Divination Corner

Rune of the Day


Friday 6th August 2021


Todays rune, Isa is a rune of Ice and constriction. It is the rune of winter, of beautiful but useless ice. It was the end of the growing season, a season of Ice and snow. It is also a time and place that people inside think, reflect and instill wisdom. This can mean that the rune is both the transmutable qualities of ice and the wisdom of the quartz crystal - Freezing movement and energy in time. Like the movement of a glacier or the defrosting of ice it can also mean the breaking of the ice and the creation of new movement in a sudden manner.

As you go about tonight feel the energy of letting go coming in more and more. Feel it break through the blocks, the barriers and feel the energy flowing again. Feel it flowing around you, through you. Take moments to connect with this and priorities what you want to have as your aims and goals for Saturday on the Lions Gate.

Rune Wisdom

Learning to Work with the Armanen Runes

As a part of working with the runes as a rune master for me is to master the major rune rows present today. While mainly feel an affinity to the Elder Futhark, I am working to understand all the major rune rows and work with them all. I have done this with the Younger Futhark, started the process with the Northumbrian Futhork. The Anglo Saxon Futhork seems harder to pin down in terms of how many variations you find, so that is definitely a work in research, let alone progress. This of course leaves the other major rune row, and quite a twisted modern root on the World Tree, the Armanen Runes. Due to their history, which when I was working on the runes as a part of the world tree as a whole came out as a twisted and dark root, gnarled and turned in on itself, I was hesitant to do this. This was with good reason, I found out. It carries, as a rune row, the dark energy of its past. It was this energy I had to help work to dispel as I worked to have a basic understanding of this rows energy and meaning. Despite the difficulties, however, it is very important as we look around today and realise that a lot of the same energy, therefore problems are with us very much so to this day. That is because these problems are manifestations of the energy of the modern world.

To understand why this is you need to start with the Aramenian runes their meaning and history. The Armanen runes, representing the modern world as it developed through the 19th and into the mid 20th century, represent a time of colonisation, polarisation, exploitation and genocide culminating in the horrible crescendo of WWII. Developed in the late 19th century by Guido List, who put a slant of Romantic German nationalism over the already polarised energies, this twisted them further. This twisted what was already difficult and polarised energy of a modern world full of conflict, colonisation and the othering of peoples. This time (therefore its energies) was a time of colonial massacres, the English Boer War concentration camps (as referenced in Wind in the Willows). There were also wars of colonisation across Africa and Asia as well as the Opium wars, and the Frontier Wars with Indigenous Australians to name just some of the polarised conflicts. It was also the age of empires, The Great War, World War I and World War II, which of course was it’s culmination in so many ways. The Nazi party, looking for a way to justify its idealoligy, found one. It found it in the twisted form of Aryan German nationalism, found a readymade mythology of the Armanen Runes. Much time and money was spent in the pursuit of archaeological evidence for this theory in theory in the 1930’s in the lead up to the second world war, and the ideology of the SS was based on this, as was the symbol. This forever tied these runes and their energies, as well as the root of existence that they were tied to, twisting it. When I first saw it, as described in the Rune Corner introductory rune poem, was a very dark, twisted root. These runes of light and dark, deep contrast carry the shadow of these events to this day, though now fortunately greatly transmuted.

It was why I was hesitant to work with them, and to a certain extent why I was guided to. Like the modern era they have a great light and a great shadow to them. The great light is can be seen in the technological progress made in the era remaking the world. It can also be seen in the changes in society of that time. Of the failed League of Nations after World War One, and the cumbersome but well meaning United Nations set up in the wake of World War Two. The great shadow, of course I have already discussed above. In connecting to these runes I saw both, the light and the shadow. The light is still with us as we go through a new revolution in the world, the digital revolution, a greater connectedness through the internet, and improvements for marginalised groups in society. The shadow too, which part of working with them to understand them at the elemental, primal level, was to help clear is with us. Look at the rise of right wing populism and Neo Nazi groups across the world with the complex mixing of economic hardship and mass movement of Syrian refugees in Europe. Matched with the rise of Donald Trump in America, Balsinaro in Brazil and Brexit, along with Boris Johnson in Britain, you see a pattern. The same pattern of extremes and competition of the 1920’s to the 1940’s that led to the extremes of the shadow we call the Holocaust. We are not at the end point yet, we are still in the Weimar period of deterioration. However, as we seem to not have learnt from history, the entire world is repeating it at this current point. Fortunately, at the point we are on we still have a choice.

What makes looking at these energies worth it is the fact that there is still time to turn back. There is not just the great shadow in these runes. There is also a great light of real progress on the flip side, one that we see in the progress mentioned above in the historical modern era. The energies of this light are with us in the ‘Post Modern’ era in the many counter movements coming through to counter this. Black Lives Matter, for instance, is an example of a counter movement in this trend, as is the growing influence of the worldwide Human Rights movement. Even the fact that today, with the internet and telecommunications, light is more easily cast on the fate of dissidents and populations affected by severe human rights violations is an example of this light shining. As with all cycles, the same energies will express differently in different eras. So the energetic expression of WWI is different to the energetic expression of WWII, to the first cold war between America and Russia. This is now being expressed again, in what I see as a three way cold war brewing between China, Russia and America, and a time of great stress and flashpoints very reminiscent of the tensions that started both world wars in so many ways.

That is only the shadow of this though, there is light in it. There is potential light in the way that we can respond to this. In being presented with these cycles again, we are being presented with the chance to break them. To end them and change to a new energy pattern. Represented by the bright light in these runes that can overcome that shadow, that is the task we have before us now in the next five years or so of eclipses setting the pattern for the future. As I look more at these runes, carve them and understand them even better I will be bringing more information into a more comprehensive guide and discussion. But for now, the take home message, as the saying goes, is that we are here at a point to change this cycle, break it. That is the energy of these Aramenian Runes. Are we up to doing it, or will we go through a horrific cycle of history repeating all over again? Only time and the people involved will tell.

Khel'Shen Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense