Energy Healing

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What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a form of healing which uses either hands on or hands off methods of promoting the body to heal itself and bring itself to a state of wellness

As a form of healing this has been used by many people and through many traditions for thousands of years. This diversity still shows today in the many forms of Reiki, Quantum Energy based therapies, tapping and many many more energy healing forms such as Cranioscaral therapy. But they all have one thing in common - They use energy to change the recipients energy field to allow them to heal themselves.

As a non-invasive form of therapy this has many benefits and while healing results may vary, many have benefited from energy healing in conjunction with allopathic and other natural medicines as well as without it. While Reiki may be the best known, there are so many energy healing modalities out there that it would be impossible to list them.  To a certain extent modalities like flower essences and homeopathy also use a form of this in creating their tinctures and essences.

There are, of course, those that have their own innate ability or follow a specific system. For instance, the St John Of God (A group of South American Energy healers) light healing crystal beds are renowned, expensive and sought after world wide. This was one that got attention early on, same as Reiki. But if you look it up there will be many, many other types. I myself am an energy healer of the blue light spectrum, but I have also found that at times especially when clearing is involved I will use the violet ray and the lavender ray (See Healing and Empowering the Divine Feminine). Soul retrieval and shamanic healing is also another common form of energy healing that you may have heard of in this broad umbrella.  Over time I will be putting up articles and information on energy healing, how to choose one and the various common types of energy healing out there.


Universal Life Force Energy

With a name coming from Rei (Universal life force) and Ki (Key) this widely accepted healing system is one that is common in the West today. Founded in the late 1800's by Mikado Usui. A practicing Buddhist and widely read academic scholar, he syntheised the knowledge from both medicine and Asian spiritual traditions to form a system of energy healing that he began to practice. As his clinics became well known through paid as well as philanthropic work at times of disaster, he attracted more followers and established the system in Japan as an accepted form of healing work.

Coming to the west under the shadow of the political tension and WWII itself, Reiki came to the west through Mrs Hawayayo Takata. First a patient of her later practitioner and teacher, Dr Chujiro Hayashi, Mrs Takata bought his form of Reiki, with the basic form of degrees, hand positioning and treatment protocols we see today to the west Usui. While if you look around you will see many other forms of Reiki offering attuments such as Angelic Reiki among them, the original form that came to the west is still commonly taught and used today.

This system, which consists of two basic degrees - First and Second degree and two advanced degrees - Master practitioner and Master Teacher, is one that encourages self development and self awareness among it's practitioners. It utilities twelve hand positions and a flow of energy to help the body heal itself by encouraging healthy flow of energy and clearing blockages. In doing so it allows the body to remove toxins, correct energy imbalances and come to a state of full health and flow. Today used as a complimentary practice to many allopathic and alternative health practices as well as by itself, Reiki is perhaps the best known and most well established Energy work practice in the west today.

While training varies, and is still traditionally more oral and face to face. In all stages this includes an attunement to Reiki, instruction on the hand positions and structured practices. This can be used for self healing or healing others.  At second degree remote healing abilities are added, as are extra symbols and hand positions with another attument. Master Practitioner and Master Teacher add to this self development, practice and coaching to make the practitioner  and teacher a more self developed person as well as a better practitioner and master of Reiki. How this is structured will vary by school and teacher, but both first and second degree are generally two days face to face, with Master Practitioner.  Master Teacher being longer and more freeform. It is recommended that a minimum of six months is taken between level one and two training, and anywhere up to two years to advance to and between the advanced levels. This is for self development and understanding purposes. It is also not recommended to take any course that is not face to face, as hands on and oral learning are a major part of learning this tradition.

As a client, you can expect an hour relaxing session in which if touch is used, it is used over clothing. This is mostly done lying down on a massage bed or other variant, if cool, a blanket may be put over you. Your practitioner will ask you a few questions and then 'Scan' your body from head to toe, taking their time to move through the hand positions and work with the flow of energy in your body. Afterwards, you will be encouraged to drink more water than normal to encourage the flow of toxins from your body. If you can feel the energy as it works, or get impressions note these as these may be important later. While one session may work for simple complaints, it is often recommended to have multiple sessions for more complex problems as results may take time and repeated treatments to emerge. However, Reiki has become a trusted and commonly used system of healing which is widely available today in a majority of places.

For a good recommended read that can prime you to understand (But not practice) this system, see the reviews tab on Opinion for Reiki - The Essential Guide to the Ancient Healing Art.