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Week 37  Ritual Calendar Supplement

This month, between two super moons, we have three significant events – A Solar Eclipse on the 13th September 2015 on the Apex day of the Full Moon, the Spring Equinox on the 23rd September 2015 and a Lunar Eclipse on the 28th September on the Full Moon. This is a time of reckoning on all the issues. One look at the birth chart for all three events (Astrology Cafe online) is a place show that this is a time of reckoning and conflicts.

This is a time and place of reckoning built on last Autumns eclipses, balancing things out brining them to a head. Pluto features strongly in all, showing this is a time of reckoning coming into the Summer Solstice perhaps, and Mars is there. Uranus for technology is also showing, perhaps playing into new technology and the solar shift. This might be feeding into Paris, this might be feeding into trends with renewebles and new, emerging technologies etc.... Mars and Venus are for most part in harmony, showing that military and civilian powers that be are in line. This fits with my general impressions, that we are in for a reckoning that is balancing the forces out. The spring and autumn equinoxes are a sign that this is a balancing out, the fact that we have so many wars and conflicts going on showing the opposing forces. The solar eclipse before the Spring Equinox show light forces (Animus) have to be balanced out with the darker forces (anima), negotiation, peaceful resolution. This is a cool your jets before we destroy ourselves moment.

The fact that this is after and on a super moon also shows that this is really important, and needs to be fixed now. I think we're seeing a big balancing out and resolution that is going to be coming to a head on the Summer Solstice, coming from the Winter Solstice. All the issues that are coming in, such as Ukraine and Russia, the civil war in Middle East etc... These are all coming home to roost and we have to deal with it. Climate change is in this, progress with technology is all of it, so many issues coming home to roost. Watch and see what you can do to help these things resolve as time goes on.

Solar Eclipse Supplement Saturday 12th September 2015

Thinking of the upcoming Solar Eclipse (Tomorrow) I see a reckoning started last autumn southern hemisphere. This is a balancing out of energy forces, light and dark, Going from sun (light) to the moon (Dark). This is necessary as we have been living beyond our planetary means and the balance needs to be reset so we can live here in the future. This is the fulcrum point in this. The Astrology (see Astrology Corner) points to problems and clashes all over the place – these are overdue corrections and not nice. This is all things coming to light to be rebalanced and be resolved. This is not nice, but necessary.

All the issues that we face now are balancing, part of cycles. One thousand years ago we had the crusades, now we have DAESH and other Islamic Terrorists. Once it was about control of the middle east, guess what it is about now. And the same two religions. This is a replay of the same tensions with the opposing sides reversed, the same clash of civilisations. This needs to be resolved, why it is coming up. Like climate change, if we are going to live on this planet for much longer in any comfort then we will have to face it, keep it in the one half to the two degree mark. If not we are dicing with our own death. Both these issues have to be resolved if we are to move on, and fast, which is why they are coming up for resolution. The energy of conflict has to end and this is it. Same as the tension between Russia, China and the other old imperial centres against the rest of the world, all of these old conflicts are coming to a head to be resolved. Some will be resolved faster than others but they are coming into a reckoning. This is a time and a place that we need to take heed and create a future, balancing out these tensions before they explode again. They will resolve one way or another, it is just that one way is nicer than letting them self implode if we don't deal with them. Like it or not we have to engage, we just have to do it right. If we don't we make it worse, we don't act we make it worse. We need to get this right to bring the most extreme elements to heel and bring a compromise in so the jigsaw can fit together. We don't all parties will be ground down till they do.

Now more than anything is a time of peace and a time of war. War to defend the innocent and what we need to, make a lasting peace after and who we don't have to fight with. This is our challenge – pick the right path among friend or foe so all can live in peace eventually? Question is, can we, or will this work itself out for the worse for those involved now? That is the reckoning point, the balance, and how this works is up to us.

Week 40 Ritual Corner Supplement- Spring Equinox

Today is the Spring Equinox. In terms of energy we are in a two year waypoint (March Equinox and September Equinox) pattern that seems to be repeating as we go thorough to next year, ending with two Eclipses before the 2016 September Equinox. This is going to be interesting for a lot of people, and certainly things are still coming out of the woodwork for me. They will be for everybody including the world, where the key themes seem to be balances of power and tackling climate change – all about balancing Anima and Animus energies globally it seems. It is not going to be easy for a while – this year seems to be the reckoning and next year seems to be the balancing out. All the things we've been ignoring are coming out.

As stated with the solar eclipse a thousand year old energy pattern is replaying itself all over the world trying to find resolution and it needs to or it will resolve itself to our detriment, the time and space that this needs won't be nice. We have the chance to start to resolve this now in a better way thought. That means not ignoring climate change, not ignoring the Middle east, not ignoring all of the tensions that need to resolve so we can start to jigsaw together ans unique individual components of the world rather than competing groups. As also stated was I think we're coming to an end of a saros cycle and the beginning of the new. The change to Aries/Pisces speaks to me of a transition to a new cycle and new energy shift. I can't confirm it but if I'm right that means that a lot of old energies and problems will be coming up for resolution in the next few years so things can move on. Not sure what, not sure where but some key themes seem to include Climate change, terrorism and resource use, all hot topics since the first lot of eclipses around the March Equinox earlier in the year.

This is a time of reckoning, of reconciling the past and resolving tensions so we can move on. We are currently in that balance point where we can direct it for the betterment for us rather than our decline, and it's our choice. The previous solar eclipse, today equinox and the upcoming Lunar eclipse show that the world is trying to balance out Animus with Anima to do this, give better guidance, show what needs to be done. We'll either resolve this or it will crash through us anyway. Why not resolve it rather than let it crash through us, either our personal reckonings or the planets?

Ritual Corner Supplement - Lunar Eclipse

As I write tonight I'm thinking of the Lunar Eclipse (28th September 2015). This is the time and place that we need to take action and decide. There is a definite balancing out between Anima and Animus Energies, bringing more anima in, judging by the order around the equinox. This is balancing out animus, fire or light with Anima, Dark and wisdom of cycles. The reckoning is this year, the rebalancing this year. Taking one look at the current cycle of eclipses and equinoxes this is heavy duty. This is also on a super moon and has others around it earlier, so it is big.

I'm also getting the end/Begging of a Saros Cycle in the 2015/2016 eclipses, and a continuation of all the same pattern into next year. This is old energy as stated before, Energy coming back from the previous millennium, the shoe now being on the other foot. This is about resolving major tensions and we have a choice – face them and bring them to a more peaceful resolution or they will bring them to a resolution and we won't like it. This is crunch time is the feeling I'm getting.

Keeping Assad in power is kicking the can down the road, and I'm getting the feeling its the wrong choice. He and his ilk are a large part of the problem as well. There needs to a commitment that is not popular, debate on how to do this we're not having. This is to our detriment. We don't do this we're wasting this last chance for a resolution we remotely like, condemning us to well.. The other one, being ground down by cycle resolutions till both sides relent.

We are at the crossroads, and we need to wake up to this. No more expediency, no more kicking the can down the road. Dealing with the problems, dealing with the underlying causes. Gender balance, inequality both globally and domestically, our relationship with the environment. This is the time to deal with it now. If we don't we well, we're going to face the reckoning the other way. This is the energy of this cycle. If we respect it we come out of it well, if we don't... The results will be unfortunate.

Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen

Solar Eclipse Supplement - 8th March 2016

This is the end of a major eclipse/Balance point cycle. This cycle, which has heralded in major changes, is ending on an autumn solstice with the energy behind it seeming to terminate on the spring solstice with solar and lunar eclipse behind the spring solstice rather than bracketing it, showing a shift towards the end of this. But that just seems, looking at the energies behind it just to herald the end of the transition rather than the end of the cycle, the new cycle just beginning in earnest at the end of this current eclipse/balance point/eclipse cycle. The chart, as usual, is a free Astro Cafe birth chart of the day and date of the Solar Eclipse.

The astrology is interesting, with the 8th house strong, continuing into the Autumn Solstice, shifting to the 10th with the Lunar Eclipse. This, combined with Pluto going into the first house from the 8th with the Lunar eclipse shows the shift of the hidden mysteries and knowledge becoming public. In terms of the Solar eclipse itself the 8th house shows that the mysteries and darker aspects of life, also represented by Scorpio are coming to the fore with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Neptune in the 8th house. In terms of the aspects coming off this both Jupiter and Saturn are at hard aspects, showing both responsibility and beneficence are both at odds with this current aspect, perhaps because of the newness of this, or the reckoning aspect of this entire cycle.

Communication and civilization (Mercury and Venus) are in harmony, but once again, responsibility/power is in conflict with beneficence in it's own right, which seems to be playing out in all of this. As well as this there seems to be resistance to this surfacing with Pluto squaring with Venus, and Mars (action) does not seem to be getting on with the hidden undercurrents, as is communication. As such, this all seems to be a mess.

However, the way that Neptune and Uranus connect seem to show a difficult but doable path out, as has methods of divination that shows that this new cycle is salvageable. More will reveal itself with the Autumn Equinox and the Lunar eclipse, both to get their own supplements in the coming weeks, as they are all connected. But for now we are seeing the elements of a great shift and transition settling to a new cycle, which will give us a chance to solve our problems. This is something we must pay attention to or we are truly doomed in the long run.

Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen

March Equinox 2016 Supplement

I write this on the day of the March equinox, the Autumn equinox in the southern Hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. As stated in Pagan mind, a big reckoning is starting to take shape. This is something that will take the final form in spring but is now starting to look at what needs equalising.

This makes perfect sense of many of the harder aspects in the chart for today, once again as usual from astro cafe. These oppositions and squares, among which the most important are the Personal Anima and Animus lessons (Mars/Venus) to beneficence, The many to the collective unconscious to action and reaction to communication (Mercury/Pluto) to the direction we are headed. Personal lessons can also seem to be at odds to the overarching anima and animus at a planetary level. This is going to play out in a messy manner it seems as the areas that work conflict with each other and the future, especially in areas of service, responsibility and any movement below the surface, the eighth house being strong. On the brighter side the representation of new learning and knowledge, be that innovaton or otherwise, is showing up strongly and seems to be trying to break through.

Which brings us to a rune reading done on a ketheric grid into the subject. This showed three lines coming into the future, beginning at Ingwaz and ending at Thuriaz. There are two lines that end with defensive runes, indicating the need to protect the future ideas and innovation. The middle line going from Ingwaz, to Jera, to Languz. Then Nadhuz, up to Thruriaz shows the need to complete the current cycles and tides through the defensiveness of the current era and energies. The right hand line, Halglaz, Wunjo and Elhaz shows shows the need to protect future ideas and leaders from the storm so they can take their place. The left hand sides going from Ehwaz, to Thuriaz to Kenaz, shows a degree of sacrifice to bring these ideas and innovations into fruition, as well as the need for partnership in doing so.

This is a time where these conflicts as shown not only in the rune reading and the astrology, but the general feeling of the energy is balancing out, taking a final form. This is not the end, but perhaps the beginning of the end of this transition. This is the beginning of the key themes for resolution forming, extending out from the cycle that has bought them all to light, one way or another. This is something that we are all affected by, the way it is playing out. The key themes in all of it have seemed to be the collective unconscious and what has been suppressed coming to light, the way it affects the individual anima and animus lessons as well as the way it is re-balancing the planet. This is a completion in transition through to the fifth through the fourth. A change which has been greatly accelerated due to the way it is happening, condensed in a basic form through a hundred years to set up the next aeon. Not a comfortable time to live through, but a necessary one.

Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen

Lunar Eclipse Supplement 23rd March 2016

Well, today is the day of the Lunar Eclipse. Apart from being a cool night for me as I try to take photos (Watch this week for postings) it is the end of one of the component cycles of three of a two year pattern. This pattern, which has been one of a the Equinoxes, or balance points, bracketed by eclipses for the past two years has been one of massive change and upheaval. This is the second last play in this cycle, the last one coming out will be the Spring Equinox with a Solar and Lunar Eclipse before the September (Spring Northern Hemisphere/Autumn Northern hemisphere). This eclipse is setting up the issues, the September Eclipse is setting up this new cycle that will set up the next hundred, if not thousand, years of growth and learning.

In terms of the big three astrological planets, the moon in Virgo (Tenth House) is in conjunction with Jupiter, Squaring Saturn, trining Pluto and Conjoining Neptune. This shows that the effects are wide ranging and while supported with resources, are not well led or supported by change leadership and management. The Sun in Aries (Fourth House), which is conjunction Mercury and trining Mars but squaring the ascendant shows that the lessons will be coming through action in the house of the personal. Saturn in Sagittarius (Seventh House) shows once again in squaring with three planets – Venus, Neptune and Uranus are all squared Saturn, showing that what must be done is not in line with the leadership.

This is backed by rune readings and meditations that show that this is going to be a set up for the next part of the pattern. The areas that it is setting up for new directions, if uncomfortable ones seem to be related to service, to humanity innovation and climate change, oceans and other watery undercurrents, though time and the Spring Equinox sequence in September. Watch this space I guess coming into that.

Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen

Samhain Supplement - 30th April 2016

Today is Samhain, and while up until now I have not been one for celebrating the cross quarter festivals, but with my transformation lately Samhain seemed appropriate. Becoming what I have, a dual being in incarnation, this day seems perfect to celebrate my transformation as well as the fact that there is more than the obvious physical reality in this life.

So, here we are discussing this day. Using an astrology chart for dusk today as well as two sets of runes I looked at the day and the messages in it.Unsurprisingly there are overarching themes to do with the day in all of the readings, such as gifts and partnerships with the divine. This came out in all of the readings, the veils between the worlds, the partnership of spirit and material, the link with the divine. It is, I think showing us the inner secrets of the transformations of the world, bringing into material reality of the world a full understanding of who we are.

The way the chart for 5.15. local sunset, is set up, it is going to be interesting. Overarching Anima and Animus are in ad odds with each other, and overarching animus at odds with Saturn (responsibility) in areas of earth related matters (Capricorn/Taurus.) This is most likely linked to enviromental issues and responsibility. The ascendant, or future direction is also heavily aspected, more attuned to future tides than anything happening now, especially the underworld undercurrents going on. Personal anima and amimus lessons are also being badly affected, but as Mercury is heavily in play the results will be interesting, and depend on Communication. Watch this space because this is setting up our challenges for the next 100 years and beyond.

In terms of the rune readings, I did two yesterday to set up. Both point towards the themes of the day, the veils being open, communication, divine communication, cosmic partnership manifesting. This is a day the veils are so open, so getting in touch with spirit makes sense as a theme. The divination reading, Rose Quartz, shows a large amount of conflict that requires us to understand in terms of partnership with greater realities and what cannot be bought and sold to bring in change. Information and illumination, bringing together opposites is also needed, as is bringing change towards completion in bringing new ideas, new illumination in for the sake of humanity. The manifestation reading also had some of the same themes deeply highlighted with Gebo being prominent in both. This fits the day as well as showing that partnership with greater realities is badly needed at the moment. Materially this seems to mean the earth. The Keteric grid (mixing genres, I know, but works) I used has three lines, which here are vitally significant. The middle line of five runes shows how this combines in manifest, the left line seems to be showing the material side of the partnership. The Right side is showing the esoteric side of this, which with Perdho, then Wunjo followed by Thuriaz seems to be about the rules of the game of life equally as much as our planet, balancing things out. We have to play the game of life by rules and regs, fate and freewill. This seems to also be manifesting in the terms of the planet, Perdho also carrying connotations to the earth mothers womb. On the material side positive regulation is being indicated here in Teiwaz., showing Merkstave here in a current lack of it, The ice needing to break on this (climate change, environmental degradation any number of clean technologies?) so we can move on. This could also indicate the way we treat people and many other areas of course, this is broad and open to interpretation. Others will get different readings with different themes as well.

This is still linked to the megacycle however, the setup. Perhaps on the day where things are so close to equal between the esoteric and the exoteric we can look at the path ahead, and how we can make it more positive. How to manifest the more positive. Shall we take up the challenge?

Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen Arkhense

The September Spring Equinox Cycle

This September we had three major astronomical events tied together – A Solar Eclipse on the 1st September, A Lunar Eclipse between the 16th/17th September, Topped off by the 23rd September Spring Equinox. This ends an cycle of eclipses focussing on the Equinoxes. This is a turning point, what it was was not obvious until after. Which is strange in that it is so monumental, marking the change from the 4th to the 5th energy dimensions on a planetary scale. I was not expecting it that fast, but on refection that is exactly what it is, this monumental shift that has been in the works since 2012/2013. This is the shift indicated in the Mayan Calendar, now completed. Far from the cataclysm that was predicted by those that did not understand this was simply a shift in energy dimension that would, for most part, go unnoticed, changes happening slowly around us. Indeed, changes have already been happening, upheavals, things coming to light, problems being noticed, major conflicts flaring up more and more. This has been happening as far back as the 1960's when the initial, and much delayed shift, to the 4th dimension of Intergrational understanding happened.

What does this mean? Well, it means that we are moving into intergational understanding. This is the shift to being able to solve what we have become aware of, what we need to solve. This means that in the period to the next time it hits a corresponding degree the major changes will come up. This degree also came up in 1997, but looking forward the closest eclipse is the on the 20th degree of Virgo, seeming to mean a progression coming forward as the cycle progresses. I have looked up to about 2050 with no same degree. This means to me, along with energetic divination and rune readings, that this is moving on, moving on through the fifth, universal understanding, where that awareness is applied.

The new eclipse cycle seems to be focussing on the tipping points, showing that the extremes of the energy, light and dark, anima and animus is more important. How and why will show up in how the eclipses play out. Perhaps this is what will be shown in these eclipses. For that we need to look at these as they play out, showing the eclipses. For now, watch this space as things move forward towards making this understanding work.

Kyshera Du'Shkall Kre'Mashen Arkhense