The Gaia Journal

Messages from Gaia, Our Earth

From 8th April 2022 to Now

Well, this has been a busy time for both me and my correspondent in the lead up to the third gate. At this time we had a lot of things going on both of us. They still have not settled, nor the third gate - The New Moon Solar Eclipse opened, but we can see the changes.

In this time the 3D energy level/timeline got turned off. In this time the reality changed as chaos ensued due to these massive earth changes manifesting in your world. Pam Gregory, an astrologer my correspondent follows, notes that this is the demolition site phase - Of which we are in the final push of. As we move into the final push of this destruction, things will get worse before they get better. As they come to a crescendo, you will see more chaos, panic and disorder. But under that is the promise of new life, new growth.

Like Spring follows Winter, there will be a rebuilding. It is just that the old has to go first. As we do this, we will be seeing new shoots coming through, like plants in the cracks of the pavement. Look for them today and see the new changes coming, the new promise. By focusing on this you can work with the energy of the new coming in, not the old.