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30th November 2020

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse - 30th November 2020

Today is a special supplement from my correspondent written earlier on todays significant eclipse...

At exactly 09.43 UTC (20.43 Sydney EST) there is a very significant Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. One of two eclipses, paired with a December 15th Solar Eclipse this is a part of the turning point that we are coming to at the end of this year. In a way the whole meaning of this eclipse is encapsulated by the fact that it is a penumbra (the earth's shadow) lunar eclipse. In shamanic practice the shadow is the rejected part of the whole, a meaning which seems to be very apt at the moment. This eclipse is definitely bringing out the shadow, or rejected parts of society to be healed and integrated. This means that there will be more disruption to come, but it will be for a cause. The location of the eclipse and how it connects to other planets are indicating what is coming up to be resolved with the upcoming solar eclipse.

So, to start we look at the position of the eclipse in Saggitarius. The location at 8 degrees shows that higher knowledge is connecting to, and illuminating to this shadow. The ascendant in Gemini is showing more conventional information and knowledge at the forefront, but as Gemini is also about duality it is also showing the bifacturation of knowledge that we are seeing in the world such as 'Alternative Facts'. The north node in conjunction with the Ascendant shows at this time we are looking at a very karmic aspect to this current state of affairs regarding communication and the media. Neptune, which can be seen to be the planet of religion, ideology and belief is also squaring the north node, showing that there are issues around ideologies, false ideologies and beliefs. It is interesting to note as this eclipse takes hold, conspiracy theories keep on getting stronger instead of abating. Indeed, as we have drawn towards this through COVID 19 and the US election, they have become stronger, as has misinformation. Though Mercury is connected positively to the MC (centre of the chard showing what is actually going on at the heart of the matter) connecting to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in harmonious aspects, showing this is not going to change. Anything and everything is being communicated right now, and this going to go on for a while. This is so things have the chance to come into light. This is in a harmonious aspect to the eclipse, showing further this idea of things coming to light.

How does this relate to civilisation, though? Well looking at Venus in Scorpio, it is in opposition to Uranus – Breakthroughs and technology, but not in tune with society. This is showing in the tension with the vaccine, the way society is asking questions. It also shows in the way conspiracy theories are becoming mainstream. While America is being the hardest hit, conspiracy theories are also on the rise here in Australia. Perhaps the most comprehensive example of this is the way Conspiracy has become mainstream in America,  which is also an expression of the Mercury energies.  The way that conspiracy theories and false ideologies come up is also comes up with the trine, an easy aspect to Neptune, which once again is showing that beliefs and ideologies are in harmony with society at this time. The Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is squaring Lilith, but in conjunction with Uranus in Taurus showing a lot of disruption to the comfort zone as you would expect. It is interesting to note, as a last point that the Neptune, these beliefs and ideologies causing so many problems, are squaring the north node and the ascendant as well as Saturn (responsibility) in Capricorn, showing the weight of the disruption. The last part of this puzzle is Mars, or action. He is in a good aspect with the ascendant, the MC and and the north node, showing action is now favoured in this chart.

I have also looked at the findings of the Astrologers Molly McCord, Keeley Rosano and Pam Gregory in looking at this eclipse. Pam Gregory brings in the Asteroid Eris, the Goddess of Strife and Discord and sister of Mars (which was not in the chart I was using) which reinforces the message of street marches and protests. Keeley Rosano looks at this as part of the end of an era and the begging of the new, which is also consistent with all of this. Molly McCord has looked at the US chart and the way it is being heavily impacted by transits in her four part series on the US chart comprehensively. Pam Gregory also looked at the US chart in the same way without unduly focussing on it, looking more at the global trends. This is a time of change that is going to be very interesting to live through but necessary, bringing in a new Era. This new era was emphasised by Keeley Rosano, who focussed on the upcoming shift of Jupiter and Pluto in to  Aquarius, an air sign as the beginning of a new era. This is a time of change, which is being greatly emphasised.

If you are interested in the way that this will affect you take your natal chart and look at the transits. As I am not a professional astrologer, but someone that uses astrology as a tool for understanding. I recommend that you consult a professional astrologer or site written by a professional astrologer.

My other tool, of course is mediation. I saw, when I mediated on the future to see any messages, a fog barrier and a gate on the moon, indicating a hard transition with this eclipse. This backed up the astrology. My other tool, which is rune reading, will be done at the time as the hard block means that there is no information coming through about what this new energy being bought to light will mean. This is going to be a bumpy ride, but one we have to have – Global shadow work. Strap in and look for how to ride it out, because we won't be able to stop it.

Look for the Podcast Mentioned in the podcast on this link;

29th November 2020

As my correspondent thinks back on another day, sitting out side, enjoying the wind, she looks back on a slow day. But a good day for learning and thinking. The first day of a full moon phase bearing an eclipse, this is a time of transition and change. It is a time that the shadow, what is wrong in your society is coming out to be healed, and a time of karmic closure on a karmic year. By the end of the year a new cycle will have started, and we will start to get a lot more hope for the year ahead.

There is little doubt that this has not been an easy year for many, and very hard for a few. It has ended many lives, in some cases of people that were blameless. But it did not have to be live this, as extreme a warning such as this did not have to be sent. Energy expresses into the material in the path of least resistance, the path of easiest expression. Look at all the other times similar energies have been shown in Astrology charts at major events, and you will see them trying to express. This is the way they came out because you as a society blocked all other expression of them, but your global lifestyle made it easy for disease to spread. There is a Shamans Way podcast by Kriket that looks at this life form in catastrophe my correspondent will put up under this so you can understand it.

It might not be good message, or one that my correspondent thinks that you want to hear. But it is there. This year was karmic, you have created it by blocking more peaceful means of expression of unbalanced energies to this point. Think of this in the future and look at change and how it needs to be expressed, work with it, or energies of change will make the decision for you again. This is not plesant to hear, perhaps, but it is a chance to change. The next four to five years will bring this change to life. If you work with it, the results will be good. If you do not, expect more chaos and strife as unbalanced energies manifest again.

28th November 2020

As my correspondent looks on a hot, frustrating day they note that things might be slowly improving. It seems that everybody was doing the smart thing and somewhere else hibernating in the coolest spot they can find. However, even on days like that there are gains, in this case interest in what my correspondent was doing after.

Many of you, living on my skin, have that same problem. They are too being slowly frustrated by lack of progress, be that on any issue. However, these times are not always bad, sometimes it gives you time to reflect, look at progress and work to make your plan better. Use times like this, as frustrating as they are, as the stage is set through the two gates that are impeding progress, to progress towards a greater future, better than it might have been.

27th November 2020

As my correspondent closes the day off they had thoughts today on sacred geometry. The geometry of nature, of the clothing on my surface, is something that has been looked at by many, many people over the years. It exists in hailstones, ice, stalactites, rock formations, snowflakes and the way plants grow. It exists in crystal structures, in the shape of waterfalls, the shape and decoration of insects. It exists in many forms.

It apparently also invades the mundane world in the form of drilling. My correspondent, using a drill today noticed it in the metal spoil of drill holes. Spirals, Archimedes screws, was all coming out with the drill spalding. These little shapes reminded my correspondent of the way shapes and symmetry are universal, marking the way the universal basics are the same underpinning it all. Take, for instance, the shape of Ammonites that is a Fibonacci spiral. The eight sided geometic shape of a snowflake. They all repeat, they all have sacred shapes and numbers in common. Next time you are doing mundane, boring or routine tasks, look for sacred shapes, or just see them if they appear. They may tell you something about the universe and yourself.

26th November 2020

Today my correspondent is writing this outside in the cool because it was hot. As with any hot day, it cools faster outside than inside a structure, so she is sitting outside being a part of the mosquito food chain. Which brings up living with the seasons, something your society is not good at.

My correspondent much prefers the winter part of the wheel of the seasons and they will admit it. They much prefer having to put on more clothes to being too hot. They do not sleep well in summer, thinking becomes hard at the higher temperatures, and it goes on. However, they acknowledge fully that as the wheel of the seasons approaches the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere it will get hot. Apart from missing television shows to stay outside in the cool, this is something that they are familiar with in past lives as well as now, working with the wheel of the seasons instead of against it. In the summer, it is just more sensible to stay inside and keep as cool as possible during the day and come to light as the sun goes off the world, when it is cool enough not just to function, but enjoy functioning. In a way, some have this idea right. In other ways they do not.

Humans have learnt to modify their environment so they do not have to live with the extremes and their cues on the changes around them. If they did, they would notice that summers are getting more and more uncomfortable, and winters are either getting more extreme or disappearing. These are signs of trouble and imbalance that you are not heeding because you do not see them. That creates greater imbalances and continues the trend. Learning to work in harmony with my lessons is an important story at the moment that humanity as a whole would do well to heed at this time.

25th November 2020

As my correspondent closes off another day, well they are looking out at the setting sun and contemplating life. A balanced day between the practical and the theoretical this was a day of practical work as well as contemplating the fate of the universe. Well, the planet.

The first was accomplished through the use of handy work and tools. Practical things to do for a family member, both running around getting things and getting things done after. More needs to be done another day, but some practical things were done. Drilling holes, getting things ready, setting things up.

The second thing was about understanding what is currently happening with the solar and lunar eclipse to put up articles. There will be articles about both gates going up on my correspondents pages to help you better understand it, but there will be great changes going on in the next four to five years. As you see that and work with that you will find yourself being more in alignment with the energy as it manifests. For this reason, understanding the energies was vitally important.

In doing both my correspondent had a balanced day today.

24th November 2020

As my correspondent looks through the lens of today she sees the story of disadvantage and how it plays out on our society. It is something that she has noted herself, where there is worse out there as well. That is what she was contemplating as she looked at the stories of how disadvantage intersects with prejudice. This is something that many of your societies have a problem with, coming out of the way that both your economic and social structures interact.

Your civilisations are at a crossroads at this karmic time. As you look around the world you will see the more powerful the civilisation, the greater crossroads that they are at. This is a time to reflect, look back and see what you can change so you can rebalance among yourself as well as the way that you live on my skin. This is going to be highlighted in the next few weeks as you come up to the opening of the solar and lunar eclipse gates, looking around at what will happen next. There is not a normal yet, nor will there be for a while, as things change and you as people grow. Honor this process and do not try to rush into a new normal before it has happened, for that is the path of disaster for both of us. Look at where you are and see what you can do to help this process today.

23rd November 2020

As my correspondent ends another day, well, she's looking at a day of reflection. Reflection of problems on society, reflection on how they affect people, reflection on how they climb out. This is a problem with your society, the divisions and how those that are not a part of the in group are treated. Even during this crisis the divisions are deepening, with those in the out groups being fined more, overpoliced, treated as scapegoats. I also note that in the recovery this other is happening to my issues and health, with the ideas of working towards harmony being lost to the whole notion of well, recovering an economy based on an artificial measure. The idea of real wealth has been lost, as has the idea of balance of needs and wants of Wunjo.

This is being lost in all of this as the crisis worsens, especially in America, but also where my correspondence lives this is also happening. Money, employment and business rather than what needs to change to bring society into balance. This is a good time for ideas like a 'New Green Deal' that benefits not only me but all of you on my skin, combined with a rebalacing between yourselves. I provide enough abundance, it is you who waste and over-use it. Look at how you can change that today.

The distorted mirror of a reflection...


22nd November 2020

Today, indeed over the weekend, my correspondent has been learning about perception. In her case, this was two discussions. In my case, it is about how people see each other and me under my skin. The first was hearing something but not really hearing it, the second was misunderstandings based around a conversation into serious topics that made others uncomfortable. Both times perception was not reality.

In one case, it was my correspondent owning the fact that she had misunderstood things. In the other case it was parts of a broader conversation being taken out of context. A conversation that followed many, many legal topics was picked on for what made others uncomfortable, which was seen as prejudice, when it was not. It was taken out of context, by people who did not see that looking at abortion rights (and horrible known examples of why they mattered) in the law in the same conversation, sexual assault law reform to constitutional law. The uncomfortable bits were cherrypicked to make this look bad for those that were less informed.

It seems like so much has been happening in parts of the debate on how to handle my problems and your reactions to it. In so many ways, this is the problem with the way that you handle the way you are polluting me, my climate, my water, using up my blood. All of this also gets treated the same way, misunderstood, not seen as a whole, prejudice and misunderstanding ruling. Look at where you are doing this, and how you can broaden your perception. Most of the beings on my skin at this time are not bad, but misled. Badly mislead, like in the misunderstandings my correspondent was a part of in the past two days. We need to look at all of this and learn how to teach all of the beings on my skin how to work with this. Because it is only through working together and understanding all perceptions so we can educate all people.