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Special Edition

Humanity Current Evolution and the Importance of this Current Eclipse Cycle

As we look at our current time and place, to where we are and where we are headed, we are seeing a crucial point in our current human evolution cycle. In order to understand what this all means we need to understand three areas. The first is how evolution cycles work. The second is the way that the human incarnation cycle has worked with the planet for the last one hundred and fifty years. The third, but not least, is how this is all fitting together in the current eclipse cycle. Each will be explained in this opinion piece, then put together to go with the companion video.

The Incarnation Cycles

The first part of this is where humans fit in the grander scheme of things. It is important to note that we are not the first race to become sentient and evolve. The first one I can remember is the Elemental Cycle. I have very little memory of this accept for a few representatives and the legends, but may have met one of them in current human incarnation. These beings, older than time and ancient, were revered by the Fey, and a little by the humans. The more active and younger ones are now being recognised again in books by authors such as Ted Andrews, but the old ancient forms are far too slow moving to be recognised by humanity in so many ways – Unless you look carefully. Memories of these ancient entities that gave rise to the ancient, very elemental gods such as the Greek/Roman Titans and the original, organistic and natural first generation Babylonian/Sumerian deities. As they sank into the earth they are still very much a part of our world today, something we are just starting to recognise and work with again, an ongoing incarnation cycle of their own. They gave us crystals, rocks and the basic four elements.

The next cycle that I can remember as a being are the Draconis, or draconian cycle. This cycle is one of beings, from the time of the dinosaurs from what I can tell, that were ancient beyond measure. There were about five species or so of them that I can remember, Including a bipedal sentient race. They were very powerful, but at the time of the Feyan race cycle mostly gone. The bipedal race was gone, possibly at the fall of the dinosaurs, and the ones that we remember were the most powerful and the ones that survived the impact. These were mostly the type that corresponded to the western, shapeshifiting dragon, a type that corresponded to the snakelike, Eastern Dragon, and a very crystalline, rare dragon that we mostly saw shape-shifted, a light dragon. There were a few pure dark dragons around, including one I know of currently in incarnation, but the humanoid species had been wiped out on this planet despite being as widespread as humans once. This was the next incarnation cycle. There are some still around today not incarnated as humans, but they are mostly dormant at the moment. Some are waking up though.

The next incarnation cycle, of course, was the Feyan cycle. This was broader than you would think, consisting of many, many races that combined links to nature with individual sentience. This ranged from the flower fey, to Centaurs, to Elves, to Dryads, Nymphs and Faeries and beyond. There was a mass of variation in this cycle, as varied as nature. There was overlap between the Fey cycle and the Human cycle right up to the last ice age, with a fading out till the end of the pagan era, hence all the stories and tales. Now, thanks mostly to humanity made barriers the fey are now mostly either part of nature or visitors from their own realm in the prime ethereal. This was perhaps the most varied cycle, with races ranging from the flower fey to ones that took the form of the deities the humans worshipped, region by region, to guide and help humanity. Unfortulatley, not all were as enlightened as they could have been, just advanced, hence the squabbles of some of the deific family trees. I count myself as part of this incarnation cycle in terms of my souls origins, currently in a human body as part of this current incarnation cycle.

The one that humans are at, of course, is this current one. It started with the origins of sentience, then going in shifts and turns with the environment. There have been advanced civilisations that have collapsed and humanity started again at the last ice age, the fabled Atlantis and Mu. In memory I see Atlantis as a Tri-State island, powered by what would be called quantum technology through crystals, that blew itself up with it’s own power source at or before the last major ice age. The colonies and impacts of the Atlanteans can be seen in various areas in the ancient world as they made contact with the people there, but mostly they are lost, like any city that blew itself up suddenly. Lemuria, from what I can remember, was at it’s peak in the Ice age, and had a range across Europe, America and the now shallow parts of the sea that were drowned in the thaw after the ice age. There is an area in the Atlantic where trawlers are dredging up bones of ice age mammals, which is what jogged my memory. The survivors of this migrated across the low countries, Russia, the Bering Straits and from that along the American Coast line, becoming the native, Shamanic peoples. Lemurians overall did not have a lot of technology, but were spiritually advanced and lived with the land, connected to spirit and ether in a way that now only these indigenous groups mirror. We only really understand the rebuilding that came after the last Ice ages today in terms of archaeology, Atlantis blowing itself into the sea and the Lemurians leaving a light trace. But if you look you can find both, as you can find a pre-Columbian Amerindian Village, or any of the ancient civilisations the Antlantean survivors influenced.

Neither will this be the last cycle, there will be one coming up behind us. At the moment to me spiders are the best candidates, with reports of some developing tapping languages with their legs being dredged up by my mind. But it could be anything, really, coming up, developing behind us in the natural march of cycles. Through this the energy dimensions of our planet waxes and wanes as the comfortable band for sentient incarnation cycles is a level above, and a level below the current level (Think of the chakra levels as the ladder we climb in spiritual evolution). But this is a gradual movement naturally, and jerks do it no good. This is where we are at now. It is by no means the first time this has happened, it happened in the Draconian and the Feyan cycles, as well as after the Atlantean disaster, but it is the current one we are facing now.

Humanity's Current Evolution

The next part of this is where our current crop of humanity lies. It lies in the 5th band, having been thrown back with the shocks of the last ice age and beyond. From there the cycle started again, having gone through the stages, at the basics of the third energy dimension. This was long, not only because this was being re-established, but this was a personal learning level. Even with this up until the second last shift second dimension souls still roamed the earth.

For quite a while the Planet was stuck in the third dimension, slowly progressing. This was a slow, painful process, mastering understanding yet again, the right way this time. There was great advances and things were on track up until the dark ages, then the middle ages, where a whole heap of souls caught in the dogma of christian Europe became powerful in the cycles of incarnation. This meant that they could delay, control and hold back to keep their power base in the 3rd energy dimension, which they did through the renaissance, the enlightenment and up until the breaking of the power of the churches. From there progress was made, but the shift still delayed as time became more and more urgent. There were forerunners from the Renaissance in thinkers like Copernicus, Newton and Leonardo Da Vinci, but the real shift started as momentum broke the grip of those in power above with the Industrial revolution, the birth of science. Science, as it is now has become a dogma, but at the time it was the tool to break the dogma. The real forerunners of the shift came through in the late 19th century as technology bought the world together in global trade, Steiner and Jung bought the ideas that would foreshadow the shift, and we began to know more about each other. Indeed, in speeches Steiner actually mentioned the exact colours of the 4th shift as well as the shift itself. There was also a rise in awareness of the spiritual world with spiritualism and movements like Golden Dawn and Theosophy. The chaos in transition was WWI and WWII, those left behind in reaction and counter reaction. But out if both came a more united humanity and the shift to the 4th Dimension in the 1960’s.

As this was long delayed, only bought on by critical mass when the dam wall broke, the forerunners to the 5th Dimension were immediate and growing. The Digital revolution started in a quiet way with the first computers, global communications became better, with faxes, the internet etc…. Computers went from an entire floor to the laptop I’m on now and beyond, the change of pace quickened. At the same time Eastern religions came to the west, empires collapsed etc… as a forerunner of greater world understanding. Even though I don’t agree with the direction even books like The Secret and The Answer were forerunners, conditioning people to the greater realities to come. As this happened we got closer to 2012, which far from being an apocalypse, was a shift to the 5th Dimension.

This is where we are now. The shift, as chaotic as it was, is still in transition and flux. This is partly because it was so quick, partly because those 3rd Dimension souls held on to the bitter end. This means that there are now souls, not comfortable, left behind by events reacting to this. Then we get the counter-reaction and the counter-counter, reaction all inflamed by the far too readily available energy. At the moment, for the next hundred years, we are at a point where we are looking at this at a threat, when well used it could be an opportunity. If harnessed well, this could help raise the mass of humanity, and especially our own. We are getting ideas that are forerunners to the 6th dimension as well, such as the Hologram idea of reality, but these will be a forerunner to all but a lucky few until energy gets less dense with the 6th dimension. For now, like a good salad dressing, we need the vinegar of ritual, prayer, meditation and affirmation to bind the prime ethereal and the prime material to our will together, be it in a much more effective and easy flow. Especially at the moment with such a mass of free-floating energy around.

The Current Eclipse Cycle

We are now getting down to the final component of all of this – The current eclipse cycle. The background to this as we can note is that up until a few years ago the eclipse cycles occurred on the balance points, the Equinoxes. This indicated that they were balancing things out. Then they shifted to focusing on the tipping points – The Solstices. These points are the zenith of one primal polarity, dark or light, and the detriment for another. At the Winter Solstice Dark is at it’s height and at the Summer Solstice Light is at it’s height. This means that now the extremes are being emphasised, not the balancing out of the polarities. This is something that we need to look at as e move forward to this cycle. I live in the Southern Hemisphere, so I think in those terms as I do this up, but for the Northern Hemisphere this will be different, with dark and the cycles of reflection and regeneration emphasised rather than light. Perhaps this is meaningful, perhaps not. But I get the feeling that there is something to that when I think about it. As the meditation in resources below is meant for the southern Hemisphere, it will emphasise the Summer Solstice.

Now the basic points are established, looking at the cycles you can see it is a powerful time due to the meeting of five phenomenon in three months. In order, they are;

  • Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere) or the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)
  • Super moon 2nd January 2018
  • Micro moon 16/17th January 2018
  • Blood Moon, Super Moon Lunar Eclipse 31st January 2018 Leo/Aquarius
  • Solar Eclipse 15th February 2018 in Aquarius

This synchronous link of events, come to think of it, make sense also with the way that this might be balancing out the hemispheres. One that needs to reflect and rethink the way it does things, another that has to find the light to learn and grow to the development it needs. I need to look at this more, perhaps with the Solar eclipse. But all of this put together is powerful for our planet, for all of us and especially for those like me that have chart correspondences. This is the crunch time for this change, the real tipping point that will set up for about one hundred years.

Putting it Together

As we look at this together we see that we are coming to a major convergence point with many energies in the current human incarnation cycle. This is about balancing out the two parts – ourselves and others, becoming part of the whole. This is about finding the way to become a full part of this world, as well as us. This is connecting into the whole of the prime ethereal and strengthening our links to the realities above, which are there. This is a definite, strong, turning point, once which means different things to different hemispheres, and we cannot ignore.

Overall, the best tools to understand what this means to you personally are astrology, numerology, and personal meditation and reflection. Under this article you will find links to some of my resources on this matter as well as a rune reading moved from Information calendar that went awry and decided to read the up-swell of energy to the eclipse instead of the twelve months ahead. We are headed for a significant time and looking at what this means for you in terms of balancing out your service to self with service of others is in order. If you take this chance you can supercharge yourself, making this time of turmoil and threat into an opportunity.

Micro Moon Reading December to February Eclipse Cycle..mp3

Rune Reading December 28th 2018

This is the Audio of a Rune Reading I did on that night. It is interesting in that for 12 months that instead of going forward this reading went into the past, to the last September (Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere) and counted forward only towards February with an extra eclipse rune making 13, 14 including an  extra rune that jumped onto an already drawn one. This may have some stream of consciousness to it, but that is because I was doing it at night, reading through outside. It was done with four sets of runes as described in the readings, in a way I call a grounded rune reading that looks at the influences from spirit, to the ethereal interface, to the material manifestation, to the keys locking this all in. This came out different to what I thought, but more powerful, so.... Good thing to listen to, putting up with my stream of consciousness or not.