The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weal Partner Sites Ethos and Mission Statement

The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weal

Company Ethos and Mission Statement

Through the three associated sites of The Spiritual Weal, The Public Weal and The Fiction Workshop the Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weal aims to promote, help the understanding of and living a full spiritual path that takes into account all eight spiritual laws and living a whole path that encompasses this. The Spiritual Weal supports the energetic and spiritual ideas of a whole path. The Public Weal supports living a whole spiritual path into the material world. The Fiction Workshop supports this aim by providing a space for fiction that supports the themes of this statement. This is the company ethos that the product and service supports this.

Mission Statement

To promote through products, services and information living a full spiritual path both in the energetic, spiritual and material aspects of life.

Aims and Goals

  • To provide information that promotes a whole spiritual path.
  • To provide Courses and services that support a whole spiritual path.
  • To provide products that support and maintain a whole spiritual path.

Spiritual laws are the laws that govern energy exchange in our world. They provide a scaffolding and building block for us, as a society, to learn and grow and to understand how we deal with the greater energetic realities and each other. This makes them very important. You may have heard about the laws of attraction, the sexiest one use to attract abundance. But like a tree without roots, using the laws of attraction alone is going to create abundance growth that will not last. In order to attract long lasting, sustainable abundance, you need to understand all eight spiritual laws.

In looking this up again I found many, many interpretations of spiritual laws, ranging from seven to twelve. As an energetic adept I found that I felt that it should be eight, but even those who had eight didn't agree with each other on what that meant. So, in rebuilding my websites I took the time to filter the interpretations I had read through my own experience and came up with the interpretation that the ethos for the websites that make up The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weal as a whole work on. This is detailed below.

  1. The Laws of Connection – Everything is connected, through the web of life. We are all part of the web of life so we are all affected by it and affect it. In the material world this is the famous six degrees of separation. This means that we need to understand and always be aware of our connections to the web of life and treat our actions accordingly as you walk through life.

  2. The Laws of Flow – We are all connected to an ever flowing cycle of energy flowing through the earths grid made manifest. As we connect to other beings, both our planet and other incarnated souls. We get the best results by understanding and working with the flow of energy – Working with the flow of action and interaction that is our connection to planetary ether.

  3. The Laws of Unity – This can also be called the laws of universality. We are all sparks of divine source and connected to this unity source. This means that we are all part of a universal source, share a unifying source and are all connected at even a higher level than this planetary level of life, enabling us to tap into universal higher wisdom.

  4. Laws of Reciprocity – As we are all connected at many levels, to the web of life, the flow of life and at the level of the higher divine spark, we need to acknowledge that our actions affect people through laws of flow and the planet itself. Therefore we need to to look at our actions, both spiritual and in the physical world as a whole path, to be as mindful as possible about our impact on the earth and the beings around us. This allows us to leave our best possible impact on the earth and our fellow beings.

  5. Laws of Reflection – Laws of reflection bring in everything we have discussed so far and translate it to as above so below, as within, so without. This is about looking at the other laws above, and bringing them into a personal practice. This is truly about putting into practice all of the above and ensuring that you reflect the best at all levels of existence to reflect the best out into the broader world.

  6. Laws of Balance – Following off the laws of reflection, comes of balance. As a development off reflection, connection and flow, this brings in the idea that in order for things to flow and work properly, they need to be in balance. Imbalances create blocks, blocks create greater imbalances and this creates further problems for everybody till the dam breaks and the rebalancing can become cataclysmic. For this reason the laws of balance are very important.

  7. Laws of Return – Off the laws of balance comes the Laws of Return, which can also be called Karma or the Threefold laws of Return in Wicca. This is the balancing mechanism in the spiritual laws that works off reciprocity and reflection to balance out at both a group and personal level. This is often seen as a punishment, and in a way it is, but not in the way you think. If you have done good, you will get good returns. If you have delibratley caused harm and therefore imbalanced things, this will come back to you. What you give you will get, encapsulated in the Christian phrase what you sow you will reap. You sow discord, you will reap it. You sow balance and good deeds, you will manifest this. If you understand this you will be able to master this law.

  8. Laws of Attraction – This is the final law, and the one most know about. I will admit this is the sexiest in terms of abundance, but it is just the final enabling law. If you only use and understand this one, well, you will create imbalances, not work with the flow, not create what you want. Or you will create what you want for yourself but at the expense of others. This is unsustainable as it puts things out of balance, creates blocks, and brings in laws of return on you to balance out what you unbalanced. In using this enabling law you must look at all the others, judge your actions and use this wisely or you open yourself up to great consequences.

In developing the site ethos that connects all the sites that make up The Feyan Energetic Wisdom Weal these spiritual laws are taken into account, as are the resulting Rules, or guidelines for a spiritual path below. Coming off the laws of Unity, the idea that all paths that teach a form of spiritual lesson are valid facets of the diamond of life underpin this. We are all at different levels, learning different lessons and therefore need different teachings. This means that having multiple paths, multiple facets of the diamond is necessary for all to learn and grow. However, there are some rules and guidelines flowing from the spiritual laws that show what paths are valid;

  1. A Path Must Not Claim Exclusivity – Following the laws of unity and flow, if a path claims exclusivity they block this and create imbalance. It denies the valid truths of others learning other lessons, blocks energy and denies the truth of others. For this reason any path that claims exclusive wisdom or path to spiritual growth is not valid, as it breaks spiritual laws and creates imbalance.

  2. A Path Must Acknowledge all of Reality – There are many levels of reality, in the way I read it 3 x 7 levels of energetic realities. Many of these those on a planetary level we will not see, but they are there, including the highest levels of universal source. All of these have an impact, from the lowest to the highest, therefore all must be acknowledged to allow room for growth and expansion. Therefore a path that does not acknowledge this breaks the laws of unity, reciprocity and flow and are not valid.

  3. A Path must Acknowledge Universal Wisdom – Each valid path only teaches a facet of the diamond of life, bought forward by universal source. Therefore, by the laws of unity and balance, a path must acknowledge all of the other facets of the diamond that is life. Universal wisdom is just that – Universal wisdom. Nobody owns the copyright to all of it, therefore we must listen to each other and acknowledge the wisdom to each path. This allows flow, connection and the gathering of wisdom on all parts of the diamond by each and every soul. Therefore any path that does not do this invalid and stifles the growth of it's followers.

  4. A Path must Acknowledge a Universal Creator and Universal Flow – We all come from universal source. Be we a human, a starseed, an incarnated Earth Elemental or fey, we all come from universal source. This is part of the idea of unity, of connection and of flow. By not acknowledging the universal source in some form, whatever they call it, a path invalidates itself by cutting itself off from divine source as well as their followers their fundamental essence. This means that the path invalidates itself and this should not be followed.

  5. A Path must have Multiple Levels to Allow Growth for all of It's Followers – A common factor, even in faiths of the book is that valid paths have multiple levels, teachings and mysteries to allow it's followers to learn and grow at their own pace through their life and faith journey. This is the sign of a healthy path, as is all of the followers having access to higher teachings regardless of personal characteristics. This is important as it allows the divine spark in individual followers to grow and them to evolve. Any path that does not have this characteristic is therefore invalid.

  6. A Path must Allow Movement Between Paths – This is not only important for the individual, but in acknowledging unity and divine source. As an individual spark learns and grows it will have different needs and therefore needs to be able to move through life to learn the lessons it needs to grow. This will, at times, means movement between paths. If a path does not allow this then a path is invalid as it breaks the laws of unity.

  7. A Path must Acknowledge the Divine Spark in all Souls – Even the darkest soul has a divine spark, no matter how obscured. While these dark souls might have to pay laws of return to rebalance their actions, this does not change the fact that there is a divine spark in there. Not doing so breaks unity, reflection, balance and flow. This is especially true if the divine spark is denied for unalterable personal characteristics such as race, sexual orientation or gender. Especially then a path is invalid as it denies universality of the diamond of life.

  8. A Path Must Provide Growth Opportunities for All Souls – This is perhaps a repetition, but like the laws of attraction this is an overarching enabling law that is stated again for it's importance. Following rule seven, rule six especially, this is reinforcing the idea that we all came from universal source, and that we are all growing back to it. If a path does not allow this then it is invalid by many, many rules.

Other than these eight basic rules any path that follows them is valid and has something to teach it's followers. This is because we have eight billion people on this planet that are learning many diverse lessons, therefore many forms of teachings are needed. So remember these eight rules when judging a valid path and if they follow this then acknowledge it as valid. If it does not meet these, for instance claims exclusivity, then it is not valid. But it is important to note that it is the path that is not valid not the individual followers. The individual followers can learn and change, or find a valid path. Therefore do not judge all the followers, but the path and the leader and/or teachings on where they are wrong. Each person is entitled to their beliefs, to learn and grow and to change. It is highly important to remember this, and treat people accordingly. Work with this knowledge and you will be able to work with both these rules for a valid path as well as the universal laws.

It is this combination that this business, and it's associated websites are based around, furthering this aim in the world.