a rune of the sun and victory. It is a favorable rune to draw in any reading or question. It is a rune of illumination on a subject or question, bringing in fresh ideas, energy and innovations. It cannot go reversed, or Merkstave due to it's symmetrical shape and is always at the very least a glimmer of hope. Even if all seems lost there is a solution there for you - You just have to look for it.

As a rune of this moon phase, and this eclipse, it is a rune of 'The Cold Light of Day'. This eclipse is an eclipse which will bring out the energies, problems and issues which can no longer resonate with the earths frequencies at a greater scale. It will do the same for each of us personally in a way. This is a time that we need to look at what comes up, even if it seems negative and ask ourselves why is this coming up, and what can we do to solve it? A lot of issues will come up, some we may not like to see in the influence of this eclipse. This is an eclipse that we will not escape at all for the next six months. This is a necessary step to move forward into the future, not carrying the baggage that we no longer need.

This will get more intense in the coming week as the energy of the gate unfolds, but will last for six months. This is an Eclipse that you will feel most strongly if you have baggage or a past, or are connected to greater global issues coming out. If you are any of these then you will feel this more dramatically. Breathe through it, let go of what you no longer need coming up and know this is a necessary healing to move forward. As well as a positive step no matter how bad it feels at the moment.

Astrology Wisdom Feature of the Week

Archetypes for Female Strength and Determination

There is a rather large gap even today on the feminine strength and self determination. While the traditional female planets and roles are being redefined, they are being redefined in the terms of the hybrid role women play today between the homemaker and the independent career woman. As much as we may have our own individual identities now, rather than being an extension of our environment, we still are not represented in the archetypes that relate to strength and determination. The Masculine do not have the market cornered on strength, nor do they have the market cornered on representatives of it. The female representatives have merely been underplayed in the archetypes recognised in astrology as we are still coming out of the shadows of male domination of society and diction of women's roles.

Therefore, looking through the various myths and legends of the goddesses and mythic female figures of antiquity wit their names represented as asteroids, I did some research into their myths and the current interpretations of them as a chart factor. Most of these are still looked at as to how they fit into roles in the family - the mother, the wife, the sister and the crone (Grandmother). While providing a greater insight into the character of truly family oriented women and giving them a voice, this gives them an individual identity, it does not give them much identity as an person separate from the family unit such as men have enjoyed in the past. This is a look at some of the Goddesses and legendary figures and defining their strengths and ovbious self will in a way that can create a female archetype that those women who do not want to be defined by a male energy, or by family roles can look at and identify with.

Why This Four?

The four female figures that are used to form the archetypes are the result of looking at a list and cutting down the numbers to something manageable. There are others that can embody some of the strengths entitled here, but these four cover them in the most comprehensive manner. For instance, Ceres also fits the archetype that the Isis one is built around as a determined mother, but it does not have the same complete idea of the head of the family. She had nothing to do with her daughter’s role in the underworlds and any family built there. In this way Circe also fits the idea of the angry, wronged woman, and has great power but does not use it in such and empowering way - she turns them in to pigs instead. And while any woman looking at certian rugby league (or AFL) player in the news will agree the tribute is fitting, it shows malicious (if not satisfying) revenge instead of self empowerment. These four were selected as the ones that most completely embody the strengths that the archetypes evolved in writing to represent. They were selected after researching and reading the myths and common interpretations, and from there the archetypes evolved based on the strengths and shows in will that were evident in both. Not all may agree with what I have come up with, but when it comes to opinions variety is the spice of life.

I did not cover the idea of the strong, equal, wife, either, as this has been covered by the semi-established ideas that the asteroid goddess Juno represent. I am aiming to fill in some blanks, not recreate the metaphorical wheel when it is not necessary. It has been covered well before this, I do not see a need to redo it. All things that show in our lives (and our charts) have relevance, and this is not being cut out by the ideas shown here. They are merely supplementing them, We all came from a family, and we all have different times and different circumstances. They are still relevant as anything else is when activated. Neither is a woman’s role in a family unit sidelined, it is merely not covered here. It has been done both In traditional astrology as well as the addition of the ‘Asteroid Goddesses’.

Just as the God archetypes had their roles ad fathers, husbands and lovers (And were successful to varying degrees) so do these goddesses have a role in a family unit. Pallas Athene was her father’s right hand, helping him carry out his purview as king of the gods. Diana was in contact with her mother and was active in her interests at times such as shooting Niobe’s children when Niobe tried to usurp the goddesses position by virtue of having four more of them. Isis was the head of a family, and indeed went out of her way to create one with her husband. Lilith stands as a woman who was denied family by hard choice, but did have the chance if she had ascended to Adam. It is just not the main way that the lives of the women who follow the archetypes are described here, but by their own achievements and self will. This is not to say they are unlikely to have any family or partners around, and this will show in the placement of planets such as the Moon and Mars will show. In fact those of the Isis archetype will often have families, adopted or natural. It is about family, just placing the woman in a different light to it.


Diana (or Artemis for the Greeks) was the goddess of the hunt who made her home and fief in the wild forests, and guarded them jealously. She did not marry or take lovers, and was bound to no man. She raised, or was part of the raising of many female heroes who had similar qualities to her and frustrated many male suitors. A little bit of a double up with Pallas, but denotes a different type of obvious strength and assertion to her archetype. Whereas the Athena ideals embody refinement and order, The Diana Archetype can embody the wild, free more rugged idea of the person who succeeded as the wild one, or the wild card. This is the female adventurer, the entrepreneur (think Richard Bransen and Dick Smith) and the wildly talented but unconventional in any field that gets results. They work outside the established order, show great strength and spirit in carving a new path, and create their own success along the way.

They often have the charisma to attract loyal followers with no effort at all, and can be considered very sexual and attractive the same way the Mars archetype is - physical and earthy. In a way, this relates to the archetype of the Amazon. They attract, and like equals who are willing to adventure and travel in whatever path with them. They do not take kindly to being tied down to traditional roles, and require freedom and room for self- expression. It will often take them a lot to settle down, and even then they will leave room for the adventures in life.

They see life as one big adventure, look at everything as an experience. They can be very sensual, tactile and have very little patience with order and detail. They can also have very little regard for the depth of any part of life as they enjoy the adventure of life and what it brings in all areas, and will often make and lose material resources with very little care. After all, more can be hunted up when necessary. And hunting more up in business is a great adventure if done right. The Strengths of this Archetype is that they are hardy, adaptable, strong survivors that follow their own path - which can lead to successes and breakthroughs not otherwise gained. The Pioneer spirit is a big thing in them, as is it's strengths. The weaknesses of this archetype is that it can miss out on the depth in life if focussing too much on the adventure and outward pleasures in life. They can also miss a lot of the advantages that order, detail and precision can give them. They can also tend towards loner and not understand the help that can be offered by others. This archetype corresponds with Sagittarius, in symbolism and character, and suffers many of the same strengths and weaknesses. The self first attitude can also match Aries. There are parallels between this Archetype and that of the gods Mars and Uranus.


Isis is the Egyptian mother goddess (Not the current Islamist bogeyman under your bed) who after Set had cut her husband, Orisis, into pieces and scattered his parts found them, and put them back together. She created a new member for him (as she could not find it) to sire children before he took his place as the god of the underworld.

This archetype does relate to family, but not a family role as it has been defined before. Think of this more like the female version of the old male grandfatherly patriarch who speaks softly but carries a big stick - and is not afraid to use it when the threats come. Like the old grandfatherly patriarch, they will have the kind a gentle exterior, underneath which lurks the quiet steel of a person who will hold the family together and defend it to the best of their ability - and often succeed despite the circumstances against them. These people will often have a beloved husband or parter, who dies and leaves them to fend for themselves and their family. Or they may still have a husband or partner still alive, but As they have a more domestic focus than the other archetypes, they will look at family first, but will make their way for their family on their own terms, nobody else's. They may take over the running of a family business or farm and make it a success as well as raise the children, or they may start a home business that makes them a millionaire well capable of providing comfortably for future generations.

The matriarchs of the underworld clans such as the Morans, or fictional characters such Shirley Hennessey from the series Janus, also embody this archetype as they are the tough, undisputed bosses of their families and are very involved with preserving them. Police will often fear them as much or more than the boys. This is a very dark and extreme interpretation, however, and most will not end up like this. (This also ties in with the underworld connection of Orisis). These people will often have a more family focussed facade, and will fit more the traditional idea of feminine. But there will always be an bulbous rod of iron in their backs, and a stick in their hand, wether it be metaphorical or real. This will add strength to the femininity and take them to a different level in outward appearance and demeanour. They will attract loving partners, who will either be taken from the family early, or be in some way second seat to them, be that by illness or forced absence as in the depression. (Which was a common era for this archetype to emerge, as was the aftermath of the world wars). This archetype matches some characteristics with Cancer, but this is not very satisfactory. In many ways it sits on it's own, although the metaphorical rod of iron up these people’s backs does relate them to Saturn and Capricorn in their ability for discipline and hard work, as well as their premier position in the family unit.

Pallas Athena

In Greek Mythology Athena was the virgin goddess who sprang fully grown, wearing armour and carrying a shield, from Zeus's head after he swallowed her mother because of fears that she was plotting on him. She was the protector of the city of Athens and her father's right hand. Most versions of the myth say that she was a virgin and never took consorts, although some of the oldest legends cite Pan and another god as one.

This archetype brings to the forefront the ability and drive to succeed in the outside world. Strength, command and leadership are denoted here. Can relate to the ideas of the corporate CEO, the female military leader, or the single mother that raises the children by herself, and embodies the male traits in parenting. This is generally followed with respect and success, as well as high post, but carries great responsibility and burdens with it regardless. For instance, being a sole parent requires doing the job of two people, and high level executives or leaders rarely get to relax as they are on call for any major crises. In both cases, the buck (and responsibility) stops with the individual. The difference between this and the Isis archetype is the focus. Whereas the Isis archetype focuses on the family, and shows the maternal side, this archetype focusses on responsibility, respect and advancement in the outside world. An Isis single mother will be much loved, and then much respected. An Athena Single mother will generally be respected, then loved by her brood. (This is not say they are exclusive, this will just be the general first impression when thinking of mum).

This archetype will often attract relationships and marriages that are more business partnerships, or enter into them. They will tend to attract (and be attracted to) two types of people - those that are not as strong and value them for their strength and ability to provide, or those that are a true equal. They will not accept anything else. They will not let go with just anybody, they need someone with which they have mutual trust and respect, no matter which way they go. This person will be very special and long term, and betrayals or bereavements will be felt bitterly. The strengths of this ideal are it's outer strength and discipline, it's responsibility and it's ability to shoulder the great burdens of our society. It's weaknesses are it's inability to relax and relate to others due to the burdens it carries - whether that be at a personal level or professional level - and thus the lack of ability to 'let go'. This can lead to a very cold and lonely life, with the Archetypal empty, cold flat and little personal warmth in life as well as the children that know the nanny better than mum if not balanced out. This may also be the female breadwinner or the breadwinner in a same sex relationship, or the person that wears the metaphorical 'trousers' in any relationship. In this way it matches with the sign Capricorn, and shows many of the same ideals. It can also be seen as matching Aries in ideals in the martial aspects, and mirrors in some ways the masculine archetypes of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.

Lilith - Black Moon

Lilith in Jewish mythology was Adam's first wife, made out of the silt of the riverbed. When she refused to be dominated by him and saw that he would not change she spoke the word of god and ascended. God took Adam's side when he pleaded with god to return Lilith, but she chose her own exile in the dessert instead. Later additions make her the mother of all demons, and say that she takes men's 'night emmisions' and causes wet dreams. She was also said to kill babies in revenge for being robbed of her own in a contradictory tale. These additions are not the core of the story, however, and were mostly meant to demonise her as a being and make Eve a good role model by contrast. However, these additions do show the dark side of the archetype well.

This is the pure sense of self and inner strength of the female that refused to yield and took the consequences. This does not denote success as such, but does denote the inner strength and determination to stand up for yourself and be counted when the crunch comes, or rise to the occasion, whatever that may be. This strength and determination will not always be obvious, in fact, it will often be under the surface. But when it comes out - watch out. It will be very obvious and it will do whatever it takes to move whatever is in the road, whatever the cost is. This can be seen in the revolutionaries, those who fight for their rights regardless of the circumstances, and those who show great strength and courage in the times that other people fold, and defeat the great evils of anything from their lives, to our times. These people are the 'Tall, dark and handsome' or the 'mysterious stranger.' They can also be the 'femme fatale' and there is always an element of darkness or mystery to their relating. They can have tendencies either to shallow relationships related to temporal needs (Personal or otherwise) and can use their sexuality to get things and places, or they will relate very deeply and personally to few people, showing themselves to a trusted few. They might also do a combination of these.

The Strengths of this is that they get the job done, and will do the 'dirty work' that nobody else will touch. They are also the inspiring survivors and the ones that bring down great evils. The Weaknesses is that they may not know when to stop and draw the line at what is necessary, and turn to a ends justify the means mentality. This can be a slippery slope from effective survivor, to the depraved individualist that must get their ends at any costs. They must also watch how much they rely solely on themselves as an island and look at relating to others on a true level, not just as tools, pawns or entertainments. This archetype matches the virtues and strengths of Scorpio, and mirrors the ideas of Mars and Pluto in the masculine archetypes.

How to Use These Archetypes

These archetypes are to be used in the same way as any other archetypes in astrology - applied looking at the aspects of the solar bodies in question. For Diana, Isis and Pallas Athena, the bodies are the asteroids by the same name (Pallas Athena's asteroid is known as Pallas more commonly) and the Lilith archetype corresponds best to the Black Moon Lilith - the Moon's apogee. The most dominant one in your life would be the body that is best aspected, but there may be more than one at play. I will use myself as an example;

  • Pallas - 1 degree Saggitarius ,3rd house. Conjunct Sun, Venus, Mercury and Uranus Scorpio/Saggitarius cusp.
  • Diana - 10 degrees. Sagittarius - 3rd house Conjunct Venus and Uranus, Sextile Pluto and Saturn (Libra, 2nd house) , and Moon (Aquarius,5th house). Semi Sextile south node Capricorn, 4th house)
  • Black Moon Lilith - 18 degrees Capricorn, 4th house Conjunct Mars and semi-square sun and mercury (Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp, 3rd house)
  • Isis - 2 degrees Aquarius Conjunction Moon, Square Pluto and Saturn (Libra, 2nd house) and Sextile Sun and Mercury (Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp, 3rd house.)

The Black Moon Lilith aspects indicate that the hidden strength of the Lilth archetype is fused with the self-will and assertion of Mars, and is very much a part of it. There is hidden strength there, and a willingness to use it. The Isis contact with the moon shows that the ideals of that Archetype are related to the method of parenting and raising children, as well as 'mother' figures in the past. So, overall the Pallas Athena and the Diana archetypes are most evident as outer and inner natures, but the influence from the Isis archetype and the Lilith archetype is the there in their own areas.

In order to do this for yourself look at where these solar bodies are in your chart and look at the aspects, just as I did for mine and interpret them in that light.

What if I'm a Guy?

If you happen to be male then the archetypes will affect you in one of two ways - through females you have contact with, and possibly an affect on you. Just as the Male archetypes of the planets and the 'asteroid gods' of Apollo, Hesphateous and Bacchus are not solely the domain of males, these are not solely the domain of females. If they do affect you personally, they will have aspects to your major planets. You will show many of these strengths. As I said in the paragraph above, this does not solely apply to females - it can apply to you blokes as well. The Ideals expressed in these have no gender, just the method of expression (Goddesses) do. Richard Bransen and Dick Smith were used as examples in the explanations of the archetypes, so you are probably in good company.

It could also show in your relationships with the women in your life. This will show in your chart with aspects to your Venus of these asteroids (for wives/partners) and the Moon (for your mother and/or other female role models in your family, such as a grandmothers or aunts.) This will show contact with people of this archetype, or those that exhibited the ideals of this archetype in your eyes. Intra -aspects of synastry may also show this sort of interaction.

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense

Rune Wisdom Feature of the Week

Choosing a Set of Runes

Choosing a set of Runes can be as daunting as walking into a crystal shop and choosing crystals for the first time. I can only dimly remember when I bought my first set, the carnelian ones I still use as spirit runes in my nine set system today. I can't remember why either. Even now for me, as I have developed my reading system and evolved it I still really look around for the set that I need for that purpose. I could make them, sure. But considering that it would cost me at least ten dollars a set, and most likely more, just to get the crystals to make the set, I don't think it's worth my while till I can get a good supply of crystals wholesale. Nice pebbles you can buy from hardware stores as landscape supplies by the five and ten kilo for not much, I have yet to see crystals there for a similar price. So, at least for the moment, I still buy my crystal sets.

Which brings me to selection of Runes, especially for beginners. There are many things to consider when buying runes, from the material they are made from, to which of the five or so major rune rows to choose, to whether as a beginner to buy or make them. From my experience I can give you some ideas to get you onto the right path to buying, or making your first set of runes. Or if you're like me, the latest one as you develop and evolve.

  • Choose a Rune Row – There are about five or six major rune rows out there, each with a slightly different focus. For instance, while I have a growing knowledge of the Younger Futark, and a basic knowledge of the Anglo Saxon and Northumbrian, and know a little of the Arameninan Runes (Those I really don't connect to at all for some reason) the one I really work with personally is the Elder Futark. This is because for many reasons I won't go into here (They're long stories involving past lives) the one that I seemed to be attracted to. So that was the one I learnt most about and the one I use. It is also the one I know the best. If you have an interest in the runes, and you are looking to learn more, if you find yourself leaning more to one system than another, it is a good idea to look for one in that system. This will take confusion and time out of your search.
  • Choose a Set that Instinctively Calls You – This is one I have heard a lot in my various travels, contact on social media as well as through telesummits. Walking into the store and walking out with that set of runes that you didn't intend to buy till you saw them and couldn't walk out without them. Then, well figuring out what they are after the fact and how to use them. If you have come to your search for information, or at least more information than that skinny little guide book gives you, then congratulations on your first step in this journey. It is worth it. There are many good books on runes out there, and they are a great tool that you are now learning about. This is a legitimate way of starting out with runes, picking them out instinctively. Or should I say, them picking you out. This takes the stress out of which runes to choose, but at the same time you now need to learn about them. I hope you enjoy it, because you will get a lot out of it.
  • Gifting – This is how I have gotten some of my runes, but I have also gifted runes as I have evolved and grown, and felt I needed a new set. Like crystals, Runes can be gifted, consciously or unconsciously to people who are beginning, often when they get their gift, and this is a good start to a journey. I now recommend that you get some good books, read up on the information that you can get and start working with them to learn and grow through your knowledge of them. Like the way of getting runes up above here, this is a wonderful way into a new world of discovery about the world and yourself, made even better by the fact that you didn't have to pay for them. Oh, and the thought by the person that gifted them was nice, of course...
  • Making your Own Runes – This one is perhaps the most daunting for a beginner, especially one with no craft skill. I am competent in carving rune rows now, but when I started, mostly getting a crystal, or the Wyrd rune in the set and carving a replacement, It wasn't that pretty. Of course, working with wood, the traditional material for runes is far easier than working with stone like I feel called to, but it is still a daunting thought for a beginner. The advice here is do your research, and feel your way to the one you connect to. Maybe you know which one because a book called you, say, on the Elder or Younger Futark, Or the Anglo Saxon Runes. And now, well, you feel up to making your own (sort of) because you feel it is better than buying them and consecrating them to make them yours. In which case you know which rune row you want to carve. But if you don't then look around, read up and feel which one you really connect to. When you are ready for carving I have written articles on this, which I will revise in the coming week and repost breaking up the rune set and talisman carving up for easier reading. Or of course, there are many excellent books and how to's by others who have also done this. Do your research, pick your material and pace yourself, especially as a beginner crafting as well as using runes. But good luck on your journey, you will find out so much about the runes themselves, and connect to their energy in a real way.
  • Researching and Buying a Set – Maybe you got called to using runes through a chance purchase of a book, or you stumbled upon them and feel ready to buy your first set. You have made your decision on which rune row you want to start working with, and now you are going out and looking for one. But the decisions – What material, what rune set calls to me etc... Especially as the Elder Futark is the most commonly used one today, if you have decided to start using another rune row such as the Younger Futark, or the Anglo Saxon and Northubrian, then you may find the search harder. However, they are still out there for purchase if you feel your best choice is to buy, not carve them (I have made the decision, though I don't use them, to carve and sell them all on order). Once you have made the decision to purchase take your time, look around and get the one that feels right for you. Don't feel pressured into buying one that isn't right for you, because it won't work with you well. Take your time, find the right one and I wish you luck in your search.
Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense