Wednesday Meditations

Wednesday 21st March 2018

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Autumn Equinox Audio.mp3

Autumn Equinox Harvest Meditation

Hello and welcome to the Autumn Equinox Harvest Meditation. At this point light and dark are balanced, represented by the equality of day and night. This is the waypoint of enough light to power the growth, but enough solidity through the balance with dark to make these manifest. This is a harvest point in the cycles, and can be used in manifesting hopes, dreams and intentions as you work with this balance point that has the perfect energy of balance to harvest the growth that has balanced out to manifest in the harvest. This is a time and place, a time and place to manifest and harvest goals and intentions as well is it does plants and food. After all, food is just energy manifest to keep our physical bodies going. This can be done as well for other energies grounding and manifest as much as food from plants. While the process is different, the results are the same, reaping your harvest.

This is what we will be exploring in the meditation today through the energies of air, the balance of light and dark. This is about working with this yearly, cyclic combination of light and dark, as it manifests through the energy of air, which is invisible but felt manifest in the wind and breeze at this time of year. This is about working with us as we work together to assist all of us in this workshop here today.

Poetic Meditations

Autumn Waypoint (Equinox) Air Meditation

I am the Whispering Wind

I am the bubble of life

I allow life by my presence

I can sustain life or I can destroy

I can be the breeze or the Hurricane

I am as changeable as I want to be.

I can be life or death

I am an integral part of life

Though I am not often seen or thought of

I am the invisible element

You cannot do without

Trust me and respect me

Because if you do not you will perish

Invisible but not Immaterial

I am the free and free-wheeling

The bubble of life

The element of air

Air – This is a light, intellectual element, the element of Autumn, understanding and sentience. This is a balancing Animus element, allowing the change and contemplation required to move forward and grow.

Primal Dark Polaric Meditation

I am the primal dark

The basis of life,

The bearer for cycles.

To you I am Animus,

the feminine lesson,

Waxing and waning,

reflecting the light.

To earth I am the moon,

Cyclic and reflecting,

Regulating water,

Regulating tides,

Regulating Life.

Harness me well,

Work with my cycles,

Partnering with the light,

I make life possible.

The original primal energy,

I am the Primal Dark.

Dark – The polarity of cycles and solidity, this is the reflective, first polarity that was balanced out by the

light to allow life. This is the dark matter in the universe, the reflective quality of the moon, and the solid,

cyclic nature or dark in the cycle of the seasons and anima.

Primal Light Polaric Mediation

The Light of Creations flame,

The Light that sparked the fire.

The Light that allows life.

The light that allows Innovation,

The light that allows progress

The light of the soul.

The energy of Masculinity

At it’s height in Summer,

Dormant in Winter,

Changing through the seasons.

The great cycle of life

Illuminating the darkness

The primal polarity fire.

Light – The polarity of Animus that illuminates and balances out the dark and cycles, allowing progress,

growth and evolution. Represented in the physical by light and heat, this is the power that fuels life and


The Autumn Equinox The Light Balancing Waypoint

The Autumn Equinox,

The Autumn state of balance

The Waning of the Light

And the Waxing of the Dark,

Bringing the perfect balance

The perfect balance for the Harvest.

The Energy of Air

The Energy of Animus Balance,

Structuring the light,

Making it whole,

Shaping it to be of use.

To be of use for the harvest,

Balancing with the cycles of dark

The cycles of manifestation,

Bringing the Harvest in for the year

And preparing for the Next

Be that a harvest of nature,

The harvest of the Field,

The Harvest of the Mind,

And the Harvest of the whole.

The Autumn Equinox

The countdown to Midwinter

The countdown to the Winter

To the break in cycles,

To the Beginning and the End

The Autumn Solstice

The Perfect Balance for the Harvest.

Wednesday 21st March 2018 Autumn Equinox Harvest Meditation
  • Get yourself as comfortable as possible and sit with your tailbone grounded to the floor or ground as possible. Take a few breaths to leave your physical body, and see the etheric body leave, walking off, down into a valley to a wooded hill into a ripening field of crops.
  • See the crops as yours, your produce for the year from last winters reflections, sown in the spring, growing and charged through to summer, and now ripening ready for harvest, in the new, predawn light. It is dark, but you can see. The temperature is comfortable, but cool and refreshing with the breeze in the air and the chill in the small amount of light in this pre-dawn.
  • Bring your goals and intentions forward. Bring to your mind your goals and intentions that you have written down, bringing them into mind like a list on a clipboard in front of you. Look at the field, seeing this years harvest in blue, and next years seed in red. In your mind’s eye, feel your hand take up these goals and intentions in these colours, Blue and red. Put up your hand in your mind’s eye, and watch the ripening field in front of you divide out in front of you according to this. Seeing this take ten deep breaths and find the energy that your goals and intentions have made manifest in this perfectly ripening harvest. Take a few moments to see what this all means.
  • Now, walk into the field, Walk around your divisions, feel them feel what they mean as with the dawn you watch them ripen perfectly into the perfect harvest. Note any slow areas and black spots as blockages, taking ten deep breaths to feel this experience go into you.
  • Take a few more moments to watch this before watching the workers in the field, the efforts you have made, your spirit helpers and the energies you have bought into the world, and you have bought into before sitting down in the middle intersection of the field.
  • As your ethereal body sits in the field, put your hands on the ground as the dawn rises over your field. As it becomes bright your helpers harvest your ripe harvest take ten deep breaths to bring this into you, feeling it all come in to you. Note the blockages and darker spots you see as something to work on, note them and bring them into you as well as areas of improvement to overcome with the reflection of winter and the planting of your seeds in spring.
  • As you look around, to see the sun draw high, to the zenith of the sunshine, the noon, watch the sun rise and bring in a festival with your helpers. Feel yourself take in ten deep breaths, picturing this festival of gratitude for your harvest, and helpers, and the life and time that they came from. Take these in gratitude to yourself and your helpers, bringing them in. Spend a few more moments with this festival before thanking them, thanking them with a gift of energy. Let your intuition lead you into what gift you give, the form, but give it in gratitude and humbleness. Feel them take this gift, feel them thank you. Leaving them to their party, walk back through the path to your physical body.
  • Come back to your body, write down what you were aware of, then interpret this. It might be good to look at this another time as well, to get full benefit from this.
21st March 2018 Worksheet Questions
  • What are the Goals and Intentions I wish to Harvest in full?
  • What are the Goals and Intentions I wish to Harvest for Seed and Replant next Year?
  • What are the Blockages and Impediments that I wish Remove?
  • How did I see the Harvest of Ripened Intentions?
  • How did I see my Harvest of Seed, to Reflect on and Replant next year?
  • What Blockages did I see Continue and how did they Change?
  • What Guides and Support did I Get?
  • What Is my Full Understanding of This?

Wednesday 14th of March 2018

Wheel of the Seasons Meditation.mp3

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This meditation is being redone to form a sort of rolling curriculum into the next month on the particular elements after going through what they mean together...

Elemental Wheel of the Year Meditation

Today we are doing a journey through the wheel of the year. So many in our society today either live in ignorance of the seasons due to permanently living in air con between their cars, their homes and their offices. Or just bemoan the temperature rather than trying to understand the seasons and why it is that way. It is interesting to note that among many circles having to put on a jumper in winter instead of putting on a heater or reverse cycle air conditioner is ‘Suffering’, rather than acknowledging the conditions of the seasons. We are so out of commendation to real temperature that the constant temperature is actually a cause of weight gain among office workers, as temperature regulation is an inbuilt mechanism that burns up calories.

This disconnect is even worse among those who follow the patterns of the earth for inspiration as we need to know the wheel of the year and the energies to work with them. As I become more and more intertwined with the natural world even progress and events in my life seem to become one with the cycles. For this reason I think it is important to reconnect with this energy, the energy of life. Therefore this is the basis of today's meditation.

The Seasonal Waypoints, shown in the poetic meditations below, will be our waymarkers, They will show us where we will be stopping in our walk through the Wheel of the Year;

Poetic Meditations

Winter Highpoint (Solstice)
Water Meditation

I am the rushing water
I am the vital force of life
I cleanse by flowing through
I can rush through when I need to
Going over obstacles as well as around
When I have to I can rush
When I can I meander
I can be noisy and fast or I can be silent and slow
I can help bring life through rain, mist and river
Or I can destroy through lack inn drought,
Flood and deluge
I am the flowing water
A vital cleansing force of life.

Water – This is the opposite of Fire, the archetypal element of Anima. This is the primal dark, the primal cold, the primal dark, The opposite of light. For this reason this is ice, cold water, winter, and snow. This is the Archetypal dark that allows us to balance out the light, structure it and use it properly.

Spring Waypoint (Equinox)
Earth Meditation

I am the solid earth,
The bedrock and the soil
The solid ground underfoot
A nurturer of plants,
Be that of land under forest, crop or garden
Solid and comforting,
nurturing and supportive.
But I can also be destructive making way for new
Through the avalanche, the earthquake,
my rise and my fall
I change over aeons
Shifting slowly with the times
I am the vital earth
Slowly dynamic and giving life.

Earth – The solid element of the earth. Connected to spring, growth and renewal this is a solid, supporting and nurturing Anima element. This is a balancing element, a more balanced element that balances out the extremes so life can grow and thrive.

Summer Highpoint (Solstice)
Fire Meditation

I am the burning flame
I can Illuminate or I can destroy
I can be the camp fire,
I can be the Hearth fire,
I can power a blacksmiths forge
Or I can be the wildfire
Burning all around me
Destruction Incarnate
Use me or abuse me
It is up to you
Results come from intentions
And that is up to you
With good intentions I Illuminate
Bringing light into the dark
Creating life and civilisation
Glowing warmth to light the spark.
I am the burning fire
The spark of light and creation.

Fire – This is an Animus element of change, growth and warmth. This is summer and the sun, this is fire and progress, this is summer, warmth, growth in all forms. This is also the closest to the pure, archetypal primal light that powers our world and our progress in the world.

Autumn Waypoint (Equinox)
Air Meditation

I am the Whispering Wind
I am the bubble of life
I allow life by my presence
I can sustain life or I can destroy
I can be the breeze or the Hurricane
I am as changeable as I want to be.
I can be life or death
I am an integral part of life
Though I am not often seen or thought of
I am the invisible element
You cannot do without
Trust me and respect me
Because if you do not you will perish
Invisible but not Immaterial
I am the free and free-wheeling
The bubble of life
The element of air

Air – This is a light, intellectual element, the element of Autumn, understanding and sentience. This is a balancing Animus element, allowing the change and contemplation required to move forward and grow.

The two solstices and equinoxes are points that we will be visiting in the guided meditation in the next page. But to get you to understand this cyclic force I will first get you to meet it face to face through a poetic Meditation Below;

The Wheel of The Year
The Cycle of Life

The Wheel of the Year
The never-ending cycle,
As old as the earth,
As constant as time.
From Winter,
To Spring,
To Summer,
To Autumn,
The cycles of life and growth.
From the Winter Solstice,
The cold start of the year,
to the Spring Equinox,
Where light comes into balance.
Then to the Summer Solstice,
The zenith of light and fire,
Through to the Autumn Equinox,
The dark balancing out the light,
Allowing it’s products to be harvested.
Then back to the Winter Solstice,
The end and the beginning,
The zenith of cold and dark,
The Pause of the Earth,
To start again.
The flows of energy,
The Wheel of the Year.
The turning of the seasons
The Wheel of the Year.

This poetic meditation shows how the four above give us our seasons and our lives in so many ways, even if we don’t realise it. Our food all comes from this. Our weather, our seasons, the lot. For this reason it is important to understand it, going into the meditation below.

Wheel of the Year Meditation 

• Lie down or sit comfortably, if possible your tailbone grounded to the earth or floor. Relax, feel yourself leaving your physical body for your ethereal body.
• As you do so, feel yourself in the middle of a large stone circle, a mile around, with four major markers, twelve minor markers and a centre marker. As you appear at the centre marker feel the energy of this circle, feel it go through you, feel yourself feel the energy of this circle for ten breaths. As you feel the whole circle’s energy take one deep breath before walking from the centre marker, to the southernmost major marker, Halfway between the southernmost two minor markers.
• As you get there feel the blue, water energy. Feel it frosern, feel it blue/white, feel it comfortable. Touch the stone, think of what winter means to you, the break in cycles, the beginning and end of cycles. Feel the weather you know, feel the cold. Welcome it. It is not burdensome, it is representative of the energy. Taking ten deep breaths, feel the energy permeate through you, combining with it’s physical manifestation. Feel it as part of what this weather means, feel it with the breaths. Taking one final, deep breath take it within you as you thank it for the chances of endings and new beginnings, regeneration year in year out.
• With a final touch on the stone feel yourself walking the quarter mile, full awareness of the changing of the season, as the weather changes with the rising of the light, towards spring. Feel the energy of earth, fertile an abundant, go through you. While solid, feel the light balancing this out for growth. Feel it as you touch the stone, feel what the season means to you. Feel the light, feel the solidity of cycles as you take ten deep breaths, reflecting on the weather, the changes with the warmth. See the spring, thank it, remember how this manifests with the weather. Feel it, soak it in for one last breath, thanking the stone for the chance of growth and new beginnings year in, year out.
• With a fine touch on the stone feel yourself walking another quarter mile towards summer. Feel the weather change from balanced and pleasant to hot with the rise of heat and light to it’s Zenith. Feel it in the colours of fire – Bright reds, yellows and oranges. Feel it go through you, enjoying the sensation of the height of light and the element of fire, empowering your seeds and intentions to grow. Feel yourself empowered, feel the power of these elements go through you as you think of the weather you associate with summer. The heat, the thunderstorms, the humidity. Do not be afraid of the discomfort, This is meant to be there, seasonal energies made manifest as you take ten deep breaths. Feel it, enjoy it, feel your understanding grow. Far from a mere discomfort, thank it for a chance to empower your dreams and visions with a final touch of the stone, year in, year out.
• Now start to walk the second last quarter mile to the next waystone, between two minor markers. As you do visualise how winter changes from summer to autumn, the falling leaves, the cooler temperatures, the march to winter. Feel the element of air take form in the Autumn winds, feel the dark start to take hold, making this harvest solid enough to manifest. Feel this as you take ten deep breaths, associating that with the manifestation of the autumn weather. With a final breath thank this energy for the chance to harvest plants, food and intentions, year after year, as you take a final touch of the stone.
• Now walk the final quarter mile of the march to winter, back to the winter solstice maker. Feel the Water and dark become predominant, the feel of the frozen water, the waymarker of the year, the beginning and the ending. As it was your beginning, it is now the end and the beginning of a new cycle. Touch it, thank it, reflect on the weather change of late autumn. Reflect on how this is important for a moment, taking a deep breath.
• Now, after your deep breath, walk back into your centre marker. Feel it all come together in you, your reflections on all of the cycles. Feel it come through you, this greater understanding. Take ten deep breaths internalise this understanding. With one final breath, look around, three hundred and sixty degrees, then with a final, deep breath come back into yourself with this knowledge.
• Take a few minutes to come back with this new awareness into the consecrated room and fill out the reflective worksheet for future guidance.

Worksheet Wednesday 14th March 2017
  • My Experiences of Winter and Water are;
  • My Experiences of Spring and Earth are;
  • My Experiences of Summer and Fire are;
  • My Experiences of Autumn and Air are;
  • My Experiences of the Total Wheel of the Year are;

Wednesday 7th March 2018

Tree of Life Meditaiton.mp3

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Tree of Life Meditation

Hello and welcome to today's meditation. This is a meditation on the tree of life, of which we are all leaves on, on our own individual branches. With representations as far and wide as Celtic, Norse, African and Kabbalah/Jewish symbolism in different forms, it is a truly universal symbol of life and growth. For this reason, as well as the resonance of grounding ourselves into the web of life I have come to consider this an important symbol that most, if not all can relate to. For this reason today we will be looking at my own, universal interpretation of this symbol as a truly universal glue in the web of life.

My own view of this symbol has us each as a leaf in this great tree, the great branches, forks, trunks and roots that anchor us, the branches we are born upon, how our leaf moves with our life around the branches, and how as we nourish it as a leaf it nourishes us. This is a personal journey through this important symbol of vibrancy and connection in life, being a healthy vibrant leaf in the tree of life that is our connection to the earth. This looks at the trunks, the branches, roots that anchor us to to the physical, transmuting allowing access to the flow of the high etherial. Understanding the whole helps us as well a the tree that is the entirety of life.

Poetic Meditations

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life,

The vital linking element,

Revered by many,

A universal living symbol.

Linking humanity to nature,

Linking us to our place,

Our place on the Earth,

Our place in life,

Our place in Gaia.

It plants our leaf on the tree of life,

On the branch that we need,

On the fork we belong,

In connection to the trunk.

With deep connections through the roots,

Our own physical anchor,

Connecting to the earth,

Our great tie to Gaia,

Our great tie to the higher etherial in the physical.

Connecting us to our planet,

Allowing us to work with the material,

In our scared space,

Our sacred earth,

Giving us our place in the web of life,

The sacred glade that is the earth,

The Tree of Life.

Guided Meditation The Tree of Life Meditation
  • Sit down comfortably, with your tailbone as closely as possible grounded to the tailbone to the solid earth to the floor.
  • Feel yourself letting go to your energy being, feel your chakras. Go down through the cords, through the connections, to feel your Black, Deep Base Chakra, to the earth. Take ten deep breaths to connect to this centre, feel it pulling you in.
  • Feel this as it pulls you in to your raw essence as it connects to your part in life. Feel yourself open up, feel yourself open up to how this cord connects to an energy flow in a branch, into the flow of universal life. Feel this branch. Feel how securely are you connected, how good is the energy flow, how well is nourishment coming to you in your leaf. As you do feel yourself, your energy connection like a leaf, seeing the other leaves in the tree around you. Feel this, feel the colour, feel the vibrancy of your leaf. Does it feel right. Are you securely connected? Is your colour vibrant or dull, healthy or unhealthy? Take a few moments of feel this, being aware of any blocks both inside and outside the leaf.
  • As you do this take ten deep breaths, feeling yourself reconnect to the tree, clearing the blocks of energy to you and within you. You may find yourself moving, suddenly, visually trans locating. Or you may find yourself rooting into the place you are now. Feel yourself where you are now, rooted into the energy flow of the branch, the flow of the energy of life. Take a moment to feel this, be fully aware of this before moving on.
  • Feel yourself moving down your branch, down this ancient, powerful tree, to the nearest major branch. Feel this branch, feel the vibrancy of the energy of the branch, feel the power coming through. Take ten deep breaths, feeling the energy, feeling the light, feeling the power and how you connect to it. Take a few deep breaths to process this before moving on.
  • Feel yourself move down that major branch to the fork, where your major branch connects to the trunk. Feel the power, feel the raw, undivided power of the tree, feel the grounded power connecting and dividing at the branch. Feel it connect, feel it divide, feel the flow shifting and changing as the major branches come off with ten, deep breaths. Take a few moments to feel this in full awareness before moving on.
  • Feel yourself move down to the ancient, powerful, trunk of the tree, this truly undivided power. Feel it, feel the power of the trunk, feel how this flows undivided, from the grounding of roots to the earth. Feel it, feel the flow with ten deep breaths. Take a moment to esorb this full awareness.
  • Feel yourself now move into this ancient root system, this gnarled, solid, ancient, deep root system. Feel it as it draws nourishment and energy from the solid core of the earth, through the ether, through the spirit of Gaia. Now with ten deep breaths feel this elemental energy, coming through, taking form, drawing up. Keep your full awareness of this as you go up through this flow, focusing on your own energy signature, back to your place, your leaf.
  • Feel yourself on the branch, vital, whole and feeling all the flow. Take ten deep breaths, feeling the vibrancy of your leaf change and become more vibrant. Note the colour of the energy of your leaf, note the colour and vibrancy of the energy flowing through it.
  • After a few moments take ten deep breaths, feel yourself coming into your body through the deep base, up through your base, up through your spine. Feel your energy system reset, feel the flow come up through the deep base.
  • Take a few moments, a few breaths to bring this into consciousness and fill out the sheet for later consideration. This is one that you can, and should do again as you change and grow into finding your true self.
Worksheet Wednesday 7th March 2018
  • How and Where did Your Leaf Start and Finish?
  • How did you see your Branch?
  • How did you see your Major Branch?
  • How did you see your Fork?
  • How did you see the Trunk?
  • How did you see the Roots?
  • How did you see your Overall Journey and Bring it Back?

Wednesday 28th February 2018

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Etheric Awareness and Understanding Meditation

Hello and Welcome to this weeks meditation, on Etheric Awareness and Understanding. These parts of the whole, the whole of our thoughts. This is a part of us as a part of as a part of the Consciousness Matrix, a concept of how the mind works as the gateway for the soul to control the body, It’s vehicle in this life. If you wish to see more about this please tell me after or see my website for more details, but for now we are just looking at awareness and understanding, perceiving and being able to fully understand the world in order to get the best out of it for our personal growth and understanding of the world. In order to understand the place both have I put the basic diagram below;

At this point we are only looking at the basic polarity here, Understanding and Awareness, which you can see in the diagram. Awareness is our perception, our full awareness of the world encompassing all of what we see, hear and feel. It is also a symbolic level of thought, thought in symbol, image and an almost film like visual presentation. This allows us to record, remember and basically interpret our environment. Understanding allows us to bring this to a higher level, to interpret at the level that is commonly called thought, have memories, have understanding. This is sentience, at the basic level, and at higher levels growing into it and bringing higher levels into it. For this reason, this is important. The chakra correspondences can be seen in the diagram above.

We will be moving into the poetic meditations soon, then looking at the worksheet and meditation to understand for yourself why it is important to you personally and your own balance between awareness and understanding, so pay attention to take attention to how this matters to you.

Poetic Meditations

The ability to see the world

The ability to read or signs

The ability to see friend from foe

The level of symbol,

The level of image,

The level of vision,

The world, our perception.

Allowing us to see,

Allowing us to perceive,

Allowing us to to form group bonds,

The Anima mind,

The second, essential step of evolution,

perception and anima in form,

The Sacral chakra.


The ability to interpret

The ability to understand

The ability to construct and understand

The Understanding Mind

Understanding Awareness

Reworking perception

Codifying our world

Evolving Consciousness

Evolving Humanity

Evolving Thought and Wisdom

The Understanding Mind

The consciousness adding to awareness.

Anima/Animus Guided Meditations
  • Sit or lie down and comfortably, as grounded down to the earth as possible.
  • Feel yourself go into your energy system, feel your chakras momentarily, before taking ten deep breaths. Feel your body go into your mind with the last ten breaths, feel the energy of your soul connect at this mental level.
  • Look further into this energy, feel it as it breaks into the parts of the mind. Feel it, the awareness colours of red, orange, green and indigo and the Understanding colours of yellow, blue and Violet. Feel them, taking ten deep breaths as you do, their connections through the gold and silver cords in the Consciousness Matrix as you can see it with one, deep breath.
  • Go into the awareness colours, feel them. Take a few breaths to feel what they feel like, what information they have. How clear they are, how well they work, how well they are connected into the system. Are there any blocks, are there any problems you can see on them, are there any breaks in connection. Focus on these if you see them as you take ten deep breaths, clearing and cleansing the awareness mind. After take a moment of feel the chakras as they are represented here, feel it as it is now before moving into the understanding mind thorough the gold and silver cord connections. Feel them for a moment, the yellow, the green and the violet, feel for any blocks, breaks in connection and breaks outside the connection. Focus on these if you feel them as you take ten deep breaths to clean, clear and cleanse. Take a few moments to feel as they are now.
  • Take a few moments to feel the two minds, how they are connecting. Feel the quality of the connections, any blocks between them Take ten deep breaths, feeling the connections reset with new energy. Feel it go through, feel it cleanse, clear and connect, resetting the system for the better.
  • Take some time now to feel how this is presenting now. Are there any other blocks? How good is the connection? How do you see it. Take ten deep breaths, watching these impressions present themselves, awareness and understanding. Remember, be aware, but do not interpret at this moment. Feel this energy now as you come back out to consciousness, centred and more aware.
  • Write down your impressions of the energy that you saw and interpret.


Wednesday 28th February 2018 Worksheet
  • My visions of the Awareness Mind;
  • My Visions of the Understanding Mind;
  • My Visions of the total Awareness/Understanding Matrix Connections;
  • My Understandings of  what I Saw:

Wednesday 21st February 2018

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Energetic Chakra Meditations

Hello and welcome to today's meditation. Following on from the physical chakras comes the energetic chakras. These higher frequency chakras allow us to access energy from what is also called the subtle realms, and what I call the prime ethereal. While the Astral Plane and the Ethereal Plane are two different planes, they also in a way intersect on the Prime Ethereal of our planet. These six chakras give access to higher energies in the physical through the cords and correspondences through the physical chakras, the base seven that is well known from India and beyond. We will be looking at these both in terms of information on their forms and functions, then through a poetic as well as deep energetic meditations.

At a deeper level of the energy body, these chakras give us access to the planetary levels of energy on the prime ethereal as well as the higher energies of the primal planes, the deep earth and the higher universal energies. Through these we get the information and access to subtler, higher energies in our world. The basic information on the six chakras are;

  • 0th – Deep Base/Earth Star Chakra Black - Anchoring Awareness -Located down under the feet, about sixty centimetres below the feet this is black chakra is the anchoring, dense chakra that anchors our energies in the world like the negative in the battery. In the unawakened it only performs this function, but as you awaken it also allows you access to the Black Disintegration Ray of universal energy. Far from needing to be feared, this allows us to let go of what we no longer need and recycle energy, cleansing ourselves. This is a natural energy that is the key to among other things, black holes, the matter recycling of decay and other processes that make the cycle of life possible. This makes it an important Chakra to understand. An energy Chakra, it allows us to anchor in the prime ethereal and came to being with the Base Chakra.
  • 8th – Higher Crown/Star Seed Chakra – Clear – Higher Understanding – This is important for many reasons. The first is that it is the positive polarity to the Deep Base/Earth Star negative polarity, closing off our energetic circuit so it works. This is the chakra that also brings in the higher, Universal Platinum White Ray, the purest, all spectrum expression of universal light. This allows us to work with this key energy to cleanse, purify and attune ourselves. This allows us to work with the purer universal energy and enable ourselves to work with the universal energy as a whole, which allows us to keep us on a clear path.
  • 9th Planetary Anima Chakra Deep Green – Planetary Higher Awareness – This chakra, bought into greater conciousness during the 1960's is our connection to the universal awareness. This makes it vital, not only for helping us understanding the earth. It is also vital to help anchor the Pink Universal Awareness Ray, making it aligned and useful in guiding our perception and purpose. This is situated on the anima circuit, when attuned situated on the right collarbone and connected into the Heart Chakra.
  • 10th Planetary Animus Chakra Deep Blue – Planetary Higher Understanding – This chakra, a chakra of the understanding, Animus side of the higher planetary life force. Only really coming to light with the transition to the 5th with the Spring Equinox sequence in the last few months, this Chakra has opened up the chance to understand and not just aware of the planetary life force. This has the role of anchoring the Blue Universal Understanding Ray, making it useful for both us and in working with the planetary energies. This allows us to use and understand both energies fully in this planetary plane. Situated, when attuned, in the left collarbone and on the gold animus energy arc, this is understanding the life force of the planet itself.
  • 11th – Anima Chakra Silver – Primal Dark – This chakra has a dual representation. Situated in a pivotal spot, between the Higher Crown Chakra and the Crown Chakra it allows us access to two important things – the energy of the primal dark and the anima energy in our own soul. It allows us to feel and access it, for it to help give us structure through being half of what has been known to be called the Kundali Serpent, the silver half. This makes it a very important structural chakra within us.
  • 12th – Animus Chakra – Gold – Primal Light – Like the 11th chakra, this has a dual purpose, being the access to both the primal light energy and our own anima energy. This sit on the right side, between the Higher Crown Chakra and Crown Chakra, on the Animus circuit. This forms the other half of the circuit that is the kundali structure, the gold animus serpent. This allows the system to work with anima by giving it the framework by giving it form. This makes it a very important structural element, last but not least.

These four Chakras work through ties to the Physical Chakras. The Deep Base Chakra and Higher Crown Chakra are both connected through the Silver and gold Kundali weave that goes up our spine as polaric stoppers, the deep earth allowing access to the deep, black Universal disintegration energy and the deep earth energies below us, the Soul Star to the pure universal light energies, The Etheric Awareness Chakra works through a tie to the 4th Intergrational Awareness Chakra, and the Etheric Understanding Chakra works through a tie to the 5th Intergrational Understanding Chakra, allowing the integration of the greater whole into our though processes. The last two are not tied into the physical chakra system directly but sit just below the Higher Crown Chakra on the cords that they create, silver for Anima and gold for Animus, powering the entire system both in terms of bringing in the primal polaric energies from a higher source but also working with our own polaric energies. Together they are a key part in holding together the backbone.

The Energetic Chakras Poetic Meditations

The Deep Base Chakra The 0th Chakra

The Deep Base Chakra

The deep tie to Earth.

The connection of our solidity,

The connection of our souls to life.

Black and solid,

Cleansing and balancing,

Strong and grounding,

The anchor of life,

The anchor of the earth.

The Earth Star Centre,

The Deep Base Chakra,

The essential deep tie to Gaia.

The Higher Crown Chakra The 8th Chakra

The Higher Crown Chakra,

The greater crown of humanity,

Bringing in the highest energies,

The clearest levels,

The levels of source,

The levels of origin.

The essential link,

Between Evolution and source,

The essential link,

Between the source and higher energies,

The star of the soul,

The Soul Star Chakra,

The Higher Crown.

The Plantetary (Ethereal) Awareness Chakra The 9th Chakra

The Planetary Awareness Chakra,

Awareness of the Prime Ethereal,

The awareness of planetary integration,

The awareness of the greater whole of life.

Bringing through awareness of the whole,

So we can see our place in in it,

Awareness of our greater place in life,

The three of life,

The planetary collective,

The connection to the greater whole,

The Ethereal Awareness Chakra.

The Planetary (Ethereal) Awareness Chakra The 10th Chakra

The Plantetary Understanding Chakra,

The Understanding of the Prime Ethereal,

The Understanding of the planetary whole

And our place in it.

The understanding of our place in humanity

The understanding of our place in the tree of life,

The understanding of where we are,

And where we are going.

The Planetary awareness made sentient,

Allowing us access to greater knowledge and greater innovation,

The Planetary Understanding Chakra,

The gateway of greater knowledge.

The Anima Chakra The 11th Chakra

The Anima Chakra

The personal gateway to primal dark

The expression of our personal anima,

The essential framework of our soul.

The essential element,

One half of a whole,

Allowing us to feel solid,

Allowing us to know time and place,

Allowing us to know where and how we are.

The Anima Chakra,

The essential portal to cycles,

Working through our system,

Creating the silver cord,

The Anima Chakra.

The Animus Chakra The 12th Chakra

The Animus Chakra,

The personal gateway to primal light,

The expression of our personal Animus,

The essential framework of our soul.

An Essential Element,

Half of our soul,

Allowing us the light of progress,

allowing us the light of evolution,

The Animus Chakra,

The Personal element of illumination,

The personal element of understanding,

Working through our system,

The essential gold cord,

The Animus Chakra.

Etheric Chakra Meditation
  • Sit or lie down comfortably, preferably with your tailbone grounded to the earth as much as possible. Close your eyes and go into yourself.
  • Feel your Physical Chakras, the cords around them for a few moments before taking ten deep breaths to clean and clear them. Take a few deep breaths after to feel them as they are.
  • Go deeper into the Physical Chakras, feel the cords down. Feel the connections either side of the physical chakras as you go down deeper, feel the cords through the Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra. Feel them as you go down, feeling the energy centres on the cords. At this point you will feel six new energy centres open to you. Take ten deep breaths, feel them as they work together, pulsating with your connection to the Physical Chakras.
  • After a deep breath move down to the black Deep Base Chakra six inches below your feet. Feel it pulse, feel it energise and clear, balancing and grounding you out as you take ten deep breaths. Feel it go through you, the deep, grounding energy with a few last breaths.
  • Move up, past the ghosts of the Physical Chakras, to the glowing, white light centre of the Higher crown chakra, about a foot above your head. Feel it as it glows, taking ten deep breaths to clean, clear and energise, resetting your tie to the higher realities above our planet. With a few, last deep breaths feel how this reset means that more of these energies are flowing through your system through to the physical chakras, down the spine.
  • Next, move through the silver cord to the Deep Green Planetary/Etheric Awareness Chakra. Feel it change, pulse and grow with life, feel it connect you to the planetary awareness. Feel it reset, as well as the cord to the Heart Chakra, with ten deep breaths, clearing, cleansing and connecting you deeper to to the prime ethereal and all your fellow beings on it. Take a few moments to feel the connection, taking a deep breath.
  • Now move along the silver cord, to the gold cord, to the Planetary Understanding Chakra. Feel yourself touch inspiration, planetary understanding as you do, how it is. This is our connection, through a cord to the throat chakra, to integrating with higher planetary energies. As you do feel what this connection is like now with a breath, before taking ten deep breaths to cleanse and clear your system. Feel the greater access to higher planetary ether and your fellow beings connected to it as you do, allowing a sense of greater united purpose as well as greater access to inspiration.
  • Move back along the gold cord, down through the deep base, then up, to feel the pure silver Anima Chakra, the origin point of the silver cord. Feel it as it is now, part your energy, part deep, ancient dark energy. Feel how it grounds you and ties you to cycles. Feel it go though your system with one deep breath, then focus on the chakra centre and take ten deep breaths, clearing and cleansing it. Feel it clear up, feel the energy become clearer, the flow better as you do, and with one last, deep breath, feel your system reset with this new, clearer connection.
  • Move back around, through the Higher Crown Chakra across to the gold centre, the Animus Chakra, on the gold cord about three inches off your shoulder blade on the other side. As you do feel the energy go through you, feel the energy as it comes in, creating the gold cord, going through your system as it is now with one deep breath. Taking ten deep breaths, feel it clear, cleanse and reset. Take a few last breaths to feel how this has reset your entire system anew, before moving out to the entire Energetic Chakra system.
  • Feeling the system as it is now, take ten deep breaths and feel it work through all connections and cords, re-balancing your system as it is now.
  • Go back through the connecting cords Chakra System, Feel the energy work through your physical chakras as your ride the cords back. Take a few breaths to see the new, fresh energy coming into the system, feel it change and grow your system with ten deep breaths, bringing it in to cleanse, clear and reset your physical chakra system, through the connecting cords and renewed energy flows. Feel the renewed dual system with a last breath and come back to yourself, seeing the effects on the environment around you, how you see it as well as in you.
Worksheet Wednesday 21st February 2018
  • How did you see the Deep Base Chakra?
  • How did you see the Higher Crown Chakra?
  • How did you see the Etheric Awareness Chakra?
  • How did you see the Etheric Understanding Chakra?
  • How did you see the Anima Chakra
  • How did you see the Animus Chakra?
  • How did you see the Energetic Chakras and their Connection to the Physical Chakra System?

Wednesday 14th February 2018

Handout 14022018.pdf Handout 14022018.pdf
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Solar Eclipse Meditation

Hello, and welcome to this special Solar Eclipse meditation, the final eclipse in a powerful cycle. Following the Summer Solstice in December, a powerful Blue Moon, Supermoon, Lunar Eclipse and now the Solar Eclipse tomorrow on the 15th February 2018 to complete the cycle. Continuing with the Aquarius/Leo theme, the eclipse is now in the last degrees of Aquarius, representing the fact that the future lies ahead with the 5th dimensional energy and the way forward through the gate.

As an animus gate opening after the anima gate bought in the new structures, it is bringing in the energy to power the cycles as they change. As it is in the sequence this is still a major gate and needs to be treated as such, following the Lunar Eclipse. Through this eclipse you will get the power to bring in your intentions from the Summer Solstice and Lunar Eclipse, making this important.

There will be three sections of information with this supporting the guided meditation for that reason – poetic meditations on the Summer Solstice, the Lunar Eclipse, and the Solar Eclipse. Then there will be a guided meditation and worksheet get the best out of this powerful transition on this lunation tomorrow. In a minute we will be starting to go through the poetic meditations to understand the entire cycle, then focusing on the current event in a guided meditation – Tomorrows Solar Eclipse.

The Summer Solstice

The first event in this sequence was the Summer Solstice, setting up the highpoint of light energy for the Southern Hemisphere. For the Northern Hemisphere this will be different as they are coming into the Winter Solstice, perhaps evidence of a balancing out of energies and resources among the planet. This sets up the planetary scenario that these energies come into.

Summer Highpoint
Fire Meditation

I am the burning flame

I can Illuminate or I can destroy

I can be the camp fire,

I can be the Hearth fire,

I can power a blacksmiths forge

Or I can be the wildfire

Burning all around me

Destruction Incarnate.

Use me or abuse me.

It is up to you.

Results come from intentions

That is up to you.

With good intentions I Illuminate

Bringing light into the dark

Creating life and civilisation

Glowing warmth to light the spark.

I am the burning fire

The spark of light and creation.

Fire – This is an Animus element of change, growth and warmth. This is summer and the sun, this is fire and progress, this is summer, warmth, growth in all forms. This is also the closest to the pure, archetypal primal light that powers our world and our progress in the world.

Fire, the element of summer that reaches it’s peak with the Summer Solstice, is the element of all the uses for fire that humanity has as well as natural fires such as bushfires and wildfires. This element gives the spark and warmth to life. Without this there would not be the warmth in winter in homes, there would not be the warmth of the sun for plants to grow, there would not be the light and heat needed for so many things. This element is an essential element in nature for this reason.

In terms of the season summer, what this is doing providing the energy for growth in nature, the peak growing season. This is the same aspect of the growth for the harvest that we will be working with today, represented in the Summer Solstice poetic mediation below;

The Energy of Light
Primal Light Polaric Mediation

The Light of Creations flame,

The Light that sparked the fire.

The Light that allows life.

The light that allows Innovation,

The light that allows progress

The light of the soul.

The energy of Masculinity

At it’s height in Summer,

Dormant in Winter,

Changing through the seasons.

The great cycle of life

Illuminating the darkness

The primal polarity fire.

Light – The polarity of Animus that illuminates and balances out the dark and cycles, allowing progress, growth and evolution. Represented in the physical by light and heat, this is the power that fuels life and civilisation.

The masculine energy of light, second to come into existence to balance the dark, this is an essential part of life. It has associations with fire and air, it is the fuel that fosters the growth that dark and cycles that they ground. Working through the wheel of the year it has it’s height in summer and the Summer Solstice, the peak season for heat and growth. Represented physically by the sun, today we are focusing on the way it fuels growth in us our goals and intents, for the Autumn Harvest.

The Summer Solstice The Southern Tipping Point
Summer Solstice Meditation

The height of Fire and Light,

The Zenith of the Seasons,

The apex of fire.

The height of the light.

The Height of power,

The chance to grow,

The chance to build,

The chance to set the seeds of the harvest.

The chance to set intentions

The chance to bring potential into life

The fire that powers life.

The light that powers growth,

The light that powers spiritual evolution,

The power that fuels civilisation.

The zenith of fire and light,

The Midsummer Solstice.

This combines with the energies of the Lunar Eclipse on the 31st January 2017 and the corresponding Solar Eclipse on 15th February 2017. This is what we will be looking at next.

The Energies of the Lunar Eclipse

The 31st January 2018 Leo-Aquarius Lunar Eclipse adds to the energies of this cycle, highlighting the tension between serving yourself, your own needs and wants and service to others. This is a cycle of tension we see in so many public debates today, something that we are trying to work out in so many issues such as climate change, wealth and economic inequality and asylum seekers. Communication is a key factor in this, as is innovation and illuminating the debate with different ideas. In a way this applying into the solar eclipse, but you can see the beginnings here. By balancing this in us and seeing where we fit and how we work with others for mutual benefit we will help ourselves as well as others. The north node in close contact with the moon show that facing the past of how we have made this balance is something that we need to deal with in this process.

At the most basic a lunar eclipse is a gate for accessing the higher energy of dark and cycles, the energy providing the structure and form to our lives. This allows us to work with the energies coming through, in this case, the balancing out of cycles of serving ourselves and others. In the guided meditation you will get a chance to feel these energies and find how this is a part of your life, but for now a primer in the form of a poetic meditation.

Aquarius/Leo Lunar Eclipse 31st January 2017

The Anima Eclipse

The gateway of primal dark

The gateway to cycles,

To the form in our lives.

Through the gateway of the Moon,

Allow me to see my cycles,

Allow me to see the way ahead.

Between myself and others

Serving my needs and evolution,

And the evolution of the planet

The evolution of man.

Allow me to see my way ahead

Through communication,

Through Innovation and Illumination,

Through Serving all not just one.

Allow me to Harvest the Zenith of Sun and light,

So it serves me best

As well as serving Gaia and man.

I honour you,

The Anima eclipse

The gateway of primal darkness.

The gateway of anima

The solid, essential link to cycles.

These energies combine with the zenith of planetary energies and if used properly can help you focus the energy in the right way in the cycles of evolution. In linking the planetary energies with the universal, dark animal energies of cycles that make our world solid we can understand this and allow us to accelerate our images in our life. This is the anima gate bringing form to the change.

The Energies of the Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse, the last element is a gate that allows us access to universal light energy. This energises the energies of the Lunar Eclipse by opening a gate to feel the complimentary light of the lunar energy coming through. In our planetary system the conduit for this is the sun, particularly solar eclipses. In this case this is a solar eclipse in Aquarius, bringing in the energy needed to re-balance this tension between serving ourselves, those around us on the journey, and the planet. Here the energy is coming through the gate to start re-balancing this, perhaps allowing the seeds to be sown for some real action in doing so next year around the spring equinox.

In general terms this a solar eclipse of the gate being opened to the universal primal light, the second balancing polarity. Without this everything would be too solid and dense for us to be able to grow and learn, so when used well this is a very necessary balance. Solar Eclipses allow us to work with the energy of universal light, harnessing it to power the changes in cycles that come through with the solar eclipse and as well as making more powerful the heat/light/summer effect than just the zenith of the wheel of the seasons. The essence of this is captured in a poetic meditation below;

The Solar Eclipse 15th February 2017

The Solar Eclipse,

The gate of Animus,

The gate of primal light.

The energy of balance between ourselves and others

The energy of balance between us and the earth,

The gate driving balance and change

The gate driving evolution.

The light of growth,

The light of illumination,

The light of innovation

The light of change.

The light of balance within ourselves,

The light of balance with the rest of man,

The light of balance with our cycle of seasons.

The February Solar Eclipse,

The gate of light of change.

This is the last aspect of the energy coming through to be represented in the guided meditation below, the completion of the cycle. This is the energy fuelling the change indicated, and harnessing this will allow us to take the seeds and use them in spring. At the moment, with the cycle of eclipses near tipping points rather than balance points, indicates that we need to bring new things in, new cycles, new areas of growth. This seems of be focused on the changes in society and civilisation with the 5th level evolution. The exact change coming through it is expressed in the poetic meditation below;

Aquarius Solar Eclipse 15th February 2018

The Animus Eclipse

Powering the change in Cycles

Bringing higher energy to reality,

To the planetary level.

The Animus Eclipse,

Powering change in Man,

Powering Change in the world,

Powering the growth of a new cycle.

Cutting out prejudice,

Cutting out separation,

Bringing a new state of change in the world.

Fostering understanding,

Fostering growth and renewal,

Fostering a Jigsawing in of Harmony,

A Jigsawing in of groups.

The Animus Eclipse

Powering change and growth

Powering the change and cycles

The essential evolution of man

To live in harmony with Gaia and the Planet.

Solar Eclipse Guided Meditation
  • With a deep breath get comfortable sitting or lying down, tailbone grounded to the earth or floor as best as possible. With another deep breath feel your ethereal body leave your physical body and walk down up an alpine path into a high meadow.
  • As you do so, see the scene. See the meadow, slowly sloping down into a small, pristine lake. See the Saddle in the mountains, higher than where you sit, bathed in the glow of the rising sun. Sit down and with a deep breath, watch the sun make the final part of the journey to rise between the saddle of the two mountains.
  • Watch the sun rise to the middle of the two mountains, taking a deep breath to soak this in, before considering your intentions and goals. Feel them form in bright, red orange neon plasma, coming transmuted from your Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra. Take ten deep breaths, letting them gain the power of this sun, close up and risen. With one last, deep breath take a moment to observe your powered intentions.
  • Next, ground your intentions onto the grass below you, watching it singe in and burn. See some mist, still around from the lake, see it combine with the vapour from the grass. See the elements of earth and water combine with your intentions, taking ten deep breaths, seeing how this combination of energies changes your intentions as it powers them. Note any symbols, guidance or images you see as you do this. Note, but do not try to understand.
  • Through the reflection of the lake, look up at the sun after one deep breath. Watch it change as you look up at the sky, the sun in the saddle of the mountains, and feel the changes in energy. Watch as the sun gets eaten into by the suns shadow, goes black, then the corona appears. This is the eclipse, where the gate of light is open. Feel this pure light energy, on your goals and intentions, note how it affects them, powers them, changes them with ten deep breaths through the lake’s reflection, the mist, and the singed grass. Note and be aware at this stage of any symbols, images or guidance, but do not try to understand.
  • Take a few deep breaths to observe, then look back up at the sky, first through the lake reflection, then in the sky. Watch the eclipse close, watch the world go bright, feel the energy go back to normal. Look back towards the reflection on the water and feel the change in your intentions and goals as this new, empowered, cycle dawns with ten deep breaths.
  • Take a few moments to feel and observe any new symbols images or guidance. Note and remember, but do not try and interpret.
  • After taking a look around at your personal surroundings and feeling the totality of them take ten deep breaths to internalise your goals and intentions as they are. Feel them a part of you, integrating with your understanding through your 4th and 5th Chakras. Take a moment to thank your surroundings and come back to your body through the path.
  • Once you have woken up slowly write down what you became aware of and then interpret to understand what it means for you going forward into this next cycle.

Worksheet Wednesday 14th February 2018
  • My Goals and Intentions for this Upcoming Energetic Cycle are;
  • My Blockages to this are;
  • My Guidance through this Meditation was;
  • My Understanding of my Guidance was;
  • My Understanding of the Greater Eclipse Cycle was;

Wednesday 7th February 2018

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Physical Chakra Meditation

Hello and welcome to the physical chakra meditation. Today we will be focusing on the better known part of the thirteen chakra system, the seven physical chakras. In a way this is part of a two part meditation, the second part being the energetic chakras on the 21st February 2018. You will likely get more benefit from attending both the physical chakra and the energetic chakra and the physical chakra meditation. The break in-between in for the last of the three sequence of events, the Solar Eclipse Meditation on the 14th February 2018, a day before the end event in a sequence that is one in 150 year event.

Today we are focusing on the physical chakras – the seven physical chakras. These correspond to the seven physical energy centres in the body as well as the seven energetic levels overall. I follow a system where there are the same basic seven energy levels at three levels of existence – the Planetary, the Galactic, and the Universal. As we are being on the planetary level, we are going to be focusing on these levels as they manifest at the physical energy levels in us. These will be first explained, then their energies explored through first poetic mediation and then through a guided mediation and worksheet combo.

These chakras correspond to two areas in life, the first being our link to these energies in ourselves. Some we will have fully integrated, others are the ones we have access to as forerunner levels, a part of our whole blueprint we have not grown into yet. The other one is our ability to directly access these levels, which allow us to access parts of material reality in doing so. This allows us to work with these energies both in and out, which makes them important. More information is below.

The Physical Chakras – An Introduction

There are two types of Chakras – The physical chakras, and the Etheric, or energetic Chakras. The physical chakras are a part of the physical body in energy representation and the energetic chakras are what connect us, through links to the physical chakras to enable out to use the subtler, etheric energies outside ourselves. Briefly, the seven physical chakras are;

  • 1st – Base ChakraRed - Base Awareness – Located in the genital area, at the base of the spine, this chakra controls all of our survival traits, or awareness of survival. This includes our awareness of physical sexuality, hunger, thirst and other survival issues. This allowed us to incarnate as part of the first duality, this allows us to feel our life-force, as well as allow us access to the red light of universal life force as an energy. For this reason it is very important to pay attention to as much as any other Chakra. A Physical Chakra, it came to being when we incarnated as physical life from the soul nurseries.
  • 2nd – Sacral Chakra Orange – Total Awareness - Located in the belly, this chakra represents the energy of total awareness. A physical chakra, this allows us to fully see the material world, anchoring our perceptions. This has no connections beyond the physical world , but is connected to the 2nd Link Level as a personal growth milestone, mastering a key skill that enables us to use later higher developments, mastering total awareness.
  • 3rd – Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow – Total Understanding – As a key development they do not get to be so big. This is the completion of a personal milestone, a personal skill that makes us complete in ourselves as a base and the skills that are needed to move onto the next levels and the next step of moving onto integrating into the higher levels. This is not connected to the higher levels but like awareness this is a necessary step to make other skills more important. This makes it important as a result as perhaps one of the most critical foundation levels.
  • 4th – Heart Chakra – Green - Intergrational Awareness - The first of the Interpersonal chakras the Heart Chakra integrates many awareness levels from the outside. This Chakra helps us integrate not only the Pink, Universal Awareness energy (Hence the pink and green correspondences of this chakra). Anchoring this in correspondence is the integration of the energies is the 9th Chakra, the awareness of the higher planetary life force, which is located on the right side of the aura, in the anima feedback, commonly located on the right collarbone.
  • 5th – Throat Chakra Blue – Intergrational Understanding – This, like the 4th Universal understanding level integrates higher understandings into our awareness so we can use them as a part of our decision making. In this case it integrates the Blue universal understanding light, grounded by the 10th Higher planetary life-force understanding, a chakra which has only become active in the past few months since the Spring Equinox shift to the 5th Dimension. This means that those who can learn how to use this can make the most use of this ray, and the way it connects through then at the planetary level. This makes this a very important hub of evolution as the human soul group evolves with the planet.
  • 6th – Third Eye ChakraIndigo – Evolutionary Awareness – This level, one of clarity at a planetary level is the highest level of planetary awareness. This served in the evolution to this point to give us access to the energies of the highest planetary awareness levels, the akahistic record and other higher level awareness abilities, and still does. This means that we can use them as part of ourselves to help guide us as we grow and learn, or access to clairvoyant and psychic abilities. For this reason, despite being a physical, personal chakra, it is still very, very important.
  • 7th – Crown Chakra Violet – Evolutionary Understanding – This level, one of access to the highest planetary level of energy, is very important as it allows access to the soul blueprint and the highest access of the self. This allows us to know who we are as we grow, evolve and learn, bringing us back to who we are and the essential self. This also brings in the Violet Universal light ray, bringing in the highest filtered energy. This is the highest physical planetary chakra and the highest level of planetary energy, as well as bringing down the violet universal energy. For all of these reasons the importance to a persons evolution cannot be underestimated.

These seven energy centres, when cleared, cleansed and balanced, allow us to be aware of, and understand, the energies of these levels both within and without, allowing us to work in harmony and flow with the world.

At the moment our planet is well and truly into the fifth dimensional shift, which started in 2012. This means that the planet has gone up from the third to the fourth in about 1960-1970, to going up to the fifth in 2012. This is a very short shift, a very concentrated shift. There were forerunners for both shifts of course. The work of Jung, and the lesser known work of Steiner in the late twentieth to early twenty first centuries were forerunners. In a five speech book of Steiner's speeches of his I have, but sadly currently in storage and cannot find on the internet, this shift is explicitly mentioned. These were forerunners, and in a way so was all of the spiritualist movements that started at that time. In a way too, many of the technological advances, globalisation and moments such as the laws of attraction were a part of this too coming up to 2012, paving the way for the shift. However, there is still those still left behind, out of the comfortable once removed band from the fourth to the sixth, at the third level because of the sudden shift. These people are at the moment either being educated, or moved onto other places where the third level is comfortable. At this point the human soul group is changing.

We are in this midst of this change, akin from going from the stand alone computer with all functions, to connecting on dial up in the fourth, to full broadband in the fifth. This sudden shift, the vast amounts of energy around are a boon as well as a curse. The boon is that we can evolve and grow at a faster rate, manifest faster etc… But there is also the danger in both the people being left behind. In understanding the energy levels as energies, in the poetic meditation below will understand more about why this is the case, and gain greater understanding on how to use this.

Poetic Chakra Meditations

I wrote these poetic meditations about two years ago as a way of understand these energies as an entity, something that I am now putting here to introduce the energies that we will be working with in the meditation and worksheet below as a primer;

Chakra Meditations The First Dimensions

The First Energetic Dimensions

The first Duality

The first soul Evolution

Towards individuality

The first step in a long Journey

The First spark if Individuality

Creating the basis

for all Individual souls

Creating the basis

For who we are today

Without this first Soul infancy

We could not thrive and grow

The First Dimension

Our first Soul Identity.

Chakra Meditations The Second Level

The Second level is full awareness

of the self

Of the environment

The second level is friend or foe

The second level is herd and pride

The second level is connection

Connection to others

Connection to self

Connection to reality.

Taking the step from first Reality

To the greater world outside

Creating the basis

For working with others and life

Enabling us to grow

Onward to Sentience

The Second Dimension

The True Self Emerging.

Chakra Dimension The Third Dimension

The Third Dimension is Sentience

The Third Dimension is Understanding

This is completing the basic human being

The Basic toolkit of life.

From here we evolve further

Into the energetic flow

To grow ever further

Into the flow

This dimension completes us

So we can move onto connect

Move onto further growth

Further Growth and Learning

The Third Dimension

Competing the toolkit for life

Completing Personal Growth

Chakra Meditiatons The Fourth Dimensions

The Fourth Dimension
The growth into higher awareness
The Growth into greater reality
The first step into evolving
To a higher Being
The first step towards growing
Onto greater realities
Becoming more aware
More aware of life
Beyond the ken of five senses
Learning and growing
Beyond the five senses
Growing ever higher

Chakra Meditation The Fifth Dimension

The Fifth Dimension

The start of Higher Understanding

The key to further growth

Esorbtion into higher reality

Into the being

The being of the self

The being of the greater world

Beyond our base senses

The Fifth Dimension

The key to higher reality

Higher understanding

Evolving beyond the base

Into full contact with Higher Reality

Chakra Meditations The Sixth Dimension

The Sixth Dimension

The Third eye beyond reality

The key to Universal awareness

The key to Seeing clearly

Guides us when incomplete

When Complete and Esorbed

Keeping us clear

The Sixth Dimension

The level of clarity

The level of Clairvoyance

The level of pure sight.

Guiding ever forward

As we grow

Guiding us through clarity

As we evolve and grow.

Chakra Meditations The Seventh Dimension

The Seventh Dimension

The highest planetary dimension

The Level of pure energy

Of pure thought understanding.

The level of light

The level of truth

The level of Evolution

Towards full growth and learning

The final layer of Evolution

On the planet

From there we evolve higher

On the galactic level

Grow ever forward

Onward to the next level.

Chakra Meditations Soul Journey over The Dimensions

The Souls Journey through the Dimensions

Is a Journey of Evolution.

This goes from our first soul nursery

To our Final Evolution

As we go through this Journey

We Pick up many things

Dimension by Dimensions,

Creating who we are

At the First we split

In the soul nursery

Becoming the Duality

The base of being

At the second

We become aware of all around us

Who we are within

And What is Without

Moving belong the base

Of Evolution

At the Third

We become fully Sentient

Mastering Understanding,

Mastering the Self

As we go to the Fourth and Fifth

We become a part of the group

The group of the Planet

The group of soul beings

Fourth is being aware of it

Fifth is Understanding

Then Through to Evolution

in the Sixth and Seventh

Towards the Eight Gate

And the greater Realms beyond

The sixth brings high awareness

The Seventh Higher understanding

Completing Evolution

On this planetary scale

This is The Journey

Of Evolution

The Way the soul grows

Through the dimensions.

Physical Chakra Meditation
  • Sit or lie down comfortably. Feel yourself let go of the physical body to your ethereal body
  • Take tend deep breaths, feeling your physical body. Feel it as you see the physical layer of energy, the glowing energy centres, the silver cord and the gold cord as it wraps around to form the structure. Feel the connections deeper to the energetic, ethereal chakras, but do not go down them. Feel your energy systems as a whole, feel the glowing energy centres, feel the glowing gold and silver cords.
  • Now, focusing in to feel the deep red energy centre in groin. Feel the first dimensional link to the physical self, taking a deep breaths. Take ten deep breaths, focusing the energy flow into the base chakra. Feel it cleanse and clear. Taking one last deep breath, see the chakra as it is now, clean and clear.
  • Move up, focusing in to feel the Orange energy centre in belly. Feel the second dimensional link to the total awareness, taking a deep breaths. Take ten deep breaths, focusing the energy flow into the Solar Plexus Chakra. Feel it cleanse and clear. Taking one last deep breath, see the chakra as it is now, clean and clear.
  • Continue on, Moving up to the Yellow energy centre in the midriff, just below the rib cage. Feel this as it is for a moment with a deep breath, our final completion and our seat of personal understanding. Feel it complete your personal cleansing, clearing and cleansing as you take ten deep breaths. With one final breath feel this chakra cleared, cleansed and renewed.
  • Continue up to the first intergrational chakra, the green centre in our rib cage, the connection to planetary awareness. Feel it come in through your Heart chakra, your connections. Feel it go through you, feel it work through the connections to the etheric chakras, as it manifests in your heart chakra connection. Take ten deep breaths, feel the connection cleanse, reset and feel yourself gain better access to higher awareness. Feel this cleared, reset connection and how much more higher awareness in yourself and how you now feel yourself seeing the world differently.
  • Continue up to the second intergational Chakra, the blue centre at your throat. Feel the connection to Planetary understanding, Etheric understanding with one deep breath. Now take ten deep breaths to cleanse and clear your system out. Afterwards, feel the cleared and renewed link to planetary, etheric understanding. Take one Deep breath to feel the change in your system and the way it interacts with the world.
  • Next go up to the first Evolutionary chakra level, the Third Eye Chakra, the indigo centre in your brow. Take a moment to feel the highest levels of energy on our planet connect to you, being aware of it with one deep breath. Take ten deep breaths and feel this connection unclog, clean, clear and work through your system. Take a moment to feel how you connect to this highest level now that the channels are clear.
  • Next go to the highest physical chakra, the violet/clear centre at the top of your head. Feel how it channels your highest energies, your highest understandings. Go into this Crown Chakra centre with one deep breath, feel how it feels. With ten deep breaths feel yourself reset and clear this channel, giving you better access to higher energy. Feel the smoother flow from the higher energies, the divine source with one deep breath.
  • Leave your crown centre and focus yourself on your entire physical chakra system. Feel yourself now as you take one deep breath, then take one deep breath. Feel yourself cleanse, clear and balance your system as you do. Taking one deep breath come back to your physical self, coming back to consciousness. Take a few moments to write down and understand your impressions during this meditation.

Worksheet Wednesday 7th February 2018
  • What was your impression of the Base Chakra?
  • What was your impression of the Solar Plexus Chakra?
  • What was your Impression of the Sacral Chakra?
  • What was your impression of the Heart Chakra?
  • What was your impression of the Throat Chakra?
  • What was your impression of the Third Eye Chakra?
  • What was your impression of the Crown Chakra?
  • What were your overall impressions of the System?