Sound Healing

The Page for information on Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?

Sound Healing is the practice of using Sound Vibrations to promote healing, equilibrium and wellness in humans and their surrounding environments

Wether using plain music, biurnals, music mixed with biurnal beats, sound baths or voice toning, sound healing used the power of sonic vibrations to change the energy fields around it. This non-invasive form of healing is getting more and more popular in recent years and has helped many people deal with long term, intractable problems as well as ease distress, stress and emotional disorders. It is widely accessible in may ways, ranging from free biurnal apps for your phone, free sound bath music on Youtube and other streaming apps to sound bath and sound therapy sessions with a practitioner.

Forms of sound therapy such as the use of temple chimes, singing bowls like those pictured above and the use of healing frequencies are also a part of many other practices. For instance, I own a cast Chakra set of metal signing bowls, a small, cast bowl to represent the soul star/higher crown and the higher frequencies, and a large hand beaten singing bowl representing deep earth energies and the Earth Star/Deep Base Chakra. I have found myself using them for their resonances in ritual and earth healing after the vegetation around me was massacred by a neighbour as well as for myself. I am slowly developing a form of practice based on the resonances of these metal bowls in conjunction with my own understanding of reading energy and Chakra system based energy healing. Many sound healers use Crystal bowls, made by grinding down quartz and other minerals and recasting them into crystal bowls tuned to a particular frequency - The bigger the bowl, the deeper the note. While these tend to be expensive due to their very nature, they are something that produces very good results. Due to my own way of working I tend to resonate with metal bowls more, which is why I have found myself working with them more.

This page will detail both affordable sound healing you can use on yourself as well as practitioner modalities commonly available that can benefit you in any healing or spiritual practice.