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Hello and welcome to the Crustal Directory. Over the coming weeks and months I'll be adding more crystals and definitions for your information and to inform your practice.


A member of the quartz family, Amethyst has been revered for many, many years. A clear purple stone ranging in a rare pure lavender, to deep purple, this stone has been a symbol of healing and purity for many years. This sought after stone has a gorgeous hue and energy that makes it popular in ornamentation as well as metaphysical uses.

 While this is a common and often well priced crystal, sometimes appearing places such as bargain shops as well as crystal and metaphysical shops you should be cautious about where your crystal comes from, especially at low price points. Light or low grade crystals can often be irradiated to produce a deeper colour. This is less likely through repudiate suppliers, which I recommend you go to, especially if you do not know a lot about crystals. If you do you may be able to find some bargains in unexpected places. However, at low price points, it is a case of buyer beware.

The most common connotation with this stone is healing, which it has been associated with for many, many years. But it is also a good for calm in stressful situations, emotional support and calming fearful or restless children.  It can also be used, much like lavender, to promote sleep through calming down the mind. It can be used as a stone of healing and purity this stone can be used to purify your mind, body or workspace. Especially good for if you do not have a lot of control over your workspace, or you have negative energy around you, this helps clear your space of negative energy at the same time as supporting your energy.

Available in many cuts and shades from raw pieces, to tumbled and polished stones, natural and carved points as well as many other carved shape. They are also, of course, cut into standard Jewlery cuts for rings and Pendants, which are good for wearing for personal healing and protection. Raw and tumbled stones are good for general use, points focus the energy of the amethyst.Perhaps the most spectacular shapes you will see are the clusters or geodes, which are a collection of points that reinforce each other, creating a terrific energy. Carved shapes will often have a specific meaning or use, especially if they are shapes such as carved angels. Geodes and clusters, as collections of points are great for space clearing and holding. For ideas and uses on how to use specific forms look up the page on uses for crystals.

 Clear Quartz

Perhaps one of the most common crystals in use today, this seemingly humble and common crystal is widely used for a reason. This versatile  crystal is used in almost every ritual, either for it’s ability to hold and channel energy or for it’s clear and beautiful structure. This is a crystal that not many think of but many use. Like Selenite, it is a crystal that channels and stores the highest energy as a resonator and as an energy store. I have worked with many clear quartz pieces, though I work better with smoky quartz for many reasons.

A clear stone which can come in a clear, refracting forms or with pieces of another material, known as occlusions. These can be anything from water, to natural materials to other gemstones. This gives the gemstones with occlusions different and very specific energies in themselves, which is interesting. One of the more common stones used, it is cut into just about every shape as well as raw crystals and points. The main use of this stone is to channel and store energy, often in conjunction with other stones, or just to channel and store energy in itself. It is a great amplifier and channelling stone. Perhaps the most famous example of this is the diviners crystal ball, a sphere of clear quartz crystal traditionally used for divination.

This is not the only use for this stone, however, as this  is highly versatile channel or amplifier. Clear quartz rough stones or points can be used in kits to amplify other stones. Crystal balls, spheres are well known but you can get eggs, which are used in tantric work among other uses. Points, carved or natural, amplify and direct the energy. Double points, with a point at both ends, are especially good communicators and chanellers. Natural points with occlusions sometimes have specific roles, such as Record keepers and time keepers, of which Tibetan and Lemurian quartz record keepers are perhaps the best well known. Look around at this versatile and common crystal and see how it can work for you.