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Energetic Protection and Entity Removal

Based on energetic work and crystal work this semi-strucuted process identifies problem entities, energies and weaknesses energetic make-up that are creating disharmony and affecting your life. Designed to last 3-6 sessions from initial consultation to a state of physic health this service, charged for by the session, will be structured to your problems and pace and designed to give you the best result.

The initial consultation will be ninety minutes at $70.00, with hour long sessions at $50.00 or thirty minute sessions at $30.00 afterwards. Protection spell bottles and talismans are also available individually priced, pre-made or on request. Book or inquire through the form below with a basic description of your problem.

Energetic Health Check

This ninety minute one off service offers a written report on the health of your energy systems according to the 7 physical chakra levels of energy, and the anima/animus balance of your soul along with basic exercises. This three step process, a reading in a compound circle, a written out report and information sheets on mediations and exercises as well as where to get more information allows you to take the first steps to hang a healthier energy balance, therefore better flow with life. This is a stand alone service, or you can book other services after. For $70.00 you get;

  • A Forty minute diagnosis
  • A written report detailing the problems in your aura and what you can do about them (takes twenty minutes approx) while you rest and recover.
  • A thirty minute coaching session with handouts given in PDF format.
If you are interested contact me through my email or through the online form availible on the services tab under this page.