Meet The Editor

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense

Energetic Adept, Rune Master,  Grand Master and Ascended Lord

Hello and welcome to my esoteric site. My mundane name is Monique M. Toth. My ritual name is Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense. To decode the name Akh'Hon is a title meaning Ascended, or higher energy being, Kyshera Du'Shkhall are my personal names. Kre'Mashen means Grand Master, as in the long since etherial Feyan ethereal realm  Order of the Dragon. Akh'Hon, means Saint, or Exemplar of the order, gained through a two year cleansing and initiation process between 2015 and 2017. Only recently as part of the December 2017 to February 2018 eclipse cycle I gained a further level to this, Ascended Lord, a level that allows greater access to Galactic and Universal Energies, not just mastery of the planetary etheric energies.  This was quite a surprise, but not an unpleasant one. Since then I have contiuned to master the runes across all sets, working with their energies to Earn the title Rune Master. I have masterd the Elder Futhark, and the younger Futhark. I am currently working on the Aramenian runes with the Anglo Saxon, Northumrian and Gothic to follow.

I follow in this world, in many ways my own path, a path that follows the cycles of nature and the Gaia spirit. In this compacity I am also an Earth Server, Guardian, and Keeper of the Well.  I follow the quarter, but not the cross quarter festivals. I follow an eclectic path centered around the cycles of nature - The Wheel of the Seasons, the Lunar Cycles, the Saros cycle of moon and sun, solar and lunar eclipses. As I have gone on my own path I have seen more parallels to shamanism and the basics of the old nature religions, their origins and meanings more than their complete systems. I start my ritual year from the midwinter solstice, the midwinter tipping point, where the world freezes and starts again, year after year. You will note this is my writing and meditations, so if you do not follow this adjust accordingly. My tools and methods have changed over time, and continue to change. In many was this following of the forces of nature, not personified by archetypes, is a hark back to the Feyan point of view, one that influenced both Celtic and Norse mythology as well as their view of the world, hence the parallels you may see. But I claim not to be a part of their path, but my own, following the elemental forces that influences these religions therefore may be similar in nature and in this realm use some of the same tools. I claim not to be one of them, but one of my own. I also hold other titles in the ethereal realms, gained in this lifetime as well as serve the Gaia spirit directly as a part of my paths expression in this lifetime now.

Over the past fifteen years I have also developed my own path, philosophy and ideas, which is what I write about here. It is a universal philosophy that sees religions, humanism and spirituality all as paths of self development, valid as long as they do not harm others or interfere with another path. I have started to write about this over the last ten years, bringing together my ideas and thoughts progressively till  I created the basics of the ideas I write about, including the Consciousness Matrix, a new way of seeing the mind as well as some new ideas coming up on soul path coaching, soul loss and transcending negative events. As I write them out and publish them more on this will be available through both my site and the companion Facebook site, as well as my author site.  I have been a practicing solo pagan ritual and energy worker for over ten years and hold an undergraduate Diploma in Counseling from Australian College of Applied Psychology. I am  currently in the process of completing a Bachelors Applied Social Science in Counseling/Coaching through the same field to finish consolidating ten years of self directed study. This is is all a a part of my aim to bring an understanding of spirit and the greater realities of life into how we deal with people and the workings of the mind. This is a work in progress but I have started writing in order to start sharing and furthering this aim in the meantime, bringing people together and helping them understand themselves.

I have learnt about the runes over a period of time, starting about seven years ago with my first set. In that time I have learnt to carve them, and grown and evolved along with my collection of nine runes, representing the different energetic frequencies from creation. My first set is now my set of spirit runes, a carnelian set. I have since added eight sets, changing some as I have grown and evolved over the years, at times giving sets away to replace them, at times adding to my collection. Over time I have developed a system of using nine sets of runes both as divination and manifesting tools.  All of the Elder Futark, but each one of a different crystal, they represent different frequencies and manifestations of energy. Two are personal to me, one set of spirit and another manifestation runes. The rest are general, representing protection (Black Agate), Grounding (Hematite), healing (opalite), pure spirit (Carnelian), potential at the threshold (Rose Quartz), worldly manifestation (assorted Jaspers), and divination/most likely path (assorted stones). These make up the set that I use in readings and working today. I am in the process of refining an Elder Futark rune poem for publication on this site and as part of a rune guide, as well as my best definitions. What is is there for now in rune corner is what I had before the final process of refinement I am going through now for final publication of the final product.

I have also carved the runes of the Elder Futark and Younger Futark, and am in the process of writing a rune poem, day by day, on the Younger Futark. As I cannot access wholesale crystals at the moment, I am carving on natural river rocks and pebbles. The Elder Fultark I am carving in two set pairs you can buy separatey or as a pair, an inward and outward facing pair of the Elder Fultark. The difference is that the inner facing has the inward, diamond form of Ingwaz, and are coloured in silver to represent the more feminine, inward anima energy. The outward set are coloured in gold and have the outward facing Ingwaz, with a triangle each side of the diamond projecting force out, with a more anima energy. This difference emerged as I carved the runes as a whole set for the first time. In this process I also learnt a lot about them and in connecting to the energies to carve and consecrate them I still get messages connecting to them, and learn something new every time. I also have carved the Younger Futark, and am planning on putting that up for sale on order. At sixteen runes, with a different energy, they are different. I am in the process of working through, rune by rune, for a rune poem and guide to this set of runes which while I don't completely connect with, seems to have their useful energies.

I am also going to do the same process with the other major Rune Rows, which as I do will be available for sale on order, consecrated and charged up. This is a process that will take a while as I am working through them, set by set in a slow process of getting to know them as well as the Elder Futark, even if they are ones I do not use. As I do this there will be updates on Runic Corner as well as this introduction.

I have also learnt Aura Photography and interpretation, a process where I am learnt more about the energy potential of the human body and how it manifests. This is a new learning process that is allowing me to again learn a new aspect of how energy manifests and works. I hope in the future to further my offerings in the future from the current rune reading workshops.

 I am an energetic adept with fifteen years of self study in Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, History and current affairs as well as self exploration as well as self study of Magick Traditions. These years have given me a lot of knowledge I am now sharing as part of this site, in as  broad a way as possible for the benefit of all. Currently I am in the final year of units, studying for a Bachelors of Counselling/Coaching as well as continuing to gain knowledge through reading and continued self study.  As a part of this process of learning Aura Photography and interpretation, a process where I am learning more about the energy potential of the human body and how it manifests. This is a new learning process that is allowing me to again learn a new aspect of how energy manifests and works. I hope in the future to get a project up combining my intuitive knowledge and sight of energy as well as the technology that makes it visible. Watch this space to see how all of this goes.

As well as this I am developing further my own synthesis of how the mind works, The Consciousness Matrix, as well as systems of transcending trauma as well as new forms of structured spiritual coaching and trauma and soul loss transcendence. As these develop I will be launching these , so stay posted for  more information.

My Personal Creed

This is what, as I have grown and developed I have tried to live by. This change has come over time but has now very much been formalised. This is about who I am now and how I choose to live. The five basic tenets are;

  • Honor
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Courage
  • Loyalty

I have committed myself to this in my life, but especially my public work. This is something I also encourage others to take up, or their own version that works for their life and evolution.

My Journey...

Talismanic Poem - Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Arkhense
I am the fire
I am the flame
I am the change
The transition in the world.
I am the bringer of life
through the dark of the world
I am part of the world now
I am fire and flame
I am an agent of change
I am the phoenix of reality
I am the conscious will of the change needed in the world.
Love me or Loathe me
fear me or not
I am a the fire of renewal
A spirit of fire.

My Gifts and Journey - Ah'Hon Kyshera Du'skhall Kre'Mashen Ark'Hense

My journey has been a long one of walking through the fire of the Phoenix and coming out stronger. I can remember many lifetimes of growing through adversity. This culminated in the journey of the past few years since about 2010. First I went through a period of being progressively choked and restricted by financial circumstances till 2015, slowly going broke. This broke in the figurative flames of loss and disaster. I lost living with my daughter, my pets my house in the final act of going broke, worn down by many years of trying to live a path of material separation. At first this was overwhelming, and it did burn deep. But at the deepest point of despair I was contacted by a new, higher guide, who helped me see the power in the situation.

This power was the power of the Phoenix, the power of rebirth through the fire, burning away what is not need and rebirth stronger through the fire. This process started by the loss, though there is laws of return owing through it on parties on the other side, I have had justice in being reborn stronger. Through a two year process regulated by seasonal cycles and the Saros cycle, I have become reborn transcended and been given gifts to teach. This journey, where transcendence became higher connection to gifts through the August Eclipse cycle. This was a culmination of a process of death, rebirth through fire, reconnecting as a new being, transcending the old and becoming a transcended, purified being. This is not to say perfect, like all that transcended that way have scars as well as gifts, but it has it's strengths which I am now harnessing. These strengths, coming through this rebirth by fire, is the path of the Phoenix. This has bought me thorough the fire stronger as a result of this journey, then through to a high connection and gifts to teach in the August eclipse cycle this year.

This journey has been one of loss, death and rebirth, the journey of initiation through sacrifice. Going through the worst lows to have a solid foundation for great highs. This, from the past, is what I am now bringing forward to a new purpose today.

In the past two days, with this Solar/Lunar Eclipse cycle I underwent a further initiation to Ascended Lord, adding the ability to access and use galalatic and Universal level energies. This has added to the mastery of the planetary ethereal to what I already had. This was a significant time for all, but for me this combined with a great source meditation to create the environment for the next step, stepping into being able to bring down and use the higher energies. Through this I can work to serve the transtition and individuals through it better.

My Presence Now - Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Arkhense

I have spoken of my journey, my past. It is important as has bought me to who I am today. This has made me my current, powerful dual being, my own hollow bone. A being capable of channelling an ancient feyan soul wholly in a human body, my own hollow bone, K;el'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense. These are parts of the whole of this human incarnation. My human name is what I was born and have merged into this whole over the past two years. You will see fictional and material world work under this name. My ritual name is a representation of what I have become on my journey, and is used in areas dealing with magickal and ritual questions. Kyshera, or the chosen (adopted) of Sera. Du'Skhall, likewise, is derivative of Adopted Heir of 'Shall. These are derivative of my old life.Khel'Shen means Ascended Lord, one who can use universal and galactic energies. Akh'Hon means ascended being, a final title gained through the intial ascension process. Kre'Mashen is indicative of a title akin to Grand Master in the medieval knightly orders, in this one very similar in equivalent to the Knights Templar. Akh'Hense means saint, or exemplar. This process, one of extreme karmic and wound closet cleaning clears your intentions, your energy and precedes being initiated into the 7th energy dimension. This is so this energy is used wisely.

These names exemplify who I am today. They came from my past journey, giving me gifts and a purpose. This allows me to take up a role in advancing humanity through the sudden shift to the 5th Dimension, a time of great energy as well as great threat. My role is twofold – To clear the path for the new leaders and help those who have been wounded by the chaotic events and energies of this time. For this reason though both my own gifts and higher access through the August eclipse cycle I have two areas of expertise to share with the world. I am a warrior who has transcended through trial and earned wisdom. I have scars, but they give strength not weakness. My openness, honesty and passion are what got me through this, and are my strengths, not vulnerabilities to be regulated away. These are why I can do what I do, be my own hollow bone and have access to what I have today. I am strong in being this, it shows strength that I can be this. I can do this because I have already faced trials by fire and I know I am strong enough to weather what storms come. Strong enough to teach others how to do it too. Without this I would be just another incarnated soul learning small lessons, lifetime after lifetime. They are what gave me access to the two gifts I share now.

The first ones come from who I was, and they are large gift in working with energy as well as a warrior spirit. This has evolved to be able to protect and guide the next generation of leaders. This will be explored in the form of Psychic protection, entity removal and teaching basic energy skills, both in course groups and in solo tuition as well as in book and article form.

The second one comes from and was enhanced by the August eclipse cycle, and brings in new ways of interpreting how our world works and our relation to it. This is needed to fully understand the 5ht dimension way of being, breaking down the old 3rd dimension way of being that still seems to pervade today. The core of this is the Conciousness Matrix, a new way of looking at body and spirit as connected by the steering wheel of the mind. This, created through over thirteen years of self study and backed up by about three years of formal study about to be completed, is a new way of looking at how the mind works. This has also allowed me, in concert with my trials, to develop paths of transcending trauma and soul loss not just as a recovery but as a springboard to higher growth. I have found new ways of using runes and crystals. I am also working on ways of allowing, through a more staged process, those without a soul level wound or loss to grow and evolve taking advantage of this times abundant extra, unbound energy.

All of this is me, who I am now and the gifts I bring into the world. They are product of my journey, enabling me to be my own hollow bone. My presence now, being in my own power in the present enables me to shape my future as a strong, independent dual being helping humanity, which is my current presence.