As our world and the combined human consciousness evolve there are things happening around us that may be affecting us. This may be in the form of ascension symptoms - Where the body is affected by the Energy Shift.

The Diamond of Creation

The Facets of the Great Gem of Life


In talking to people in the last few months or so, I have found both good and bad. But one thing I found was so much was common in the paths and religions people walk. One was an interaction between me and a open minded Jehovah's Witness who spoke of the concept of Paradise, which very much mirrored New Earth spoken from a Christian lens. Another part of this realisiation is the common concept of the Trickster - Be he Loki, Lugh, the Crow or Coyote. Or in the Christian religion Lucifer, who is described very much the same. Indeed, in looking at all I have heard, there is far more in common in religions and paths than there is different - It is just differently worded.

This is because all religions and spiritual paths that do not claim exclusivity are an expression of the universal truths designed for those that consider them resonant to follow. Each one is the facet of the diamond they call soul growth. As our souls grow and learn differently we resonate differently both as individuals and as groups - Why we have different ways of interpreting Universal Source and all that is around it. It is meant to ensure that all connect to the great whole. As more and more people awaken, it becomes more and more important to understand that they will awaken on their own time, in their own way.

In short, they are awakening to the higher octave of their religion and path. There is one in all religions, such as Sufiisim to Islam or the Mystic traditions and Angel Communications to Christianity. There is nothing wrong with this at all, this is individual awakening working as it should. What we need to do now is see the common things we have as an awakening community rather than the differences - Because we are working towards the same goal - The integration of higher reality. If we don't see it quite the same, that is perfect all at once. Like the diamond, each facet is important and brings in it's own wisdom to the community of the awakened souls. For this reason we need to honor all valid paths to this - They add to the richness of life.

The only caveat here, at a time when the Trickster and many other spirits are around in the world is to walk away from anything that offers 'Exclusive' access to salvation or the higher realms. This is the one thing you walk away from. No group that denies all other realities is healthy, and is likely to be a cult. Same as those that demand exclusive loyalty and/or money needed to change hands. If they do not allow you to think and acknowledge others differences, walk away. This is an invalid path you are lucky if the trickster is involved and not something worse.

However, other than that, each person will come into enlightenment in their own ways and each way is valid. At this time especially this is so important to honor and work with in order to bring humanity to where it should be. Listen in community, work with the differences that add to the shared wisdom of the collective and we will all grow together as a whole - Which is the whole aim of the project of human ascension

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Shkall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense Nahmeshar