Advanced TEchniques

Tools and Useful Devices

Elemental Rings

What has been described above is meditations using visualisations and breathing techniques to help centre and balance the energies. This is about charging a specific set of four pieces of jewellery to be able to wear a talisman of that energy on you. This can help keep you going, charge your life with that energy, keep you on track through difficult days, or maybe just normal days that are hard to get through.

I have called it rings because that is what I used. You may use bracelets or pendants if you wish. The key is to choose a stone correspondence for each element that suits you. In my case (see picture below) I have four agate bands which align with colour correspondences, but you may choose a different type of gemstone or correspondence. This is all individual and up to you. What I am describing here is the method of charging and using them to best effect for me, which once again you might modify and use differently for you. Take this and make it most effective for you, feel free to modify the technique.

For travel it might also be advisable to get and consecrate a little bag, though this is not necessary. At the moment mine live on an altar and go into a little jewellery pouch when travelling.

Elemental Ring Charging and Use
    • Take your pieces of jewellery and cleanse with salt water or moonlight.
    • Leave on Altar on the waxing globus, the first night of the full moon.
    • On the Apex day, the marked calendar day of the full moon leave out on a natural platform such as a tree fork, to charge in the moonlight.
    • On the third day, the waning globus, place on your altar to complete the charge. This gives you a balanced charge to your tool.
    • Keep on altar or nearby. Every day place on your palm or a ritual cloth and choose one or two to wear that day intiutivey.
    • Put on, wear all day, take off at night when you go to bed and choose intutivey again the next day.
    Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen Arkenshe

    Fey Homes

    For quite a while I've been aware of the fey around me. At Dawkins Park in Macksville there were many fey there I had moved across from bushes and plants being cleared as well as those already there. The pond had it's own spirit. Where I used to live in Taylors Arm had many forms as well, both indigenous and European. I have been in contact with them, I have worked with them.

    However, there is one old friend I have know for a while, well into past lives. I am not sure of his Feyan name but I call him Bill. Not sure where it came from, but it works. I used to talk to him up when I lived at the Mid North coast at the Dawkins Park duck pond and when I moved he asked could he go with me. I thought, well, why not. Then came the next question, how do I do this? Well, the answer came to me when I was walking through the antique shop, seeing a small box of crystals on the counter. A small geode cave which I am pretty sure is Citirine. I bought it, took it home, and when I consecrated it, sacrificing a quartz crystal to the pond, it became clear what this crystal meant – A fey home. Adding a green crystal of dubious provenance but right for the job it became his home, his connection as I moved around. He loves it, he's moved with me first to my friends house, then to the pub at Taylors Arm, then back to Barrys, now here with me where I live at Woy Woy, happily tied to it.

    This was not something that had occurred to me before, but it works if, and if, I repeat you attract your friend voluntarily. There are a number of reasons not to trap one, the main one being even fey have free will you should not disrupt. The other one being of course that they can get you back. The second one is not the major reason you should not be doing it of course, the first one being primary. But if there is a being that is willing to voluntarily work with you it is a great way of having regular contact with the fey world. If you already have a little friend then of course giving them a nice little home will make them happier.

    If you do not then there are many books to help you find the right kind of contact, one of them being the Ted Andrews book reviewed on this site on the Bookshelf Editorial Enchantment of the Faerie Realm is a good place to start. Not only did I like the book, it is clear and well written, but a friend of mine has also recommended the author from previous books. This book is a good starting point, especially the exercises at the ends of the chapters. However there are also several other books and internet sites out there to explore if you are interested to find what suits you. In terms of making the home, however, it is relativity simple. I am putting my basic technique down underneath, which you may use, modify or get an idea on how to do this from. Once again before I put this down I will stipulate again the fact that this must be voluntary, as these are still sentient creatures with freewill and must be treated accordingly. 

    Faerie Home
    • 1 cup/hollow geode (Something that can 'hold' something.)
    • 1 small quartz or amethyst point.
    • 1 element colored tumbler that fits into your geode.
    • Place the geode, point in it on your altar. Don't make the point too big or too expensive (you will be sacrificing this to nature). Charge up overnight.
    • Next night/Evening, go down to a natural body of water. If you don't have access to one a representative place where fey might congregate such as a park, public garden or bird bath will do. (Just don't enter private property without permission.) Saying a thanks in advance and chant to attract fey, or thank the universe if you do already have one sacrifice the point at nightfall next night.
    • Place your tumbler into your home and put either at the edges of your altar area or near a window with a natural view (tree, grass etc...) Don't move without permission, and treat your friend kindly. Remember, they are as sentient as you are.
    Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen

    Completed Fey Home in situ under a window.

    Ritual Items and Supplies

    The Book of Shadows and Journaling

    These two books can be very important to the people using them The Book of Shadows is a particular Wiccan name for this idea, but this is not the only tradition or path that uses an idea like this. Basically this is a book that contains an individuals or groups precious information regarding their ritual and spiritual lives. Sometimes written in alternative scripts like Theban or Ongham, these books become the bible and source of reference for a group or individual. In them will be basic instructions, insights, festival lists, how to use tools and spells as well as possibly related recopies or things they have done to further their practise such as meditation. Illustrations, artworks and drawings that an individual or group think of as evocative might also get in. Especially for an individual the scope is unlimited what gets in there.

    Often this is a very expensive, deluxe book or notebook. This is a special book if you have a book of Shadows that you keep for a long time. It also has to last the time so invest wisely and get the best book you can. If an individual you can really personalise yours, if not then you will have to co-operate with the rest of the group. You may still have a personal one though that you can go to town with and really make your own.

    For my own part I don't really have a book of Shadows, I have a journal that functions in much the same way. It has my ideas, my notes, my techniques and tools as I buy them or come up with them. Some will be more comfortable working like this, especially some solo practitioners who may not be high on the visual arts creativity quotient. It allows a daily record of thoughts, ideas, rituals and other areas that doesn’t require the highest level of withchy or new age creativity and can be made as you want. I actually found the inspiration for mine from an unlikely source Keeping a Personal Professional Journal  by Mary Louise Holly. This was designed for teachers to journal for personal and professional development but I found it was rather good. What it talks about is how to keep a day to day record of teaching practise. For me this restarted me on a long abandoned journal and while in fits and starts to the point I'm now (semi) consistent. Like everybody one has slips. Some of the tips from this book that helped me are;

    • Choose the right book, and don't be afraid to look around and pick something really personal. This will be with you for a while.
    • Pick a routine. For the teaching this was a different recommendation but this might go around nightly contemplation, morning meditations and seasonal and lunar rituals. Think about this and what suits you.
    • Leave margins so you can scribble around your entries and use different writing implements e. g. Coloured pens.
    • Look at doing a life history timeline as a practitioner. This is something once again adapted from the whole notion of the teaching Life History Timeline. Bear with it though, think of things such as what drew you to practices, what made you start your path, who did you meet on your way, learning experiences etc....
    • Vignettes of practise or insight can also be added as time goes on, or to start to get yourself going.
    • Sharing insights – in this form this could be talking to fellow practitioners, blogging, etc.... This means that you can share and enrich yourself as well as enrich others.
    • There are other ideas in the source book but these are perhaps the most adaptable. For me the choice of books was two books– one a smaller note journal, another a big A4 book, Not really being the arty type mine are just the classic hardback large A4 books. But I have recycled some old candle ornaments on ribbons or lanyards to show where I am. I also have found I use coloured pens for titles and diagrams more than anything else, my favoured media is more or less fountain pen. But I will still use the occasional fountain pen. Perhaps, on reflection, I should recharge one of my old calligraphy pen sets with coloured inks for the purpose, and that is a good idea for others. A Sheafer or equivalent calligraphy pen set is not much from the local post office or equivalent store, so take a look and can add that touch of special to what you are doing even if you are unpartisan. If you are less worried about throwaway then perhaps a set of coloured ballpoints, four colour pens or gel in pens are for you. Other things you can do, even if unartisitic is;
    • Use adult colouring in to Illustrate.
    • Use mind maps if you are inclined to explore ideas, seasons or festival associations.
    • Brainstorming as a technique to tease out issues if it works for you.

    You can bless and consecrate your book/s through white light cleansing, the use of symbols or decorations like I did off candles (Wooden leaves, metal coin like decorations). Look around, you will be surprised what is around for little to nothing, even around your home. Having had something try to pick up mine in the astral recently I can say this is quite a good step. At the end of the day how you do this and what you do is up to you as this will relate heavily to how you work.

    Other things you can add daily include what you're grateful for (not always the easiest especially in hard times) Good deeds & clipping and pictures that inspire you. I've tried to keep a separate gratefulness journal, this didn't go well and some days I can write a page of gripes. But we are sentient beings living in this world and sometimes that is what comes out for the day. Do your best to find something that is somewhat positive though, or something that you can be marginally grateful for. This can make the day better, even it is only a small thing or gallows humour insight. This may be something that gives you a head start on a larger insight or deeper reflection later on, you never know.

    Wether you have a journal or a book of shadows if you use it wisely it can be a good tool to chart your growth and development as a practitioner. For me the journalling worked better, but for others this might be a highly decorated book of shadows. How you do this, what book it goes in, how you use this is up to you. Be personal and/or creative and find your own way. Who knows, you might find another way completely when you look around. But whatever way you do it you will find something as you connect the dots as you look about the world and what is around you. You never know, you just might find the meaning of life. Or just the answer to the stupid question that's been nagging you all week. Either way the more you do it, the more you get used to it, and the more out of it.

    Ritual Wine

    This is a topic that some may be interested in and some are not. As a ritual liquid wine has been around for a lot of religions. It is in Judaism, it is in Christianity. Islam is dry so the lack of inclusion there makes sense. But it appeared in many nature and pagan religions as a ritual fluid for many years, both as a symbolic act and to reach altered states. One famous example is the Bacchanalia in Rome, which was all about drunkenness and celebrating the wine god. Today it is prominent in in Wicca and some forms of witchcraft. In Wicca they talk about dark wine, which I would interpret as a heavy red wine, though this might be the wrong interpretation. I myself have used ritual wine in two ways. The first is blessed in a complex manner to represent the lunar and seasonal cycle, the potential and power, the way the year mixes and blends. The other way is to bless normal table wine at the altar and use it on the spot, white to represent potential, red to represent power. Haven't used it because I usually don't have it on hand, but Rose would represent a blend of both. Both methods will be detailed below.While you may not use this whole cloth this will give you an idea of how wine in ritual and rite as a symbolic and practical part of a ritual responsibly.

    Three Tier Blessed Wine

    First off I use both red and white wine. I don't go overboard on the cost, table wine will do. As long as it's drinkable without spitting out this will do – you're not going for the wine version of master chef here. Red and white to me mean different things, mixing them or using rips would mean mixing the meanings. This is not something I do often I have made some charged spirit wine amulets in this manner with crushed Chakra energy representative crystal chips mixed in, but I don't commonly use it, instead alternating red and white if using both as part of rituals. I also seem to have evolved three different ritual types of wine of both red and white, representing the potential and power in the mind body and spirit.


    The correspondences with red and white wine represent different parts of the cycles. These cycles align in different ways in different forms, be that in the wheel of the seasons, the seasonal cycle or the Saros cycle represented by the eclipses. White means the potential of the waxing cycle, the energy gathering. This is the potential, unused energy gathering and forming with the waxing cycle. Red wine means power. This is the potential turning to reality with the full moon, being formed and used at a time and place to meet an end. This happens on the full moon, implemented in the waning time after being gathered. This is using the cycles to best effect to meet aims, do what you need. For ritual uses of this correspondence read on to the section on how these can be used in spell work.

    Ritual Wine Types

    I've been using three ritual wine types lately. The first is spirit wine, highly charged wine representing the Spirit, or the central part of ritual. The next one is Body Wine, which represents the fusion of the consciousness at the controls. There is more of this and it is not as highly charged. The third one is Moon wine, which is charged by the moon but not at the altar. The important thing to note when looking at this of course is that we're looking at for me a three day full moon period, a one day before waxing globus, the main calendar day and then the waning globus the other side.

    • Spirit Wine – I have two smaller bottles for this, not big ones. This highly charged wine, charged under both the moon and at the altar is a wine that is used sparingly. It represents the spirit of the spell worker. As above the red is about power and the white about energetic potential,mixing in rose or the two mixed together. I don't often mix them, the wine I mixed with crushed gemstones to put into wine, making the wine amulets you see for sale is probably one of the few. For most part I just use the red and white separately. This I do by alternately first putting out where the moons light hits the bottle, the bottle full as possible, then charging at your altar for the three nights of the full moon. It can then be used to charge normal (uncharged wine, or in conjunction with other types of wine.
    • Body Wine – The wine that represents the mixing of consciousness is not as condensed in terms of energy. This is kept in bigger bottles (About the same size as standard wine bottles, and only charged first exposed to the apex (calendar) day of the full moon. I keep two, one red and one white. This can be topped up at other times if you're using it without problems, but is best done so when charging it at full moon, the same as spirit wine. This wine is about the consciousness in this world and how we direct things. It is something that I use more of for that reasons. Less energetically concentrated, this represents the spirits interaction through the body. Use this most often in rituals as well as moon wine. I use red and white, decanted into the same bottle.
    • Moon Wine – Moon wine is only charged by the moon at the Full moon to represent and use the power at all other times. Charged from the moon only on the three days of the full moon (exposure) it is best to get a unused bottle of red and white per full moon and use up by the next one, even if you only do use it to mix up the others. This is the representation of the moons apex, the moons power. Used to empower rituals at the time and kept for other times this brings the unbridled potential (White) and harnessed power (red). Keeping this going each Moon means that you always have some to use for planned and unplanned rituals.

    Quick Charge Ritual Wine

    This wine is wine charged in a special glass at the time. It can be any crystal, glass or metal vessel, but avoid plastic if you can. It is a simpler way of charging, though not as representative of any particular part of life or ritual. This is perhaps simpler for those that do not have the time and space for complex ritual presentations of wine. It is quick, easy, and can be done at any time where there is a transition such as dusk, or perhaps dawn for waning events.

    Generally this is not a method to use to store wine, but one to use when ready. However, having said that there is nothing that says you can't put it in a small jar or bottle and use it close to time – 1-2 days.

    Charging Ritual Wine
    • Place special glass or vessel at altar as much as possible. This will help charge your vessel.
    • When you want ritual wine pour into your glass at a transition, dusk or dawn, and put onto the Altar. As a general rule white wine for potential, red for power and rose for a combination.
    • As the transition ends it is ready. Either use that night or day or store at altar till needed.

    How these are used will depend on your style of ritual. I mix them often enough, and will use it to 'Drink' the power or drink the representation as part of rituals. Some will do this, others don't. One thing I always do, though, is only use a small amount of Spirit wine – 3 capfuls of the lid of the bottle per glass it is in. This represents the spirit well enough. I would use more body wine – about half the glass by volume, and moon wine about the same amount. Saluting the moon, any guardians or beings you are working with is something I use and would recommend, and many will leave a small amount as an offering. For me this is about drinking in the spell, drinking in the power, drinking in the vibrations and energy. I will alternate to mix the areas e.g. White for potential, then red for the power, one glass each in some sort of mix with uncharged wine. This for me is a big part of the rituals, not for drunkenness as such, but the ideas of the symbolism and the slight relaxation of the altered state. You will all do this differently so I won't go into how I use it in my rituals. Think about how these are done, what they represent and how it works for you. This is something that you and your group would decide for yourself.

    Overall, you will most likely not end up with a Bacchanalia. You have to find your own balance and where you feel comfortable. Wether you have a ritual cup, use a normal cup, use all the types of wine or just red you will find a time and place for it. And it can become a very good tool for your work with the energies and higher realities if you get it it right.

    Ritual use of Crystals and Candles

    Ritual Use of Crystals

    Crystals are an amazing tool. They are a gift from Gaia to us to work with to attune to and create the energies we need. Some of this is through the type of crystal they are, some is where they come from. Other areas are a more personal relationship of what suits you and now you work with it. There is a lot of books on them, and guidance on how to use them. For some this use may be prescribed by your tradition, others by your personal preference. There are two main areas crystals are used in spell work, raw and unworked and those in tools and talismans such as jewellery. I tend to use more of those that are at least in some sort of solo form, while others who use wands and other such tools will have more use of those that are worked into tools. Either way, this is very individual and what works for one won't work for all even before you get to the differences in traditions.

    In my practise the main form of cut and worked crystals and gemstones are jewellery, which seem to come and go with what I'm doing and my transition. Rings tend to get changed more than necklaces, but my little collection of three chains changes with the time and place slowly as what it represents is no longer needed. Latley the turnover of necklaces has become more common. Sometimes these take the initiative and get lost, other times I take them off. I've in particular had a run with quartz breaking on me, two in a month. This is part of their nature – they are going to someone else who needs them if I do lose them. If they break there's a reason and it's time to let them go.

    I have those I use daily, which are the ones that either sit on my permanent altar, my house centrepiece or my bedside. These are the ones that set the tone of the house. Then there are the ones that are daily tools such as a set of four only crystal bands, which I put on two a day to represent the elements I need and want to manifestly work with that day. Then I have the less often used tools that I have around such as those I use on the moon rituals, which have also changed but far less. At the moment this is a set including a set piece and two wands, often put into a metal or wooden bowl to use. Though some are worked, all are crystal of some sort. As you can tell I don't really use full tools a lot so I can't comment on those too well, but I can reiterate some of the things I have explained previously;

    • Room Clearing – This was covered in previous weeks and looked at how to use crystals to keep clear and defend rooms.
    • Ritual Space – Discussed the week after room clearing and also uses crystals as a main point in some techniques I have used in the past and still use now.
    • Ritual Altar Use – Discussed week after that and still available above here.

    A final note is that people can feel that the need to use the archetypal correspondences. This is not necessary. Everybody is different with different energies so if something appeals to you more than what you are supposed to be using by the guides, use it. This is something that can be very personal so don't be afraid to use what calls to you rather than what is supposed to be used. This is your awareness telling you what is good for you rather than to an average of users, which is what the guides tell you. They are useful to a point, but after a while you should use your own guidance, especially as you develop and grow. That way if you respect your crystals then you can use them to grow and develop as they are meant to be used – other than than they will not serve you the best they can and that can hurt both you and the crystals.

    As well as this, clearing and cleansing crystals is important, especially if you use them often. Some easy ways of doing this are;

    • Salt water - This does not have to be sea water, but salted water in a bowl – table salt will do. When water dissolved in the salt put your crystals in. Be careful of water soluble crystals like selenite and dyed crystals.
    • Moon cleansing – Put your crystals out at new (potential) and full moons (power) to cleanse them with the moonlight.
    • White Light – When clear and centred imagine the light going through the crystal in your hand, cleansing it.

    Other methods are out there, detailed in books, websites and even pagan focussed diaries such as the 2016 Lunar Diary, written by Stacey Demarco. The last source especially can be ideal for beginners, being simple and clear as well as having other important information on how to do this. This is a basic article not a comprehensive how to, and I recommend that you read further if interested in the topic.

    Ritual Use of Candles

    Candles are perhaps the most commonly used ritual item in Magick and spiritual practise. From the simple lighting of a white candle for meditation to the practises of smothering them for ritual reasons in oils and herbs they have many and varied uses. To start off with we need to look at the candle and why it so symbolically important.

    The candle is wax around a central piece of cotton or hemp string. This wick is lit and the candle burns to produce light. Before electric light this was one of the main methods of lighting the house after dark, followed by oil lamps of many kinds. This gave it the mystical quality of light out of the darkness, so to speak. It is also a little piece of controlled fire that helps us focus our attention, symbolise fire in rituals and to provide power and focus for parts of rituals. It can also be used in other ways such as colour – Coloured candles are used in Candle Magick as a specific form as well as in many pagan rituals. Candles are in effect the ubiquitous symbol of fire in ritual as well as a basic way of empowering through fire that runs through magick.

    General Use of Candles in Ritual

    Adapting candles to rituals you already do is perhaps easier. (For correspondences see candle magick below). Here you can borrow for candle magick as detailed below in terms of colours, correspondences etc... Though you are far more likely to use the colour correspondences that you would normally use as part of your own magick or tradition. This is not to say you can get ideas on how to work with candles a design spells though, especially if you work a little more free form. I cannot say I follow any particular formula myself, I pretty well use the colours instinctively. Some seem to make sense, such as silver or grey for the moon and yellow for the sun, chakra and seasonal correspondences but for most part I let the candles decide what I'm using. I walk into the shop, buy what the universe guides me to thinking about my life and intention and get what it recommends, use it as it reccomends. Which is not always the same as I would use at times but works for me in that time and purpose. From there I pick what I use as I get to it. I also make a lot of use of white tea lights a lot as well as plain beeswax dinner candles as white is a catch all colour and well, they're cheaper and available very easily from the local supermarket if anything else. They work for me, that is what matters. I have three different sort of power centres in my house and I can have them permanent and use on a ritual cycle. I am lucky enough to have my own house where nobody can stop me, some may not be so the may need to move things around and plan out more, or they may plan out in advance more for their own reasons. In many ways this is about what is possible and what you can do.

    What is really important in this though is what works for you. If you have a tradition follow and adapt your tradition. If you write out and plan spells then get into the habit of being prepared and getting things together before time, or if you're more free-form have plenty of supplies on hand. And of course, as always stay safe. Watch candles, ensure they're secure and don't leave them unattended if at all possible. If you have to for any length of time especially around pets or kids ensure you have a closed room and/or good solid, relatively safe candle holders. If you're involving young ones, supervise, pick the safest possible spot and teach safety in advance e.g. explain long before you start and explain till the young ones get it. This is also the reason I like tea lights for many of these things, or big metal bowls and heavy, secure candle holders with spikes. By all means do your thing, but think and plan out all of this ahead. Keep these areas clear, keep pets and children clear unless supervising etc.... Basically this is all just common-sense. Some books will say never leave a burning candle unattended, but this is something that is sometimes impossible so I'm going to say common-sense, plan ahead for safety and keep them where the hazards are less. Like I said common-sense. You'll never get rid of Murphy so leave him as little room as possible.

    If you follow these things then you can use candles to help you in your spell work as safety as possible. Good Planning and groundwork means good magick working with candles as well as anybody else.

    Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen Arkhense

    Candle Magick

    Candle Magick is the use of candles as the main part of a stand alone form of magick. Two books to feature this are a little book of Candle Magick by D.J Conway and the Book of Spells by Pamela J. Ball. This works by using candles as a medium for energetic vibrations through wax colour, symbols carved into the candle and anointing candles with essential oils and herbs. Timing can also be very important for using the right vibrations in this form of magick. Both books are good place to start in the point finding information, as would reputable sites in the internet. Colour seems to be one of the main lessons all can use when creating their own spells though, with some basic correspondences being;

    • Grey – Substitute for Silver, Especially pale grey. Brings the moon into rituals, representative otherwise of 'letting go'.
    • Gold – Basic associations with the sun, masculinity, male deities and male energies.
    • Black – Heavy colour used for binding, restricting and ending negative influences within and without.
    • Red – Associated with power, element of fire and Mars/Ares as a deity. Can also be associated with passion and sexual energy
    • Blue – Calming, communications. The Deeper the blue the deeper and higher the communications. Can also be used for healing as well as representative of the earth element.
    • Green – representative of earth, growth, spring, abundance. Can also be used in attracting wealth, abundance and contacting nature spirits
    • Silver – Basic associations with the feminine be that moon, goddesses or feminine energies. Also good for success and victory.
    • Yellow - Element of air, knowledge, wisdom. Also can be used for distance healing or healing needing communication. Can also be used as gold has when needed to be.
    • Brown – Good for contacting earth elementals, grounding energy down and financial crisis.
    • White – Purity, innocence, high vibration as well as substitutions or when in doubt.
    • Purple – Higher energies, higher vibrations, higher purposes
    • Indigo - Higher awareness, intuition, 'Third Eye'.
    • Purple/Magenta – Higher realities, contacting the higher realms, Pure higher Understanding and energies.
    • Pink – Friendships, hearing, loving awareness, deep love. Associated with heart chakra and intergrational awareness.

    Those are some rough guidelines that you can use for yourself, but I recommend you look around. Candle Magick mentions a few other systems, from Asian to Amerindian, which can also be used. As well as this you may wish to look at Chakra correspondences, your own traditions colour associations etc... From here it gets more complex with the choice of candle, which is dizzying array. Then you add oils, herbs, symbols etc... If you wish to get into this read widely, practise with established spells and procedures before branching out. This will mean that you can get a lot better results than just going in blind as there are traps and pitfalls. Be cautious, understand what you are doing and get to know the method well before you branch out and you will be a lot safer.

    Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen

    Keteric Grids

    Something a friend and occasional contributor Alie introduced me to this as a way of balancing out energies. Originally coming from Kabbalah, the mystic form of Judaism much like many Christian Mystic ideas has found it's way into ecclesiastic and new age spiritual practise. I started using them quite a while ago with crystals only, but recently started using runes with it of all things, for both divination and power work. This gave it a different and somewhat esoteric mixing of qualities to the work with them.

    At it's most basic form it is using the crystals individual, unique charge to balance out a particular position representing an aspect of life represented in ten dimensions, or the Ten Sifrot, also called the ten dimensional curtains. Each one represents a different dimension of life, a different aspect. If you are into Kabbalah or do some research you can no doubt find out the whole list of correspondences in Kabbalah. However here the meaning seems to be altered for ligthwork so it is best to also look there if you want more information. What I can say with this is though that too much information can cloud the intuitive awareness mind, which might not be the best when doing this. It is about intuitive feeling the light dimensions and choosing crystals and where to place them for best effect, bypassing understanding. This is is about bringing out intuitive understanding of what is required to balance rather than intellectual information.

    Using runes came to me later, after my move. Here it seems to have taken on three line interpretation, a major main line, then two secondary lines of interpretation. Here the Keteric grid is being used to structure a reading or give a empowering structure to a power raising. I have two sets of runes today, one that stands for divination, and another that stands for power. This has evolved over a few months as a function as I worked with the runes after moving here, trying to understand the changes in my life and myself, and what they mean.

    Drawing up a Keteric Grid
    • Research Keteric Grids on the internet or in books, find ones you like and suit your purposes.
    • Gather some permanent markers and your materials. Paper will do, but cloth will last longer. Most permanent markers will mark on cloth. You can do either colours or a gold and silver. Calico or poplin is ideal for this.
    • Consecrate and bless on altar.
    Using Crystals on the Keteric Grid
    • Gather a group of crystals in a bowl. Ensure a mixture of coloured crystals, quartz points and different meanings.
    • Consecrate and charge crystals and Altars.
    • Gather crystals and Keteric grid, place on points instincivley. Don't over think this same as the crystals, do what suits you. This particular application of the Kabbalah tree of life seems to be about intuitive balancing out the represented light dimensions, so stay in awareness when doing this.
    • Record, interpret and keep as long as it serves it's purpose.
    Using Runes on a Grid
    • Gather runes on a safe surface or bowl that you can work in.
    • Place out Keteric Grid, feel energy of both.
    • Place runes out insiticivley, thinking of each point in the Keteric grid. This could be one reading with a main line and two minor lines, or alternately designate each line down the Keteric Grid.
    • Interpret according to the intention of lay out. If power, or something that you need out to mature, leave out as long as relevant and cleanse/recharge all pieces before using again if you have left them out for a purpose.
    Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen Arkhense

    Ritual Use of Natural Objects

    Natural Objects are something that I am lucky enough to have a lot of access to, first living in Rural NSW in a village of about twenty houses, half as many street lights, a pub, a park and a river all very close. Now I live in the central coast which, while it is suburban, has may natural beauty spots that have the same advantage in gathering natural materials. River rocks, Pine cones, vegetation and just a walk by the river to contemplate life are all very close. Some may not have that kind of access and I will admit I'm very lucky, but even the most urban dweller has some – Parks, road verges, beaches or rivers in transport range perhaps. This means that these accessible materials can be used to bring some of nature into your home and rituals. This is about going out into nature, taking a walk, looking around and finding what we may want or need to peform rituals. Or just put on your altar in-between to enhance the energy. Some will choose one each time, some may chose to have a small cache of relatively durable items.

    There are several methods you can choose to do do this. Some may choose an intuitive method, where objects are chosen on instinct while walking around. Funny shaped river rocks, smooth quartz pebbles, Pine cones, Flowers you can dry or use fresh all come to mind. For instance I had a banana flower in the table centrepiece when I did my spring Equinox spread, and a little white flower that blew over from the neighbours yard in my Keteric grid. I also used river pebbles before etc... Others may look for the exact thing, such as a particular colour rock, boulder etc... Another idea might be water from a specific spot, such as a lake, stream or river you frequent.

    One place I remember from being young was a small spring in a tiny headland cave. Not as I am then, I nonetheless visited it often to drink from there. It wasn't big, you couldn't even really fill your water bottle but a good place to get a quick drink while you were there. I don't live there any more and the place is probably completely different anyway. For instance, I know that land I once wanders over as bush is now a massive housing estate as was a twenty acre, mostly bush small resort, but writing this makes me think of back then, and that little spring. If I was there now I would be collecting and using water from it, and pebbles from the beach around it. Somewhere else now, and with different resources and areas. A river, a riverbank and the pebbles on a rocky beach there. The pine cones from the reserves pines etc.... They're all around and I go around and do that instead. Birds feathers are also something I will find occasionally, as are other pieces of wood. That is me.

    If you live by the sea like I used to this could be shells, river and ocean pebbles, sand and even Jewfish (I forget the proper name) Jewels (Their ear bones). Seaweed could replace grass and vegetation too for instance. Sand could be used, or ocean water. Dune flowers (and there are many) can also be used in spring and summer. If you live in the desert this would probably be a different set of materials again, of which I'm not sure what they would be, not having lived there. But they might include tiny animal skulls (Already dead animals), for instance, or small fossils. Again this might be different in forests, meadows etc... And again to your own methods and institution.

    For Urban dwellers this gets hard but not impossible. Look around nature strips, verges, when you're on holiday. Local parks might also have flowering plants. Trees dropping flowers and pine cone etc... Small boughs of leaves might also work for you depending, but remember thank the tree and don't take large ones. The same with nature strips or others (or your own) garden. Remember, to ask if it is someone else's garden not yours. If you're resourceful you may find many ways of finding a little bit of nature, even if it is the dandelion growing in that tiny crack in the pavement. Look around, think, and see what you can use.

    This collection and use is up to you. It might be a permanent part of your rituals, or it might be something you use to enhance them. For me it seems to be to enhance on instinct. Others this might be the whole basis. Follow the law, don't collect what you're not supposed to, and this can be a good way of enhancing your connection to nature even if you don't have a home right in it. I will bring in the natural elements either way and make your connection deeper, especially with the use of seasonal or resonant items.

    Kyshera Du'skall Kre'Mashen

    Specifically timed Rituals

    Spring Equinox Week

    This week (Tomorrow now actually) is the Spring Equinox and we will all celebrate it in our own way. This is a time when things are in balance as much as they are on the planet – Night and day, Anima and Animus. With the cycle happening around it there is little doubt there is big reckoning happening and on the way, balancing out our current imbalances and forcing resolutions. Many will have their own traditions of course, on what they're doing. Because some of the reckoning I've been going through have been pretty miserable I'm tempted not to mark the day at all but guides are telling me it's not allowed so do so I guess I'll ave to do smooth even if I don't think any of the reckoning that challenged are worth marking.

    At the moment we are at a point of tension rather than balance, really which is in a way what I'm feeling. This may colour your plans and rituals no matter what pattern. Of course some of you will be marking this on the 28th, which is a full moon, a super moon and a lunar eclipse. Which will no doubt make the energies interesting and something you have looked at. If you have traditions you will no doubt be following them. However, some won't and will be looking for ideas. First off, this is going to be individual if you don't have an order or tradition. This is something that is going to be something you will decide for yourself. Green Candles, Green stones, Green, red and gold on an Altar. Other Altar decorations could include leaves, flowers, fruit and pine cones. Look around, see what you can find, see what you can do.

    • This will be one that many will follow through traditions, but suggestions include;
    • Have a picnic outdoors. Have an outdoor ritual and work in a group.
    • Get a group of people together and have a bush walk or a nature walk.
    • Get a group together, sit in your garden and have a picnic or party.
    • This is about natures bounty, natures service to us.

    This is where the balance is at it's best to get the best abundance of nature and this can be done in many ways. Finding your own will be finding your way of connecting to the balance.

    Full Moon Ritual

    I am not the only one to find this full moon significant. Sadly, I am not settled with my lovely home, three power centers and all the trappings. I am not even sure that I can set candles so I had to well and truly improvise here. I detailing some of my improvisation I hope to show how even when working out of a bag how this can be done, no candles, with what is around. In understanding this ritual what you have to remember is I celebrate the three days of the full moon. The first night is the Waxing globus, the day before the moon is considered full. The next one is the Apex, or the day most consider full. This is the full moon at the height of it's power. The next one is the waning globus, or the day after the apex.

    As a general rule on the waxing globus I draw up an idea of what I need to increase, then on the Apex draw in the power that is needed and on the waning globus work through what I need to wane and close off. This goes through various modifications as the seasons and circumstances change of course, but I follow that basic pattern.

    This was also modified by the fact that I am now in a course which means I return late on the train so have had to adapt to getting home at about 8.30pm in the evening, so some of how I modified this has both been modified, and informed by this. Once again a good example of how you can not only have magick as part of your everyday life but how you can adapt parts of your everyday life to be magickal as well, even parts that most would not consider to be. In this way this was no different, just a variation on a theme. I actually started this time on the day before, the Sunday, as it fell the day before and I used to mark Sundays by lighting Altar candles anyway. When I find a way of marking them in other ways then I shall discuss them as appropriate, but for now the Full Moon passed.

    Full Moon Ritual

    Pre-preparation – Exposing the Crystals to the moon, settled in the crook of a tree in the yard. This was accompanied by a glass of wine drunk ritually and then the crystals were held, personally charged and placed back on the Altar with an incantation. These tend to be free form for me so don't ask me to repeat it. I work very free form, and some might also do so, others may prepare before time. This is up to you.

    Waxing Globus – Took the crystals, placed them in the same place, and exposed them again. Drank a glass of wine under the Waxing Globus, toasting the direction the moon had risen three times, saying a basic incantation. I work intuitively, so I never remember, but some may wish to prepare a short incantation or poem. If you do, remember, it must be short enough to say three times. Then I took the two crystals and held them for a while looking at the moon, visualizing and thinking about what had to 'wane', then put the crystals at the altar.

    Once again, use a short incantation or poem and visualize things coming to being, waving your hand in a circle clockwise three times, then counter clockwise. Clap hands above three times and sleep on it when you go to bed, visualizing and thinking about what needs to come to fruition. I had picked and laid out some red and white bottle brush earlier that day, using them as a substitute for my normal red and white wine as potential (white) and power (red).This was laid out in advance in the evening, then worked around when I moved the crystals. The Crystals (See gallery below) exposed that night as well as the night before, were a Selenite block and a smoky quartz point that are at either side of my altar.

    Apex – This was a night I came back late home from the train. Did not have time to set up. But lucky because as I got off the train here at Woy Woy the moon was in a spectacular rise at the foreshore. I stopped to watch this, thinking of the moon, and said a basic power incantation. Once again, I tend to work free form so I can't remember what it was. I stood there for a few minutes, watching and saying the incantation. Then I walked home, saying another longer one to myself as I did. I probably looked mad as I walked along as it wasn't all in my head, but on the walk home I repeated an incantation to the effect that by the power of the full moon what needed to wax shall wax and what needs to wane shall wane, thinking about both. The moon effectively followed me home, just rising above some trees as I got home.

    At this point I then took out the three main orbs (see altar picture below) and sat them on a stool outside on the landing where they would get exposed to the full moon. Taking another glass of wine I drank it, once again repeating a form of the incantation bringing in what should wax, completing what should wane, and drawing down the power to do so. The crystals were then left out as long as possible, being bought in and placed back on the altar. This was then closed off as before, with three clockwise rotations, three counter- clockwise rotations, and then three claps with the same incantation. I then repeated sleeping on it, visualizing and thinking about what needed waxing, what needed to wane, and the power and ability to do so.

    Waning Globus – Again, that night I got home late on the train. Getting off the moon had not yet risen, but rose not long after I started walking home. This time I repeated what I had done on the full moon with only what needed to wane. I don't remember the incantation, again, I work intuitively. Some may prepare one, but keep it short and memorable. When I got home I didn't take the crystals out, but sat observing the moon and thought about what needed to complete and wane in the right way. Toasting the moon three times I then went in and did as per the previous nights, accept focusing on what needed to wane and complete.

    In addition to this I also had a Ketheric grid laid out, Starting Sunday and changing it for the Waxing Globus on Monday, once again changing on the day after the waning globus. My runes were charged by leaving them on the Ketheric grid (see below) and read each morning from Sunday with the reading recorded (3 runes and signifiactor), which showed the changes with energy. This showed the changes in energy and how to use them as a supplement, guiding me, I am sure in months to come.

    Sacred and profane Places

    Faerie Trees and Arches

    As I sit here in a beautiful spot under a tree I am in contact with nature. Having recently moved I am getting to know my area and it's amazingly different. I've gone from somewhere with mostly earth dominant to water dominant, and left my home and familiar contacts. Which means that I have had to get to know a new range, part of which was getting to know the local etherial entities, including the fey that work with the land. These beings, a combination of indigenous and European, work with and help the land. Getting to know them helps you get to know the land and how to work with it. Last week we looked at working with or attracting a friend or companion. This week I'm looking at a feature of the landscape I've come to know as Faerie Arches.

    These places, interlocking trees across paths and natural thorugh fares, attract fey to live and work there. Where I used to live in Macksville I knew of three in a row in Dawkins Park which man did not always respect (much to the feys disgust) along one side of the park. Here I asked permission to walk through if doing something other than just a mundane walk. Once again here where I am living now in Woy Woy I have found three, all beautiful spots to sit, relax and soak in the landscape along the Blackwall Road foreshore.

    As well as this I have found a Moreteon Bay fig in a hollow, a tree that is teeming with life on an etheric level. In hindsight it is not a surprise, a tree with a large canopy in a hollow is a natural place for this. Amplified by the built up area around this little bit of nature you have a lot of etheric nature being activity on this narrow strip of the bay. These magickal places, which mundane people don't understand as well as they could, are great places to be if you respect them. This means respecting the trees, and respecting the inhabitants. I am writing about this, even in generality, with the permission of the fey involved, or I would not be doing it. In the same way, only work with them, and walk their way when active with that air of respect. Ask to pass through, give thanks. When you can give something back. If the arch or spot has trees with flowers you want, ask permission.

    Also, if you do wish to use the naturally attuned frequency of these places ask permission first. Not only could it backfire on you, but it is wrong to do so and disturb the inhabitants. When working with them, gifts might be in order, for instance, or an explanation and thanks. Always say thanks always be respectful And watch out, watch out for these places. Take care of them, remove rubbish, keep them clean of your own and work to protect them in ways you can. They are precious, so respect them in the temporal world. If you respect them, their inhabitants will respect you. And possibly work with you when they feel it appropriate.

    Faerie Hollows

    Faerie hollows, like the one pictured below, are very sacred and valuable places. Faerie Hollows are characterised by a dip I the ground with large shrubs or trees enclosing it. In the case of the one below it a Moreton bay fig with branches that cover the entire hollow. This will vary, and you may wish to grow one with such hollows and large plants to enclose if you wish to attract fey into your garden. They are cool welcoming places if you are respectful. Part of this is;

    • Giving thanks when you are allowed in, and when you leave
    • Asking to enter
    • Respecting the space.
    • Treading lightly in the space.
    • Give gift for gift – If they welcome you, help them protect it in the temporal world and keep it sacred.But don't make any explicit exchanges, they consider this insulting. Think of it as a continuous natural reciprocal flow of balance between the two parties.
    • Always respect the inhabitants, ask for permission and give thanks.
    Faerie Arches

    These are arches of interconnecting trees, often two or three that intersect across paths. These trees then become home to guardian fey, who watch over the path and natural area around it. They could be any trees, but flowering plants or ancient giants often gain favor, especially if across a path with foot traffic. Remember, they are used to mundane foot traffic, so if you are just mundane foot traffic say hi and move on.

    If you are there for guidance, their company or are moving through on (or preparing for a ritual) ask passage. This formality will mean that they are happy with you and at the least remain neutral. If they like you they may bless your working. Meditating in these places, like Faerie hollows if you have asked for their co-operation, can give you contact with the world of the Prime Ethereal, or insights that you would not that have had access to otherwise. But once again, Respect is the key. You respect them, they respect you. You don't respect them, expect consequences. You can work with these places by;

    • Saying hello if you are general foot traffic.
    • Asking permission to go through at high energy times and when you are prepared for a ritual/performing a ritual.
    • Doing what you can in the temporal world to maintain them and keep them sacred.
    • Asking permission to enter if you intend to sit there and meditate or want guidance.
    • Talk to and get to know the beings that you are working with.
    • Treat these beings with respect as you work with them, before and after.
    • Plant and encourage trees to grow such a way if you can in your garden to encourage interaction.
    Kyshera Du'Skall Kre'Mashen