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Redefining Gender and Planetary Representations

In astrology Venus is the planet that shows a woman's sexuality and how she thinks of herself as a woman. A woman's femininity has for years been either shunned or proscribed into socially acceptable forms for the men that are seen to be the majority appreciators of it, and the interpretations of Venus have shown as such. This has meant that over the years that while a man's sexuality has been linked with the qualities of strength, will and success, for a woman it has been hampered by those, or at best seen as quality apart from it. Yet with the emergence of strong yet sexual women today, this has to change.

Part of this means changing the old ideas of seeing a woman's sexuality as a different part of her from her strength and success, and looking at how we can redefine the old ideas to come up with something that makes more sense today, in the age of liberated women. This is a problem for us today, and is something that we must look at and work out for ourselves. Part of this is being corrected through the use of asteroids to bring in other parts of a woman's life, but these are still separate entires from the inherit idea of a woman's sexuality and how she sees it. This can only be done by looking at how it is defined in astrology, and bringing that idea more in line with the new ways women are seeing themselves.

Traditional Interpretations of the Ideas of Venus and Mars

The traditional method of interpreting Venus and a woman's Sexuality is what kind of man she will attract, what kind of image she will project etc... and a man's Mars represents how he sees himself as a man and what he will attract in a woman. However, these are based on two basic assumptions - masculinity and femininity. These, which are the basic assumptions of our world of gender interactions for many years are based on the assumption that the following list of attributes is correct;

  • Masculine Ideal - Classic Strength, power and physically Endurance Energy Aggression and protectiveness Aggressive, strong sexuality Competitiveness Logical thinking and planning capability Spatial awareness.
  • Feminine Ideal - Classic Subdued physicality and undeveloped strength Compassion Patience Maternal Instincts Submissive or otherwise controlled sexuality Co-operative spirit Emotional intelligence Multi-tasking capability.

These attributes actually give basic personal and intelligence traits to genders, and this is the basic problem along with the fact that it denies several things about a female that she might want to develop, or a male and attributes he might have and want to develop. This is something that means that this balance must change. And really, this is something that must be redefined to create a new balance. The new balance is defined on a new framework that defines gender on the lessons a person has come to learn rather than who and what they are. This goes as such;

  • Masculine (light) Ideal - Redefined Adult strength, power and physicality Harnessing boundless energy wisely Harnessing the strength of Atrophy Learning wisdom and control Power - Light, fire and Energy (Atrophy).
  • Feminine (Dark) Ideal - Redefined Adult strength, power and physicality Understanding and harnessing the power of cycles (begging and endings) Harnessing the Strengh and Cycles in proper prder and timing Learning agency through the power of cycles. Power – Dark, Ice, The power of Cycles (Entropy).

This new ideal is what we base this redefinition on. Following this new definition of what it means to be a man and woman, we can now look at what it means in the signs and houses.


Venus has since antiquity stood as the representation of a woman's sexuality. This for most part meant the classic form of femininity, but in redefining this I see no need to dis seat her from her place. While she has been associated with the classical idea of femininity and female sexuality, we cannot say how much this was a change from her original ideas before the men decided to change a woman's role. For instance, the stone age statuettes of a heavily pregnant Goddess who the neolithic people seemed to worship as a unified mother goddess were also called Venus statues by the archaeologists who unearthed them. And while Venus and her Greek counterpart Aphrodite did also represent love and beauty, she was also associated with lust and sexual heat, and was irresistible to men. This means that if we can look at it and separate her representation as a goddess of love and beauty, and her representation of raw female sexuality, we can look at this in a new light.

Today, both males and females both partake in what once was used to be a female domain of cosmetics and beauty products. This means that this characteristic is no longer held as a female domain, and can now be a universal representation of a personal characteristic that both men and women share rather than a feminine trait. And love is a concern with both genders as well as a connection between people, so that can also be separated. So now, we look at her astrological representation of raw feminine sexual and basic physical force.

This is where our redefinition of femininity fits. Venus was as irresistible to her brother, Mars, who represents the masculine principle in astrology as he was to her. None of this suggests an unequal force of will in either. So when we get to the raw power and understanding of what femininity means, then we can associate it with her just as easily as any of the asteroids that bear names such as Lilith. And it means we do not split ideas of what womanhood means by any personal characteristics or universal concerns that in the past have been seen as the major concern of women.

  • A Woman's Venus - A woman's Venus represents the major lessons she has to learn along the polarity of dark in this lifetime. She will have an overall arching lesson in her sign placement, and a secondary one in her house placement. She may have other lessons to learn overall, but this is her major lessons that will define who she is as a woman this time around in order to learn it. How well she progresses on this lesson is the measure of progress in her life.
  • A Man's Venus - A man's Venus will mean one of two things - that he will be attracted to help women with a certain lesson (The lesson that is defined by sign and house) or he also has a lesson along the dark polarity if he has a strong Venus or is otherwise not interested in females. As a strong Venus could mean a soul mate he is waiting for by prior arrangement, this is a matter of interpreting aspects and angles as to the meanings. As souls we are neither male or female, and incarnate to learn particular lessons. While the polarity that you incarnated with will show your major lesson plan, there may be others, especially for more advanced souls that are working towards higher goals. Look at the individual aspects and interpretations for at true picture of what is happening for a person.
Strengths and Qualities of this definition of Venus

The positive and negative qualities of this definition of Venus are based on how well a person is learning their lessons and how they are progressing as as a soul in this lifetime. This is the determining factor of what character statistics they will show in this lifetime.

Qualities associated with not learning;

  • Not gaining adult strength or physicality, or feeling that it is wrong to.
  • Feeling helpless and trapped in situations or with people.
  • Not being able to understand or harness and use the power of cycles and Entropy, this feeling trapped.
  • Feeling like you are not in tune with what is around you, and you are constantly doing the wrong thing, or not doing the right thing.

Qualities associated with learning;

  • Gaining adult strength, power and physicality equal to a male, and feeling comfortable with it.
  • This in most practical effects should be most indistinguishable from male strength and physicality
  • Feeling and understanding the power of the cycles around you, and knowing how to use it.
  • Understanding and knowing how to use the power of entropy and endings of cycles wisely and with understanding.

Most other things that are associated with the feminine are personal qualities and are not exclusive to femininity. They are individual and will vary from person to person, and are therefore not used here as a quality of female characteristics. However, some personal traits that can be associated with learning these lessons well are;

  • Understanding and knowing how to use the powers of dark, Ice and Entropy wisely.
  • An understanding of what is going on around the person - a form of reactive intelligence through understanding cycles.
  • Endurance from Understanding the energy around you and knowing how to use it.
  • An innate strength from knowing yourself, the powers around you and how to use it or the benefit of yourself and any others around you.
  • Understanding and knowing how to use the powers of dark, Ice and Entropy Wisely

An understanding of what is going on around the person - a form of reactive intelligence through understanding cycles. Endurance from Understanding the energy around you and knowing how to use it. An innate strength from knowing yourself, the powers around you and how to use it or the benefit of yourself and any others around you. The Basic cycle The basic cycle goes from a basic physical integration at Aries, to transcendence at Pisces. Between Aries and Gemini the basic understanding is formed, between Cancer and Virgo the Individual soul integrates these fully into their being, between Libra and Sagittarius a basic understanding of the world at large, and once that is mastered the higher understanding and preparation for transcendence is reached between Capricorn and Pisces. This is done in conjunction with learning the lessons of the light over a larger cycle, the cycle of races, either in separate lifetimes as males, or as secondary lessons in female lives. This is the cycle of evolution all souls take, and the basis of life here on earth. Look below for the detail of individual signs.

  • Venus in Aries - This placement shows that a woman will be very physically oriented in her life. Her soul is learning the strength of dark, and at this level is focussing on it's physical manifestation. Women with Venus here will be very strong, competitive and physically powerful as they learn the strengths of dark and ice on a physical level. They will have a tendency to develop a me first attitude early in life, as well as tomboy one. This will scare off many men, ad they have to be aware of the fact that there are equally strong men out there and they do not have to change to find one, and resist the pressure to change in order to attract a male. Some women here may also enjoy being stronger than the men in her life as she learns her own power, or have many males in it for the same reason. Some may also tend towards same sex partners or experimentation as a further way of exploring the physical elements of entropy and it's strengths. They are amongst the most closely physically connected to the cycles of entropy, and need to learn to express and control this power as much as a man needs to learn to control his energy.
  • First House - Indicates that a person will be active and is learning about their ties to the power of the physical cycles of existence.
  • Venus in Taurus -Traditionally this is considers one of the best combinations, as Venus rules Taurus. And in a way it still is - just in a different way. It is the sign of investigating and integrating all the sensual, emotional cycles of existence. This may be exploring birth and death, or beginnings and endings in romantic relationships. This is the process of integrating all the basic, non-physical cycles into a soul so it can progress further. This may take a few lifetimes in order to fully integrate this, but is is essential for further progression.
  • Second House - Indicates that integration of innate and basic non-physical cycles is important in a person's lifetime.
  • Venus in Gemini -This is where a soul is learning about and integrating mental cycles and basic mental intelligence. This will often be an exciting lifetime for a person, with many experiences and people around them help them integrate all the various mental and intellectual cycles. This will help them experience and integrate all the mental cycles around them into themselves and therefore understand the basic s around them.
  • Third House - Indicates that the understanding of mental and intellectual cycles are strong as a secondary goal for the person.
  • Venus in Cancer -This is where the understanding of emotional cycles and spiritual make-up of cycles and people is being integrated into the persona. People with this placement can be very sensitive and emotional until they integrate this information properly. It is a time where family or best friends might be important to an individual, and they will have connections between people as a high priority. This is because it is a time of integrating links with the cycles around you into your soul.
  • Fourth House - Indicates that integration of the wisdom of cycles of life into soul is an important secondary lesson at this time.
  • Venus in Leo -This is where the Soul creates a persona that is integrating all the personal cycles of the world into themselves. This will often be a busy, life as they learn about themselves and integrate the cycles into their persona. This is where the soul integrates these by continual experience in preparation for finding where they best fit in the world. It is a lifetime where they are the one at the centre of attention in many circumstances of their lives, as they are learning about many things from the swirl around them and integrating them into themselves.
  • Fifth House - Indicates that consolidating all the personal lessons are important to you this lifetime.
  • Venus in Virgo - This placement is the preparation for the next cycle of understanding by finding an understanding of where the soul's strength’s, weaknesses, and where it best fits in with the collective are. They are doing this through serving it and learning about it through this service. This how they learn about the world and their best methods of serving, and thus how they can improve themselves and where they can be of use as they learn their general place in the greater cycles of the evolution of humanity. This is a necessary step that completes the creation of the soul's understanding of the power of entropy and dark, and where they go onto understanding how they interact with it at all levels, and eventually, the higher mastery of it.
  • Sixth House - Indicates an understanding of the greater cycles and where a soul fits into the soul group of humanity in general is an important secondary goal this lifetime.
  • Venus in Libra - This placement is where a soul is taking the first step towards learning how to understand the opposite polarity on a greater, more intimate level. Here in this sign it is the Mental and Emotional level, which means that partnerships of a close nature is engenders here, Wether highly close platonic relationships or, more likely, romantic relationships. This is the first step towards being able to work with the opposite polarity on a higher level by understanding it and being able to work with it for the basic goals of life on the material plane being able to work with it on higher goals. There may indeed be relationships in the past for the soul, but here they take on a new meaning as they explore the relations between the Polarities. Partnerships here with the opposite gender are important, in whatever method the closeness comes.
  • Seventh House - Indicates that partnering with, learning to understand, and how to work with the opposite polarity is important this lifetime.
  • Venus in Scorpio - This placement indicates that the soul is now taking the second step towards the understanding and working with the opposite polarity effectively - Sexual and Spiritual Union. This is a stage where Intense bonds between souls become important, and these further and complete the process of understanding the opposite polarity and how to work with it in life, and in the greater cycles - both within and outside the soul. This is the There will have been relationships before, but here the spiritual and sexual linkages take precedence as they further this stage of development very well. These developments start he development towards transcendence and the eight gate. The physical might also be emphasised here, as Scorpio is an Intelsat physical sign. It is in a different way to Aries however, in a more understated, less open way. This in a way is the physical expression of entropy being integrated with the spiritual understanding of how it fits.
  • Eighth House - Indicates that the person has chosen to pursue the second stage of understanding the opposite polarity as a important goal.
  • Venus in Sagittarius - This placement indicates that the person is in the process of refining the lessons of the dark polarity in order to move onto the higher understanding of the polarity. This will be a varied lifetime (or collection of them) full of movement, people and experiences as the person reviews and fully integrates everything so they can move on. This sign and planet combination might also come up with tomboys as at this stage the soul probably has advanced to a similar level along the light polarity, and has learnt a somewhat ambivalence to a purity of either. This might also produce some alternative sexual orientations as the soul here is probably more intent on the connections between people rather than a particular physical experience, or looking at various experiences across the lifetimes here.
  • Ninth House - Indicates that the soul is refining and becoming ready for a higher understanding of humanity's experience in the coming cycles.
  • Venus in Capricorn -This placement indicates that the soul has moved along the dark polarity, to an understanding of themselves and how they work within it, to a basic understanding of life and it's cycles. Now it is looking at the higher cycles, and here is focussing on their power and how to use it. Much like the lessons of the sea goat, the representative of spiritual wisdom, a placement here shows that the soul is working on an understanding of the power of the higher cycles and how to harness it well. This is an important lesson as the soul here is working, becoming closer and closer to the eight gate as they get closer to transience. Often in other lifetimes, or as secondary portions of this lifetime, there will be similar lessons along the light polarity.
  • Tenth House - Indicates that the soul is working on the understanding of the power of higher cycles as a secondary goal in life.
  • Venus in Aquarius -This placement indicates a person working on the wisdom of the higher cycles, and how it translates for them and the rest of existence. This is the process of refining the higher wisdom and how to work in with it in order to serve humanity while a soul is working towards transcendence. This is where the soul is already highly evolved in both of the polarities and is working on the higher wisdom of transcendence. Once this is done the soul is ready to work on the final steps of the dark polarity in Pisces. This can, once the lessons are learnt turn into a goal of serving humanity at a higher level.
  • Eleventh House - Indicates that the soul is working on the understanding of the innate wisdom of the higher cycles of the human cycle of races.
  • Venus in Pisces -This placement is the final step in evolution of the dark before the person transcends. Here the person is refining themselves and their understanding of the dark polarity. Often these people are working on both polarities, and have an equally strong Mars to show this. They are working on refining themselves in order to get ready for the eighth gate and transcendence. This may be a place where a person sits at for a while, or goes between the two polarities as this point as the soul refines itself. This is a process that enables it to go towards higher transcendence.
  • Twelfth house - Indicates that the soul is refining itself for the goal of transcendence and towards the eight gate.
The Process

This process is a process of learning about the energy of the dark and refinement of the understanding. A soul, in it's lifetime will go through various lessons and may go back or forward as they forget or refine lessons. This will go on and create an understanding of the dark polarity and the forces of Entropy. This helps the human soul come to terms and understand these energies and be ready for the eight gate and transcendence.


Just as Venus is redefined and feminine ideal so is Mars as the masculine ideal. This means redefining the Mars masculine ideal to separate the will, assertion and strength portion from the ideals of masculinity. This may seem strange when you look at masculinity that we have today, but when you look at the way that the way that it is being defined in the terms of polaric lessons then it makes sense. This is then defined as masculinity and light, controlling energy and the energy of Atrophy. It is a lesson in not destroying themselves with their energy or the energy of atrophy as they learn. This is the definition of raw power and masculinity, rather than any ideals of strengths that are universal to humanity. Women are just as likely to be capable of handling themselves in a fight, being a solider (although the acceptance of this is slower in the males around them), being obviously strong and aggressive, which are all Mars traits as much as the cosmetics and beauty products are Venus traits. These are personal characteristics that are personal qualities rather than specifics of any gender.

  • A Man's Mars - A man's Mars indicates his main lessons in life. The sign placement indicates the main lessons, and secondary lessons are indicated by house placement and aspects. (A strong Venus can indicate secondary lessons along the dark polarity in a male lifetime.) These lessons will be in a part indicative of what he attracts around him, what he is like as a male and what traits are most dominant in him. This indicates how well he is controlling the energy of light, and thus what he is like as a man.
  • A Woman's Mars  - Like a Man's Venus this can mean two things - either this will be the lessons and progress she is attracted to in a man, or if strong enough any secondary lessons along the light polarity that she is learning as she goes along in this life. This can be told by other indicators such as the aspects and strength of the planet's position. It could also be a major soul mate or a relationship coming by pre-arrangement in a man's life if the aspects are right. A lot of this depends on individual charts and interpretations.
Strengths and Qualities of this Definition of Mars

The positive and negative qualities of Mars in this form are associated with the lessons and come out of either learning them well and taking those lessons in, or not learning them and the negative qualities associated with that. In a way the negative qualities affect masculinity today. This factor of conciousness and how well a man learns to control the energy around him is the determining factor of how he will appear as a man.

Some qualities associated with learning;

  • Uncontrolled aggression, misuse of abundant power & strength.
  • Energy spilling over uncontrolled
  • Lack of wisdom to Handle Life
  • Uncontrolled atropic forces taking over and destroying everything in a man's life, including himself.

Qualities associated with learning;

  • The power of the person used to wisely to create good result's in a man's life
  • Harnessed energy, strength and power working constructively towards goals
  • Understanding and Knowing how to use wisely the strengths of Atrophy so that it helps you rather than hurts you.
  • Learning and understanding when to use the energy of light and other skills to help you along in your life.

Any other characteristics associated with gender are purely personal Characteristics. However, these are some of the personal characteristics that result. You will notice that some of these overlap in effect, but vary in reason. This is because they are equally powerful energies and come to some of the same results. However, these are personal to the character. But some of the ones that come from the light polarity are;

  • Strength and physical power
  • Endurance from controlled energy and knowing when to use it wisely
  • Controlled aggression and the wisdom of when to use it.
  • Understanding personal power in all fields.
The Basic Cycle

The basic cycle starts at Aries, which is where the first stage of physical control is masters. This then moves into the control in the basic sensual, emotional and intellectual cycles in Taurus and Gemini. In Cancer an understanding of the basic cycles of life is reached and a further refinement made on the control as a result. This is continued in Leo and Virgo. In Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius a basic understanding is reached ready for the mastery of higher power and transcendence in Pisces, in conjunction with learning lessons on the dark polarity in either female lives or as secondary lessons in male ones.

  • Mars in Aries - This placement shows a man is learning and understanding how to control energy at a physical level, and how to use it constructively and wisely in the physical realm. The area of learning to control physical energy and it's manifestations. Much like a Venus placement here for a woman a man will be very physically oriented, develop a me first attitude in life and be very strong and physical person. Their challenge is to control this and not become a too strong and physical, and let atrophy take over their life. A male with a placement here may either enjoy being the stronger, or go out of his way to find a strong equal in a female. There is also the possibility of exploring the physical expression of this energy through same sex physical intimacy. If used well this can be a great strength. If not this will not be a good lifetime and the energy will burn itself out.
  • First House - Indicates that physical integration of the energy of light, fire and Atrophy are important in this lifetime as a secondary goal.
  • Mars in Taurus - The influence of this energy is somewhat defined by the earth elements of this sign, being a very sensual sign. The main aim for a man with Mars in this sign is to learn to control the energy in the other parts of life. This is where a soul gets the understanding of and control of the energies in their lives. Once they have done this they are grounded in life and ready for the next stage in life . Once they have this done they often settle to be commuted lovers and family men who often put their families fist. If they cannot do this properly then they will be beset with jealousy problems and will have extreme problems in holding relationships or friendships.
  • Second House - Indicates that the lifetime is important for learning to control and learn how to use energies in non-physical aspects of life.
  • Mars in Gemini -This is where the soul learns to control mental energy, and learns how to harness and use it for good rather than being used up b it. This means that the person is learning to control the mental energy of thought and inventiveness and how to use it for good rather than ill. This gives a man the basic wisdom of life and how to use all the energy available for the good of the individual and the group. This Brings the basic control and understanding as a preparation for the next stage - understanding where the soul fits to the energy of life and develop the greater wisdom and control that is required to work towards transcendence.
  • Third House - Indicates that learning to control and use wisely mental energy is important in this lifetime.
  • Mars in Cancer - Mars in Cancer is where the light Polarity is the closest to cycles, as indicated by the moon's ruler ship of this sign. This is where this polarity touches the cycles in order to learn how to best control and use energy in line with the cycles. This helps the soul understand where and how to use the boundless energy of the light the best. This is often an emotional and home loving man with this placement as this stillness is required to create the environment to learn these lessons and create the environment for closeness with the cycles of life. Once this is done the soul can then move into the task of fully integrating this in order to utilise energy best in both that life and in any others.
  • Fourth House - Indicating that learning to harness energy in harmony with life cycles is an important part of this life.
  • Mars in Leo - This sign, like for Venus, is where the soul integrates all the various lessons of control and wisdom that it has so far come up with. This is going to be a public, busy life where the person has many experiences and is going to be the life of may parties in order to have many experience to help integrate all of the areas they have learnt so far into the soul's experiences, and often the incarnations' persona. This is important as this reviews all the lessons learnt so far, integrates them into a whole and creates a basis for the soul to take the next step in moving onto finding where best to be in order to advance further.
  • Fifth House - Indicates that reviewing and integrating many diverse experiences and lessons are important in this lifetime.
  • Mars in Virgo - This is a lifetime of Service, whereby the soul takes all it's previous lessons and experiences in life and learns where to best place it's energy aim the future as it integrates into the great whole to work on the greater goal of transcendence. This is done through service as they continue to find their place in the cycle of humanity and where they can be in the best place to progress to transcendence and serve in the meantime as they do so. This may take several lifetimes as the soul learns more and finds it's place in the grater scheme of things. Fer this it moves towards connecting and working towards transcendence.
  • Sixth House - Indicates that the soul is working towards the goal of finding where they are best fitted in the greater cycle of humanity.
  • Mars in Libra - This is a placement that indicates that the soul is preparing to learn abut the other polarity. This is where the male learns to work with and Understand the opposite polarity in order to work with it properly and understanding how to work with it both in their soul and without. In this sign is were they link with the dark polarity on an emotional and mental level in order to understand them. Relationships here are important, and will more often than not be with the opposite gender as a method of learning to understand the polarity it represents. There may also be close platonic friendships for the same reason.
  • Seventh House – This house placement indicates the person is learning about the opposite Polarity on an emotional and mental level as part of that lifetime.
  • Mars in Scorpio - This is where the soul progresses from learning about the opposite polarity on a mental and emotional level and progresses towards the Physical and Spiritual level. Here Physical and Spiritual closeness is important to the soul, more often than not with the opposite gender, although intense platonic relationships can also be indicated. The Physical may also be important here, as Scorpio is a physically intense sign. This is because the soul is learning to integrate the physical with the spiritual and learning how to use energy to further the spiritual cause of both yourself and those around you.
  • Eighth House – Mars here indicates that the spiritual integration of the physical is important, as is the Physical and Spiritual connections with the opposite polarity.
  • Mars in Sagittarius  - People who have this placement are working on revising previous lessons and refining themselves and their understanding of the energy of Dark. It will be a very busy life (or collection of them) as the person takes in many experiences in order to refine themselves and get ready for the higher energy and power, as well as transcendence. Like Venus in this sign, this is refining the lessons of refining the lessons of light and atrophy in order to move up to mastering higher energy and power. People here will be similarly advanced along the light polarity to get to this point and will be somewhat ambivalent about gender and physical differences. Some may call this metro sexual, some may call this ambivalent. Alternative sexual alignments is somewhat common here as connections are more important than physical experience.
  • Ninth House – Indicates that the soul in part polishing off the lessons of the light polarity in preparation for the next stage and transcendence.
  • Mars in Capricorn - People who have this placement are learning to master the higher power and energy in a way that is good for them and those around them. Traditionally Capricorn is thought of as a sign of aggression and success, but there is another side to this sign – the higher spiritual aspect of the sea goat. This is a half goat, half fish creature that symbolises the spiritual side of this sign. This is the spiritually aware and inwardly successful person. Once the man has mastered this higher power, the soul is a step closer to achieving full transcendence which is what learning life's lessons is about. The full person here is spiritually advanced and working towards the soul's transcendence. Mastering the higher energy and power is a very powerful step towards this.
  • Tenth House – Indicates that the person is advanced and working on mastering higher energy and power.
  • Mars In Aquarius - This is about learning higher wisdom and Knowledge. This is about learning to connect to the higher wisdom and how to wisely direct the higher energy of the higher, universal frequencies. Once this is achieved the soul can then go on to help others while furthering and deepening it's understanding. This is the sign of the natural philosopher, looking for the answers in life, especially once a man's lessons are learnt. This is sometimes a cold and somewhat universal oriented placement, unless otherwise tempered by house placement. This is because this is the level it prefers to work at rather than the human level. But it's interaction at the human level can be just as enriching for the people around it as any universal advice, which is something it has to bear in mind.
  • Eleventh House - Indicates that the person is an advanced soul otherwise revising lessons, and is also working on how to understand and work with divine wisdom and knowledge.
  • Mars in Pisces This is the end of the journey for lessons of the light, and the time where a soul is refining and revising the other lessons in order to transcend through the eight gate. These people are working towards completing their understanding of light and transcending, working thorough revisions and helping others in the process. Often these are very advanced souls and are nearly or as advanced on the dark polarity as they are on the light, and may have parallel lessons or a partner in this venture that is equally advanced. This, like it's Venus equivalent for the dark polarity, is the last step towards understanding the lessons of the light polarity. As they go through this process they usually give something back. Being so spiritually oriented and connected to the universal energy this is often as spiritual advisers, healers or Gurus that manifest light lessons, or balanced lessons depending on their purpose in life.
  • Twelfth house - Indicates that the soul is an advanced one working on the major revisions or lessons necessary for it in the quest for transcendence, and is very close.
The Process

The Process goes from the initial physical understanding of energy around a man in Aries and the first, to a full experience of all of the energy types at Gemini. It then gives a soul the understanding of the cycles that the energy is tied to and how to work with them in harnessing it in Cancer, integration in Leo and Virgo. It then goes to understanding the other polarity in Libra and Scorpio, and then to final refinement of the basics in Sagittarius. In Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces it then works on understanding the higher energies and powers and working towards final transenction. First through the same basic control in Capricorn, Understanding and Wisdom in Aquarius and then final mastery in Pisces.

Archetypes for Female Strength and Determination

There is a rather large gap even today on the feminine strength and self determination. While the traditional female planets and roles are being redefined, they are being redefined in the terms of the hybrid role women play today between the homemaker and the independent career woman. As much as we may have our own individual identities now, rather than being an extension of our environment, we still are not represented in the archetypes that relate to strength and determination. The Masculine do not have the market cornered on strength, nor do they have the market cornered on representatives of it. The female representatives have merely been underplayed in the archetypes recognised in astrology as we are still coming out of the shadows of male domination of society and diction of women's roles.

Therefore, looking through the various myths and legends of the goddesses and mythic female figures of antiquity wit their names represented as asteroids, I did some research into their myths and the current interpretations of them as a chart factor. Most of these are still looked at as to how they fit into roles in the family - the mother, the wife, the sister and the crone (Grandmother). While providing a greater insight into the character of truly family oriented women and giving them a voice, this gives them an individual identity, it does not give them much identity as an person separate from the family unit such as men have enjoyed in the past. This is a look at some of the Goddesses and legendary figures and defining their strengths and ovbious self will in a way that can create a female archetype that those women who do not want to be defined by a male energy, or by family roles can look at and identify with.

Why This Four?

The four female figures that are used to form the archetypes are the result of looking at a list and cutting down the numbers to something manageable. There are others that can embody some of the strengths entitled here, but these four cover them in the most comprehensive manner. For instance, Ceres also fits the archetype that the Isis one is built around as a determined mother, but it does not have the same complete idea of the head of the family. She had nothing to do with her daughter’s role in the underworlds and any family built there. In this way Circe also fits the idea of the angry, wronged woman, and has great power but does not use it in such and empowering way - she turns them in to pigs instead. And while any woman looking at certian rugby league (or AFL) player in the news will agree the tribute is fitting, it shows malicious (if not satisfying) revenge instead of self empowerment. These four were selected as the ones that most completely embody the strengths that the archetypes evolved in writing to represent. They were selected after researching and reading the myths and common interpretations, and from there the archetypes evolved based on the strengths and shows in will that were evident in both. Not all may agree with what I have come up with, but when it comes to opinions variety is the spice of life.

I did not cover the idea of the strong, equal, wife, either, as this has been covered by the semi-established ideas that the asteroid goddess Juno represent. I am aiming to fill in some blanks, not recreate the metaphorical wheel when it is not necessary. It has been covered well before this, I do not see a need to redo it. All things that show in our lives (and our charts) have relevance, and this is not being cut out by the ideas shown here. They are merely supplementing them, We all came from a family, and we all have different times and different circumstances. They are still relevant as anything else is when activated. Neither is a woman’s role in a family unit sidelined, it is merely not covered here. It has been done both In traditional astrology as well as the addition of the ‘Asteroid Goddesses’.

Just as the God archetypes had their roles ad fathers, husbands and lovers (And were successful to varying degrees) so do these goddesses have a role in a family unit. Pallas Athene was her father’s right hand, helping him carry out his purview as king of the gods. Diana was in contact with her mother and was active in her interests at times such as shooting Niobe’s children when Niobe tried to usurp the goddesses position by virtue of having four more of them. Isis was the head of a family, and indeed went out of her way to create one with her husband. Lilith stands as a woman who was denied family by hard choice, but did have the chance if she had ascended to Adam. It is just not the main way that the lives of the women who follow the archetypes are described here, but by their own achievements and self will. This is not to say they are unlikely to have any family or partners around, and this will show in the placement of planets such as the Moon and Mars will show. In fact those of the Isis archetype will often have families, adopted or natural. It is about family, just placing the woman in a different light to it.


Diana (or Artemis for the Greeks) was the goddess of the hunt who made her home and fief in the wild forests, and guarded them jealously. She did not marry or take lovers, and was bound to no man. She raised, or was part of the raising of many female heroes who had similar qualities to her and frustrated many male suitors. A little bit of a double up with Pallas, but denotes a different type of obvious strength and assertion to her archetype. Whereas the Athena ideals embody refinement and order, The Diana Archetype can embody the wild, free more rugged idea of the person who succeeded as the wild one, or the wild card. This is the female adventurer, the entrepreneur (think Richard Bransen and Dick Smith) and the wildly talented but unconventional in any field that gets results. They work outside the established order, show great strength and spirit in carving a new path, and create their own success along the way.

They often have the charisma to attract loyal followers with no effort at all, and can be considered very sexual and attractive the same way the Mars archetype is - physical and earthy. In a way, this relates to the archetype of the Amazon. They attract, and like equals who are willing to adventure and travel in whatever path with them. They do not take kindly to being tied down to traditional roles, and require freedom and room for self- expression. It will often take them a lot to settle down, and even then they will leave room for the adventures in life.

They see life as one big adventure, look at everything as an experience. They can be very sensual, tactile and have very little patience with order and detail. They can also have very little regard for the depth of any part of life as they enjoy the adventure of life and what it brings in all areas, and will often make and lose material resources with very little care. After all, more can be hunted up when necessary. And hunting more up in business is a great adventure if done right. The Strengths of this Archetype is that they are hardy, adaptable, strong survivors that follow their own path - which can lead to successes and breakthroughs not otherwise gained. The Pioneer spirit is a big thing in them, as is it's strengths. The weaknesses of this archetype is that it can miss out on the depth in life if focussing too much on the adventure and outward pleasures in life. They can also miss a lot of the advantages that order, detail and precision can give them. They can also tend towards loner and not understand the help that can be offered by others. This archetype corresponds with Sagittarius, in symbolism and character, and suffers many of the same strengths and weaknesses. The self first attitude can also match Aries. There are parallels between this Archetype and that of the gods Mars and Uranus.


Isis is the Egyptian mother goddess (Not the current Islamist bogeyman under your bed) who after Set had cut her husband, Orisis, into pieces and scattered his parts found them, and put them back together. She created a new member for him (as she could not find it) to sire children before he took his place as the god of the underworld.

This archetype does relate to family, but not a family role as it has been defined before. Think of this more like the female version of the old male grandfatherly patriarch who speaks softly but carries a big stick - and is not afraid to use it when the threats come. Like the old grandfatherly patriarch, they will have the kind a gentle exterior, underneath which lurks the quiet steel of a person who will hold the family together and defend it to the best of their ability - and often succeed despite the circumstances against them. These people will often have a beloved husband or parter, who dies and leaves them to fend for themselves and their family. Or they may still have a husband or partner still alive, but As they have a more domestic focus than the other archetypes, they will look at family first, but will make their way for their family on their own terms, nobody else's. They may take over the running of a family business or farm and make it a success as well as raise the children, or they may start a home business that makes them a millionaire well capable of providing comfortably for future generations.

The matriarchs of the underworld clans such as the Morans, or fictional characters such Shirley Hennessey from the series Janus, also embody this archetype as they are the tough, undisputed bosses of their families and are very involved with preserving them. Police will often fear them as much or more than the boys. This is a very dark and extreme interpretation, however, and most will not end up like this. (This also ties in with the underworld connection of Orisis). These people will often have a more family focussed facade, and will fit more the traditional idea of feminine. But there will always be an bulbous rod of iron in their backs, and a stick in their hand, wether it be metaphorical or real. This will add strength to the femininity and take them to a different level in outward appearance and demeanour. They will attract loving partners, who will either be taken from the family early, or be in some way second seat to them, be that by illness or forced absence as in the depression. (Which was a common era for this archetype to emerge, as was the aftermath of the world wars). This archetype matches some characteristics with Cancer, but this is not very satisfactory. In many ways it sits on it's own, although the metaphorical rod of iron up these people’s backs does relate them to Saturn and Capricorn in their ability for discipline and hard work, as well as their premier position in the family unit.

Pallas Athena

In Greek Mythology Athena was the virgin goddess who sprang fully grown, wearing armour and carrying a shield, from Zeus's head after he swallowed her mother because of fears that she was plotting on him. She was the protector of the city of Athens and her father's right hand. Most versions of the myth say that she was a virgin and never took consorts, although some of the oldest legends cite Pan and another god as one.

This archetype brings to the forefront the ability and drive to succeed in the outside world. Strength, command and leadership are denoted here. Can relate to the ideas of the corporate CEO, the female military leader, or the single mother that raises the children by herself, and embodies the male traits in parenting. This is generally followed with respect and success, as well as high post, but carries great responsibility and burdens with it regardless. For instance, being a sole parent requires doing the job of two people, and high level executives or leaders rarely get to relax as they are on call for any major crises. In both cases, the buck (and responsibility) stops with the individual. The difference between this and the Isis archetype is the focus. Whereas the Isis archetype focuses on the family, and shows the maternal side, this archetype focusses on responsibility, respect and advancement in the outside world. An Isis single mother will be much loved, and then much respected. An Athena Single mother will generally be respected, then loved by her brood. (This is not say they are exclusive, this will just be the general first impression when thinking of mum).

This archetype will often attract relationships and marriages that are more business partnerships, or enter into them. They will tend to attract (and be attracted to) two types of people - those that are not as strong and value them for their strength and ability to provide, or those that are a true equal. They will not accept anything else. They will not let go with just anybody, they need someone with which they have mutual trust and respect, no matter which way they go. This person will be very special and long term, and betrayals or bereavements will be felt bitterly. The strengths of this ideal are it's outer strength and discipline, it's responsibility and it's ability to shoulder the great burdens of our society. It's weaknesses are it's inability to relax and relate to others due to the burdens it carries - whether that be at a personal level or professional level - and thus the lack of ability to 'let go'. This can lead to a very cold and lonely life, with the Archetypal empty, cold flat and little personal warmth in life as well as the children that know the nanny better than mum if not balanced out. This may also be the female breadwinner or the breadwinner in a same sex relationship, or the person that wears the metaphorical 'trousers' in any relationship. In this way it matches with the sign Capricorn, and shows many of the same ideals. It can also be seen as matching Aries in ideals in the martial aspects, and mirrors in some ways the masculine archetypes of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter.

Lilith - Black Moon

Lilith in Jewish mythology was Adam's first wife, made out of the silt of the riverbed. When she refused to be dominated by him and saw that he would not change she spoke the word of god and ascended. God took Adam's side when he pleaded with god to return Lilith, but she chose her own exile in the dessert instead. Later additions make her the mother of all demons, and say that she takes men's 'night emmisions' and causes wet dreams. She was also said to kill babies in revenge for being robbed of her own in a contradictory tale. These additions are not the core of the story, however, and were mostly meant to demonise her as a being and make Eve a good role model by contrast. However, these additions do show the dark side of the archetype well.

This is the pure sense of self and inner strength of the female that refused to yield and took the consequences. This does not denote success as such, but does denote the inner strength and determination to stand up for yourself and be counted when the crunch comes, or rise to the occasion, whatever that may be. This strength and determination will not always be obvious, in fact, it will often be under the surface. But when it comes out - watch out. It will be very obvious and it will do whatever it takes to move whatever is in the road, whatever the cost is. This can be seen in the revolutionaries, those who fight for their rights regardless of the circumstances, and those who show great strength and courage in the times that other people fold, and defeat the great evils of anything from their lives, to our times. These people are the 'Tall, dark and handsome' or the 'mysterious stranger.' They can also be the 'femme fatale' and there is always an element of darkness or mystery to their relating. They can have tendencies either to shallow relationships related to temporal needs (Personal or otherwise) and can use their sexuality to get things and places, or they will relate very deeply and personally to few people, showing themselves to a trusted few. They might also do a combination of these.

The Strengths of this is that they get the job done, and will do the 'dirty work' that nobody else will touch. They are also the inspiring survivors and the ones that bring down great evils. The Weaknesses is that they may not know when to stop and draw the line at what is necessary, and turn to a ends justify the means mentality. This can be a slippery slope from effective survivor, to the depraved individualist that must get their ends at any costs. They must also watch how much they rely solely on themselves as an island and look at relating to others on a true level, not just as tools, pawns or entertainments. This archetype matches the virtues and strengths of Scorpio, and mirrors the ideas of Mars and Pluto in the masculine archetypes.

How to Use These Archetypes

These archetypes are to be used in the same way as any other archetypes in astrology - applied looking at the aspects of the solar bodies in question. For Diana, Isis and Pallas Athena, the bodies are the asteroids by the same name (Pallas Athena's asteroid is known as Pallas more commonly) and the Lilith archetype corresponds best to the Black Moon Lilith - the Moon's apogee. The most dominant one in your life would be the body that is best aspected, but there may be more than one at play. I will use myself as an example;

  • Pallas - 1 degree Saggitarius ,3rd house. Conjunct Sun, Venus, Mercury and Uranus Scorpio/Saggitarius cusp.
  • Diana - 10 degrees. Sagittarius - 3rd house Conjunct Venus and Uranus, Sextile Pluto and Saturn (Libra, 2nd house) , and Moon (Aquarius,5th house). Semi Sextile south node Capricorn, 4th house)
  • Black Moon Lilith - 18 degrees Capricorn, 4th house Conjunct Mars and semi-square sun and mercury (Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp, 3rd house)
  • Isis - 2 degrees Aquarius Conjunction Moon, Square Pluto and Saturn (Libra, 2nd house) and Sextile Sun and Mercury (Scorpio/Sagittarius Cusp, 3rd house.)

The Black Moon Lilith aspects indicate that the hidden strength of the Lilth archetype is fused with the self-will and assertion of Mars, and is very much a part of it. There is hidden strength there, and a willingness to use it. The Isis contact with the moon shows that the ideals of that Archetype are related to the method of parenting and raising children, as well as 'mother' figures in the past. So, overall the Pallas Athena and the Diana archetypes are most evident as outer and inner natures, but the influence from the Isis archetype and the Lilith archetype is the there in their own areas.

In order to do this for yourself look at where these solar bodies are in your chart and look at the aspects, just as I did for mine and interpret them in that light.

What if I'm a Guy?

If you happen to be male then the archetypes will affect you in one of two ways - through females you have contact with, and possibly an affect on you. Just as the Male archetypes of the planets and the 'asteroid gods' of Apollo, Hesphateous and Bacchus are not solely the domain of males, these are not solely the domain of females. If they do affect you personally, they will have aspects to your major planets. You will show many of these strengths. As I said in the paragraph above, this does not solely apply to females - it can apply to you blokes as well. The Ideals expressed in these have no gender, just the method of expression (Goddesses) do. Richard Bransen and Dick Smith were used as examples in the explanations of the archetypes, so you are probably in good company.

It could also show in your relationships with the women in your life. This will show in your chart with aspects to your Venus of these asteroids (for wives/partners) and the Moon (for your mother and/or other female role models in your family, such as a grandmothers or aunts.) This will show contact with people of this archetype, or those that exhibited the ideals of this archetype in your eyes. Intra -aspects of synastry may also show this sort of interaction.

Transcendence Asteroids

Transcendence, or learning all the lessons of the cycle of races, is the goal of every soul that has passed through this planet. Currently it is the goal of humanity as a group of souls to do so, and to pass to the eighth gate and make way for the next race. This is what we are here for, and what we have come to learn. There are five major paths to transcendence, some involve loss and trauma and others involve the use of understanding. While the trauma and loss paths speed up the process of transcendence, they involve a great deal of pain and suffering. The others are slower, but come about through deliberate, concious understanding and insight. Each person will have their own path, and some may fall outside these categories, but these are the basic five;

  • Psyche - Personal Trauma
  • Hylonome - Grief and Loss
  • Bacchus - Transcendence though a higher understanding and spirituality
  • Urania - Transcendence through a Philosophical understanding
  • Lilith - Transcendence through a completely individual personal path based on a soul's strengths and weaknesses.

These are the five dominant methods that souls use to reach the point of transcendence and the lessons that they have to learn in order to progress. While on the surface there are those that appear to be preferable (those not involving loss and trauma) they are slower and the loss and trauma can be a great springboard to higher understanding and transcendence. This greatly speeds the process up in return for the pain caused.

How this Connects to You

How this connects with you is shown in the aspects of other planets to the minor solar bodies in question. How many and how strong the aspects are show which path is most important to you and why. The most important of the planets to this are Jupiter and Saturn, the two heavily fated planets that show the path to transcendence is Karmic and sometimes weighs heavily on an individual. The stronger the aspect of the planet to one of the bodies listed above, the more likely it is to be the path you are following. If it aspects these planets strongly, then it is a highly karmic, fated path and one that has to be paid attention to.

The next most important planets in this point are the Sun, the Moon and Pluto. These planets are the personal planets that define a person - The sun for those born under the sun, Moon for those with the moon dominant, and Pluto for those born under the dark. This indicates that whatever method of transcendence is tied to the person as a being very closely. This is a very personal and powerful combination, and the stronger and more vital the aspects are the stronger this link is. Then we look at the other planets - connection (Mercury and Neptune) and polaric lessons (Venus and Mars).These two show a weaker link to transcendence in this lifetime, and that a person's link to transcendence will be in their lessons this lifetime and those around them rather than in any great amount of fate and circumstance, or through any personal paths or quests that they have bought with them. This is a more impersonal approach to the soul's paths to transcendence, or that other lessons are more important this time around.

The Solar Bodies
Psyche - Personal Trauma Pathway

This is where events impact on us and create traumas and disruptions in our lives. This, if it is dominant in a person's horoscope indicates that their path to transcendence is through personal trauma and disruptions to the self, leading to insight. This could be through betrayals, attacks to the self of any kind, or anything else that creates a disruption or to the person and their sense of self and what they are in the world. This creates an environment where they have to go searching for a sense of self again, and thus find their higher self in the process as a way to rebuild their persona and spiritual grounding. This means that they have achieved at least a degree of transcendence in the process, and will often continue the path even after they have accomplished their initial goal. Psyche in Signs Here the basic effect of Psyche in the signs is covers very quickly. This is very basic as you will add the meaning to it by the combination of sign and house placement as well as aspects to other planets. For the significance of the asteroids in the houses see the appropriate signs.

  • Aries - Physical Trauma or debility is indicated as a springboard to understanding and transcendence.
  • Taurus - Material and circumstantial trauma is indicated as a springboard for understanding and transcendence.
  • Gemini - Mental and/or psychological trauma will probably be your springboard to understanding and Transcendence.
  • Cancer - Emotional Trauma will most likely be the stepping stone in your pathway to transcendence.
  • Leo - Trauma to the self, the ego and self image will be your likely springboard into transcendence.
  • Virgo - Traumas and problems associated with helping (or not being able to help) other will probably be your springboard to higher understanding and transcendence.
  • Libra - The Trauma here is likely to be through partners, or caused by partners. It will however be your springboard to transcendence and higher understanding.
  • Scorpio - Here deep, intense traumas that go very deep are your probable springboard to transcendence.
  • Sagittarius - Indicates that a trauma related to your sense of self will be your springboard to transcendence.
  • Capricorn - Your springboard will probably be a trauma related to a loss of power or deep and crippling material loss, but through this you will find the key to transcendence
  • Aquarius - Your keys to transcendence are likely to be in the effects of a mass trauma or the effects of a universal or large group fate.
  • Pisces - Indicts that spiritual crises or traumas may be your springboard to transcendence and higher understanding. Like all placements here, this indicates a high level of evolution attained already.
Hylonome - Grief and Loss Pathway

This pathway is transcendence through grief and loss of another close to you. They will generally be a person close to you and somebody that your identity is in some way defined by such as a parent, sibling, spouse or child in order for this effect to be there in your life. This is a long and hard process as you have to look into the loss and the effect it has on you, understand it and then Transcend it, but it is a springboard into higher conciousness.

Here the basic effect of Hylonome in the signs is covered very quickly. This is very basic as you will add the meaning to it by the combination of sign and house placement as well as aspects to other planets. For the significance of the asteroids in the houses see the appropriate signs.

  • Aries – This will generally indicate that you will have your springboard through gross physical loss, and this will help you on your way to transcendence. Taurus – This indicates that you are likely to find your springboard in the loss of loved ones and material circumstances.
  • Gemini – This indicates that the mental trauma of others, and the losses and grief that this causes you will most likely be your path to transcendence as you try to help them.
  • Cancer – This means that emotional losses will be likely to lead to rapid evolution and transcendence.
  • Leo – The losses that affect your sense of self and your identity are the ones that most likely will lead to spiritual understanding and transcendence.
  • Virgo – Losses suffered by others and helping them deal with them will will be most likely to help you springboard to higher understanding and transcendence.
  • Libra – Here is is quite Literally the grief and loss of partners that is most probable as your springboard to understanding and transcendence.
  • Scorpio – Here it is the deep, intense losses and grief that will most likely be your springboard to spiritual understanding and transcendence.
  • Sagittarius – Here loss of your sense of self as a confident, smart, understanding and intellectually capable entity will probably lead to you searching for and finding higher understanding and transcendence.
  • Capricorn – Your loss is likely to show as a 'fall from grace' or loss of power and prestige that will lead you to a path that will enable you to search for meaning and find transcendence.
  • Aquarius – A loss that affects many people such as the losses from war or a natural disaster may lead to your springboard to understanding and transcendence.
  • Pisces – This is generally a very spiritually aware placement for those who have it. Here your path to transcendence is likely to be spearheaded by a spiritual loss or crisis that may affect you or another that you care about.
Bacchus - Spiritual Pathways

This is an indication of transcendence through spiritual pathways. Unlike the previous two, the path here is not marked by loss or trauma, but is marked by deliberate questioning under normal circumstances as the person questions the spiritual truths and realities around them and comes to their own conclusions that take them along the path to spiritual growth and transcendence. This may be a smoother path, but it is also a slower path as a result marked by the slow evolution of the person rather than a sudden event that sets itself up as a springboard. This is, in a way, the compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the other two paths that this one does not necessarily have.

 Here the basic effects of Bacchus in the signs is covers very quickly. This is very basic as you will add the meaning to it by the combination of sign and house placement as well as aspects to other planets. For the significance of the asteroids in the houses see the appropriate signs.

  • Aries – The spiritual aspects of physical pursuits such as martial arts is likely to be your way of developing your ideas of spirituality and helping you on your path transcendence.
  • Taurus – A love and understanding of material and sensual comforts is likely to lead to spiritual discoveries from unexpected quarters.
  • Gemini - Your mental environment and intellectual understanding will probably be a great help on your pursuit of your path to transcendence.
  • Cancer – Your emotional and home environment is likely to have given you the tools to forge your spiritual path to transcendence.
  • Leo – Your developing Sense of self is probably a great asset in your spiritual quest for transcendence and higher understanding.
  • Virgo – Your ability to understand and serve other's needs is one probable great asset in your quest for transcendence and greater understanding.
  • Libra – Here partners have a chance of being a great asset in your quest for transcendence.
  • Scorpio – Here your intimate relationships and understanding of beginnings and endings is more often than not your current method of exploring spirituality and transcendence.
  • Sagittarius – Here your higher understanding and will be likely to be your way of furthering your spiritual quest for transcendence.
  • Capricorn - This placement can show higher power at work, as well as the possibility of power and prestige (through access to people and time) can be the method you are using to further your spiritual search and a goal of transcendence.
  • Aquarius – Your understanding of universal causes and problems can be the path you are currently using to further your goal of transcendence.
  • Pisces – This is a highly evolved placement. Your path to transcendence will probably show in a highly spiritual thought and energy which will help others as well as yourself.

Urania - Philosophical Pathway

This is where the person learns to understand the path to transcendence through the power of philosophy and mental insight. This is, like it's spiritual counterpart, a slower path as the soul refines it's understanding over successive lifetimes and years in those lifetimes, but does not involve trauma and loss as the others do. This is the process of intellectual questioning and understanding of the nature of the universe, and coming up with philosophical insights that help both you and others along the path of transcendence. 

Here the basic effect of Urania in the signs is covers very quickly. This is very basic as you will add the meaning to it by the combination of sign and house placement as well as aspects to other planets. For the significance of the asteroids in the houses see the appropriate signs.

  • Aries – Physical manifestations of philosophical questions are very likely to be your springboard to transcendence and higher awareness.
  • Taurus – Your circumstances and surroundings in life may be your assistance in looking at the philosophical side of life.
  • Gemini – Your mental and intellectual environment and the people in it will probably be your best asset in your quest for philosophical understanding.
  • Cancer – Your emotional environment and family may be your best asset in your quest to understand the philosophical understanding of the universe. Leo – Your outward environment and how it supports you could be your best asset in understanding life and it's reasons for existence.
  • Virgo – Your ability to see where you best serve others, and where you can best learn about human nature as a result is probably your greatest asset in your quest for spiritual truths.
  • Libra – Your partner/s and close friends have a very good chance of providing you with some very surprising insights into the nature of life and the Universe.
  • Scorpio – Your intimate relationships are likely to be a very powerful philosophical link with the nature of the universe and the cycles of life, and help you on the path to transcendence.
  • Sagittarius – Here your higher reasoning ability is one of your greatest tools in your quest in refining your philosophical understanding and transcendence.
  • Capricorn – This shows that higher power, or power and prestige might give you good angles for looking at various issues and help you coming to better understandings. Aquarius – An understanding of higher causes and/or fate is probably going to give you a better understanding of the greater cycles of humanity and the universe.
  • Pisces – Like all of them, this is a highly evolved and understanding placement here in this sign. Here a final philisophical understanding is in the process of being refined and spread to those around you in order to help them in their process of evolution as souls.
Lilith - Personal Pathways

This is where a soul has managed to sum up it's strengths and weaknesses and decided to carve it's own path to the eighth gate and transcendence that uses it's strengths in a unique way. This is a powerful one to have as this means that you have your own personal blueprint, but these still take as long as either a Spiritual or Philosophical pathway. It is however, a very fortunate thing to have as it shows that you are an aware soul with a great degree of understanding. You are here improving this understanding in order to move up the steps on your own path to the goal of transcendence in whatever form it is meant to take this lifetime.

Here the basic effect of Lilith in the signs is covered very quickly. This is very basic as you will add the meaning to it by the combination of sign and house placement as well as aspects to other planets. For the significance of the asteroids in the houses see the appropriate signs.

    • Aries – Physical intensity and an understanding of the physical world is probably one of your greatest assets on your personal path.
    • Taurus – This is a fairly certain indication of a good physical path, and a multi-level strength is indicated with your scaling of the mountain. House/sign will show what it is. Gemini – Your mental and intellectual capabilities are among your greatest strengths, and your path to transcendence is more or less based on this.
    • Cancer – Indicates that your understanding of emotions and cycles is one of your greatest strengths, and is one of the basic tenets that your personal spiritual path is based on.
    • Leo – Your sense of self and your self belief is one of your greatest strengths, and is one of the things that will help you most on your personal path.
    • Virgo – This indicates that your ability to understand where you are best needed to serve is among your greatest allies on your personal path.
    • Libra – Here your ability to truly partner with another soul is one of your greatest strengths, and is likely to be the basis of your personal path.
    • Scorpio – Here your ability to connect intimately with the universe and another soul is one of your greatest strengths, and has a high chance of being the main leg of your personal path.
    • Sagittarius – Your innate, soul level ability to access high level knowledge and resources is more often than not the basis for your personal path.
    • Capricorn – Shows that your access to higher power is your major strength and the basis of your personal path.
    • Aquarius – This indicates that your understanding of universal causes and fates is the basis of your personal path and your greatest strength.


    – This shows that a possible intrinsic, soul level link to the spiritual is the basis for your personal path and one of your greatest strengths as a soul. This is a highly spiritual and understanding placement.
Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen

Looking at Astrology from a Different Perspective

You may have noticed that I use Astrology as one of the tools to interpret events such as Solstices, Eclipses and Equinoxes. In looking at these I use a set of definitions that all might not understand so I thought I would put together a basic guide to how I interpret this when using Astrology as a suite of tools for divination.

The first thing to look at is the planets. I use these a little differently, partly coming from Hoary astrology, partly coming from an older set of ideas that come through developing my ideas using past life recall. This is a little different, more pluralistic and not as gender or deity based. It is more based on universal principles and broader energetic meanings. This makes it more inclusive and more enfranchising for all.

  • Sun – The overarching animus principle. This is the representation of the Animus at a planetary level, giving light and life. Representation of where you fit in with this in life for personal, where the overall Animus principle resides for an issue in the election chart.
  • Moon – The overarching anima principle. This is a representation of Anima at a planetary level. Gives the balance out of wisdom, locking the life giving light into cycles, reflecting it back. At ai personal level shows overall where this fits in your life. At an Elecitonal, higher level shows how the overall anima scale fits into your life.
  • Mercury – The representation of understanding, or sentience. This is the representation of our base level of sentience, the basic level of intellect, thought and communication. Means the same thing at a personal or greater level, only the level it reflects changes with a personal or electional chart.
  • Venus – The representation of a persons Anima lesson in personal astrology. For more on this see the article on this above. On a greater electional scale the current direction of society and civilsation, the governance and civil society aspect of our lives. In effect the personal anima aspect playing out at a higher civilisational level.
  • Mars – The representation of a persons Animus lesson in personal astrology. For more on this see the article above on life lessons and gender. On a greater cycle represents action, war and change, the things that use energy and create an action. The personal Animus at play in larger society in effect.
  • Jupiter – The great Benefient, this is not changed. Shows what is in harmony, what is expanding, what has great energy around it. This is the same in personal and electional. Shows what is working, and has the energy behind it to grow.
  • Lost Planet – Represented by Ceres in position, this represents folly and warning. This was once a planet in some mythologies I can remember, and destroyed in a war. Where this sits shows you a warning of great folly and/or disaster if you're not careful on both levels. This is one you pay attention to if you see it, but don't panic. It's a warning not a certainty. Steps can be taken to prevent things going wrong.
  • Saturn – Restrictions, responsibility, regulations, limitations on a private level. Where you have to take responsibility. On a greater level shows where one has to take responsibility and leadership, or negatively placed and aspected where this is not happening. One to note, especially when looking at leadership for greater issues.
  • Uranus – The higher level understanding. Change, Innovation, new ways of thinking on both levels, interpretation will depend on use, aspects and placement. Can stand for any sort of innovation be that innovative thinking, higher technology etc...
  • Neptune – The deeper, watery undercurrents of an issue, what lies Under the issue. Can be called the higher awareness and represent the spiritual undercurrents as well as the underlying depths of an issue or persons life, depending on interpretation and placement. Look very closely around what's around this one when interpreting.
  • Pluto – Disruptors, violent undercurrents, things that need changing being ignored too long. The disrupted aspect of Neptune where it goes from an evolutionary undercurrent to a revolutionary one. On a personal level it has much the same meaning of revolutionary change, but can also encompass the traditional Scorpio hidden depths of mystery, sex, death, transformation and mysteries.

The signs and Houses are also somewhat redefined as concepts to reflect this more universal idea of being. This is to more reflect how our lives are shaped in a universal manner rather than a more archetyped traditional manner. In doing this I am not trying to confuse people but create a more generalised idea of how this works so that we can work to gain a sense of balance in this world in ourselves and others without the classical gender role and gender ideal connotations attached.

Aries – Action, animus oriented energy. Action, reaction quick energy. Not so much leadership as quick and inspired action take on ones own or out of reflex. In terms of a sign a heavy Animus physical orientation, quick thinking and acting fire/Animus energy.
First House – Represents the physical self and incarnated being. This is the house of the incarnated integration of self, especially the physical aspects. In terms of greater questions this is once again the heart of the physical manifestation of the problem, issue or event.

Taurus – This is the sign of material wealth and possessions, comfort and abundance. Here we can see what conditions sit around manifesting worldly abundance, be that cars, homes or money. Look here for how material abundance will manifest and work for an individual.
Second House – This is where we see the state of a person resources, or the state of physical resources manifest around an issue. This is the house of material abundance, at a greater or personal level.

Gemini - This looks at the basic understanding intellect, the material intellect and communications. This covers knowledge, communications, material level learning and other such things. It is effectively the sign of sentience be that on a personal or physical level.
Third House – This is the House of the lower understanding level – the 3rd sentience level. This is the basic mind, intellect and understanding at both a personal and greater level much like Gemini is the sign representing such things.

Cancer – The house of the watery, archetypal anima. It is no coincidence that this sign has always been associated with feminine activities and concerns, as it is the heart of archetypal cycles and anima. Tied to the moon, water and tides, this represents the cycles in action at their greatest point.
Fourth House – Once again, the seat of personal as well as greater material manifestations of anima. This is not as concentrated as home and family here, but all the manifestations of cycles that we find around us be they biological, sociological or Psychological.

Leo – Once again a fire sign, the traditional association with stardom and limelight. Once again more an animus sign, representing the more psychological aspects of broadly manifested animus. This is about personal fire and can represent stardom, or just being at the top of your field. Can also represent creativity, stardom and other psychological manifestations of fire.
Fifth House – Commonly associated with creativity and stardom this is still in league. Can also represent brilliance or brilliant manifestation of ideas on the material level, being the top of the field or ideas shining at either a personal or greater level.

Virgo – Here the cycles come in, this time in the form of being harnessed by service. This could be anything from social work, to service to any greater force or good, or even spiritual light work. All of this is a part of service. Please remember service is not the same as following – service has an element of serving a cause knowingly and knowledgably, not blindly. The meaninig is the same at both the personal and greater levels.
Sixth house – This has pretty much the same meaning as the sign, that of service and serving greater causes, be that personally or as part a greater whole. Once again, serving is not the same as following, serving has an component of validity and choice to it that following blindly does not. Rememer this distinction, because in a negative aspect this is going to be what you have instead of true service.

Libra – This sticks very close to the older meaning about partnerships, however the partnerships it means can be expanded to include any kind of partnership, be that between countries or between people. The level and context will determine the kind of partnership that is indicated.
Seventh House – This is the house of partnerships of any type and on any level. This could be about manifesting any partnership, be that a trade treaty or a marriage. The meaning is broad and very much the same across all levels, with the context determining what kind of partnership is being represented.

Scorpio – As with before the sign of deeper mysteries, sexualtiy, death and rebirth. This is the sign of the deeper mysteries, sometimes violent, sometimes just deep and mysterious. Can also be a sign of covert activity and anything dark or underground, as well as the deeper currents of the mind and society. Has much the same meaning at both a personal and greater level.
Eighth House – Holds much the same meaning as the sign Scorpio on all levels. One that can indicate where the deeper undercurrents lie when placed on another house, or by which planets are placed here on all levels.

Sagittarius– A sign of higher, esoteric knowledge, be it new, inspired learning, or higher esoteric learning. An understanding that can show and manifest at both a personal and greater level in much the same way. Planets and houses can indicate how and in what area this understanding is manifesting.
Ninth House – Much the same meaning as Sagittarius, but overlaying it will show an area that this esoteric knowledge needs to manifest in, or focus on. Look at context, level and house/sign combination to fully understand this.

Capricorn – Think of this here as the sign of the sea goat as much as the land goat. Represents responsibility, leadership, restraint and power. Can represent any kind of power (look at house) at both personal and greater levels. Also r they elates in a similar vein to manifest public responsibilities, be they work of civic related.
Tenth House – Much the same meaning as Capricorn, highlighting where this may be needed or emphasized at any level indicated An area that needs a lot of work, or is being worked on intensively.

Aquarius – More an awareness aspect, the aspect of 'The brotherhood of Man'. Or in another way, higher awareness of all of the planetary incarnation system. A manifestation of the higher awareness we need to create a networking and jigsawing of people together in this reality as we progress higher towards higher evolution and frequencies of energy.
Eleventh House – Higher, intergrational communication and awareness, drawing us closer to together, an age of Aquarius aspect. Higher levels of awareness and connection, higher levels of intergration and harmony in both the personal greater aspects. Perhaps emphasizing where this is deficient and we should be focusing on, or the focus of this relating to an event or question.

Pisces – Manifestation of the spiritual, the esoterically hidden and the principles of transcendence. Applies on both the personal and greater levels.
Twelfth House – Shows where this aspect is being applied, manifesting or needs focusing on by sign placement. Can also show where there is a deficit of it reading to problems in an area, either personally or in the higher realms.

Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen