Welcome to Opinion, where we look at the inner world and ritual day to day, issue to issue. Look here for highlights of the two opinion pages. At the moment I am putting up, day by day, a series of three articles on the current June/July/August Solstice and Eclipse Cycle, leading up to the 27th July 2018 Lunar Eclipse.

Online Eclipse Article Supplement - The Power of the Moon

The Sun and the Moon represent the two most primal energies of the universe. As the sun represents the primal light, the Moon represents the primal dark. The first primal energy, the dark is solid, and provides the solidity that underlies our existence. The spiritual dark matter of our universe, this is what we will be focusing on.

The Moon – The Representative of the Dark

Just as the sun represents the primal light in our universe, the moon represents dark. This, far from needing to be feared, is a representative of the necessary, solid binding force of cycles. In balance with the sun, this creates the reality we know all through the universe. The first element in existence, the dark is the solid of the universe. Balanced with the light, illuminated, it shapes the light and gives the structure to be possible. As the moon reflects the light it shapes it, changes it’s colour, illuminating the night to varying degrees as it waxes and wanes. This very representative of how dark, and it’s solid cycles shape our lives.

In terms of human incarnation this anima, the feminine energy, this is about embodying cycles. In a woman this will be her primary lesson, in a man this will be his secondary lesson. This is important in both genders, as this allows the access to this important energy for all in incarnation as a way of able to stay connected to the solidity of existence, being able to use light properly because it has the structure to shape and reflect it. Without this the light would burn, so this is very important.

This is represented by the Tarot card The Moon, and the yang of Yin and Yang. The Yin/Yang representation and the feminine archetypes of the I Ching can also work for those who follow, or are more comfortable with, oriental beliefs. In runic terms, this is a little more difficult as there is no direct lunar correspondence. This means we have to look at the two aspects – The feminine Lunar associations, and the associations with water. Well, Isa comes to mind, for representing frosern water and state of change. Languz can represent flowing water, which is a good correspondence in a way as well for the correspondence with the water, tides and currents. Perdho is connected to luck as well as the womb of mother earth, the dark place before birth, making it a possible connection as well. All of these representation in a way shows how pervasive these cycles are and how diverse they are in how they underpin our existence in nature manifest, which in so many ways the runes reflect in a far more direct way than the Tarot, which represents mystic archetypes in code.

For women, of course, this is a stronger tie than men because they embody cycles. Periods, otherwise known as moon times are an example. Pregnancy is another example, as is the cycle from birth, to puberty, to menopause. In the majority most pagan cultures also have Lunar goddesses, perhaps the most developed and directly represetatative of them being the Celtic Maiden/Mother/Crone Cycles. Also reflected in the element water, which the moon controls in the form of the tides, Which in three states of vapour, liquid water and ice is a lifeblood of the world. The correspondences here are strong, and if you work with them you work so much better male or female, with the universal flow.

The Energy of the Lunar Eclipses

Lunar eclipses, like solar eclipses are gates. When the moon is waxing and waning as it usually does, it is an indirect representation of the primal dark energies. The indirect interplay, as it normally stands gives us access to the reflected, shaped, light as well as the dark energies that shape them. Like the sun, this is indirect when not in eclipse, like seeing the energy through the fence. When the gates of the eclipse opens, this becomes direct. You will not be able to access the full eclipse energies before the gate opens, though you will be able to feel them building.

In terms of reading the energy of a lunar eclipse you can use any form of divination that you are comfortable with, such as runes, the I Ching or Tarot. Any divination is best done on the eclipse or after, when the gate is open or the energy bought through the gate is active. Beforehand it building, but the filter effect means that it is a lot harder to read. A good tool, like the solar eclipses, is astrology, which accurately allows the energies to be represented. If you are not skilled, then you may want to consult a skilled reader. If you have enough knowledge and understanding your birth chart and the chart of the eclipse will give you a good idea on what you are working with. I read this a little more broadly in a way I have learnt through experience, but if you are starting out use more classic definitions and find your own through experience. These as gates can be great turning points, so this is a very good thing to get to know and use to understand where you are moving on in cycles.

How to Use the Energies of The Moon and Dark in your Life

As a solar body the moon is perhaps the most observable. This is because it’s progress is the brightest light in the night, which makes it easy to gase and track. This makes moon gazing, and following the moon in ritual (male or female) a very accessible way of getting in touch with the energies. Sometimes the reflection of the moon in water is something that works for some (and for all at other times). Other ways is to wear moonstone, or charge ritual items under the full moon.

The Tarot card The Moon, which represents The moon in the Tarot deck, is a good tool to connect to this. The feminine yang archetypes of the I Ching are also a very good way of connecting to this. With runes, as stated above, this is a little more tricky, and you would have to choose based on the aspect. For instance, around water and the flow of energy Languz is a good one. For the cycles of birth and regeneration water allows Berkana or Perdho could be a good one. Of course, for frozen progress, or frozen energy, Isa is a good one to work with, representing ice and winter related goddesses. As with all of these things it is better to find what works best for you so look around, and see what works in connecting to cycles as a part of your energy.

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense

Online Article Supplement  - The Power of the Sun

The sun and the moon are the two luminous solar bodies in our world. Each have a role to play in embodying a primal energy, and as a pair they represent overarching animus in our world. Our sun is our gateway of primal light at a system wide level, allowing us to work with these energies. When there is a solar eclipse there is a gateway direct to the universal source of light energy, allowing us a direct access to this light. The sun, in this way, is a gateway, either indirectly or directly to this essential light energy.

The Sun – The Representative of Light

In our solar system, the sun is the representative of primal light. This primal energy, only the second in existence, is one of growth, change and illumination. In terms of elements this most closely aligns to fire, which is a lesser, planetary form of light. Represented in may ways in mythology and divination this important archetype has historically had the representation that this deserves. There are may solar deities represented in mythology, among them Horus and Mithras. Balder the Beautiful of Celtic Mythology is also a sideways representation of this. Apollo the sun god is a rather literal interpretation. In terms of Divination there is no more direct representation of this than the Rune Souwulo (also known as Sig) in the Elder Fultark. This is a sun rune, represtenting it’s life giving properties. The Sun card in Tarot is also a direct representation of this in the Tarot deck, with a meaning that very much embodies this role as the giver of light energy.

All of this represents the power of primal light and sun in different facets for different cultures, that if growth, Illumination and expansion. In terms of the way humans are embodied this is also the masculne, Animus polarity. As with all things this has it’s upsides and downsides. The upside is the way it powers growth, understanding and Illumination. This is what powers change, growth and civilisation as the sun powers the growth of crops. This, balanced with, and shaped by dark and cycles allows growth and progress. But if too great… Ever seen what happens when the sun is focused on one spot with a magnifying glass? Watched it burn whatever is under it? Well that what it does if not controlled and shaped. It burns all around it, including the uncontrolled vessel. This is the challenge of animus lesson, what we think of as the male lesson in humans. Both genders will have these lessons, for males primary, for females secondary. This allows us access to the light element in us as well as enabling us to have a connection for us to work with it in us. For this reason, male or female, this is an important part of our incarnated soul.

The Energy of the Solar Eclipse

As the energy of the sun is the filtered light coming to us through the slats in the fence, a solar eclipse is a gate opening. When the gate opens we get direct access to the primal light that underpins the universe. This light, though invisible, is direct and powerful, allowing us to have a much more direct access to this primal energy to that time. This allows us, according to the energy of the gate, accelerate our growth, both as individuals and as a unit of incarnated souls on the planet. These, in that ways, are special times that we get access to pure primal light. Each Eclipse has it’s own effect, measured in many ways.

Any divination can give you guidance on this, but perhaps the best way to look at this as astrology as it most accurately records the effects of these events. This can also measure the effect on you by comparing to your personal chart. While for complex issues and charts it is best to have a degree of skill (or go to a professional with adequate degree of skill) there is a lot of information online. I tend to use astrology more loosely than some for the exact effects as I’ve noted a different set of meanings out of experience in broader readings, you should have enough skill and experience in reading charts to do this for yourself. I will not go all the way into this in a brief article, but will be putting something together on this at another time. It is enough for our current article.

Other ways are to do a Tarot reading on the day (or day after) the solar eclipse, as well as runes or whatever other means you use. This will give you an idea of the energies. As well as this you can meditate on the solar eclipse itself, with adequate preparation, bringing in the energies. I am working on a book of guided meditations including meditations on these eclipses, allowing you to access these energies for yourself. One note though – You will only be able to access these energies at or after the gate has opened, even if it is after it is closed. Before this, while things may be building up, we only get peeks at the energies. It is only after the gate opens we get full access to them. Therefore the best time to fully access the energies of a solar eclipse is during or after.

Using the Energies of the Sun and Light in your Life Overall

Apart from Solar Eclipses (See above) the best way of using the light energy of the sun is experiencing it. For instance, today, in the half an hour before dusk the gorgeously warm winter sun felt wonderful. So I opened up to it and felt it go through me with a few deep breaths. This is a simple form of meditating on the Sun and light, but at the same time you can make this as complex as you want. It could be as simple as spending time in the sun consciously, while sitting on the beach.

You can also access this energy by using the associations with divination, such as The Sun card in Tarot, or the Sowulo rune in the Elder Fultark. These could be used for meditation, or put under your pillow to let it work through your subconcous at night. There are many ways of working with this energy, and yours after a while will be as individual as you. So, think about this for yourself and find out what is the best way of doing this for yourself.

Events Supplement - The June/July/August Eclipse Cycle

As we head into July and August, like the December Solstice preceding, we have another eclipse cycle. This is something that, as we go into it, we will shift and change, and grow. This may not always be comfortable, this may not always be good for us in the way that we think it is, especially if we don’t understand it. Even as someone caught in the cycle at the end of the day I was one of these. I have been, as you wold know, trying to break into the energy work and spiritual services field. This has been frustrating lately to say the least. I knew about the eclipse cycle, I follow astrology loosely and knew it hit my planets. But at the end of the day I didn’t understand what was going on till I listened to a Beyond the Ordinary Show podcast, Hosted by John Burogs talk, on the eclipse cycle and gates by Sandra Walters. This stood out to me at first, even before I listened to it, which is why I listened to it.

What I got out of this talk the most was the idea of embodiment – Of grounding down the changes that are happening. This idea that nothings landing because energies and ideas are shifting so fast that they don’t have time to become real, to materialise. This was the whole problem that I was facing, as were so many others when I mentioned it. This problem of projects ‘Not Landing’ made sense to me. From there the sense of frustration stopped, I understood and started to work with the process. This changed things so much for me as I worked with the process, and while not so much on a track to start materialising clients and wealth, I am now in tune with what is happening, therefore less frustrated.

And there is evidence in my life. Before the 13th July, the first of the eclipses, I felt rather frustrated and disconnected. This was because why for me the Winter Solstice was an initiation, nothing was following from it. Nothing was flowing, Nothing seemed to work. This was frustrating me. I went and got an Aura photo done, and interestingly the reasons and results were visible. Well, The initiation tied me to the earth, but higher source was lacking. Making sense of this I went back to looking for it, and remembered the eclipse cycle, which I was looking at for a meditation book. This then clicked as I looked at the three eclipses. Listening to the talk mentioned by Sandra Walters, This made sense to me of how nothing worked, nothing landed. Taking a fresh look in to the astrology and the energies of the eclipses, it made sense.

Rewriting what this meant I came up with the simple idea that this part of the embodiment cycle, ideas grounding through energy. The first Solar Eclipse on the Friday 13th July 2018 was bringing down the energy in the form of a light gate, the Lunar Eclipse on Saturday 27th July 2018 is grounding the energy down, reflecting it into reality, with the final Solar Eclipse on the Saturday 11th August 2018, allowing the energy for manifestation and reality for the changes to come in. Beginning with major oppositions between Cancer/Leo and Capricorn/Aquarius, and ending fully with oppositions still in Leo/Aquarius tensions, this is bringing in changes around how we see the relation of ourselves and others, with the early focus on relations. It is interesting that the bridges through this are Uranus and Neptune, which to me signals that new ways of seeing our relationships and new innovations coming through are what is going to bridge the gap and move the planet towards the new harmony. This is grounding down, of course, at the solstices, creating different effects. For the Northern Hemisphere this is the Summer Solstice, the light descending and the dark ascending at a tipping point. For the Southern Hemisphere this is the Tipping point of the dark descending, to the light ascending. Starting at about four years ago, this shift between the Equinoxes to the Solstices being the focus of the eclipse cycles changes the nature of the cycles from a balancing effect at the times of balance, to a series of tipping or change points. This one seems very powerful, setting things up for a time to come. Indeed, it seems the incarnation cycles have shifted up another level at a planetary level with this one, which perhaps explains why nothing is landing for anybody at the moment, or indeed working for anybody. The new, 5th Dimensional level needs to be embodied and land in order to for anything to work.

In terms of the Northern Hemisphere, who had their cycle of reflection with the June Solstice last year, this is their reflections, their time of reckoning made manifest. I feel that this is a time of re-balancing a whole heap of issues related to the Colonial and Neo-Colonial power balance, very much split between the northern and southern hemispheres. The Northern Hemisphere has reflected as the dark tips to light in December, sown the new seeds (seemingly energetic) in Spring, then gone through to summer to empower this change. They are at a point of the light energy powering change tipping towards dark, towards harvesting the result with their Autumn Equinox. This show that the results are being harvested, in this case the changes in energy and relations coming out of the reflections. I am unsure how this change will manifest completely, but the focus of the opposition, and the heavy involvement of the north node, our karmic past, indicates that this is a point of major re-balancing of relations between rich and poor nations. This seems to be related mostly to the power dynamics to me, but we shall see the results taking shape in the next twelve months or so. This is going to be a time that sets up change, if not sees a lot of change.

For the Southern Hemisphere the last tipping point in December was from Dark to light, In this case bringing in the power. This was a set of gates to bring in empowerment, seemingly to kick-start and bring energy into the process of empowerment, which is coming into it’s reflective phase on how to use the boost to sow the seeds of true regeneration and balance. A complimentary process to the one in the north, this will take shape as we go ahead, though there is no way of predicting the outcome now. One thing we can predict, with the length and rarity of the event, is it going to be very powerful. Something which I felt last night as the power came out with the waxing globus, having to ground down from the amount of energy available. This showed this events power.

Overall, the change I am feeling is positive, but it will still come with turmoil. What started in 2012 is grounding down and manifesting, a new level of existence on the planet, and we are now getting into the real business end of it. As we go into this we are seeing many changes and a lot of energy coming through, a lot of potential. It will be a while before we see the potential this form takes, but the formation of the new is well underway. Over the next two eclipses there will be more information, which I shall write on. But for now, strap in for the ride.

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense