Healing and Empowering the Divine Feminine

At the June 2023 Solstice I did a rune manifestation draw, both on the fore-day (Day before) and on the Solstice Night itself. These manifestation draws foreshadowed a process starting on the next lunar phase on the 3rd July 2023, using both rune Manifestation draws and Crystal Grids. This process, to find it's completion week coinciding with the 16th August 2023 New Moon, has been and is going to be an intense time. An intense time laying the foundations for what is to come in the next two to three years – A complex and personal process for each individual of healing trauma, wounds and soul loss and finding empowerment.

This is being done because for so long, the divine feminine has been at half strength to the divine masculine. This has meant that the divine Masculine has been abusive, destructive and dangerous to both incarnated women and the planet, our Earth Mother Gaia. The Divine Feminise, especially the deep feminine, is responsive for cycles and structure, without which there is no world as we know it. Like the dark matter of space, it provides the form in which we see the light. In this case, the necessary structure that provides the scaffolding for the Divine Masculine, without which it has become the brushfire we see today. The foundations were laid in a way back from December 2019, when the Earth Goddess decided to send us a warning with Covid 19 and the disruption that caused. We have learnt – Somewhat. We now have to take that learning a step further. That is why a specific process of Healing and Empowering the Divine Feminine to her true place in the cosmic balance has been started.

The First Step is the pyschopomp of healing the trauma, releasing a lot of the massive amounts of karmic backlog and negative energy. This was assisted by Sedna, the Inuit Goddess of the Arctic. She assisted in bringing up all of the soul fragments and clearing them of the trauma and karmic overburden, there for those looking to reclaim them. Fitting with her story of seduction and family violence, this goddess understands all too well the trauma of the Divine Feminine. She has lived it and transcended it. So now, she has come in as a partner to bring in this same transcendence for the Divine Feminine, both in the body of Gaia, our earth, and in the bodies and souls of incarnated women. In clearing the trauma, karmic forces and heavy energy around these traumatised fragments she has helped make them available to those who miss them in themselves, for reunification into your own soul body and conciousness. For this we thank her and deeply honour her.

The Second Step is the healing and awareness of the karma and trauma laid on in this process. This is being kindly assisted by the Divine Trinity – The Maiden, Mother and Crone. Though there are moves among modern women to add the Matriarch between the Mother and the Crone, this is misguided. In claiming the true power of the mother, who is a Matriarch and Queen of her household, that will be reclaimed in easy order without adding a fourth layer, out of step with lore. They have partnered in recognising and raising to the true power the divine feminine in one meditation for men and another for women. This difference is because men and women, though they interact with the Divine Feminine everyday in themselves and their womenfolk, have a different path to balance. We thank them and deeply honour them for their time and presence in this work too.

The Third Step is empowerment. This step is aided by Lilith, the first wife of Adam. Her story of standing in her own true power against her husband and god himself is one I think that many women who divorced true assholes would recoginse today. Demonised by patriachal religions, she is just instead a free woman cursed by a bitter men who because of her presence felt their balls chopped off – Not being able to control her. Adams next wife, Eve, was carefully designed to avoid this charater trait called independence. We saw how well that worked and once again assholery came in with Eve punished for having a brain in her head and doing more than being chained to the kitchen sink and bedpost, so to speak. Lilith is coming in to show us that her children, the 'Demons' are no more than empowered individuals. Individuals that make the patriarchy, 'Mankind' very nervous, because they can't control them. In each soul Lilith is helping set free, we deeply honour and thank her for joining us to give us her gift of independence.

Through these three steps, in guided meditations, through this special event you too, male or female, can shake the wounds of the past and become a true, empowered individual. Not all men were served by the toxic masculinity allowed by the imbalance, a fact we must all acknowledge. Anything representing the Divine Female was hurt too. Be that young boys and youths in the form of institutionalised sexual and physical abuse. Or gay and Trans male to female men. Our planet Earth, Mother Gaia's body, who was also raped and abused by 'Mankind'. Native peoples who have, and are still having their way of life destroyed for being in the road of 'Progress'. It is for these too that we enter into this process as we go into August 2023 for the next few years.

Find peace and I look forward to where you partner with me on this path, male or female.

Earth Change Processes

The Progress Up to Date

Republished from The Current State of Affairs

As we come into August 2023 we are about two thirds of the way into the foundation phase of a major Earth Healing, Clearing and rebalancing. This started on the Full Moon of the 3rd July 2023, following up from the June Solstice. It has involved interlinked groups of earth servers raising and connecting Energy into Gaia and her body, our planet Earth's energy to lay the foundations of a process to heal, cleanse and empower the divine feminine to an equal status with the Divine Masculine and heal the damage that Toxic Masculinity has done. For more on these energies look up Current State of Affairs June and July 2023.

The first stage was to bring in the Lavender flame as a healing tool. This more gentle octave of the Violet flame. This came in both through Manifestation Rune Draws and the use of Crystal grids, connected into the energy of the earth among other methods used. This was the first stage coming in with the Full Moon on the 3rd July. With this also came in Lilith as a helper. As the divine first wife of Adam who rejected coercive control and subjugation (See more in July 2023) she has come in as a helper, along with many other dark goddesses to kickstart the process of female empowerment, to reclaim the divine feminine. For this we thank all that has helped.

This then continued with Sedna, the Inuit Goddess of the deep waters of the Arctic (See July 2023), coming in to help us with the pychopomp of retrieving the soul fragments of those affected by the traumas of the last two thousand years or more that the Divine Masculine has run amok like a wildfire. As a Goddess born out of the trauma of layers of family and domestic abuse as well as a judge of the souls of the dead she has given us her expertise. In partnering with her these soul fragments were bought up, cleansed, healed and readied for each individual affected by the imbalance to regain them. For this we thank her.

This then needed to be seeded along with the cleansing Universal White/Platinum ray into the earth. Through two weeks, with the help of networks of light workers this was raised and stored in the core of the earth. This was two weeks with the first week light raising, then the second week activating the light. This created a new dimension to the healing and upleveling of the Earth's energy, dispelling many aeons of damage and negative energy in the earth.

This was all done in July 2023, laying the foundations for the next steps. They were to spread this energy out and lay the energetic foundations for individuals to access this energy and play their part across the globe once the initial foundation process was finished. This started in the cusp of July and August, with first the energy being spread through the Dragon Lines for a week, then into the Earth Chakras in the first true week of August. The week after it is the Crystalline grid of the earth is being charged up and reshaped in final preparation as new light comes in to help prepare the Earths energies for the changes and make them available to all. This is preparation for the Eclipses of October, which will really kick start the process. This is an essential process, continuing into the next week, with a final apex laying the true foundation and closing the process off in the week of the New Moon on the 16th August 2023, the final turning point before the empowerment in October 2023.

We will see the foundations laid for the greater processes starting with the Eclipses in October as the process is really energised in the greater whole. As the weeks go on there will be more updates into this important process and how you can participate in it. Grow, learn, and heal yourself as individuals so that the whole can also be healed. Each individual is going to be important in this process, so look at how you can participate in the long term as the foundations are being laid.

Khel'Shen Alh'Hon Kyshera Du'Shkall Kre'Mashen Akh'Hense

Coming up in this Event is;

Further Information updates on the processes as they happen from August 2023
A meditation with  Sedna for soul retrieval and trauma healing
A meditation with the Triple Goddess (One for men, one for women), for meeting the Divine Feminine
A mediation with Lilith for empowerment.

And possibly more as it takes shape...