The Gaia Journal

Messages from Gaia, Our Earth

1st February 2021

As we look around on the days and weeks ahead, as the month changes, there will be more and more changes coming through. This is a time and place that there are rather drastic changes in the worlds energy, creating new paths and new chances, but closing off the old. As time goes on, this will change more and more, create more and more. But this is a time of turmoil as a result.

This is a time to work with the energy of change and find your own path and time. This is a time that new paths are being created for people to follow to a new path and time. Look around at the time and place for people to connect, to grow, to learn in new understandings as we look around. This is time to change for the better. The old Karma has been left behind, the old Karma has been repaid, allowing the room for balance. Looking at the time and using it to plant seeds is the best thing for now, to be the positive change you want to be.

31st January 2021

Today was not a good day in many ways for my correspondent. In many ways her life is out of balance, as she like many is caught up in the critical point of no return imbalance in her societies. This pandemic, the karmic time of COVID, instead of teaching you the value of balance and creating more balance, has sharpened the critical imbalance in your manifest social and energetic systems, it seems. While there is movement in the right path of balancing out in some places, it seems that this is not reaching enough people who are the ones who feel the imbalance in their lives. My correspondent notes that people understand this, yet nothing is happening on it. Quite squarely the correspondent blames the leaders of societies.

There is a saying my correspondent thinks about at this time, the fish rots from the head. The head is the leadership of your societies, your ecosystems. In a way this is a symptom of the disease, in a way this is the cause. My Correspondent was also talking to someone yesterday, who mentioned that another disaster will come in another ten years anyway. It does not have to. These crises, these illnesses, these viral winters come because of a state of critical imbalance in your societies make them manifest. Be they your critical overuse of my resources, or your critical overuse of people in your society, you manifest them through your actions. This means you can manifest not having these crises by changing your actions. This was the lesson, this was the one bright spot in time that you could have learnt.

If you do not you will just perpetuate the cycle that my correspondent has seen, as well as that precinct person spoke of. It is your choice, as a group, as humans. Which one will you choose?

30th January 2021

Today was a day of ritual for my correspondent with the last day of the full moon. This was a time of setting goals, intentions and trying to get things moving in her life where they seem to be stagnant and stuck. This is a frustration for many people on my skin in the position of my correspondent, who are struggling because of the mistakes of their leaders over many, many years. This is not good thing to happen, because it is unbalancing the world.

People are not pawns, and neither am I. When people treat me like a pawn, when people treat me like a thing to be plundered they unbalance my energy systems. When people plunder other peoples lives this creates an imbalance that cannot be tolerated once it reaches a certain point and corrects wildly and often violently once it reaches the point of no return. You have seen that in your past, your history and not learnt from that. You have seen that in your past and are still not understanding many parts of the globe are at the exact same point of no return imbalance point. It roils around with the unbalanced energy to express, which is why there is so much civil strife around the world.

This can easily be corrected from the beginning by peacefully rebalancing society. Your societies are like your ecosytem, a living breathing organism that cannot support all apex predators, your rich people and corporations, without the herd animals underneath supporting them being both enough and adequately nourished. Like a lion will not get a meal out of a starving kill, all skin and bone with no meat on it, your apex predators cannot make 'Money', a form of energy you use for exchange out of a population starved of it. This is why your societies ecosystems are roiling constantly at the point of no return, and need changing. Or you will collapse like an ecosystem where there is nothing to eat. That is just laws of return.

29th January 2020

Yesterday was the Full Moon, an auspicious day for my correspondent. This was a day of working with peak energies to manifest and get results. And an enjoyable night. There are many things going on with life, at the same time as we get the earth changes happening. This is because we are at a time of change that started with the karmic clearing that was COVID 19, and is now going on towards creating a new life, a new society.

Looking at your news it seems that people just want things to go back to normal. In defining normal they think of it as the way it was before. However, this is very unlikely to happen. What has changed has changed permanently, there is no going back. None at all. The best thing to do is to work with the energies and move forward into the future, bringing new opportunities and new chances. This process is helped by looking at the new and full moons, as they happen, to manifest with the process what you wish to move forward with. Look for this in the coming days as the energy matures into the waning cycle, that which grounds down results.

28th January 2021

Today was for my correspondent the first day of the full moon, and a night to set intentions. She did this through rune work. It was also a time to reconnect to the world and start watching the news again. It got her thinking about the easy adjustments the worlds people could make for the planet without missing anything out.

The first one, of course, my correspondent thought of was the cruise industry. As an industry that uses polluting technologies and is slowly destroying places like the Venice Lagoon, it is the first obvious target. It is also interesting to note that it was a superspreader industry that caused much pain and suffering to it's passengers in the pandemic. This was perhaps a clue as to exactly how inessential it is and how well people can live without it. Boat travel to destinations, yes, but cruising to nowhere doing what you would in your own home city, with no destination, no real reason to be using the resources does seem rather odd.

The other one of course, is air travel. There are reasons to travel that are quite legitimate, like for instance religious and spiritual pilgrimages, a well planned trip of a lifetime, or to visit family and friends. However, going to Bali or Phuket to do exactly what you could do at home, or at a coastal resort near your locality, strikes my correspondent as odd and wasteful. As does travelling to a conference that can be done by digital technologies today. All of these are easy adjustments that can be made coming out of covid by individuals, even when air travel becomes available at very little sacrifice.

While structural changes will need to be made in your society as we go forward to a more balanced future, there are very simple things you can do like consider your holidays, or whether you will go to that conference or tune on digitally if it means air travel, especially international. If it is one things that my correspondent thinks this has shown the world it is how much of what your society does is not needed, and can be done without. Hopefully this lesson will be taken into account and a balance found in what is needed, what is good for individuals and their growth, and what is a want that is not only unbalancing as well as frivolous. Hopefully, to both my correspondent and me, the lesson has been learnt.

27th January 2021

Today was a day of material concerns for my correspondent, be it manual work, simple luxuries or conversation. This was a day of the material world, not contemplation. A hard day, but a rewarding one with some serendipities involved. It was a day that things seemed to move in it's own sacred timing on the physical plane.

At times, for many reasons, focussing on different things happens at different times in a cycle. Like the full and new, or dark moon have different meanings, perhaps different times in your life have different meanings according to time, space and mood. For instance, my correspondent spent a week completely on healing earlier this month, and much time has been carved out for energetic downloads in the past few weeks as needed tasks. This is a problem that many face, with the swings and turns of cycles as you look around.

Working with these gives better results, even though it does not feel it at times. At times it may even seem disruptive. It has for my correspondent, who has had many troubles with it moving forward. However, over time it will work better if you work with this and find the hidden gems in the process, both for my correspondent and quite likely for you.

26th January 2021

Today was a very hot day where my correspondent lives, one of the hottest days on record for many, many years. It was a day of hibernating in the coolest spot possible for most of the day before going for a refreshing swim at the end of it, in order to cool down, then eating outside. The next day was a complete contrast, showing how much chaos in your weather at the moment.

This is also true in your society. That day was also Australia Day, a day of mixed blessings for people in that country. Some call it invasion day, others consider it a national day of pride. Yet others consider it a time to have a day off with family and friends. Like the polarity in the weather, this is a time and place that there is chaos and division in all your societies, in your world. That is because it is a time of change.

Look around the time and place that you are now, you will see the instability. In what you call the United States of America, What you call Australia, Europe, the Middle East. This in a way is not a bad thing, except for those hurt by the process. It is an ascension symptom of the entire world, a product of change that is sweeping through at unprecedented rates. To get through it the best, look at what you can do to work with the energy of change against it and make a better world out of this change, and possibly through it.

25th January 2021

In a big way summer arrived today where my correspondent lives. Working with the weather, she didn't do much more than research reading at the beach. Finding the shade of a tree, working with the weather again, she stayed out in the shade and breeze till the weather cooled.

However, it seems with the number of people who were out in the sun, not even bringing their own shade, out of sych with the weather. While some may like the heat, as was recorded by my correspondent across the aeons to feyan midsummers under gruesome temperatures, without shelter formally dressed, this to her is folly. Then and now. To me it shows how far humanity is out of synch with the weather that on a hot day they do the last thing that they should be doing if they had sense. Perhaps if this was understood they would understand exactly how far out of balance my energy systems, manifested in my climate has become. And how far things need to re-balance.

This is something that we need to look at as a collective, you as a group especially. This is something that you need to learn as a species, a group who think they are more developed among you especially. Or you will face worse.