Welcome to the world of Crystals

Distilled wisdom of the ancients
of the ancient elementals
That once roamed this land.
The distilled intelligence and wisdom
Of the first earth cycle,
of the great, creator beings
That guide us today.
Guide us today,
Fused to minerals.
The great ancients spirits,
Helping us out today.

Crystal Corner Welcome

Hello, and welcome to Crystal Corner. This page, inspired by a Facebook and train acquaintance making the suggestion to put this page up, is the beginning of a journey into the world of the earth's condensed wisdom in the form of healing gemstones. Week by week, more crystals will be added to the directory, and there will be a feature stone each week. As you can imagine, this is a large task, so I ask you to be patient as the crystal definitions are added.

What are crystals? This the basic question I hear all of you ask. Well, Crystals and gemstones alike are the earth's condensed minerals taking form. They are expressions of the elementals spirits, that first inhabited the earth, and shaped it to what it is today. As the minerals that made up the earth condensed, the spirits of the crystals also went through a purification process, recording their wisdom in this clear, pure body that we use today. Each crystal has a job, each crystal is conscious and has a spirit. When you pick crystals consciously you are getting the best fit to an energetic helper, whether natural or shaped. They are terrific helpers if you use them right and take care of them and worth exploring in the pages below.

This page, Crystal Corner, is a landing page, with weekly featured crystals and basic information. The page behind this is a crystal directory that will be added to with time and updated with information regularly. This week's first feature article, which will be kept up after this, is about crystal shapes and how they are used. This basic information will help you pick crystals for their purpose as you work with their energies.

Feature Article 

The Quartz family

Perhaps the most widely used and best known crystal is quartz. Coming in many colours, shapes and sizes, this is the most used and most versatile crystal out there. From clear quartz, to rose quartz, to smoky quartz, to the aura quartz's available today, this stone is used for many, many things. The most versatile and commonly used is the clear quartz, a pure energy carrier and high frequency stone, but Rose Quartz and Smoky Quartz also are very popular stones because of their versatility and availability. Naturally coloured quartz is also available, as are coloured ones called aura quartz in various colours. Aura quartz in where a mineral is bonded to the quartz to give it colour, different minerals producing different colours, with different meanings and uses.

Lemurian and Atlantean record keeper crystals are also part of the quartz family, and have specific meanings and uses according to their designation. Each of these crystals will be a different frequency and personality, each one have a different purpose. All crystals tend to be individual, but these especially will be highly individual between each crystal, each one having it's own unique, individual use and intention built in. Below, as an introduction is some basics on the more commonly used Quartz Crystals that you will also be able to see in the the Crystal Directory along with more meanings.

  • Amethyst – Though not specifically a member of this family, it is a closely related lavender to deep purple crystal that is widely used for healing and balancing out energies. This beautiful crystal, like clear quartz, is among the most used in the world and is best known for it's terrific healing properties. Beware of Amethyst that has been irradiated to produce a deeper colour, and look for the best source you can to avoid this problem.
  • Quartz, Clear – An energy amplifier and holder of high frequency, this is perhaps the most used stone out there. This stone, which carries energy well comes in all shapes and sizes. From small orbs used in spell work, to the large, stereotypical crystal ball used for divination, to points worn and used everyday by spell workers and mundane people alike, this stone is used to amplify any positive energy. It can be used by itself, or in combination. Great for crystal grids, holding energy in place or being used in jewellery or as a talisman to raise the frequency of your own energy. I have also heard of it as a mediation aid as well. The more you look, the more uses you find for this stone. A good staple to have on hand.
  • Quartz, Rose – This opaque pink crystal is for both healing and attracting love, be that self love or the genuine love of others. A stone of the heart, this stone allows us to connect to ourselves and others at a state of awareness that allows us to heal and attract those in our lives that are good for us. Love spells use this stone as well as it's healing uses. It can be worn to help attract true affection in your life as well as in crystal grids for healing, harmony or attracting true connections into your life. With a specific meaning, it is not as versatile as clear quartz, but still has many, many uses and is a good one to keep around at all times.
  • Quartz, Smoky – Smoky Quartz is a stone of protection from negative energy and is a good one to purify spaces with. It is a good one to have around workspace to protect you from and asorb negative energy as well as mechanical energy from equipment such as computers and mobiles. It is also a good one to wear for protection or to protect the self from negative energy.

Specialist quartzes are also available and are wonderful tools for specific uses. Some are natural, other are not but carry different energies related to the way they were treated and can still be used as tools. Some of the most common ones are listed below;

  • Aura Coloured Quartzes – Including Aqua Aura, Peacock (multi-coloured) Aura among them, these are also more specific tools according to colour. These will be harder to get as well, but are becoming more common. Made when minerals such as gold or titanium are bonded to quartz, they project the qualities and colours of what they are bonded with as a stone.
  • Naturally Coloured Quarts – Apart from Amethyst, other colours of quartz exist naturally. Red quartz, for instance, is one I have, but I have heard of black quartz and blue quartz among others. These all have their specific meanings according to their colours, and are good tools for specific purposes. Harder to get than the more common quartzes, they are nonetheless available from many places, and are good tools for specific uses.
  • Occluded Quartz – Quartz which has a form of material occluded, or included in it's shape, this form of Quartz is enhanced and amplified by the occlusion. This could be dust, this could be a small piece of another gemstone, this could be even a small object which was around when the quartz was laid down. These quartz stones have an energy that amplifies the occlusion and gives them a different power, especially if it is another crystal. These are harder to get, but are available at many crystal shops and are good for specific uses, that work with the amplified energy of the occlusion.
  • Record Keepers – Atlantean and Lemurian (The two most common) Record Keepers are highly individual crystals that you get if they call you for a specific purpose. Available at most places that sell crystals, these highly specialist crystals store knowledge in them and have a consciousness that is beyond other crystals. If you are attracted to one of these, it is for a reason related to that crystal. Each one has a specific purpose to work with, so get one if you feel attracted to it for that specific purpose.

The quartz family is one of many, many crystals to explore, from the common, to the not so common crystals. Perhaps the most used family of crystals out there, it ranges from the versatile clear quartz to the highly specific record keepers. Getting to know this family of crystals allows you a wide range of tools to work with, no matter what kind of spell work you do.

Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense.