Special Focus

Eclipse Season April/May 2022

As we head into the Eclipse season of April/May 2022 it is set up by the First of three gates at the March Equinox. Here is a focus on this with my articles and some outside information that adds to the understanding of these events.

April 2022

The Dark Goddess at Play

April 2022 as a month continues to build from March 2022. The most interesting, and possibly chilling part of this is the April 30th 2022 at ten degrees partial Solar Eclipse Scorpio/Taurus Lunar Eclipse. In terms of the astrology intel report, this is an eclipse shining light on the Secrets and death/Earth as a Material Being Axis of the Samahain/Beltane festival, depending on Wether you are in the South (Samahain) or North (Beltane) Hemisphere. This is going to be powerful. Remembering that the November/December 2021 Eclipse cycle from last year, a very powerful time of reckoning with the reawakening of the dark goddess is still in play, this means April 2022 has two eclipse cycles bearing down on it. May you live in interesting times indeed. The Dark Goddess is again making her presence felt. Big time.

Adding to this already overwhelming eclipse energy there are more influences in the lead up, making this more intense. First is the 1st April 2022, at the degree of twelve degrees of Aries and completely focussed between Aquarius and Taurus on the chart – All recognised planets, the North node and Chiron focussed in four signs. Something is coming up to manifest when the veil is thin at the end of the month – Something big. Between Pisces and Taurus there are steps to manifestation, but the energy to manifest it is there. I can't see yet because of the time break at the March Equinox, what this will be. I will be able to see clearer after that and will write a supplement then. But like the readable pattern in movements that could have predicted the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, you can tell something is going to happen and the date. It is just exactly what I can't see, so be prepared for anything at this time, even at the very start of the month. Having said that, this is also a good time for some really powerful manifestation work with all this energy at the right points. Chaos could be a big opportunity if you play it right.

Following this very focussed new moon on the first of the month is another Jupiter/Neptune conjunction at twenty three degrees Pisces. This brings in even more unbounded energy. A lot more. This could be focussed on new innovations, or a great big flood. There is the potential for both here. For more information from someone that's more than an amateur astrologer I recommend Pam Gregory Astrologer (the official You tube page – Be very aware of imitators) for more information on this. This will be big one way or another. I am blocked at the moment to see more, and will comment more in a supplement when I can see it. But as with the New Moon, be prepared for anything and everything to happen at this time. All I can see is that this fits in perfectly with great earth changes that are already being ground down and will continue to be through to the March Equinox. Unbounded water in the form of the spring thaw is not a new problem for those living in it's path is a form that just came to me as I type this up, indicating it could be flooding. Or it could be a break in the energy fields allowing a lot of new things to Manifest. Watch this space and enjoy the ride – The one thing I guarantee is it will be wild and big.

Then to amplify this we get a full moon on the sixteen degrees Libra with what is called a basket stellanium – All but the moon between Aquarius and Taurus, accept for the Moon at twenty seven degrees Libra at once highlighted and isolated. Well, well to use a technical Australian term at twenty seven degrees Libra, with shitloads of tense angles. This is going to be a major balancing out and reckoning of issues that have been long held back, old and new. This intense and focussed energy is drilling into all of the dark corners, corruptions and hypocrisies of our world and bringing them to light. What form this will take I can't see, but like the rest of it, well, it won't be small. I get the feeling this will be a very dangerous time we need the current world leaders, currently acting like a bunch of gangland leaders, to grow up and be adults, let alone statesmen. Or it will get even more dangerous. For every action there is an equal counter-reaction, something which brings the world into balance, but when enough energy builds it is explosive and could well be a flashpoint to a larger war. Like all of April 2022, This flashpoint is one to watch and be prepared for absaloutley anything.

Of course, all of this is leading into a ten degrees Taurus New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on the 30th April 2022, on a very eerie axis. The dark goddess is not just awake now, but she's playing the game in full force. The game of long held back necessary change. With only two slow moving planets outside the Pisces/Taurus zone, Jupiter and Pluto, this is going to be intense. Something is manifesting, and I get the feeling of a major, intense reckoning through my own spiritual connections though I cannot see what at the moment. March, April, all of this is building to this time in so many ways – Even though the March 2022 Equinox is also a major change point. This is change building on change in a major feedback loop.

With Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn, and Jupiter in the last decan (Twenty Four degrees) of Aquarius, there is going to be a major reckoning on the major brotherhood/Sisterhood of life – Something major. The flood may just be the truth about north/south hemisphere relations, such as colonialism or exploitation. Or it could be something far worse. This is an explosion of something, be it a truth bomb or something else, that is going to go off. There is just far too much energy going between spirit in Pisces, and manifestation in Taurus. Here is truly a reckoning – For something going on. The Libra Full Moon suggests justice, but this is different in definition from a court of law and the suicide bomber. Or just a good old boy from the south with a truck full of fertiliser and diesel hell bent on righting a wrong, imagined or otherwise. Or a world leader that wants to re-create the glory days of his country even. Justice is far too malleable term for my comfort here at this time. It means that more than any other part of the month could go absaloutley anywhere like the rest of the month.

This is truly the dark goddess at play, shaking us up out of complacent little comfort zone into the new, when the veil between spirit and material reality. Life and death is thin. The first feeling I got was it had to do with ancestral wounds through colonialism and past misdeeds, but I still get chills when I see the timing – Especially as there is still influence from November/December last year at play. The entire month of April is a massive break, a massive change in deep cycles none of can ignore. I cannot see the true shape yet – I will put up a supplement to this when I can. But like the Tet example, well – You can see the pattern of movement leading up to a specific time. Now we just need the final piece of the puzzle to determine exactly what the hell is happening that's so worrying.

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Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'mashen Akh'Hense

Taurus New Moon Eclipse  30th April 2022/1st May 2022

The Clearing Gate

Taurus New Moon Eclipse  30th April 2022/1st May 2022

The Clearing Gate

On the 30th April 2022/1st May 2022 depending on your time zone there was a Taurus New Moon Eclipse at Ten degrees of Taurus. This New Moon Eclipse pairs both back to the Samahain/Beltane eclipses of not quite six months ago and the upcoming eclipses in six months time at the same axis. This is also the Third Gate of three in quick succession. The first was the Kali gate at the March Equinox, the second was the Foundation gate at the April 1st 2022 New Moon at Twelve Degrees of Aries. Each were major energy gates or time blocks that you could not see past, showing that they were rather significant in their own right each. However, putting them together you are seeing the significance of this month.

This final gate is the Clearing Gate. The fresh pulse of energy that came through at this gate was about clearing away the structures of the old from the foundations laid at the Aries New Moon on the 1st April 2022. In the focus of the chart you could see that something about humanity (To use the outdated but common term for the Age of Aquarius in the 1960's that came to mind was the Brotherhood of Man). manifesting from Spirit through the Threshold (Pisces) bringing with it new action or starts (Aries) Manifesting into the world of the material (Taurus). This powerful focus of the planets foreshadowed the just well... Clearing of the old 3D reality in the lead up to this eclipse and gate, when were still in the influence of the November/December 2021 Samahain/Beltaine eclipses as well. The 3D Timeline/Energy level was finally fully dismantled at about the 28th April 2022, with the Eclipse sweeping away the debris. The energy of this solar gate bought in the fresh energy that as I meditated and focussed on the eclipse, well, swirled out in a Bizmuth like cube of blue/green energy (the 4D and 5D Timelines/Energy Levels) which cleansed and remade as it pulsed, spread out along the energy lines and chakras of the planet. This was a big upgrade – The completion of a cleansing and clearing process that started with the March Equinox.

In effect, this eclipse was like an old mobile network being turned on to make way for a new one. Like when 3G got turned off in Australia, with mobile phone users being forced to upgrade to the 4G or 5G Networks. In a way, this could have been a manifestation of that switch in the world considering the timing of it. Like those still with 3G phones, this eclipse as it opened was the final crescendo of bringing people up to that level which is still being supported – The 4D Heart Chakra Centre Energy level or timeline. Those who were on the 3D level got the final push when this gate opened to finally migrate. Some may not have migrated, which has the potential to casue further chaos, and possibly violence and other disruption if not dealt with properly. The clearing was this Eclipse, The energy to rebuild comes with the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th May Scorpio ( Twenty Five Degrees) it is directly paired with. The Solar eclipse cleared the way, the Lunar Eclipse is doing the rebuilding in it's reflection.

These three gate are, However, still part of a greater cycle. The Taurus/Scorpio Beltane/Samahain axis is being very activated. While there is good supporting energy, this is still going to be a time of massive change and growth. This does not always go smooth. Being on Samahain in the southern hemisphere, well, I felt that this has to do with reckoning with the ancestors and what they did. Seven generations before us. You know, where all the major periods of colonisation, massacres and slavery happened in the Southern Hemisphere. So look at your ancestry while this eclipse is in operation (It may be longer than six months – The degree point seems to keep on being activated into next year or more).

This clearing is twofold. Do you have colonisers in your ancestry? Do you have ancestors that committed acts of violence at this time? Look for this and break free of the energy as you do so, working on this as an individual. Face this, learn about it, let it go. This gets it out of the energy field of the planet and allows greater integration of all beings into the whole. At the same time it is important to collective trauma on the side of those affected by colonisation and slavery. It is there, still very much in the energy field of the planet, unresolved. If it is not resolved then this will continue to fester and bubble up to the surface time after time. In Black Lives Matter protests. In crime and gang related activity. In the way that the affected communities are often poor or marginalised. The manifestations of structural inequality often used as a wedge issue in election campaigns in an effort to divide and conquer society. All of is this collective trauma on one side, and the collective hangover of colonial energy on the other. It needs to go – That will definitely be a major process in the next ten to eighteen months. Each person that deals with this consciously and lightens the load will be a big part of the solution long term.

Of course, there are so many other disasters and imbalances hanging around as well. Be that how Humanity has caused Climate Change, Pollution, habitat loss... The list goes on. Even just how trees, the planets lungs, lose out to a perfectly aligned driveway. This entire three gate process, a part of a greater whole, was about clearing some of this. As an aware person, how can you with this process for the next six to eight months especially to help the rebalance of the Earth and the people on it? That is up to you.

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense

New Moon 1st April 2022

The Foundation Gate

A few days a go we had the second gate time/energy break in a series of three open up – The Foundation Gate. This gate, following the March Equinox Kali Gate is laying the foundations for the new that is really going to come in at the end of the month with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 31st April/1st May 2022, on the Samahain/Beltane axis.

When I connect to the energies of this new moon gate, I see the ending of the support energetically for the 3D, Solar Plexus level energy level/timeline (Depending on how you see it), which appears in red despite the colour of the chakra by the end of the month. It just stops before the third gate. The 4D and the 5D energy level/timeline are separate and parallel for a while, but they merge at some point as they coalesce to a whole reality – Guessing two months, but hard to see at the moment without being through the third gate, where this will all really become a reality.

There will be those attached to those 3D energies for various reasons, like people still using outdated computer operating systems. This energy frequency will still be in the world, like 1D and 2D, but they will no longer be energetically supported by the current band of energy, which will completely move to 4D/6D a few days before the Solar eclipse. This will make the energies coming out of the Libra Full Moon very, very dangerous due to counter reactions from those left adrift. Some will move on with time, others will stay there, at the 3D level, out of tune and cause problems as they play out their disenfranchisement. In the original April article I felt justice was going to be a big theme – With a lot of varying definitions of the word 'Justice'. This means different things to a court from an Islamist suicide bomber, to a good ol' boy from the south with a truck full of fertiliser and diesel. This still scares me for that reason, possibly even more now I see the extent of the flashpoint energy in this month. Justice can have a lot of dangerous definitions in the hands of fanatics of all stripes. It can, and will, be a very dangerous flashpoint as a result – Remember, the New Moon Eclipse fourteen days after is already in effect then, which will amplify anything coming out of the Full Moon as well. The middle of the month especially is going to be a bumpy ride.

Of course, this sense of 'Justice' being rather mutable as a concept will also weigh in with the war in Ukraine and the increasing jockeying of power will no doubt be escalating as well – Strange definitions of Justice can also extend to world leaders as we have already seen so many times. This war will undoubtedly get worse before it gets better, quite possibly with an escalating worldwide flashpoint. This is going to be a real problem for the world and I hope there are some adults in the room, especially in the middle of the month. They will be greatly needed.

However, for the 4D and the 5D this is also an extension of energy as they become the dominant energy paradigm in this world. The level of the Heart Chakra – The 4D – Has been highlighted greatly in the last few days. Some people think of them as timelines, I see energy frequencies in operation. As the 3D loses support, the 4D (Heart Chakra level – Greater Awareness) and the 5D (Throat Chakra level – Greater Understanding) are laying complex and geometric cubic energy foundations across the globe that will allow us to really move forward and get into life in what Pam Gregory calls 'New Earth' as we head to the end of the month and this foundation energy grounds down more and more. At the moment, the 4D is being emphasised as it's own energy level/timeline as it is critical for those not yet connected to the level are being connected to it in a crash course. This is likely to continue to be emphasised in the first half of the month till the full moon. From the full moon it is heading down to the third gate and energy break – the 31st March/1st April 2022 Solar Eclipse. The solar eclipse will amplify all of these energies as well, which will make life really interesting – One way or another. There will be no new normal in this month, that is the one thing for certain.

So to finish this supplement by summing up the growing energies of April from the Foundation Gate – May you life in Interesting Times...

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Ak'Hense

The March Equinox

The Kali Gate

Well, we're now past the March Equinox and the first gate. Things are still as clear as mud, but the mud is starting to separate now from the top of the water at least so you can see the faint outlines. The first faint outline I could start to see is that this is the first gate, the first energy/time break of three. The next one is on April 1st with the powerful new moon. The third is April 30th with the New Moon Solar Eclipse, which is the crescendo of this energy pathway. I can only see overarching energy in-between, not the energy between the gates that seem to appear as large round black discs blocking and absorbing all light. This makes these time breaks very, very hard to see around, so I will only know what is on the other side when we go through them. The Equinox was the first one we went through on the twentieth, so we can now see the space in time till the first of April and the New Moon.

The outline I can see/feel goes as such. The Autumn Equinox, the first time break, bought in a lot of energy. This energy is now scouring the world like a metal scourer in a pot with baked in food. This swirling pattern of red, blue, white and violet scouring energy is working through the world till the 29th/30th March, clearing stuck 3D energy. At about that date, a few days before the new moon it turns into a direct beam of focussed white light firing into the next gate on the 1st April New Moon, which seems to be laying out the groundwork, the foundations for the crescendo of the 30th April New Moon Solar eclipse. The rest of this month is a time of clearing for this.

It will be a time of turmoil. You will see more and more chaos coming, an escalation in the Ukraine, or the higher level conflict around the Ukraine Invasion is highly likely. There will also be so many other things coming up as this energy scours out all the old 3D patterns that are no longer needed – Many of them actually very toxic. The process will continue for longer – There are so many connected eclipses here, listed in a previous article on November/December 2021. But this is the really intense clearing energy happening now. In a way this is the opposite energy each hemisphere to that eclipse, which is still in play. Which means that yes, April 2022 is going to be intense with two eclipses in operation – Something I covered before.

I got the image of Kali as I wrote out the first paper draft of this supplement. The primal goddess, the defender, the one who can give life as well as take it. She is feared but also revered. Like the Morrigan, or any of the fates. However, Kali is coming up as perhaps the most powerful force in this moment, this time whereas last year I was feeling the rise of the dark goddesses of Europe, such as the Morrigan. This suggests a different energy pattern. While she shares common themes with the Morrigan as deities especially, this is perhaps showing a more southern hemisphere focus. This is still very much the energy of the dark goddess at play, however, in her element and doing her job. The associations with cycles very much show that we are in a time of massive change, a break in deep cycles – Quite possibly the breaking point between the deepest of them all to start anew.

This is a time of massive upheaval for that reason as all the old is there to be healed, out in the open. The dark goddess is cutting the cords of the old, to bring in the new. If you work with her you will be going with the new 5D flow. If you go with the old 3D you will die with it. The choice of death or rebirth is up to you at this point.

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'mashen Akh'Hense