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With the upcoming Lunar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse Mediation this is being put up here as well as the instructions in order to give you a primer of the cycle. With five events in sequence, as well as this happening on a blue moon, this is a one in 150 year event. Therefore I am featuring meditations relevant to this series of events as a feature...

Turning Point Summer Solstice, Lunar Eclipse & Solar Eclipse Meditation

Wednesday 3rd January 2017

The Energy of the Summer Solstice

The energy of the December 2017 Summer Solstice was of change and sowing the seeds through to 2018 through the wheel of the seasons. For more information on this there is a short video detailing some of the basic influences of the energy coming through, but the short version is that the light harnessed at this point is going to feed through Autumn with a harvest of seed, then through winter with dormancy ready to sow in 2018. The two eclipse so close to this point say this will be very important and is part of a cycle of such events starting last year and continuing for a few years more.

This is represented by the Holly and Oak king in Celtic mythology, the interplay of light and dark through the Wheel of the Seasons. With the Summer Solstice we are looking at the rise of the Oak King, the rise of the light and the height of the element fire. For the southern hemisphere the direction is to the North, for the southern hemisphere the relation to the South. I call this a tipping point because this is the point where the fire energies reach their height and tip over to the downward cycle to the harvest of the balance point in Autumn of the Autumn Equinox, which is what the meditation today will be focusing on.

During this Solstice the energies of fire and light are at their tipping point, the strongest they get in the cycle of energy. This meditation harnesses these two energies, described below, to help you grow your intentions and goals.

Summer Highpoint Fire Meditation

I am the burning flame

I can Illuminate or I can destroy

I can be the camp fire,

I can be the Hearth fire,

I can power a blacksmiths forge

Or I can be the wildfire

Burning all around me

Destruction Incarnate.

Use me or abuse me.

It is up to you.

Results come from intentions

That is up to you.

With good intentions I Illuminate

Bringing light into the dark

Creating life and civilisation

Glowing warmth to light the spark.

I am the burning fire

The spark of light and creation.

Fire – This is an Animus element of change, growth and warmth. This is summer and the sun, this is fire and progress, this is summer, warmth, growth in all forms. This is also the closest to the pure, archetypal primal light that powers our world and our progress in the world.

Fire, the element of summer that reaches it’s peak with the Summer Solstice, is the element of all the uses for fire that humanity has as well as natural fires such as bushfires and wildfires. This element gives the spark and warmth to life. Without this there would not be the warmth in winter in homes, there would not be the warmth of the sun for plants to grow, there would not be the light and heat needed for so many things. This element is an essential element in nature for this reason.

In terms of the season summer, what this is doing providing the energy for growth in nature, the peak growing season. This is the same aspect of the growth for the harvest that we will be working with today, represented in the Summer Solstice poetic mediation below;

The Energy of Light

Primal Light Polaric Mediation

The Light of Creations flame,

The Light that sparked the fire.

The Light that allows life.

The light that allows Innovation,

The light that allows progress

The light of the soul.

The energy of Masculinity

At it’s height in Summer,

Dormant in Winter,

Changing through the seasons.

The great cycle of life

Illuminating the darkness

The primal polarity fire.

Light – The polarity of Animus that illuminates and balances out the dark and cycles, allowing progress, growth and evolution. Represented in the physical by light and heat, this is the power that fuels life and civilisation.

The masculine energy of light, second to come into existence to balance the dark, this is an essential part of life. It has associations with fire and air, it is the fuel that fosters the growth that dark and cycles that they ground. Working through the wheel of the year it has it’s height in summer and the Summer Solstice, the peak season for heat and growth. Represented physically by the sun, today we are focusing on the way it fuels growth in us our goals and intents, for the Autumn Harvest.

The Summer Solstice The Southern Tipping Point

Summer Solstice Meditation

The height of Fire and Light,

The Zenith of the Seasons,

The apex of fire.

The height of the light.

The Height of power,

The chance to grow,

The chance to build,

The chance to set the seeds of the harvest.

The chance to set intentions

The chance to bring potential into life

The fire that powers life.

The light that powers growth,

The light that powers spiritual evolution,

The power that fuels civilisation.

The zenith of fire and light,

The Midsummer Solstice.

This combines with the energies of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on the 31st January 2017 and the corresponding Solar Eclipse on 15th February 2017. This is what we will be looking at next.

The Energies of the Lunar Eclipse

The 31st January 2018 Leo-Aquarius Lunar Eclipse adds to the energies of this cycle, highlighting the tension between serving yourself, your own needs and wants and service to others. This is a cycle of tension we see in so many public debates today, something that we are trying to work out in so many issues such as climate change, wealth and economic inequality and asylum seekers. Communication is a key factor in this, as is innovation and illuminating the debate with different ideas. In a way this applying into the solar eclipse, but you can see the beginnings here. By balancing this in us and seeing where we fit and how we work with others for mutual benefit we will help ourselves as well as others. The North Node in close contact with the moon show that facing the past of how we have made this balance is something that we need to deal with in this process.

At the most basic a lunar eclipse is a gate for accessing the higher energy of dark and cycles, the energy providing the structure and form to our lives. This allows us to work with the energies coming through, in this case, the balancing out of cycles of serving ourselves and others. In the guided meditation you will get a chance to feel these energies and find how this is a part of your life, but for now a primer in the form of a poetic meditation

Aquarius/Leo Lunar Eclipse 31st January 2017

The Anima Eclipse

The gateway of primal dark

The gateway to cycles,

To the form in our lives.

Through the gateway of the Moon,

Allow me to see my cycles,

Allow me to see the way ahead.

Between myself and others

Serving my needs and evolution,

And the evolution of the planet

The evolution of man.

Allow me to see my way ahead

Through communication,

Through Innovation and Illumination,

Through Serving all not just one.

Allow me to Harvest the Zenith of Sun and light,

So it serves me best

As well as serving Gaia and man.

I honour you,

The Anima eclipse

The gateway of primal darkness.

The gateway of anima

The solid, essential link to cycles.

These energies combine with the zenith of planetary energies and if used properly can help you focus the energy in the right way in the cycles of evolution. In linking the planetary energies with the universal, dark animal energies of cycles that make our world solid we can understand this and allow us to accelerate our images in our life. The second part of this meditation, this eclipse allows us to guide our lives in harmony with the prevailing energy.

The Energies of the Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse, the last element is a gate that allows us access to universal light energy. This energises the energies of the Lunar Eclipse by opening a gate to feel the complimentary light of the lunar energy coming through. In our planetary system the conduit for this is the sun, particularly solar eclipses. In this case this is a solar eclipse in Aquarius, bringing in the energy needed to re-balance this tension between serving ourselves, those around us on the journey, and the planet. Here the energy is coming through the gate to start re-balancing this, perhaps allowing the seeds to be sown for some real action in doing so next year around the spring equinox.

In general terms this a solar eclipse of the gate being opened to the universal primal light, the second balancing polarity. Without this everything would be too solid and dense for us to be able to grow and learn, so when used well this is a very necessary balance. Solar Eclipses allow us to work with the energy of universal light, harnessing it to power the changes in cycles that come through with the solar eclipse and as well as making more powerful the heat/light/summer effect than just the zenith of the wheel of the seasons. The essence of this is captured in a poetic meditation below;

The Solar Eclipse - 15th February 2017

The Solar Eclipse,

The gate of Animus,

The gate of primal light.

The energy of balance between ourselves and others

The energy of balance between us and the earth,

The gate driving balance and change

The gate driving evolution.

The light of growth,

The light of illumination,

The light of innovation

The light of change.

The light of balance within ourselves,

The light of balance with the rest of man,

The light of balance with our cycle of seasons.

The February Solar Eclipse,

The gate of light of change.

This is the last aspect of the energy coming through to be represented in the guided meditation below. This is the energy fuelling the change indicated, and harnessing this will allow us to take the seeds and use them in spring. At the moment, with the cycle of eclipses near tipping points rather than balance points, indicates that we need to bring new things in, new cycles, new areas of growth. This seems of be focused on the changes in society and civilisation with the 5th level evolution. This is part of a key change that is happening that we shall be harvesting, something we will be looking at doing through the guided meditation and worksheet below.

Combined Guided Meditation Summer Solstice, Lunar Eclipse & Solar Eclipse
  • Sit or lie down comfortably with your tailbone in contact with earth or the floor if you can. If not sit or lie down comfortably on a solid surface. Feel yourself let go to your ethereal body from your physical body.
  • Feel yourself waking up and walking onto a high point, overlooking a vast desert. Feel yourself comfortable despite the heat and light being intense, like it is nourishing your rather than burning you. Feel the heat from below, seeing the sun on the right of the sky and moon on the left of the sky. Take a few breaths, taking in the atmosphere while you form your goals and intentions. Looking up form them in red/orange light in the air in front of you.
  • Feel the heat of the sun on you, through you at it’s height. Feel it go through you, the heat and light, collect it in a ball in front of your heart chakra, then letting it go, bathing your intentions. Feel the heat of the sun at it’s height, the zenith of light and heat. Watch it ignite your intentions and goals, taking ten deep breaths to internalise energy.
  • Lower the burning intentions into the sand, feeling the energy as it burns in. Feel the grounded energy, taking ten deep breaths, feeling the grounded earth energy ground your intentions.
  • Now look up to the moon, on your left, shining down on you. As you feel it feel the lunar energy, the representation of primal dark. Take a deep breath then focus as you see the moon go grey, dark, then red. Feel the gate open up in the blood red moon, feel the primal dark flow through you. Feel your contact with, solidity, with cycles. Feel it flow through you to your intentions, burning in the vitrified sand. Take ten breaths focused on this, feeling your tie to cycles, and feeling your personal path through this with your goals and intentions.
  • After a final breath, look up, watch the eclipse complete and flow through as the gate closes. Taking one last deep breath, look at your intentions.
  • From your intentions, burning in the sand, look up at the Sun. Feel the flow of universal light come through the sun through to the planetary level with one deep breath. Then watch the flow of energy as you watch the sun go dark, feeling the gate open as you see a dark hole within the corona. Feel the gate open, feel the energy come through you as you take ten deep breaths, channelling it through to your intentions. Feel the energy of primal light energising primal dark, feel it flow through to your intentions. Taking a last deep breath, watch the eclipse complete, closing the gate, watching the sun go bright and hot again. As you feel it, take a deep breath, looking at your empowered intentions and goals. Do not try to understand at this stage, but be aware and remember any guidance or visions.
  • Look across now at your intentions and goals, watch the miasma. Take ten, deep breaths, taking it in. Now, breathing slowly, observe the heat haze, noting any visions, guidance, and messages you get. Do not try to understand at this stage, but be aware and remember any guidance or visions. Taking a deep breath, take this in, bringing this all into you as you return to your physical body.
  • Come to consciousness in the consecrated room and take your worksheet, record what you saw and while it is fresh try to record and understand your personal energetic gifts and guidance.
Meditation Worksheet Wednesday 3nd January 2018
  • The Goals and Intentions I will be Focusing on in this Meditation are;
  • The Impediments I wish to remove are;
  • The Energies Coming Through for me are;
  • The Guidance I got Through this Meditation is;