A musing From A while ago on the nature of life and death...

Life Journey Meditation
The Path of Birth to Death

The path of birth to death
Is the cycle of Incarnation
We are born into the world
as a newborn babe
We grow up as an infant,
A child,
Mature to youth and adulthood.
We come into this world
With lessons on schoolhouse earth
We go through life
Raise others,
Grow old and die.
If we Do this well we spiral up and evolve
If we do bad we will Go down and devolve.
If we are too material we will stay in place
To learn the Lesson over again.
This is the path of incarnation
We will do it may times,
Ever growing stronger
Along the path to life.
We will do this many lifetimes
On an uphill Spiral
Growing and Evolving
This is the path of life
Of birth, growth, death,
growth and rebirth
This is the path of life and death
Of our many times on Schoolhouse Earth.

Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen

A Useful Chakra Clearing Meditation...

The development of this follows from the Anima and Animus Meditations and uses some of the same techniques. Once again, it uses the same breathing techniques, but to balance out the chakras, one by one. This is one to do when you have the time to spare, about half an hour to be on the safe side. Once again, it can also be combined with other meditations, and is something I do sometimes after the Anima and Animus Meditations that I also do.

It is best as unclothed as you are comfortable, underwear or underwear and Undershirt is ideal. If you can touch the skin over the chakra this is best, but once again, what you're comfortable with only. It is also a good one to do in concert with the Ritual cleansing, especially if you are going through a major change, have had a major shock or are very sensitive to use regularly to clear the self of damaging energies. I use this when I feel a major shift come through, in concert with Element meditation, Anima and Animus mediation as a final step. Or it can be used by itself as a tool to get to know and balance off your Aura.

If you are note experienced it may still be good to get some help in doing this, but it can help you to work on yourself as well, even if you do get other help to help you clear your aura.

Breathing Techniques

Once again, this uses a modified Prana breathing technique that was learnt through a Gnostic Forest talk at Woy Woy by Ron Ragel on the Way of the Sacred Warrior. This is used in the same way as in the Anima/Animus Meditation, breathing in and inviting the energy in to balance. Like the Anima and Anima and Animus meditation, this is bringing in the two different energies into balance, accept this time in terms of each chakra individually.

The basic breathing technique is one learnt there, and the only one that stuck. Using it as taught faded and it became a part of many practises, including this one. It is a way of directing energy and balancing out the self, chakra by chakra. You can choose not to use it, however, I recommend trying it first before discounting it. It has worked for me quite well, why I made it part of the meditation for myself, and worth trying.

Combining Meditations

This is a good meditation to use after a cleansing such as the daily bath or shower technique above. It can be used alone or in combination. Special attention can be paid to the Chakras that had large blocks or looked like they needed attention through the cleansings, perhaps doing more work on them, or doubling the breaths. This is up to you.

I don't use this as much as the others, but I will be doing an article on combinations and some that might help in keeping you balanced if used regularly after all of them are up to use individually. This is about working with the mind and body to balance out living as a dual being in a very energetically charged world, something we can all do with. As with the individual meditations, this can be tailored and worked with to suit you best through practise. Get to know yourself and the meditation before modifying it too much though, to get it right.

Chakra Meditation

Like the Anima and Animus Meditations this is a Mediation that is best done when you have time and a comfortable, safe place to work in. Work as unclothed as you are comfortable, prefrebly being able to touch the Charkas on skin. However, levels of comfort will vary as will situations so work to where you are and how comfortable you can get. It is best to be able to lie down, or at least sit reclined for this. Have a psychically safe space as possible for this as this is a very close in technique that requires a lot of openness. Other than that, it is about your comfort level.

This is about cleansing and balancing each chakra in turn, then resetting the system to work as a balanced whole, cleansed. Don't worry if you're not completely clear, that will happen as will blocks that take time, and perhaps help from someone else, to resolve. Think about this when you are working on this and don't overstretch your abilities here, even on yourself. Get help and support from someone else if you need it.

Leave aside half an hour or so you won't be disturbed to do this, in a place you are comfortable. This is not a quick fix and will take a while even if you see results in the first use of this technique.

Chakra Meditations

  • Lay or sit down comfortably, preferably laying down. This is best to do as unclothed as possible.
  • When you are comfortable visualise first pink or purple crystalline tray, then a box on top around you. Let your defences go to your essential self once in that box.
  • Touch your Base Chakra as close to skin as you feel comfortable. Let yourself get familiar with the energy and take a deep breath in. Then, using three short puffy breaths breathe three times in the right nostril, then out the left in one go. Repeat this five times. Reverse and breathe in the left nostril in three short, puffy breaths, breathing out. Repeat this five times. Breathe in and out deeply three times both hands on the Base Chakra.
  • Repeat with the Sacral Chakra as with the base Chakra. First feeling the energy, the Breathing exercises as with the base chakra, then the three deep breaths.
  • Repeat with the Solar Plexus Chakra. First feeling the energy, then the breathing exercises, then the three deep breaths.
  • Repeat with the Heart Chakra. First feeling the energy, then the breathing exercises, then the three deep breaths.
  • Repeat with the Throat Chakra. First feeling the energy, then the breathing exercises, then the three deep breaths.
  • Repeat with the Third Eye Chakra. First feeling the energy, then the breathing exercises, then the three deep breaths.
  • Finally, repeat with the Crown Chakra. First feeling the energy, then the breathing exercises, then the three deep breaths.
  • Place your hands back on the Base Chakra, focussing on the connection of Anima and Animus as it goes around the chakras, gold and silver energy. Feel this, feel the way it runs now, how it is in balance or out out of balance. Close up to normal aura.
  • Leaving a hand on the Base Chakra, do then breaths breathing in through the left nostril and out through the right, balancing Animus. Feel how it balances, changes as you do
  • Leaving a hand on the Base Chakra, breathe in and out ten times, breathing in through the right and out through the left. Feel how the anima balances.
  • Return the hand to the Base Chakra to join the first hand, focussing on the Anima and Animus connection with the base. Feel the energy balance through three long breaths in and out. Let yourself breathe and be with that energy as you do so, feeling it change and balance out.
  • Slowly return to awareness after letting box drain. Pay attention to the way the box drains and what deterus is in there, what is left. Not all will come out each time, especially major blocks. This will take time and may take some help to shift if major enough.
  • Get out of box, dismiss box and raise your basic defences. Note how you feel through the day and what has shifted, what new awareness you have through the body/mind connection.
Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen Arkhense