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Eclipse Season

The Twin Eclipse Gates

November 30th November 2020 and December 15th 2020

Capping off a chaotic and karmic year are a Gemini/Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on November 30th and a Sagittarius Solar eclipse on December 15th 2020. A year that has seen three Pluto/Jupiter conjunctions, three other eclipses in a series around the middle of the year and was foreshadowed by a December 26 Solar eclipse preceding it, this was without doubt a disrupted year. It was also a Karmic one, shaking up or world to show us what needed to be changed. Be that by street protest, or a virus that has stopped society from operating and pointed out the weaknesses of your social and economic structures. There have also been key lessons around the tricksters curse, especially in America with Donald Trump, though he as counterparts in Australia (Scott Morrison) and the United Kingdom (Boris Johnson). All three are lessons that in being elected were unlearnt to lesser or greater extents, considering the chaos in the world.

Looking at the astrology of the two, they are very connected. The north and south nodes are activated in both eclipse charts, showing the karmic aspects continuing. If you watch Molly McCords videos on the American Chart and it's progressions, you will find out exactly how much America is affected. But it affects all the world, not just them. There is a lot going on for the rest of the world though.

Overall, the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius is bringing in the karmic aspects of the shadow of our societies, Wether that be poverty, homelessness or the way white dominant, former colonial societies treat minorities and people of colour. America, as stated above, has deeper cycles along with this, so is being more affected than most, but all are being affected by this energy. This is the energy of the problems of society coming to light to be understood, to be seen. This is not going to be a fun or easy ride. It will be a rather bumpy one as all the aspects of your society that need to be recognised and healed come to light. This is an interplay between Gemini, which is the energy of communication as well as duality and Sagittarius, which is a higher octave of knowledge among other things. This tension is bringing to light the problems in society that need to be healed, with more detail in a specific article on this eclipse coming up later. This is a time that we will be seeing a lot of problems come to light out of the pandemic as well as a lot of other things coming out of the woodwork. There will be another article on the specifics of this eclipse (30th November) in this series.

Then we get to the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse, which is even more Karmic in aspect to the north node. Where the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is the shadow coming to light, the Solar eclipse on the 14th December 2020 is about the reckoning that needs to happen before we can heal it. In effect, this is a healing crisis that we are heading into. I know that many readers will not like to hear this after the problems with COVID, but there is more to come in the next five years from this. I always had the feeling that 2020 was the set-up year for the next five years of constant change, and looking at this chart has strengthened that notion. This is basically setting up the next four years of change and growth in our society. It cannot be ignored, that is certain. While once again, the United States seems to be facing greater challenges than many in the world, this is a massive wave of change across the world. As the nodal axis is activated, this is a reckoning with what needs to be healed in order to move into the next step. We ignore this now as it comes up to be healed it will just come up again, worse and worse, harder to ignore. We need to face this now or we face a lot worse crises in years to come. While there is going to be a more detailed article on the astrology and energy of this eclipse coming up later in this series, there are many planetary indicators that this is going to not just be about movements like Black Lives Matter. It is also about the actual problems and issues of the disaffected populations that have embraced right wing populism as a protest against behind by society around them. On a broader scale it is a reckoning with the colonial and exploitative past of western society. It is also a reckoning around the imbalances in wealth and opportunity as the current economic model is likely to get more and more openly broken and require rebalancing over the next five years.

In short, the lunar eclipse is the band aid being pulled off the wounds in society for people to see. The Solar eclipse is the chance to either heal or make more septic the wounds in society that were bought to light. While there will be more detail in specific articles on the eclipses individually, this is the general energy we are heading into from 2021 to 2025. If we do this right we can lay the groundwork for a better future for all. If we get this wrong, especially those in power, this is laying the groundwork for future catastrophe. This is a turning point that we cannot afford to ignore.

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'smashen Akh'Hense

Gemini/Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse 30th November 2020

Before, in the previous article on this eclipse we were talking about the astrology of the eclipse and why it was a turning point. Now the gate has been opened we are talking about the what and why. It was a powerful eclipse, clearly still very connected to the Sagittarius Solar Eclipse on the 15th November 2020, the next gate to open. This last eclipse bought out, showed which shadows were there to be healed, and the upcoming solar eclipse is showing the reckoning needed to heal them.

In the previous article, pre eclipse, we were looking at what could be seen before the gate opened. Now, we are looking at what could be seen after the gate opened. Mediation on the eclipse came out as eight key themes that were coming out for resolution, and a reading on the last day of the full moon the eclipse came on showed what these factors were. In order, from the reading they were;

  • First Factor – New Information
  • Second Factor – Working with Changes of Cycles
  • Third Factor – Creating a New Understanding
  • Fourth Factor – Changing the Rules of Societies Game of Life
  • Fifth Factor – Creating a New Start for the Forsaken of Humanity
  • Sixth Factor – Seeds of Regeneration Bringing the New Changes
  • Seventh Factor – Healing the Ancestral Wounds of our ties to the Earth through the First nations of the Earth.
  • Eighth Factor – Picking the Higher Path Ahead

New Information is about the downloads that are coming through to change society, with new information and technology coming through.  Working with the changes of cycles is about working with information as it comes through and the energies that present to create the change that is needed to fit in with these new energies on the material plane. In creating a new start for the forsaken of humanity, in whatever form that takes, is the path towards the healing of the shadow to make the world whole at the start of the new cycle. The seeds of regeneration, the sixth factor Works with the seventh and eighth to bring in the higher path available ahead, rather than the lower path that leads to further disaster.

These eight factors are connected to each other, but also working individually, we are looking at what needs to be healed in order for us to move forward. This is societies shadow work, bringing out the problems. Factors two and eight definitely are interconnected, as are four six and eight. Please note there are no solutions here, but problems coming up to be solved for the long term. As it is connected to the solar eclipse more information on how this will be resolved will come through then, as we both approach it and after when the gate is open to show us the information that is coming through. An image coming through to my head is Sowulo, or the sun rune, illuminating the answers to our problems as they come to light from this eclipse of shadow work.

You need to know the problems to find the solutions, which is where we are now with this eclipse, and leading up to the next one, on the 15th December 2020 at 23 degrees Sagittarius. It is also interesting to note that later in the night of the eclipse, while there would still have been some penumbral shadow, I saw something in the clouds.

Perhaps fittingly, the eclipse was obscured by cloud where I live, but later on the moon shone through the clouds in a way that bought light to this reading, as well as the covid pandemic. The first one was half the face of a skull and crossbones illuminated by the clouds, which turned into one butterfly wing. This showed transformation through death, which is fitting for 2020 as well as the COVID emergency. It is a part of slowing us down, forcing us to transform and change, bringing death, but also hope of a new way of doing things, a new way of life. This interconnects to the eight factors that came up, mainly those related to new things, like new information, Seeds of regeneration bringing new Changes, and picking a path from that. This is a time of hope to build the new from the ashes of the old. See the future and you will be rewarded with a new path out of what is happening in the next few years.

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense

Personal and Greater Interpretaion of Eclipses

As we approached the Lunar Eclipse on the 23rd March 2015, back quite a while ago now I was asked about how to interpret eclipses in addition to putting interpretations of the broader ramifications of an eclipse into Ritual Corner each time there is one. The personal aspect is also relevant as I tend to interpret them for myself. Through this I have noted some surprises and some interpretations that I have noted some wrong turns through, reinterpreting it with events.

To begin with there are some planets that mean more than others when I have looked at them. While all planets that this contact have a significance in their area if influence  magnified by the eclipse, the Sun, Moon and Saturn play a particular significance. Some might see Jupiter here as the signal of resources available, but I have found that it is not a direct indicator of the eclipses message. Like all the other planets it can be important, especially if heavily aspected and contacted,but I don't see it among the top three that show the eclispses message. This is because eclispes are about change, often some form of chatoic or revolutionary change. This is a time and place that it is not the resources that matters but the manner of the change and the resposibity of leadership needed to carry out the change. There will be supporting factors that underlie this, however, the overaching message will set the tone.

In terms of importance, the hierarchy is based on which body is being eclipsed. The body that is being eclipsed will rank the most important in interpretation as this is where the change is or has to occur. The more heavily aspected the more the change will affect and is needed often. The next most important is the eclipsing body, which will show why the change is needed and in what direction. Then we look at Saturn, to see where the responsibility for leading this change is needed. Obviously, this is not always clear cut but this will show you what is needed to guide this change if it is going to be positive and successful. Then you look at the supporting planets, especially those that aspect the major indicators or are heavily connected themselves. This will show you how this will play out and the factors that might lead to success and failure. A note here of course that eclipses commonly lead to catastrophic or chaotic change, so this will not be all positive. It is a question of degree of the disruption and how the change plays out before it becomes positive.

In personal terms to interpret this you will need a natal and/or progressed chart. A natal chart will show you the way it is affecting your energy as you were born, a progressed chart is the one that will show you how it is affecting you now. In looking at mine through the past eclipse cycle I have used a natal chart, but you may wish to use the other. There are several websites that offer you the full natal chart with basic interpretations for free reliably, Astro Cafe being the one I use. Or alternately you could use a freeware or shareware astrology program freely available on the internet to generate this if you find yourself using them often and want the tool on hand. This is especially good for doing dual wheels of your personal chart and the eclipse chart. But if you don't have this, all you need is a printout of the chart and a pen or pencil. Find the location of the Sun, moon and Saturn first and mark on the outside of the chart. Then see what house, sign and aspects it has. This will mark the impact as per either traditional astrological meanings, or the broader meanings I use (see article above). If you wish see the position of the other planets and interpret them in relation to the wheel. As above the emphasis is on those that connect to the big three of either chart, followed by heavily aspected planets then the ones that are in heavily trafficked areas of the personal chart.

 As always, don't take anything as the proverbial gospel. This is a guide and tool, not a be all and end all. And don't be too literal in your interpretations, look at events and think of what they mean in a broader sense. I have been caught out with this recently and I can tell you, you can't be too careful. Think, look around and work with it as you go about your life. The meanings may not always be so obvious. You use it as a tool you it will do you good, let it run you it will be to your detriment. But with this in mind you can use it well and improve your life by being informed by the undercurrents of change rather than letting them lead you.

Khel'Shen Akh' Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense

The Book of the Eclipse

The Book of Eclipses, The Hidden Influences of Eclipses, David Ovason, 1999, Arrow Books.

This book is one that I have been looking at and meaning to cover for some time. Purely a review, this is a good one for those who really want to understand the deeper aspects of astrology. Looking at how eclipses basic and fixed stars interact to create a persons destiny. To use this book you need a degree of understanding of basic astrology, but if you do have this you will get a lot out of it.

Split into two parts, one with the basic information and one around how it is applied to charts of famous people, it allows us to look at the process and application. In looking at eclipses and fixed stars it allows an insight that the main areas of astrology look at, looking at what makes people great and how the higher cosmic levels influence us. This allows an extra insight into what influences peoples lives, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Cosmic energies do influence our lives, this showing how and why.

For this reason this book is a valuable insight to look further at what can be learned from a horoscope, and the factors not usually considered in the astrology that we see everyday. For this reason I recommend this book to those that really want to learn about astrology as well as those that want to learn about their lives in a meaningful way.

Khel'Shen Akh'HonKyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Arkhense