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Messages from Gaia, Our Earth

Tuesday 3rd August 2021

Well, yesterday was an interesting day. A day of my correspondent both working with spirit and against it in a way. This complicated formula comes from, quite simply, all beings in spirit being individuals and having their own agendas and personalities, just like incarnate humans.

This is something that humans like you sometimes forget. My correspondent has not because she has seen it and worked through it, that not all spirit beings are nice helpers. Some are mallicious, some are neutral with their own agendas. Some like yesterday do things you don't like becasuse they think it's for your own good. That has happened to my correspondent as well. In your interactions with spirit beings, remember this.

Especially at this time of change you need to be aware of this. Dark spirits, spirits of the decay you caused as humanity are everywhere and a part of this imbalance. Be they in the form of a virus, or the form of a ghost or thought form (The ghost or image of an event). Or the corrupt energy of a polluted site, or a site where many people have died by your hand. All are around and active. They are in the process of being cleansed, but they are still around. Be careful in this time of imbalance where they are most active before they are destroyed and recycled.

Monday 2nd August 2021

As my correspondent looks back on yesterday, well, it is hard to define a theme. It is a time of change, a time of balance, a time of working with the energies as they change, shift and flow.

My correspondent is looking at the astrology more and more as things go to the pointy end of the shift, the change and flow, the actual change showing itself in the world. She calls this her intelligence report, her chance to see some solid information to understand what is happening around her. This is something that she uses for her to understand the ebb and flow around her as an 'Old Solider'. If you wish to see some kind of information that you can work with as you try to understand life and the life changes around you, this is something you can do as well. This is a time of change, of transition. So it will still be chaotic, but it can be understood that way.

I note that humans need certainty, which will not happen. Things are in a state of flux and will be for a while, for at least another three years. The old needs to go to lay the foundations for the new. But if you work with the information you can get, from whatever source, you can lay your own foundations in the new world in a much more solid manner.

Sunday 1st August 2021

As my correspondent looks back on yesterday they see a day of balance. The effort gone to to cut firewood was balanced out by a pleasure of a night by the fire. This balance is something that bought in an honored guest, an honored new friend as well as some old friends from the Astral. It was a good night for all by that fire, as the dogs played.

There are currently two furry kids in my correspondents household who are definitely not in balance. This is because they are puppies and growing up. As they learn and grow in the mind they learn balance. At the moment, however, their idea of balance is sleeping from exhaustion. Like your own children learning lessons, this is a time for guidance by wiser voices.

At this time the wiser voices are lacking in the greater world, or are being ignored. My teachers, your teachers are not being listened to to all of our detriment. This means that you are all acting like the children that you raise, not learning the lessons of balance and how to live and becoming the problems yourselves. This has led to this current healing crisis, to learn the lessons, well, the lessons you have refused to before now. Before it is too late and you become more out of balance with nature, more of a problem. The world needs you to understand now and turn back at this point, or worse is to come as we go along.

For both of us. So please, my children, heed the lessons and learn. Before it is too late.

31st July 2021

Today, as we approach the changes of the Lions Gate, we are all experiencing some of the changes. Some will come faster than others, green shoots in the Chaos. For my correspondent, it was promises being kept and getting firewood as promised by her personal spirit companions. It was in an unexpected way, as was another cupboard. This has meant that my correspondent can continue to do the things she enjoys in this lockdown and see results.

A lot of us will have the green shoots, but not be so able to see them as they are not yet advanced. They are just coming out of the ground. It is going to be small things, It is going to be little things at the moment. Like the firewood and not having to pay for a cupboard. Or a small act of kindness from a stranger. New things are coming in.

At this time, if you can, think of what you want. Think of what you want and need, coming up and into your life as you approach the 8th August. Bring in what you need, through visualisation now as the Lions Gate approaches – This week will be very powerful for it.

Old things may not work any more in this time though. Things that are no longer needed will leave, things will change. For the new to come in, the old must leave. This is the balance of the universe. Be thankful for this as it happens. It is for a reason.

30th July 2021

As we look around on today from yesterday, my correspondent and I, well, we think of the way the world is shifting and changing with energy and progress. Some is not good, some is. My correspondent had a major energy download yesterday, and could feel how the world is changing as well as the carpet of suffering among the people in it. So many are benefiting from the positive change in energy, but those who need it most are being left behind.

This is linked to how group karma is most affecting those who have the least to do with creating it, as well. This is both a part of the imbalance and a part of the problem. Collective healing needs to happen in these 'Dead Zones', not all of which are related to the physical suffering only. Or we will be facing worse and worse crises as they feed the imbalance. I will ask my correspondent to soon release some healing meditations for the world as well as for you to do this as my readers, to start healing this imbalance, creating this new world. Allowing the old to fully die instead of staying around, creating more and more suffering. More and more imbalance. The more are healthy, the more progress we make. I need all of you to help me with this during this time.

29th July 2021

As this month is nearly over, so many things are gathering strength and energy. As we go along we see strengthening of new energies as the old fade away. Some of them will come to culmination at the new moon this month, with The Sirius, or Lions Gate (8/8) coinciding with the new moon. This is an momentous occasion to prepare for.

As you are evolving and growing, so am I. As you go up in frequencies, so am I. This process is something that cannot be reversed no matter how much certain people want it to. The old is going and with this new moon, the new energy is rising. My correspondent had a dream, a vision quite a while ago about the effects of this. The old leaving and the new coming in, with souls that cannot move with it progressively leaving. She saw some walking through portals to other places and others staying, walking through the field of portals, as lions and lionesses. As I grow more and more energetic, this process will take greater shape as those no longer comfortable with my energy band leave and go onto other places where it is more conducive to their growth. This is a process that is continuing as we go through the next fifty years or so, and souls make their choices.

This is necessary because, well, I cannot stay at this energy band any more. I need to continue to grow and evolve, I need to move forward or I myself will perish and not be able to support you. This means that it is a necessary step, despite the destruction you feel at the moment. When you get through this, you will see the results.

28th July 2021

As my correspondent looks back on that day, well, it was a day of little happening in so many ways. A steady day, a day of contemplation and catching up on things. This is in part because the world has shut down, in part because this is a crossroads for my correspondent. It is an elongated one because well, it is for everybody at the moment. As things change, as the processes of planetary evolution begin to show their fruit things will get better. However, for now, we are in the time of chaotic change, what my correspondent calls the time of Hagalaz. This hailstone rune is a major agent of change, chaotic , unpredictable, destructive. It is a disruptive time. However, it is necessary.

As the hail clears, we will see what is left. As the hail clears, you will see the old has made way for the new foundations that will create the new life of this world, my body. Until then, you have to have patience and faith. Faith to see the hailstorm through. It will be over when it's work is done and you will see what this is all for. Until then, well, you have to find cover the best you can.

27th July 2021

Well, today my correspondent had a full day and did many things. From paying bills, to getting groceries, to ritual items, this was a full day. A day in balance.

Not many of you have ritual observances as a part of your day when it comes to nature, especially a daily routine. Some might have prayer, some might have Meditation, some perhaps a walk. An example of making this a full nature observance comes with the book Walking With your Wolf, that my correspondent has read and will review later where the walk is a deliberate walk through nature rather than just a walk. This is to be encouraged.

Not only for you, though it will benefit you as humans. It also benefits me because it connects you to me, makes me aware that you are but a part of my ecosphere. Not a separate entity from it with Dominion over it, as my correspondent would put it. This is something that needs to happen because well, the more you damage my ecospehre the more we all suffer. By connecting to me, my rhythms, my cycles of life, you can each personally do a lot to not only correct this imbalance, but not create new ones. Which would be a great service for both myself and you as a collective of humans.