The Spiritual Weal

The Spiritual Hub of the Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weal

This logo, representing the four elements, Water, Earth, Fire and Air in a circle, is symbolic of the Wheel of the Seasons. This is the representation of the four elemental energies made manifest in reality. This is the  basis behind the ethos of the two sites that are partnerd in this total wisdom cycle, The Spiritual Weal and The Public Weal.

The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weals Partner Site Mission, Ethos and guiding Principles

The Feyan Energertic Wisdom Weals Parter sites are a central hub committed to providing quality information, products and services to clients and the curious alike to help them advance their spiritual wellbeing and spiritual goals. This is done through an ethos of providing services and information that combine the best of counseling/coaching and over ten years of experience in ritual and energy work within a holistic framework of the the bodymind as a whole., this enabling living a total spiritual path.

This mission is supported by three key areas. The first is in offering courses, personal tuition, spiritual coaching and psychic protection work at a sliding scale of cost. The second is offering information for all through the partner sites. The third is offering products supporting the services and information on the site. Through this It aims to support the growth of a whole spiritual path.

This site you are on is a part of the Partner sites the Spiritual Weal and The Public Weal. The Spiritual Weal is about the practical and spiritual aspects of a life path and the Pubic Weal is about how it applies to public affairs. These two sites work together to create a holistic view of life, paths and how we lead them in all aspects of life. So look at both sites and think as you do about what this means for you. Don't forget our partner site extending this Ethos into material life The Public Weal....

Site Map

There are eight major pages on this site, with pages connected in pop up menus underneath that expand on these major sections. To help you navigate read this section below. Each section main page will have featured articles and reasons, changed regularly, with the sub-sections containing a lot more information. Below there is a sitemap list describing each page.

Home - This landing page
  • About the Editor - A description of the editors experiences, spiritual journey, qualifications and current path.
  • Current Courses, Products and Services - The current courses, products and services you will see on this site.
  • Pagan Mind - An editorial section on pagan practice
  • Arts and Books - An Editorial on Arts and Books in a Spiritual Context
  • Contact the Editor - Both the contact details of the editor as well as an E-letters to the editor for comment by the public.
Divination Corner
  • Astrology Corner - A current page that covers how astrology can be redefined to help us work a total spiritual path.
  • Numerlology Corner - In the process of being written, a page that will cover how Numerology can be used and redefined to help us work a total Spiritual path.
  • Tarot and Oracle Reading Corner - In the process of being written, a page that is will be looking at how to use tarot, I ching and oracle and other oracle sets to help you on your spiritual path.
  • Rune Row Corner - In the process of being written, this page will be looking at how to use runes to understand and assist in living a total spiritual path.
Ritual Corner
  • Information Calendar - Information calendars, interesting information and other information that can help you plan your ritual and spiritual year.
  • Basic Techniques - Instruction and videos on basic techniques that you need as a foundation for your spiritual life and path.
  • Advanced Techniques - Techniques that build on the basic techniques to further advance spiritual practice.
  • Higher Level Techniques - Higher level, very advanced techniques that harness another level of energy above the planetary levels.
Meditation Corner
  • Short Meditations - Short, poetic meditations that allow you to connect to etheric energies quickly.
  • Long Meditations - Longer meditations that help you connect to your own soul and the outside world.
  • Higher Level Meditations - Meditations on higher than planetary level energies.
  • Wednesday Meditations - The onsite portal for the Wednesday afternoon classes at Gnostic Forest, Chambers Place, Woy Woy, NSW, Australia. Includes videos, PDF worksheets and information online.
Partner Products

The page where products from suppliers, friends and allies that fit the ethos of The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weal.

Website Products

A page where the editors products will be posted for sale on this site.

I hope you enjoy the site. Feel free to leave respectful comments through E-letters to the editor. Only those that are not marked specifically not to be published will be published.

The Partner Sites Internet Links

The Spiritual Weal Partner Websites are linked to some other like minded sites dealing with similar subjects and selling simular products. The first of these sites to be featured are those of a friend Alaliyah Rose;

An artist and vibrational healer Alaliyah Rose covers topics from art, transpersonal healing and lightwork. If you are interested in these look up these sites.

Licensing Basics

Please note that even if the author has forgotten to put a byline on it all work here is written by Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen unless otherwise clearly stated. All work done by others will be bylined and/or clearly shared from other sites and people. I consider my work creative commons and allows free reuse, but I also expect the honor of putting my name, the site name and a footnote or reference back to say where it came from in return.

The Spiritual Weal Site Welcome

The Spiritual Weal is a Hub for information, services and products around the ethos of the spiritual, energetic path of living a total spiritual path. Here you will find....

Courses, Services and Products

Relaunching in January 2018 this site will be offering a broader range of courses, services and information to suit all price ranges and locations, online and outreach through the central coast. This is designed to reach potential customers whoever they are via a method they can afford.


Basic Twelve Week Online Psychic Basic Skills Course

Available both online and face to face outreach by expression of interest (Group of Five) This course covers the basic skills you need to do energetic work. From shielding, to cleansing to some useful meditation exercises, these cover what you need to know to get started.

Online is projected to be the cheapest at $25.00 per month Subscription, with costs for the outreach to be advised per week due to material costs and venue hire.

Basic Weekend Basic Skills Course

This two day course, planned to be held over the weekend, covers the basics that you need to start energy work. Available only face to face with outreach costs are yet to be determined due to material cost, venue hire and catering, but will be announced once an expression of interest from five people comes up and kept as low as possible, one cost covering all. There is no online course for this short course.

Basic Ten Week Consciousness Matrix Course

This ten week Consciousness Matrix course, Available both online and through face to face outreach by expression of interest in groups of five is a ten week basic course in The Consciousness Matrix, a way of looking at mind, body and Spirit holistically, and a tool for learning and growing. Coming about from years of research and self study this combination of mainstream counseling and coaching with Chakra and Colour Therapy aims to help students work on mind and body through self work on the energy systems.

Costs are a $25.00 a month subscription fee online with Costs to be announced for face to face, depending on venue hire and materials. For more information on expressions of interest either get in touch through E-letters to the Editor (Inquiries not published) or contact me on 0447 520 908.

Basic Reflective Journaling Course

This three week online or one day, three session face to face basic course goes through the steps of setting up a reflective journal before allowing time to for students to create one.  Wether you walk the same path or not this course provides you a chance to set up a personal journal to follow your path and help yourself develop. With some homework this can set yourself up to enhance and strenghen your journey. Costs online are $25.00, with costs face to face depending on venue hire.

Advanced Higher Level Courses Development

Higher Level Meditations

This two day, six session course, planned for a weekend run is based around the meditations and information in the Higher Level Meditation section. Planned to be fully catered and for 3-5 people this is a hands on chance to try these meditations under guidance.

Higher Level Techniques

By itself or as an extension of the higher level meditations this two day Six session course, also planned for a weekend run, is to be based around the techniques listed in higher level Techniques. Including a special, one of a kind combined attuning technique this is also planned to be catered and for 3-5 people. Look at this for a chance to try these techniques under guidance.

Both courses will be face to face only and planned to be run over a weekend, two days of three sessions. As catering and Venue hire is variable costs will vary and be announced as they are planned.


One to One tuition

Available both online and through outreach by appointment this is one on one tuition based around the curriculum of other courses. At the moment this means that there is only Basic skills and Consciousness Matrix available, but as the advanced technique courses are introduced they will be available by tuition as well. This is more expensive, but has the advantage of being able to study at your place and one on one.

One on one tuition is available online through zoom or face to face through outreach on appointment. The standard pricing is a free first half an hour consultation, Sixty Dollars for half an hour and One Hundred Dollars for a full hour face to face, with a twenty five percent discount for online Zoom consultations and sessions.

Spiritual Coaching

Combining Mainstream coaching techniques with one on one energy work this unique service aims to create an environment for you to grow and learn spiritually by acting as a guide on your Spiritual path. Either available online through Zoom or through outreach at a hall or venue hire near you this service provides either a one on one boost if you are lost, or a twelve month monthly guidance on your journey of growth. Look at this if you are stuck, or if you wish to grow, learn and get yourself going on a path for the first time.

One on one sessions are available online through zoom or face to face through outreach on appointment. The standard pricing is a free first half an hour consultation, Sixty Dollars for half an hour and One Hundred Dollars for a full hour face to face, with a twenty five percent discount for online Zoom consultations and sessions.

Psychic Protection Services

Combining aspects of Health and Wellness coaching, Chakra Energy work, shielding and talismanic work to assist those under attack or those that have been damaged by attacks this service aims to assist those who cannot assist themselves at this time. With this service I would prefer at least the initial, one on one consultation to be face to face, but as with the above services follow up through either continuing face to face or Zoom online is available. The First Half an Hour Consultation is free and non-binding, so if you are in a crisis do not hesitate to call and use this service for a free consultation. It could be very important to the rest of your life.

One on one consultations is available online through zoom or face to face through outreach on appointment, with the first appointment strongly recommended to be face to face. The standard pricing is a free first half an hour consultation, Sixty Dollars for half an hour and One Hundred Dollars for a full hour face to face, with a twenty five percent discount for online Zoom consultations and sessions


Wether client, would be client or just a browser, The information on this site is free to you. Designed to be easily accessible and steeped in my thirteen years of experience, there should be something there for everybody. There are two sites for you to explore in the Partner sites that support this service, The Spiritual Weal and the Public Weal. The Spiritual Weal covers the interior aspects of a spiritual path, the Public Weal the exterior aspects of bringing this into day to day life. Both are free to browse and gain information such as meditations and basic guidance (Spiritual Weal) or Recipes and How To's (The Public Weal). Feel free to browse, client, prospective client and browser alike.


As they become available Products that support the services and information offered will be listed here. Products such as crystal kits, ritual mats and recycled clothing will come up on the site as I get myself together and relaunch for 2017. Watch this space....