Healing and Empowering the Divine Feminine

At the June 2023 Solstice I did a rune manifestation draw, both on the fore-day (Day before) and on the Solstice Night itself. These manifestation draws foreshadowed a process starting on the next lunar phase on the 3rd July 2023, using both rune Manifestation draws and Crystal Grids. This process, to find it's completion week coinciding with the 16th August 2023 New Moon, has been and is going to be an intense time. An intense time laying the foundations for what is to come in the next two to three years – A complex and personal process for each individual of healing trauma, wounds and soul loss and finding empowerment.

This is being done because for so long, the divine feminine has been at half strength to the divine masculine. This has meant that the divine Masculine has been abusive, destructive and dangerous to both incarnated women and the planet, our Earth Mother Gaia. The Divine Feminise, especially the deep feminine, is responsive for cycles and structure, without which there is no world as we know it. Like the dark matter of space, it provides the form in which we see the light. In this case, the necessary structure that provides the scaffolding for the Divine Masculine, without which it has become the brushfire we see today. The foundations were laid in a way back from December 2019, when the Earth Goddess decided to send us a warning with Covid 19 and the disruption that caused. We have learnt – Somewhat. We now have to take that learning a step further. That is why a specific process of Healing and Empowering the Divine Feminine to her true place in the cosmic balance has been started.

The First Step is the pyschopomp of healing the trauma, releasing a lot of the massive amounts of karmic backlog and negative energy. This was assisted by Sedna, the Inuit Goddess of the Arctic. She assisted in bringing up all of the soul fragments and clearing them of the trauma and karmic overburden, there for those looking to reclaim them. Fitting with her story of seduction and family violence, this goddess understands all too well the trauma of the Divine Feminine. She has lived it and transcended it. So now, she has come in as a partner to bring in this same transcendence for the Divine Feminine, both in the body of Gaia, our earth, and in the bodies and souls of incarnated women. In clearing the trauma, karmic forces and heavy energy around these traumatised fragments she has helped make them available to those who miss them in themselves, for reunification into your own soul body and conciousness. For this we thank her and deeply honour her.

The Second Step is the healing and awareness of the karma and trauma laid on in this process. This is being kindly assisted by the Divine Trinity – The Maiden, Mother and Crone. Though there are moves among modern women to add the Matriarch between the Mother and the Crone, this is misguided. In claiming the true power of the mother, who is a Matriarch and Queen of her household, that will be reclaimed in easy order without adding a fourth layer, out of step with lore. They have partnered in recognising and raising to the true power the divine feminine in one meditation for men and another for women. This difference is because men and women, though they interact with the Divine Feminine everyday in themselves and their womenfolk, have a different path to balance. We thank them and deeply honour them for their time and presence in this work too.

The Third Step is empowerment. This step is aided by Lilith, the first wife of Adam. Her story of standing in her own true power against her husband and god himself is one I think that many women who divorced true assholes would recoginse today. Demonised by patriachal religions, she is just instead a free woman cursed by a bitter men who because of her presence felt their balls chopped off – Not being able to control her. Adams next wife, Eve, was carefully designed to avoid this charater trait called independence. We saw how well that worked and once again assholery came in with Eve punished for having a brain in her head and doing more than being chained to the kitchen sink and bedpost, so to speak. Lilith is coming in to show us that her children, the 'Demons' are no more than empowered individuals. Individuals that make the patriarchy, 'Mankind' very nervous, because they can't control them. In each soul Lilith is helping set free, we deeply honour and thank her for joining us to give us her gift of independence.

Through these three steps, in guided meditations, through this special event you too, male or female, can shake the wounds of the past and become a true, empowered individual. Not all men were served by the toxic masculinity allowed by the imbalance, a fact we must all acknowledge. Anything representing the Divine Female was hurt too. Be that young boys and youths in the form of institutionalised sexual and physical abuse. Or gay and Trans male to female men. Our planet Earth, Mother Gaia's body, who was also raped and abused by 'Mankind'. Native peoples who have, and are still having their way of life destroyed for being in the road of 'Progress'. It is for these too that we enter into this process as we go into August 2023 for the next few years.

Find peace and I look forward to where you partner with me on this path, male or female.

The Process of Healing and Empowerment

A Three Stage Journey

As we went into October and Eclipse season we came into some very intense energies. These energies feed into a process that started laying it's foundations with the June Solstice and has continued since. This is a process of healing and empowering the feminine so she can take her place as the equal of the divine masculine rather than the half the strength she is. This is important for both the balance that is our relationship between Gaia and humankind, as well as the relationship between males and females incarnate on the planet. For both to function at full health, we have to have a healthy balance between the two polarities. This is important because if the light is not regulated and given form by an equal divine feminine then as we have now, the light/Divine masculine runs amok as a wildfire. It is only when that form is given to the divine masculine as a crucible does it work well to provide the light and progress we need.

This process started being written and then left at stage one as the earth changed and grew into the Quantum realities. As it stopped supporting the 3D and the lower 4D. As the density fell of Gaia and her body, the Earth this process has changed and will be relaunched and rewritten in the coming months The new blueprint for this three stage journey to heal, grow and connect as an empowered being to the new realities is now;

  • Stage one - Healing Soul Trauma with Sedna and reconnecting to Gaia through the Heart centre as a true Child of the Earth.
  • Stage Two - Connecting to the Triple Goddess (Different journeys for Male and Female) and empowering a Sacred balance within the self.
  • Stage Three - Embracing Empowerment with Lilith and Walking into the world as an empowered being Connected to the Universe and the soul.
While the same ambassadors are with us as this process takes shape there will be new Ambassadors and helpers along the way. You may also have individual guides showing up and helping you out on the journey as you take it. Each person that takes this journey gives not only to themselves, but into the critical mass of the world changes in a positive way. This is a self paced, free journey for all to take and grow into the new reality as their most actualised self.

Stage One Healing Meditations


Healing Soul Trauma and Becoming Whole

This healing meditation with Sedna, the Inuit Goddess of the Arctic is a journey to the depths of the ocean through the Heart Chakra to find the soul fragments lost through trauma through aeons of patriarchal violence and oppression. In this journey you connect to your heart centre and from there go to meet the goddess to heal your trauma and collect any soul fragments that you may have lost.
This journey is applicable to anybody attracted to it as there have been over two thousand years of trauma that is coming to light to be healed. Even if you are not yourself a survivor of patriarchal violence or trauma in this lifetime (male or female) then you could have this in your family past as an imprint, or in your past lives to deal with. If you are attracted to this journey and feel in your heart it is right then you are welcome to heal your part of the collective trauma as a part of the earth healing and ascension process.
However, if you do have current acute trauma or mental health challenges, then it is still advisable to work in concert with a mental health professional in the healing journey and consider this carefully. Only face this when you can and ensure that you have the help you need to more through your journey.
I wish you all luck on your healing journeys and may you bring in the support you need to stay safe.


Healing Soul Trauma and Becoming Whole

The first step in this process of rebalancing is healing. Without healing we cannot move on. In this case, as trauma often occurs soul loss to coupe with it long term this means that we can walk around with missing pieces, making life hard to manage as the understatement. When this is a good two to three thousand years patriarchal abuse, this graveyard under the sea of soul fragments adds up. This is the cost of the last three thousand years of patriarchy and the burden that the sacred feminine bears.

This affects not just women, though those incarnated in a female body this time around bear the brunt as in the past and continue to do so. Sexual crimes, abuse and discrimination. Victimisation and objectification of women s bodies. Double standards to do with gender and restrictive clothing and footwear for women such as high heels. These are all parts of how women, the divine feminine incarnate are subjugated. In even acceptable to the west Christian churches 'Male Headship' – A form of religiously based coercive control and abuse is accepted, making women second class citizens in their communities. In so many ways this Echoes the myth and story of Senda in all it's three forms, this second class subjugation of women to what is effectively a domestic servant role. Which in Christian Churches is still quite hypocritically acceptable today. Then you add the subjugation of women, often criticised by a western society that allows it's own, the wounds add up. Add up for thousand of years to now to a critical toxic mass that needs to be cleared.

But this is not just damaging the feminine vessel. Male or female, we all carry the divine feminine within us. Every man has some of the divine feminine within him, even patriarchal ones. It is just that they deny this and suppress it. In a way it is hurting themselves. It is this denial of the feminine principle that is the root cause of so many male specific Mental Health problems, such as young male suicide. The patriarchy hurts itself, which is bad enough. Making it worse is that they set the conditions to hurt others that are either expressions of the divine feminine in the world.

Women definitely yes. But the young men who come up effectively hazed into harmful heterosexual norms of patriarchal society, ordered and being bullied into conformity. The gentler men who embrace rather than run from their feminine side. Gay men, still subject to their own unique set of bullying, victimisation and control, up to and including Gay aversion therapy, criminalisation and violent ostracism. Young boys and youth that without power were, and are still abused today in institutional settings, be that prison or in church structures. Young men growing up watching their mothers, sisters and sometimes partners and children suffer in family violence or other situations. Anything outside the dominant patriarchal norm has suffered trauma and soul loss for the same time as the female vessel has out of association with it.

Even if you do not have direct contact with this, you could still be affected by ancestral trauma, male or female, that could be a part of your life, holding you back. Or you could have soul loss from past life experiences this is so pervasive. This could be an unhealed ancestor, family relational patterns, or karmic energy around your family affecting you. This is something that is still important to clear so you and your descendants can go on without this ancestral imprint holding you back. Ancestral imprints can really affect us without understanding why, so this is an important step if you feel blocked in your life, especially around the area of relationships and/or male/female relations. In doing so you set yourself and your descendants free to live as full beings. For this reason it is a good process for all that are drawn to it to go through to start to create a better, clearer world as we all get rid of our trauma and become full souls, one by one.


Our Guide

Sedna is the Innuit goddess of the Arctic who has three versions of her myth. Two of them had her marrying a dog, the symbol of love and devotion. One had it as a punishment from her father for refusing any other suitor. The other had her choosing the dog over any suitor she didn't like in an act of rebellion. Either way, the match turned out to be happier than any other option open to her and worked well for her in spite of the original shame.

In the one most relevant to our meditation she refused all suitors till a Bird Man promised her the life she wanted. Skins, blubber, seal meat. But as a Bird Man, all he could produce was fish. So she called to her father for help, who eventually went and got her. But a storm blew up and in order to save himself he threw his daughter, Sedna out of a canoe. In this time she, smartly to save herself, held onto the canoe for life. But her father chopped her fingers off with an axe and she descended to the bottom of the ocean floor to become the goddess of the Arctic. Sending our guide to the depths of the ocean, her fingers becoming Arctic sea creatures and her becoming the goddess of the Arctic waters. Not only controlling the source of food to the Inuit, but also the goddess of death. Here, when prey is scarce, Shamans go and comb her hair and attend to her to make the food flow again.

While all three work in terms of how the 'Mankind' patriarchy has affected women and the feminine/ anima/goddess energy over the thousands of years, it is the last one that resonates most with our current purpose and the one I saw. This Goddess, herself a proud survivor of patriarchal family violence, is helping us now. In helping us reclaim soul fragments lost to domestic and family violence. Domestic violence, sexual assault, homophobic bullying, childhood (Female and Male victims alike) as well as those with this in the family karma she sets us free. For this we thank her and go on to accept her gifts in our life.

The Journey

The journey is one ascending to the darkness of the ocean floor and meet Sedna to collect those parts of us left behind because of patriarchal wounds. Male or female, we can all have traumas and wounds related to the patriarchy from this life or past lives that have split off parts of our soul and this can hold us back in our evolution without realising it. As we do this we lose parts ourselves that need to be healed and bought back to us. This journey reunites us with these parts of our soul.

In July/August 2023 the trauma, sludge and karma around these soul fragments was healed and the soul fragments themselves cleansed and bought to a state where the individual owners were ready to reclaim them. They sit with the custodian, Senda, who awaits their collection to make those who lost them whole. In this journey you will be re-united with these soul fragments which you may, or may not know you lost. This journey is a guided meditation to the depths of the ocean to retrieve these lost soul fragments that are down there for ourselves and embed them back in us.

There is a note, however, in that if you need help dealing with wounds, mental unwellness or any other problem go and get it. This journey does not replace proper help to deal with the wounds of this lifetime, it enhances it. So if needing help is a part of your journey, go get it and do what you have to in order to become whole. After-care, if you need it is a must. If you feel unsure of anything, it might be an idea to talk to trained professionals before and after to have their guidance and support. Healing is good, but can be a rough ride. Nobody needs to go through it alone.

Sedna Soul Retrieval and Trauma Clearing Meditation

Find a place where you can be undisturbed and comfortable for an hour or so for this mediation, and if you want use a throw or blanket to keep yourself warm and comfortable. Leave any distractions in a place where they will not affect you, like your phone.

  • When you are comfortably seated or lying down take a deep breath. Feel yourself let go of your body as you go into your heart centre and feel the gentle, green energy. Feel your energy from this place of deep awareness and connection. Do you feel whole, are you missing pieces? As you scan yourself from a place of deep compassion and awareness note where you feel darkness, black spots and missing pieces. Do not judge, just note and observe.
  • Take a deep breath and stay centred in your glow of deep awareness and connection. As you do a door opens through this green energy. As you walk through this door the scene changes to the bottom of the ocean – A deep, dark place. See and feel as you look around you, in this cool, dark comfortable place. Observe that around you are blue/black bubbles of energy that float unbidden, like ornaments with points of light in them.
  • As you stand here, looking at these bubbles with points of light in them, a figure with soulful dark eyes emerges to greet you. As much as you note the shortened fingers, scarred at the end you see the depth of wisdom and strength in her eyes. This is the goddess Sedna. Looking at you with a gentle reflective smile she greets you by name and asks 'What is the purpose of your visit, soul seeker?' As are asked you reply 'I am here to retrieve the lost parts of my soul'.
  • She smiles at you gently and bids you a warm welcome. She introduces herself as Sedna, the goddess of the Arctic and the keeper of souls and wisdom. She asks you what you wish to redeem. As she does you go back into your heart centre, trusting your intuition and say the words that come out without a mental filter. These are your wounds, where you have lost soul. As you say that, you feel lighter already.
  • Following Sedna, you state, fully centred in your Heart Centre with the words you just spoke in mind;
  • 'Fragments of my soul
  • Drawn by my wisdom,
  • Bridge these gaps I see
  • Bring me to Wholeness'.
  • Look around you and see what bubbles are around you, which ones change, light up, and float towards you. These are the lost fragments of your soul, corresponding to the words that you spoke before and the holes or gaps you saw in yourself in preparation for this journey. In response to your words, see which among this field of Bubbles lights up and comes to you, morphing to fit into the palm of your hand.
  • Look at these fragments as they come to life in your hand, pieces of your soul. As they come to life invite them to come back into you, these pieces of you. This is a process of integration that could take some time. Do not hurry them, but in this safe, protected space, these sacred waters, feel and observe what happens to you as they do go back into you. Observe and note to record this wisdom later, anything you learn. Note who you are, where they came from and how this affects you now. Even if this is scary or unpleasant, know that the goddess guiding you is supporting you. Does she talk to you? Does she say anything to you, words or wisdom or support? Note these for later. Remember, she has been through this journey too and has the wisdom to support you through this. This may take time, and take the time you need. This is not a process you rush.
  • When these pieces are integrated, look at yourself from the perspective of the heart centre – The Heart Chakra. This connects you to divine love. Feel it open, truly open, and bring in lavender healing light, helping integrate and clear trauma from your being. With the goddess to guide you, you feel the healing light cleanse and balance your system, clearing out the trauma from your body, your mind. Your cellular memory. Allow this process to take place in it's own time, supported by the water, by your guide. Feel who you are now, your true being, shining in your own light.
  • When you feel clear, shining in your own light you will know it. The goddess gives you a smile, looking at you. 'You may go now, my transcendent one. Have a full and happy life and take care.' she tells you. In yourself as you wake up say to yourself
  • 'I am a complete being of light
  • I am a whole
  • I am a complete being of light
  • And from today my life starts again'.
  • Give yourself time to wake up and write down the guidance, wisdom and messages you received and truly come back into the world as you do. It may take time to understand the Journey you have been through, but when you do you will gain insights.
Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense

Mother Gaia

Higher Frequency Reconnection to the World

After Healing comes reconnection, a healthy reconnection to the earth. In this Mother Gaia is helping us reconnect in a healtly way through the Heart Centre to the collective consciousness and the earth at the new higher frequency levels. This meditation gives us a chance to connect to the greater group to benefit both others and ourselves.

In doing this you are doing the final stages of healing - That is reconnection to the whole as a whole, healthy being. Or a healing being using the power of the collective forces to heal. Either way, this final step is beneficial to all - No matter how flawed you feel. We are all stronger as a group, so joining benefits you as well as the collective whole at the higher frequencies.

Mother Gaia

Reconnecting to the Collective Consciousness

After we have healed to become a whole being we are on a journey into wholeness with the earth. Here we are connecting to the planet and her guardian spirit, the great Mother Gaia, as a whole being on the on the greater awareness level. This was not originally a part of the plan coming out of June to August 2024, but the changed reality means that the focus and process of healing and empowering the divine feminine has changed in process and focus.

This is because as Father Sun has bought a lot more energy into the system of our home planet, therefore it's guardian spirit, this has leveled up her energies. This is a good thing, but those who were previously attuned to the lower frequencies as a result of trauma will be disconnected from this new reality. In connecting with this you not only cleanse and purify the self, but connect to the greater web of reality. This allows you to, after healing, re-connect in a healthy way to the greater whole. This means you are not just healed, but reconnected to the whole as a vital being connected to the higher realities that are now available to all.

This enables you to function at the highest level of reality, in the quantum 5D/6D reality that is now taking shape. While it is still not as clear as it could be, the nature of the energy as it shifts and changes will ultimately lead you to your aims and goals a lot clearer than the lower, more dense energies that it replaces. By plugging into this you give yourself a chance to create the life you want for yourself as a healed, whole being in the world.

Mother Gaia – Our Guide

Gaia, the guardian spirit of the planet earth, is our guide to reconnecting with her. In reconnecting with her, we connect to the new reality of the earth. As we do this we become a part of what Pam Gregory, an astrologer I follow for my spiritual intel report, calls 'New Earth', a place where the new 5D/6D reality is already existing for those connected to it. This is what Mother Gaia is connecting us to to grow, learn and heal further with her on her body, the Earth.

She is connecting us to the higher levels of consciousness to make us a part of the new whole, the new reality that is around us taking shape. This way you are on the fast track to being a part of the change process for yourself and others, creating a new life for yourself and those around you. The more that are on this higher reality, the more critical mass there is to make this the dominant reality. This assists both the individuals doing this and the world, guarded by Mother Gaia as a whole.

For this reason she is guiding us and helping us be a part of this process, for ourselves and others. For this we thank her for the work she is doing for us as well as the collective as a whole.

Other Personal Guides and Helpers

On this journey, we are looking at a personal element as well. You may have other personal guides and helpers appear as you reconnect. This will be personal and different for everyone. Some you may already know, others you may not know yet, or may be a surprise. If you have this happen, take a note of who it is and why. Were they there for the journey, or are they staying with you for a while? What assistance did they give? Take a note of this as a major part of this journey – It will show you the way forward on your path.

The Journey

The journey is a walk into an ancient forest hollow through a meadow, opening your heart to nature. As you do this you are progressively getting ready for an invitation at a sacred spring in the heart of the forest hollow in an ancient sacred grotto. Mother Gaia is your guide, you may have other guides and helpers with you. If you do note these.

This initiation is about imbibing and connecting to the waters of life. Once you have attuned yourself by walking you find yourself being initiated into the pool of higher collective consciousness and the galactic heart level pink awareness ray to guide you forever more on your journey as a part of the conscious whole. Remember to note any helpers, messages or any other people, signs or animals you see along the way as you undertake your journey to initiation and back - They will be important clues in your path and become major allies.

Mother Gaia Earth Reconnection Meditation

To do this meditation, find a safe, comfortable spot that you will not be disturbed for a while. Turn off distractions, allow the time without appointments and other demands and either sit in a comfortable chair or lie down.

  • Close your eyes and find yourself in a pleasant meadow, walking towards a forested hollow. It is a nice day, the sun is pleasant but not hot, and you find yourself whistling along to the bird songs around you. Feel yourself bask in the energy of the meadow as you walk through, seeing the birds, the grazing hinds, the rabbits, the insects busy pollinating the flowers. Look around you and appreciate this untamed paradise as you walk through.
  • As you do you find yourself leaving the head and entering the space of the heart, connecting to this wild space. Feel that space, the heart, the home of awareness. You are no longer thinking, you are just aware. Aware, feeling one with life and in the moment. Take this moment, just feel and savour it.
  • As you do this, the path to the glade seems to open, inviting, deep and dark. Feel yourself drawn to this space, the deep seclusion and peace eminating from it. Walking towards it, you can feel the serenity in the space open to you, enveloping you as you walk in. You can feel the wild timelessnes, the agelensess, the ancient peace and serenity of this place. Feel yourself relax, listening to the birds, the calls of the animals, the wind in the dappled light leaves of giant Oak, Yew and Ash trees in this forest. Feel their ancient, deep energy as you touch them along the path, each tree you touch giving you their greetings as you walk deeper and deeper into this hollow of ancient trees. It relaxes you, makes you feel at home.
  • You walk along till you reach the heart of this hollow of trees, seeing a grotto pool of iridescent water falling from a cascading drop into a crystal clear pool. Beside it sits a female figure with wild auburn leaf and flower decorated hair, deep soulful eyes and a pregnant bellly under a luxuriant green robe, loose and flowing, decorated with flowers. Her bare feet peek out from under her hems. She smiles at you, a smile that makes you feel very welcome.
  • Welcome Child.” She tells you “I have been expecting you. What is your name?” You tell her your name and she beckons you to sit beside her, dipping her feet in the crystal clear water.
  • This is the water of life.” she tells you, smiling “That which all children of the earth like you should have a birthright to.” adding “But so many don't know it. So welcome and dip your feet in, enjoy it.”As you do you feel deep connection to the earth. This roots you connects you and you find yourself opening your heart, your Heart Chakra. You feel her touch your shoulder as a beam of green comes from your Heart Chakra into the water. Close your eyes and feel the waters of life nourish you. Take a drink if you want, or jump into the pool. Immerse yourself in this energy however you want. Feel the waters energy revitalise you however you take it in, connecting you to the earth and the waters of life. Feel yourself connect to other souls in these waters of life, connected there with all these others.
  • To seal the ritual as your hostess takes a handful of water with both hands, indicating for you to do the same. “With this we close this ritual and welcome you permanently to the great pool of life.” Wether in the grotto pool, or sitting by her, you drink with her, feeling the water change you, inside and out. Fuse with your chakras, especially your heart. As it does you see it all around you in a new light, an new way. Everything gets brighter, everything gets more intense. It, in a way, becomes a part of you. A vital part through your heart centre. As you look around you feel a pink ray come through the waterfall from the sky, soaking you and your hostess. She smiles, telling you;
  • You have been blessed. Blessed with the galactic light...” indicating for you to take a drink. You do, feeling a power go through you. Closing your eyes, you feel the higher connection to the power that goes through you. Feeling yourself connect to this through the earth, through the water. Feel it I invigorate you, inside and out. Bask in this for a few minutes as you feel it become a part of you through your heart centre.
  • But, you will know it is time. Time to leave. Feel the water become a part of you, drying into you if you were wet. Bade your hostess goodbye, and with a final gift into your palm as you leave the hollow of ancient trees with her, find yourself walking to the meadow, back into your body.
  • Take a few minutes to stay there, with your eyes closed, feeling this permeate your body. When you are done with this record any insights, any helpers that joined you at the meadow or the forest. Any other insights like power animals that crossed your path or very vivid recollections. Keep these recollections in a notebook or journal and add to them in the coming weeks or months as you journey your new 5D path.
Khel'Shen Akh'Hon Kyshera Du'Skhall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense Nahmeshar
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