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Saturday 8th May 2021

As my correspondent looks back on yesterday, she thinks one of the main themes is accountability. This is something that she considers more important the more responsibility someone has. Something she sees as lacking in the current climate, more or less. In so many ways, this is very true. My feeling comes to mining companies and the way that they destroy landscapes without the responsibility of rehabilitating them, breaking energy lines, creating dead zones and putting human green over the needs of my plants and animals. A recent example shows that this also applies to my custodians as well, the indigenous people, with their sacred natural landscape given no accountability or protection either.

This shows an appalling attitude to my creation, the mother that gives you life as a planet to live on. On this Australian mothers day, as my correspondent writes this, I ask a plea. A plea that you learn to respect me, my custodians and my natural resources for what they are, important parts of the whole. Not just in your way when you want to mine something for profit. This is me asking on a day that is supposed to honour mothers to honour me. Please do so, for without it I cannot continue to support you as a biosphere.

7th May 2021

As my correspondent looks back on yesterday, well it was an interesting day. It was a day of switching off to a certain extent as well as planning for my correspondent. One of the interesting things I found about my correspondents day was the idea of a garden. The little piece of nature that humans value and keep personally, changing it to suit their tastes and needs. Watching a show about this, my correspondent got to thinking about the idea of the cottage garden. The small, acre size microcosm of flowering plants, herbs and edible plants, this sustained a family for most, if not all of it's fruit and vegetable needs. As an idea it appeals to my correspondent, who would wish to do it had they the ground and security. And just another example of how you, as people, could help yourself and me.

Yet, according to some, this kind of simplicity is bad. It is considered a form of self poverty not to have the modern lifestyle. Why? That is something my correspondent does not understand, and neither do I. A simpler life does not mean one devoid of joy, or of friends and family, nor of good food and good experiences. It just means that the way you do it is different. Rather than going to restaurant to eat good food you do it at home. Rather than buying your food you grow it at home if you can, if not swap or barter with what you have or buy for home 'Sustainably' as my correspondent would put it. This does not diminish your quality of life, this simplicity. In some cases it may enhance it. It also creates less waste and problems overall, which benefits me. So why don't you grow your own harvest today?

Thursday 6th May 2021

As my correspondent looks back on today in a spiritual and energetic sense, it was a day of reflection and moving on from a time of Healing. There is a new moon coming soon, and a eclipse on the full moon, which will both be powerful, with cleansing needed beforehand to purify intentions. This month is a powerful month to start again and make new intentions, even if your past has perhaps not been the best. Harnessing the shifts and changes coming in to grow in harmony with me and my energy grids. Today, as she writes this for yesterday my correspondent drew for the rune of the day, representing the energy Naudhiz, representing this ability from this time to break old restrictions and fates, creating a new future for us all, one person at a time.

This is going to happen in conjunction with the changes in the Earths grid, which are particularity intense at the moment coming into the eclipse this month. Things are going to change despite the resitance I feel among many of the ‘Elite’ as you would call them to this because of their privileged position. The old broken systems favours them, so the resist. This is true both at a physical and energetic level, where old orders of disnincarnate being that controlled the energies of the third are being disseated and replaced as time goes on. This allows growth and change into a new world, a new reality as we come into it This is an important process that is happening this month. If you make the most of it you can create a large new world, which is bright and true.

5th May 2021

As my correspondent looks back on yesterday, a day of catching up on correspondence and chores. My correspondent is at a time and place, where after a time of relaxation, we have to restart and catch up. My correspondent does not like quiet times, or times with other things going on. My correspondent at times is not a good patient, or good resting. She is like so many people caught up in ‘Busyness’. It is unavoidable in a way if living in the world that this exists, but it means at times it is hard to rest, even when you really need it.

As we look around in life, we all see it, you and me. The energy of the pace is relentless, and it affects me too. As it does we look around and realise that it is pervasive, as well as the damage it does. It means that people rush, don’t see the damage they do energetically and physically to the environment around them and other people, the way it adds to the overbalance in the grid. As we move along, this has to change. For me and for you. This is because awareness comes in the quiet moments, things change and grow with reflection. Without the reflection of winter, wisdom does not crystallise for the next spring. Without time to be still, we do not have time to be aware, therefore we don’t notice the people around us, or the world. Therefore we do not notice what is right or wrong, either within or without. This is a major problem in your society that makes more damage inevitable till you correct this and allow time to grow and reflect.

Tuesday 4th May 2021

As we looked around today, once again a day of rest, relaxation and healing, it was a day of problems and solutions. The problem was a mouse that is in the wrong place, the answer a trap. Of things being sold, of healing to be a more effective and whole person. This is also the story of the world as we speak, it is also a story of the time that we are going through. As we look around now, India,  a country on my skin, is suffering and being shut out in the process. A shut out country, wearing the suffering of the imbalances of all on my grid. This is a grid, a grid that is overbalanced with over consumption, greed, and imbalance between gluttony and want. This is a time of reckoning of this overbalance not easily spread.

As you go about your day, connect, connect as you do, spread out your energy and connect to the earth. Send positive energy, meditate, and do what you can to alleviate the imbalance, as well as the overall suffering. Yes, this may seem a drop in the bucket, as the old phrase goes, but each drop in the bucket fills you up. It fills you up as you fill the worlds bucket up. Allows you to be more positive, fill the positive path, fill the time to create a new world, a new life. For all. This is the positive side of this time, the flux allows us, allows you to make change. Why don’t you do that and help me today if you are conscious, for it will help greatly, one person at a time.

Monday 3rd May 2021

As we look back on this day, my Correspondent and I, it was a day of healing. My correspondent, a very old spirit being, has been here a while and has experienced many things, some of them negative. Many have left their mark, some not well. Today was a day of letting that go. While I look around this time and place, well I see that in many people. I can see that in the way people are disconnected from each other in the world. If people could have more connection, they would see how they are connected in the web of the whole. The web of life is just that, the web of life. Humans are not immune. At all. Yet they act like they are. This is why they dishonor each other and dishonor me. They don’t see the connection and don’t understand the damage they do.

As you go about your day, look at where you are disconnected, therefore where to heal this disconnection. This will make a time where more and more goes to plan, when people came together and work together, as well as with my biosphere. As well as this it will bring the world into greater balance, allowing the world to come back into a more sustainable atmosphere and energy flow. This is a necessary time and place to create and merge into a new dimension, the fifth dimension, coming up. This is a time of connecting not from individual consciousness, but the awareness of the heart and throat, the planetary consciousness. This is already happening, this internet that this being published on is one example. This connected everyone across the world. This is the time that we need to work with this, as it accelerates. Some of it is unpleasant, other parts are good. This is because in a shift the old as well as Karma needs to be cleared out. In connecting it makes it easier for you, to plug into this new energy, to be anchored in this, to stay balanced despite this. Despite the turmoil and shift. Look at how you can connect and stay balanced to make the most of this process.

Sunday 2nd May 2021

As my correspondent looks around about today, from hindsight it was a long day. A day of endurance but getting a few good things. This was a day of looking around at second hand goods, and how many have little to no value to many in a society. This is a time that many on your skin consume my resources at an ever growing rate, not thinking of the value of these resources or those already used. This is a time and place that you must though, for you are, the few in the more ‘Developed’ Society as you think of it, come to terms with your sense of the need of the new and the waste it causes. Wether it be in your homes, or on your person, you are using far too many resources.

Some like my correspondent understand this. Others like most in society do not. This is a problem because a resource saved is another resource not used. This means that many people work through more resources than they need with others not having enough. This is an overbalance in your society that then bounds back into the energetic systems, creating further imbalances. In time this will become a bigger and bigger problem, rising in to a further crisis. If you want to prevent this a new consciousness needs to develop, one that values things, values people over goods, function over form. And most importantly, my resources as you use them. Please do so, because this is the key towards a working balance with me.

1st May 2021

As my Correspondent looks back on today, she thinks of where truths and half truths in her life and others. The way people are treated on this planet, the way this relates to a sense of purpose, unity and respect and responsibility. Like humans have very little respect for my own biosphere, they seem to have very little respect to themselves as well. This is so true for many, many people in the world, to a more or less state. It is so for me, as a planet in the physical, the truths in this are growing, developing and need to be acknowledged.

In what you are doing to me, you are also doing to yourself as you find yourself caught in my overbalance as a human population. This is a time and place that you can do something about it now. There are my visionaries, my teachers around, and your growing awareness of the signs. Yet you are doing nothing, watch the damage accumulate. As you do, you will find yourself caught up, more and more, in this imbalance, finding yourself in a worsening situation. At this time finding a respect and balance for the planet will save you as humanity as well as me as an incarnated planet.